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Kumo desu ga, nani ka? ToC from Turb0

Oni vs Oni 3 can be found at raising the dead’s site.

Oni vs Oni 4 from unlimited story works’s site


Oni vs Oni 5

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Oh, I have expected this.

Wrath has been triggered.

It happened against my will

Even wrath was activated, my thoughts were not lost.

What does this mean?

I’m not sure.

Losing sanity while massacring, or being unable to do anything while being slaughtered, which is better.

Whichever it is, it’s still fine.

I’m shocked however.

Even with wrath active, the damage is still null.

Normally, the blow should have turned the girl’s arm to half.

Even her status exceeded 10, 000, it’s just weird for her to receive my attack infused with wrath.

Taking a closer look, there were white scales on the girl’s skin.

Rather, it resembles a snake’s scale.

She has the Heaven Scale skill, I thought only dragons can have those

It’s a mystery why she have a skill limited to dragons, still thanks to that, her defense boosts that it prevented my attack

Moreover, the arm that was nearly torn, closed up immediately

It’s hard, and recovers fast.

On top of that, I also need to keep distance, which makes it harder to do damage.

Can I defeat her through normal means?

Although, I can’t beat her even with Wrath activated.

Against this girl, I have understood the importance of skills.

The girl is inferior when it comes to status, but is undoubtedly superior in terms of skills.

Still, with the huge difference in status, I can overturn her skills.

I cut the girl’s body with a sword.

The girl can’t catch up with my movements(TN: This may be inaccurate.)

She couldn’t defend in time

Even with her high defense due to Heaven Scale, I can just continuously attack until I cut her arm to half, her HP will run out then.  

While being slashed from every direction, the girl triggered an ice magic.

A diamond dust magic went into my arm earlier.

But unlike from earlier, the situation’s different.

The diamond dust hit my body, yet I remained unscratched.  

Her eyes widened.

That was a fatal gap, I took the opportunity and swung my sword to her neck.

She responds

It felt hard.

The katana that penetrates was shaken off.

Her head flew in the air.

The appraisal showed that her HP is decreasing rapidly over time.

The girl caught her head and put it back in her neck.


What was that!?

My heart was taken over by surprise, then Wrath ruled over to deal with it.

If the neck didn’t do, the heart should.

On ancient times vampire extermination, they skewer the heart.

A high speed thrust was driven through her chest.

The girl somehow catches the sword

After stopping the blow, the sword shattered, then the girl was blown away.

The power has been emphasized too much, the attribute seems to bias more on shock rather than pierce.

The sword was broken because of that, it didn’t even reach the girl.

Moreover, being blown by the impact, the girl gained advantage.

Losing my reason to wrath would put me in disadvantage.

When I lose myself to Wrath, I would be seen as a berserker who runs wild.

But, apparently my skill remains.

The sword god skill in particular.

Even if I lost my reason, the skill won’t be lost.

Still, due to being unable to make a fine thinking, I would be prone to make errors in judgement.

The moment we separated, the girl started recovering.

The magic covered the girl’s neck with light.

The cut on her neck turned back.

Ain’t that cheating? I thought

I’m really amazed by  the pseudo-immortality.

Still, it’s not really immortality.

In fact, her HP has been reduced quite considerably.

Even if it was cured physically, cutting her neck severely damaged her.

When the same thing happened again, she won’t be able to endure it.

That said, she has the immortality or resurrection skill, besides, she’s a vampire.

With these two skills, even limiting to resurrection, she just won’t die.

Whatever kind of attack I do, she’d be able to withstand it.

I should use my spare energy to escape

She knows about it.

Even with the Wrath active, I still couldn’t win.

Then, I just have to escape to survive.

I might be in a bad spot, she might appear to have a lot of power, yet she only used defense, I might be able to escape this.

That’s why, I ran.

The girl laughed on my hopeless thoughts.

The uninterested eyes clearly shows intention(TN: Help on this line.)

Is there something else?

The details of the skill “Envy” was hidden during appraisal, that makes me anxious.

From it’s name, I think the its power is comparable with Wrath, but how will it overturn the situation?

The girl has wounds all over her body.

For now, my lost arm has completely regenerated, I took a sword from an empty space.

Even envy’s power is comparable to wrath, will I be able to overturn this disadvantage on skills?

However, I can see in her face that she’s certainly confident.

Then, let’s believe.

That she can beat me.

Then, I won’t worry about anything,

I will die, just as I wished before.


Thinking that my body will be finally be free, my heart throbbed

Am I afraid?

Of death.

After killing so many, is it too late to be afraid of dying?

I’m really selfish.


But I don’t have any choice but to die.

Is there any reason for me to live on this state?

What is it worth?

There shouldn’t be any.

Then, I have no choice but to die.

Yet, it scares me.

Showing my selfish desire to live, I moved away from the girl’s slash

The girl tries to do something

Darkness, nothing but darkness, absolute darkness

A boy appeared before my eyes.

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