Chapter 6: Can’t show it to anyone but you

「…Oh, Nekoyama-san, you were here. Where did you go?」

Torao Shigenobu who’s patrolling around in turns at night called out Nekoyama Misuzu who’s walking slowly at the dark corridor.

The figure of Misuzu is walking along the wall relying on the light of the candle.
Her hair is wet and the smell of the meals attached to the banquet is completely removed.
Torao Shigenobu who guessed that she took a hot bath somewhere, placed his hand on Misuzu’s shoulder.

「Why did you take a bath this late at night? Could it be that you’re thinking of having your first experience with meー」


Misuzu expressionlessly flicked the hand of Torao who’s on her shoulder.
She looked at him with a disgusted glare then walked on the corridor towards the female room with her candle.

Torao was at loss of words from the act that’s not like her.
What’s wrong? He asks.
She must’ve been tired from the various things that happened since this morning.

Torao began to beat Kirishima Ran out of the class so he won’t give a burden to Misuzu who’s kind to everyone.
There’s no other way.
I was afraid that Misuzu might just be taken.

Kirishima Ran is a guy who you can’t know what he thinks about.
He’s not going out with the lowest rank of the castle, the otako group, he’s a lone wolf.
If he doesn’t have anyone close then there’s no one who would think of objecting even if he’s driven out.

There were imperial guards and students who tried to pull Kirishima Ran back but Torao stopped them desperately.
He used his speech skill and physical strength to stop them and he gradually discouraged his classmates.

Niigaki who’s Torao’s best friend is a big existence that knows Torao and Misuzu’s relationship.
Niigaki who’s having a great unrequited love on Kendo club member Inungami Kanami had the same thoughts as Torao and approved his plan to drive out Kirishima Ran.

Niigaki’s skill is to bounce any hostile act from the outside with an invisible wall called Great Defense (Mirror Force)
The classmates who knows this ability won’t go against Niigaki.
Torao himself even kneeled.

Torao and Niigaki joined hands and provided a direction for the class somehow.
If by any chance, it won’t just be Nekoyama Misuzu and Inugami Kanami, all the beauties in the class would be theirs as well.
Make a harem, overthrow the Maou and come back to the former world.
There’s a free choice who to fuck after returning.

「For that reason, it’s most important to receive battle training now」

I’ll meet Misuzu again tomorrow in the training ground.
At that time, let’s treat Misuzu kindly and worry about her merely for form’s sake.
Even if I make pass on other women while I’m going out with Misuzu, she won’t get angry nor grieve.

She’s a good schoolgirl that’s easy to handle. That child is.

Torao Shigenobu came back to the boys room to change the patrol shift while imagining of coloring the pure and cute girls with his.

But, since then.
Torao Shigenobu was certain.
The kind to everyone smile of Nekoyama Misuzu that heals the schoolboys never appeared again.


「Haa… It felt good again today nyaa」

Nekoyama Misuzu turns over seemingly pleasant while cloudy liquid spills from the hole between her crotch.

Misuzu was sick of continous daily magic-battle training
Even though they’re otherworld heroes, Misuzu and the others right now are a national military weapon.
An important combat personnel. It would be troublesome if they’ve gone to a drip on Maou subjugation with halfhearted feelings so they fight and continue to train until the late of the day.

It feels like all of the lessons became physical education.
Misuzu likes to move but her body won’t last doing it for days.
No, because the classmates are using their recovery skill between themselves, it’s a misunderstanding of the expression of body.

The energy and motivation is being chipped.
But there’s a status-like fatigue that can’t be restored by reinforced recovery.

With the reality of being forced to do troublesome training every single day, Misuzu’s sheltered upbringing gradually gave up.

「Everyone’s collecting stress after all. The other day, Glasses-kun and Niigaki-kun had a fight and it was a a terrific fight」

Misuzu visits Ran every night from that point and her melancholic feelings are mostly released.
If she works hard at the training, Ran will embrace her.
If she endure this time, Ran would kiss her a lot.
She works hard persuading herself that way, she sneaks out of the castle at midnight and gets cherished by Ran a lot.

Probably because they keep doing it every evening, Misuzu has become a lot more sensitive recently and she doesn’t feel pain like the first time anymore.
She’s just being drowned in the pleasure in front of her nowadays.
Taking that to understanding, Ran began to get harder plays to be involved recently.
For example today, Misuzu’s body is decorated with a lot of sperm.

「If you don’t wash your body then the smell would linger」
「…N, that might be good. It might be exceptional to be filled with Ran’s smell for the whole day」
「I’m glad but that’s no good! If you were found out that you’re coming here everyday, we might not be able to meet anymore」
「Nya!? That’s a problem!」

Misuzu who’s body is covered with semen stood up.
She took a towel from her skirt then wet it with water magic, then hurriedly wiped her body.

A splendid ratio for a woman, no useless meat and soft.
It can be said that I’ve seen it a lot of times but observing the naked body of the classmate is something wonderful.

Nekoyama Misuzu’s naked body.
There’s no other schoolboy who can stare at this slowly before other than Kirishima Ran.
Thinking about it, the desire swells up again.

「N, it got hard again」
「Oh, sorry, It’s fine. I’ll do it myself」
「You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll give you a fellatio so relax and take a seat.」

I’ll take upon your words, I sat down and agreed to let her do it.
Her bob-cut black hair sways then Misuzu gently swallows Ran’s penis then licked it with her tongue.

It might not be something that can be said by the one receiving fellatio but there’s some free time until ejaculation.
I picked up the bra that fell on the side and take it to the tip of my nose as I breathe deeply.
The fragrance of sweat and milk makes me feel dizzy.
What about the taste? I stretch my tongue and my thigh was slapped.

「Don’t lick on strange places nya!」
「Sorry, sorry」
「…That, if you want to suck then, don’t do it on my underwear or uniform nya」

Taking of the rock hard erect penis out of her mouth, Misuzu pressed Ran’s face on her modest chest.
The bud sticking to the cheeks tickles, it feels strange.
Since it’s rare, let’s not be reserved and take it.

「…N, fuu. Don’t lick just the tip nyyaa…」

Misuzu beats Ran’s head while her body convulses repeatedly.
It was weak that words such as “It’s embarrassing me so stop” would never pass.

The sticky tongue crawls slowly and Misuzu’s modest breasts is violated.

Sucking the erect nipples occasionally, licking the surroundings of the nipple gently, touching it and stimulating the bump part.
Misuzu’s throbbing breasts has the right softness and firmness, it’s the best feeling.
It would be happier if both of the breasts can be licked at the same time.

「N, nnnー! It’s unfair that you’re only doing the breasts…」
「Got it. Satisfied now?/
「N… Ah, u, haaan~!」

Misuzu’s squirming pigeon toed as the finger creeps up in between her thighs and through her secret part.
Misuzu’s honey overflows.
She’s really an easy to please child.
It’s just pitiful to have such a sensitive body only have a finger.

「…Yaa, why did you stop both?」

I removed my mouth from her breasts and my hands from her crotch at the same time.
Misuzu looks at Ran sadly.
Don’t make such a face, it’s okay.

I kneel in front of Misuzu who’s standing upright then turn my arms towards her waist that’s showing a beautiful curve.
I buried my face on her navel and rubbed my cheeks on Misuzu’s flat stomach.
NーIt’s soft and pleasant.

While caressing her waist as if stimulating her, I closed up my lips to the hole in her crotch that’s producing honey and blew wind.
Misuzu twists her waist and stood to her tiptoes.
Then I stick out my tongue and licked Misuzu’s sticky honey that’s still dripping.
The tongue crawls in the surroundings of her thighs and her secret part then, Misuzu’s cute voice sounds from overhead.

「Ah, No. …… Wait, that’s, I haven’t wiped it off yet…!」

The tongue crawls and I buried my face between Misuzu’s legs.
Breathing in deeply, a thick liquid drips from her honeypot once again.
I extend my tongue thinking that I’m not reaching well then a strange bitter taste extends on my tongue.

「…Mu, n」
「Ah, geez…Ran-kun no bakaa. That’s not mine…」

Oh, it’s “that”
The cloudy liquid that Ran desperately poured into Misuzu’s vagina a while ago.
Ran’s semen mixed with Misuzu’s love nectar, a fruit of love of the two.

That said, Ran doesn’t want to swallow the semen he had released.
But it’s inevitable for it to accumulate in the tongue if this continues.

「Geez… Hora, don’t move there」

Misuzu squats over the place while her hole in her crotch is twitching then she fixed her hand on Ran’s cheek.
They piled up their lips when they were ready, unhesitantly licked Ran’s tongue and Misuzu sent the semen accumulated inside his mouth to hers.

She swallowed it then Misuzu smiled and opened her mouth.
Her mouth was empty

「Are you okay drinking that?」
「It’s okay. When it comes to it, we have reinforced recovery, also… That, since it’s Ran-kun’s sperm, it’s a waste to not drink it all…」

She smiled shyly showing her fangs.
Thinking about it, it’s not a forced smile.
It’s a wondeful smile that shows the happiness she feels in her heart.

「Misuzu’s really a devoted type isn’t she?」
「Ehehe, Ran’s happiness is my joy」

Misuzu’s devotion with her whole body and mind isn’t just the ability of the underling training skill.
Misuzu originally sincerely devotes herself to the guy she likes.
The target just became Ran.

She wiped her body again and put on her underwear, skirt, then her sailor blouse.
After she raised the zipper on the hem of her skirt, she made a half-turn.

「Well then, I’m going back. It would be suspicious if I go back too late!」
「Yeah, do your best in the training tomorrow. I’ll spoil you a lot at night as much as you want」
「Un, I’m looking forward to it! Ran-kun, I love you~!」

Blowing a kiss like a child, Misuzu began to run towards the royal palace.
Ran waved his hand next to his chest until he lost sight of her back.
When he finally can’t see Misuzu’s figure, Ran put his hand on his chin and thought.

「Glasses and Niigaki had a fight?」

It’s an unimaginable scene for Glasses who has a loser skill 『Appraisal』 and Niigaki who’s at the high rank of the castle to do that.
Ran doesn’t remember accurately what skill Niigaki has.
If I recall correctly, it’s a skill to completely reflect any physics attack and magic phenomenon.

Even if you say that the stress has built up, he’s’ someone whom you won’t make a move on someone that’s not a match in popularity, nor ability, nor motor skills.
Misuzu said that but it might actually be different.
Glasses didn’t harass Niigaki directly but indirectlyーー.

「Well, that doesn’t matter」

Ran right now isn’t related at all.
What Ran has to mind right now are the Knights and the servants(Though it’s not known whether there is one) not finding himー That’s all

But guessing that they won’t come to look for him, there should be a guy that’s stopping the search proposal.
Ran’s a loner on the lowest layer of the castle but there should be a guy with good intuition to notice it slightly.
Ran’s ability can become important war potential if it’s not used wrongly.

When they do, at least one would suggest to the classmates to take Ran back.
They should just manipulate the loner who has the underling training and scheme to put him on somewhere away.

But Ran doesn’t intend to settle into that class anymore.
Even if they bow their heads, commit seppuku in front of him, there’s nothing that would bend his purpose.

ToraoーTorao Shigenobu who he thought was a friend had despised Ran in front of their classmates.
Shouting loudly that he’ll use his skill and make a move on the girl classmates.

Even though it resulted on what he said, he shouldn’t’ve said that.
As a result, how many schoolgirls had thought of Ran as a pervert?

「…How many days more will Misuzu stay in the royal palace?」

When the training period ends, Misuzu and the others will start their adventure to subjugate the Maou and set off foot from the royal palace.
That’s not a safe travel.
I don’t want to think about it but I might not be able to meet Misuzu anymore.
I don’t want that.

「But if this continues, aside from me, Misuzu will surely be taken」

Even if Misuzu appeals to stay here, her classmatesーespecially Torao would never accept that.
However, what if it’s not just Misuzu?

Ran broadly grins.
If it’s just Misuzu, they would just take her by force.
But if other than MisuzuーNo, for example, all the school girls except Misuzu wanted to stay behind.

This situation had the cheat skills given without distinction between men and women.
Even if a quarrel happens, men would surely overwhelm it with violence.
It’s impossible to take them by force.

「I should increase my slaves」

Schoolgirls can overwhelm military power of another person with beautiful figure dancing.
If I can make the girl’s companionsーIf I make them obedient slaves.
For some reason or another, even if all of the classmates come to persuade Ran(by force), they can be repelled to some degree.

「Our class has some unexpectedly beautiful girls」

Other than Misuzu, for example, Inugami Kanami from Kendo club.
Speaking of which, there’s someone from Glassess’ group that likes Inugami.

Well, that’s fine.
I let out a lot inside Misuzu’s pussy tonight so I’m a bit tired.
Praying that I won’t be found out by the knights, I decide to go to the bed today.

Ageha! When I called her out and stick out my hand, the yellow colored swallowtail butterfly stopped at Ran’s fingertip.
I knew it just recently but this butterfly isn’t an insect but a demon.
Because of it’s beautiful appearance, it seems to be occasionally hunted to be a decoration at the royal palace.

「I’m going to sleep until early afternoon so wake me up immediately when a knight or somebody comes near the cave」

Ageha shakes her wing as if saying 「Roger」 then danced flutteringly around.
It’s slightly unreliable visually but it’s a demon that’s unexpectedly excellent.

Confirming that Ageha has become security for the time being , Ran disappeared to the cave that has a bed.