Hero Pandemic chapter 26

Chapter 26: Gap


Seeing the open school gate, my inner voice leaked out unconsciously.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, there is nothing”

I’d like to soak myself in the past, because I didn’t think I would come here again, but I can’t any longer and close the school gate intentionally.

The opened school gate hasn’t fulfilled its work and you can expect that an unspecified number of zombies have entered the campus.

When there was something, do you go out with good luck or go out with bad luck……after hesitating a little, I closed and locked the gate accurately.

“Let’s enter the school nurse’s office from the outside”

I intentionally don’t want to go to a small place, so we should break a window to enter. The rain would absorb something unnecessary and if it’s outside even if there is a zombie in the neighborhood, we will be fine. It’s possible to enter the interior after our safety is confirmed enough.


When I see Kurumi-chan´s nervous face a little, I quickly became calm.

……It’s so. Originally, this is a scene where you’re full of tension. Whether there isn’t a sense of realism anywhere, but am I really a main character? Even if it’ll be this year, neither I nor the world are understood yet.

Rain strictly hits the asphalt. The rain can be heard and my cheeks were wet.

I intentionally abandon an idea and turns around to the school building. We passed through the entrance to the parking lot on the other side and invaded the courtyard across the connecting corridor.

Until then no zombie was seen and before long we reached in front of the school nurse’s office.

The outdoor machine of the air conditioner is making noise. I peep at the inside from the gap of the curtain and see no one. Did someone keep using it?

“Please look around, I will break the window”

Kurumi-chan nods and I swing my hammer at the windowpane. It is more fragile than a skull who falls on the floor and many detailed sharps shine brilliantly.

Although the window can be opened at any time if I thrust my hand through the hole, it is time consuming without doing anything.

One minute, two minutes……when time passed, neither sound nor a zombie can be seen from the school nurse room. From the window which has broken even if it’ll be okay, my hand wasn’t bitten by a zombie.

“Because I make sure of the safety first, please pay attention. Even if there are some problems, don’t shout as much as possible”

I unlocked the window and entered. Looking right and left, I also hear no noise. Is the reason for the chilly air the air-conditioning?

The school nurse’s office doesn’t have been ruined and the entrance was neatly closed. I even checked carefully if cleaning tools are in the restroom and just in case under the beds, before I confirmed that there is no zombie and locked the entrance before getting Kurumi-chan inside.

“Breaking the window and invading the schoolhouse, let my heart throb somehow”

“Me, too”

That my heart throbs energetically is an exception, but I didn’t want to imitate the youngsters. Maybe ten years ago I could be excited, but I don’t have such a reckless heart now. I´m not a reckless and dazzling youth anymore

“It, it was alleviating fever painkiller――――”

On a white paper bag which Kurumi-chan took out『Alleviation of fever analgesic』was scribbled and there seems to be enough seeing the swelling……we were instinctively at a loss for words.

The medicine that has come out from the bag, were all suppositories.



It is easy for a suppository to be absorbed, because the element is not resolved easily and it doesn’t pass the gut and liver easily, therefore every kind of medicine like that is detoxicated. In a word, it is very powerful. If there is no appetite or vomiting feeling it is unquestionable a excellent one.

Why isn’t it general so? That’s simple, because it’s necessary to insert it in the anus and many humans have a resistance impulse against it. If there is no resistance in the insertion of the medicine in the anus, it would be more recommended than internal medicine.

“Although it is often said that a good medicine tastes bitter, it doesn’t apply to a suppository”

“What is suddenly!?”

“Even if it’s bad, even if the smell is tight, you don’t have to worry about it and endure it”

“Th, That’s right……if there is resistance, but often works………it can be done! As a father it isn’t possible to put an suppository inside!”

Absolutely impossible! Kurumi-chan refuses while having goosebumps.

Then I proposed that Kurumi-chan or Shizuyo-chan should put it in, but that was also rejected. Though it is also unpleasant that her elder sister put it in, Kurumi-chan can’t permit it to a man who they became acquaintance with a short while ago.

The reason is probably understood. It’s because I had a good friend and that were the case that he also asked for suppository. Kurumi-chan is right.

“Because there is no other medicine, isn’t it inevitable?”

“……I shall find it for you”

Kurumi-chan shows a strange motivation, but life isn’t sweet yet. She found bandages and disinfection liquid which may become necessary in the future, but other than that cooling medicine wasn’t found.

It would be obtainable easily, when we go to a drugstore. But a small store is very dangerous, and the plan would be rejected without wavering.

Death or suppository? The person who inserts the suppository is sure to be chosen by Kurumi-chan and me than to die. ……Perhaps.

“……If you exert yourself, time is bad, because I think they probably didn’t put medicine in the cleaning tools in the restroom”

“Un, Understanding such a thing!”

While returning it in such a way, Kurumi-chan lifted the liquid tank in the rest room up which seems heavy. I even thought of a difficult escape game, but it wasn’t so. I don’t want to say that a certain medicine is in such a place.

I looked at the clock on the wall and nearly 20 minutes passed since we entered the school nurse office.

“Yes, time is up”

I tried to hold her from the rear, but it could be sexual harassment, therefore I reconsider it and stopped, before I tapped on her shoulder. This negative behavior has evoked and I was thinking that seual harassement was empty and Kurumi-chan didn’t resist fortunately and was only staring here. I’d like to think that it isn’t tasted.

“Hey, don’t stare, don’t stare. Your cute face is ruined”



I tried to soothe her, but it seemed to have an unfortunate result and I received a clean spin kick. Hiding embarrassment is cruel.

“Ka, Kazuya-san is so cheeky!”

Moreover I received it.

“……Lets return for now?”

The suggestion was done splendidly and Kurumi-chan seem to follow just in case, after something necessary is packed in the backpack. I ignore that and look outside, but there is still no zombie.

Securing necessary goods will end soon and the rain still continues and it even went out of site, but nothing happened until now.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed. Although the rate of encountering zombies is extremely low with this rain, I didn’t think we can advance this smoothly.


……Therefore I was just a little careless.


I can say that it was unlucky that a zombie showed up in this moment. But even so, can she be convinced by such words?

It is assumed that it can be divided if there is no choice because it’s such a world……but actually it’s the two meter tall man who appeared.

“Kazuya-san, help”

Without reason, I stretched out my hand, but it wasn’t enough an Kurumi-chan was bitten by the zombie.

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