Chapter 36: Poisoned apple


After seeing off Kanami from the bath tub, Shirayuki Saki sinks her body into the hot water.

Saki loves the feeling of the core of her body being warmed up.
Even when in pain, or in unpleasant situations. When you soak in the hot water, your hold water will feel warmーthat’s how she feels.

「…Hauuuu, I’ll be training with Shigechi on the same grounds starting tomorrow. I’m so exited I can’t sleep」

Though she speaks it like they’ve been apart for long, in reality, Shirayuki Saki and Torao Shigenobu see each other everydayーtalk to each other everyday.
Waking up in the morning, going to the cafeteria, she’ll see Torao rubbing his sleepy eyes, she meets him during lunch breaks, and of course, she’s sitting on the same table as his during dinner time as well.

It’s true that the time used in the same spaced compared to their usual school life in modern Japan has decreased, eating up on the same table on all three meals, furthermore, able to meet Torao after bath every night, it’s a much more fulfilling relationship with Torao.

But, humans have the common instinct of wanting to advance to the next stage when their desire is filled.
Playing with the five of them in the former world, studying in the classroom, going out and talking out for a long time, it’s some of the cliche youth events heard from Megane.

True, Torao was head over heels for Misuzu at that time. Saki who’s afraid to take another step can’t show her plain romantic feelings towards Torao.

In fact, even when going to Karaoke, Torao duets with Misuzu, Saki is just often playing some instruments.
Of course, Saki and Torao live with their families, so they can’t just do tricks like going to watch movies or a theater play.

More than friends but less than loversーJust how envious that phrase is.
The relationship of Torao and Saki, are more than friends but les than best friendsー
Torao has never shown any consciousness towards Saki as an opposite sex.

However, Saki and others are high school studentsーwhere they’re most curious about sex, and is the earliest time to take action towards it.
If invited to something indecent, Torao might’ve enjoyed having a sweet youth life.

However, Saki can’t do that.
The biggest reason is that Saki herself is refraining from Misuzu.

No, it’s slightly different. It’s not towards Misuzu, but towards Torao who’s in love with Misuzu.
She’s hesitating to purposely tell her feelings to Torao who’s into Misuzu.
Unrequited loveーBefore Torao and Misuzu started datingーsince then, Saki loved Torao so much.
Saki didn’t have the courage to be an interference to that.

「Thinking about Shigechi, it made me pull back, and yet…」

If Torao becomes happy, then that’s fine.
It’s a high school youth after all. They won’t become a couple that would get married in the end but, it’ll be a part of their story.
Just how many of those who became a couple in high school became married and stayed in the same roof until their back bends down?

Therefore, she thought that it’ll be fine for now.
Even if Misuzu and Torao loves each other dearly on their colorful high school days, if she can’t stay with Torao afterwards, then she decided to take advantage of that.
Because she is thinking of Torao’s happiness.

However, reality is different.
Through that transfer event that has tormented the floating feelings, Misuzu has changed.
Without kissing or sexーwithout even holding hands, Misuzu’s heart parts from Torao.
Furthermore, she purposely accepted Torao’s confession, they just started dating.

「Then they shouldn’t have gone out from the start」

If Misuzu refused Torao’s confession, with the personality of the twoーtheir relationship won’t be that damaged.
Rather, why avoid Toraoーwhy did Misuzu become so passive with men?
If she say that, then Torao would probably understand.

「Just how painful is it to be ignored silently. Furthermore, his beloved does that to him, Shigechi did well enduring it…」

If you say ‘that’s how much he loves Misuzu’, then Saki would be jealous.
Actually, it seems that Torao and Niigaki were planning to make a harem with the female classmates, so it’s not that Misuzu’s the only one special.
ButMisuzu not in there is outside Torao’s expectations as well.

She dips her face on the bathtub.
Blood might’ve gone up her head a bit.
She made to remember something unpleasant.

Though it’s a delusion, for Torao, her classmate wanting to make a harem.

‘Well, the one who proposed is definitely Nigaki, I’d like to think that they had no other choice but to think of it to keep away their spirit on an unpleasant environment(Although it’s just supposed to be kept inside one’s thoughts)’
Men are always in heat after all.
Thinking that they’re holding it down in such a stressful world, it’s a bit pitiful.

「But, who cares about what happened. As long as Shigechi turns to me, everything’s good」

He should turn to her.
She don’t want to behave towards men like Misuzu but if Torao wants itーthen she can speak like a cat only in front of him.
She dislikes Misuzu’s behavior but if that’s what her beloved man wants then she’ll do it.
A maiden in love is strong.

Saki stands up from the bathtub.
Confirming that the core of her body has warmed up, Saki heads toward the changing room to wear her school uniformーthen another clothing hits her eyes.

「…Gym clothing?」

After the morning training in the field, Saki has transfered into this world while wearing her school gym under her uniform.
Therefore, Saki doesn’t have her school uniform but also a shorts and short sleeves which is rare in this world.

When she wore it once, the otaku group’s Ryuzaki Tsubasa’s eyes were strangely glued on her, so she was hesitant to wear it since then.

「Ryuzaki-kun interested on it means that it tickles the boy’s hearts. Besides, boys usually feel on fire with the gap created」

In a situation where you can only see sailor uniform and clothing of this world, what would they think if there’s a girl wearing gym clothing?
Won’t it be able to attract some interest?
Torao might also become aware of Saki even a bit.

「…No, not now. If I stand out strangely then other girls will think that I’m flirting」

Unlike Misuzu, Saki’s popular to both men and women.
She’s on the special castle in the class. There’s no need to dig her own grave.

But since it’s hard to take off the gym clothes she just wore, Saki was wearing her gym uniform on top of her sailor uniform during the transfer, after making a turn, she left the changing room.


The dusk where the sun sets off for a while.
Saint, Kirishima Ran is watching outside the window of his room while having dinner.

In his hand is a meal that can be eaten while movingーa perfect meal for senior employees.
White bread and a thinly cut meat and greens sandwiched in itーwell, it’ll be close to sandwich when it comes to the former world.
As for the hygiene and seasoning of the food, it’s not different from the former world so Ran’s never bene stingy on his meals.

Chewing on the bread, Ran rubs his thighs.
Inside his black and glossy butler clothing is a hot-inflated symbol of a man leaking out transparent liquid.
Thanks to Aya’s bestowal magic given just earlier, his sexual desire is increased more than usual and his penis is sensitive.

「Heaaa… I want to ejaculate my all while embracing a high school girl in her gym clothing」

Because of Sayaka’s thigh glimpse the previous day, for some reason Ran’s fetish turned to female legs.

It might be temporary but anyway.
The dazzling skin peeking from the skirt of maid clothes or sailor uniform, the sense of flesh sensation having a glossy curve. Soft, warm and comfyーthinking about stroking that magical part, licking it, sandwiching the penis in between it, the arousal doesn’t stop.

Stroking slowly while wrapped in the moist thighs. While at it, having such a deep loving kiss, just how happy is that.

「Shit, I almost ejaculated from imagining it.」

With his pants trembling from inside, Ran stuffs the remaining sandwich and swallowed it.

Anyway, Ran wants to do lewd things with a classmate on her gym clothing.
If possible, then using the school designated gym wear. That’s more immoral, and it’s better than the training wear from this world.
He can have sex with Sayaka or Kanami in training wear but if it’s gym clothing, then they can’t do that.
Misuzu and Aya are on go home club, Sayaka’s on tea ceremony club, Kanami is in Kendo so she doesn’t use gym clothing. Among those four, nobody’s wearing gym clothing underneath during the transfer.

「As for the athletics, our class has the track and field, basketball, and swimming. As for the girls who have morning training and is likely to have worn school designated gym clothesー」

Basketball club’s Aihara Sakuya, or Shirayuki Saki on the track and field.

Suddenly, the faces of the two comes to his head.
Aihara Sakuya is a follower of Kougaokaーwell, if you ask, it’s the type Ran’s bad with.
Breaking the school regulations, a gyaru who’s making a high pitched laugh. Well, she’ll turn to an obedient kitten when it comes to Retainer training but because he’s not good with her in the former world, it doesn’t mean it changed now.
Rather, he feels unpleasant with her high pitched voice, it probably won’t make him excited.

Shirayuki Sakiーis the central character type that can be close to anyone.
She looks the same as Misuzu but in fact, she’s quite a different type. Misuzu’s is a little sister type, a girl that stimulates your desire to protect. She’s the type that looks like she’ll be happy when pampered.

However, for Shirayuki Saki, she’s more of a childhood friend type than a little sister. An energetic girl with a meddlesome smile. She seems to like to organize entertainments such as sports festival, taking initiative to be in the executive committee.
I’d like to pamper but sometimes I want to be healed tooーshe’s a school girl who stimulates such desire.

Either wayーshe doesn’t have any extravagant thoughts.
In the end, since he plan to take both of the girls there’s no need to hesitate that much.

Strongly speaking, it’s only a matter of choosing which to use to release his strangely massive arousal tonightーis what he’s deciding about.
And with the analysis just a while ago, it’s clear who it’ll be.

「I’d like to violate Aihara and make her moan a lot but, if I’d like to flirt a lot and be pamperedーthen it’ll be Shirayuki, no doubt」

Of course, sex too.
‘Wanting to be intertwined with a body forged in land, I also want to sweetly penetrate a kind yet strong childhood friend high school girl’

With that decided, let’s make preparations at once.
Taking out his disguise setーonly the wig and glassesーthe Saint Kirishima Ranーtransforms into the senior employee Ryan.
While desperately holding down his lust that’s about to burst even now, the senior employee smiles at the night sky.

Tonight’s going to be a fun night.


That evening. Saki was unable to sleep from the anticipation and excitement as expected.

She remembers the night before the excursion during elementary school days.
Saki who got lucky with the seating order became next to the boy which is her first love.
Although they didn’t have a good relationship, when he said『I’m looking forward for tomorrow』they both were looking forward to the morning the other day.

There’s no way an elementary school girl at her adolescence be not excited knowing that the one next to her seat on the bus tomorrow will be her beloved boy.
The drowsiness in her body is blown off, she dived into the futon with her eyes sparkling.
She should be asleep eventually but she wasn’t able to sleep at all.

The result is easily imaginable, Saki spent more than half of the travel in her dreams, in the end, she wasn’t able to talk with the boy in the end.

Later when she told that story to a friend, she was made fun asking that, isn’t there’s no boundary in conversation in between men and women
No, that’s not it.
Saki thinks that an everyday conversation exchanged on a special event is very difficult.

A daily conversation and a talk at the end of athletic meet or school festivals saying「that was fun today」 is quite different.
You can always look at each other’s face when having daily conversations. But conversations on special days can only be done at that time.

「To increase the special days, starting todayーI’ll make everyday a special day」

A conversation of a friend and a conversation of lovers are different things, just like the above theory.
The conversations between Saki and Torao were only mere companionship, there’s no love or affection in the words.
But, if they take a step further in the relationshipー Each and every words Saki speak will be protected with love.

The people that think Saki’s voice is attractive will increase.
A communication of thought and conversations in between lovers are different.

Saki wants to make a special conversation with Torao.
Whenever she saw Torao’s faceーMisuzu’s always by his side.
As for the high school girl Sakiーthat part of her is mature like an adult. She doesn’t think of seducing him with a sweet voice in front of the former girlfriend.
Therefore, she should increase contact with Torao.
Misuzu’s currently avoiding the boys. Misuzu shouldn’t be with Torao during breaks from training.

‘I won’t confess’
‘I don’t intend to convey my thoughts straight ahead’
Saki just want to warm up Torao’s cold heartーreturn him to the former Torao.
Wanting to regain the sparkling Torao once againーthis time, with her own hands.

「I love Shigechi the most in the world」

Different from, Misuzu who threw him off from the peak of expectations.
Saki’s love is genuine. It won’t shake.

Shirayuki Saki shows an expression of determination.

She speaks of her love to Torao Shigenobu from her mouthー

The future where the face of Torao Shigenobu flickers in Saki’s heartー

That lifeーfuture, will never happen.