Hero Pandemic chapter 37

Chapter 37: Lost virginity★★



“I’ll put my finger in”

I said so without looking, and the silent Kurumi-chan wasn’t surprised about it; my index finger slowly went in.


Following her delicate breathing, her vagina shrank diligently.

It was wetter and smoother than usual, and, because she was excited, the tightness was also better than usual.

Kurumi might have the nature of liking such exposure, because of what happened this morning.


A transparent string of liquid was made when I pulled out my finger. Shizuyo-chan was watching with great interest. I thought she’d say something, but she was silent, thinking about the possibility of being a hindrance in the future.

Next I wiped my finger, which had become sticky with Kurumi’s love juice, using my shirt and touched the back of her knees. I opened her legs to lick it easier, but I felt some slight resistance.

Her perfectly closed entrance started to open up, which was understandable from its state. Her pussy certainly was very obscene, but I had to endure this much.


When I pressed my lips on her pussy, I heard a muffled voice from under the pillow.

When I moved my lips up and down while licking the overflowing liquid with my tongue, Kurumi’s butt trembled. Her secret hole repeatedly opened and closed; it was quite a spectacle even if I’m not exaggerating.

When I tried to make my tongue crawl on her clitoris, Kurumi held my head with her hands before I could.

“Wait, Kazuya-san……….wait”

Blaming her like this, I let her experience a never before hight so that Kurumi’s mind was confused from not swallowing that pleasure well. She is already exhausted and Kurumi-chan wouldn’t be in a good state if we continue and I ejaculatef three times.

“No, no more……please put it in”

I thought that Kurumi couldn’t continue anymore, but she opened her legs and held them herself.

The moment I pulled my pants and shorts down to response to her, Shizuyo-chan who was observing us fell from the bed.

“Ah, I, I’m sorry……don’t worry……!”

Shizuyo-chan, who removed her glasses and cleaned her lenses with her shirt, tried not to put my penis into her sight.

I didn’t want to bother with the reaction of such a innocent lady, but I opened my mouth.



“Can you help me for a moment?”

“Y, Yees, I understand!”

It was a quite pleasing to know that she was trying to clean her glasses with her trembling hands and not getting the sight of my dick out of her eyes by looking at my face.

So I dared to point my penis to make it easier to understand in front of her face.

“I will insert this into Kurumi-chan now, so please wet it so that it wouldn’t hurt”

“He……? ………………Eh!?”

Slowly following my finger with her eyes, Shizuyo cast her gaze down on my penis…and when she’d finally understood my words, she raised a scream and retreated. Shizuyo bumped against the wall, before she finally stopped.

“What are you doing? Is it okay if Kurumi-chan becomes a zombie?”

“Tha……that’s not good”

When I mentioned Kurumi-chan, Shizuyo-chan regained her sanity and went up to bed again while looking away.

“Th, That, making wet……? Is it okay with water?”

“You’re kidding? I need Shizuyo-chan’s saliva. Sa-li-va. Have you heard about fellatio before?”

Shizuyo-Chan said, “Oh, it’s that after all……” and looked up at the sky. She seemed to have understood it. Well, she was really a high school student, so she definitely knew that much.

“Umm……can you tell me what to do?”

“For the time being the tip……kiss it first”

Shizuyo-chan didn’t do as instructed.

“Here, I will teach you in turn, kiss me for the time being”

“E, ah……that’s my first kiss……”


I thrust her face down coldly so Shizuyo wouldn’t realize that the tension had risen, and she shouted, “…… No”.

Next, I kissed her lightly without touching.

“No, that’s not good”

Without even praising my hard effort, I pressed down her head against my son.


The feeling of her thick lips are transmitted by the tip that was touched.

“Hey, open your mouth”

Without waiting, I pushed through her slightly opened lips and overrun her mouth. Her tongue wasn’t hindering the invasion very much, and I felt excited, thinking that this was her first kiss.

The devil whispered to me and asked whether she would like to enjoy an oral ejaculation like this, but I managed to withdraw somehow and succeeded in pulling out my penis from her mouth after wetting it.


Shizuyo tolerated it because I held her head, and she had quite the excitement on her face.

Next, I suppressed the feeling of wanting to thrust into her mouth again, then rubbed the glans against Kurumi’s vagina.

“I´m sorry Kurumi, for making you wait”

I invaded only with the glans, which had gotten wet thanks to her elder sister’s saliva and Kurumi’s own love juice. I repeatedly inserted and extracted at a shallow place without going all the way in, so I could move slowly.

The bed creaked as I moved, and Kurumi was shaking her hips a little bit, but I didn’t point out that.


The quiet Shizuyo who came back to her sense gave a wonderful voice when she saw the entrance of her younger sister having my son go in and out of it.

Aya-chan was also worried about our sexual activity as she was looking intently from the right side. Although she should have seen plenty of it during the time of experimenting, she was probably worried that there was a difference between a living human and a zombie.

Kurumi didn’t seem to worry about the surroundings and pressed her face against the pillow so as not to leak her voice. I don’t know what I’m seeing right now.

I thought I’d order her around the bush, with something like “Look at me”, but I put the thought back into my mind and held Kurumi-chan’s hips.

“Aa!? Kku……u……haa……!”

Her vagina tightened at the same time and was begging for my semen. It seemed like it would end with one thrust.

“Kurumi!? Are you okay!?”

Shizuyo, who didn’t know anything at all, approached Kurumi and tried to take away the pillow, but Kurumi resisted with full power naturally. It was because she didn’t want to show her nasty, distorted face.

“I, It slightly hurts so I was surprised……”

Apparently she didn’t want her older sister to know “I’m touched at my bottom”, therefore Kurumi told a lie. Aya-chan laughed on the side, which was noticed by Shizuyo as he had a worried expression.

“Is it really painful……?”


Kurumi-chan leaked a painful voice, as if she was enduring my movement and struggling.

And in the next moment, it wasn’t Kurumi, but Shizuyo who stopped me when I wanted to move my hips more.

“Wa, Wait a moment Senpai, Kurumi is in pain”

“No, I can’t ejaculate if I wait”

“Is, Is that so!”

I moved my hips again and, following that, Kurumi-chan went crazy.

But to her sister, she seemed to be bearing with the pain――――it made Shizuyo literally took off her mask.


A lime green panty was put in front of my eyes.

Shizuyo had a lot of things to say, but she swallowed it. The only word that came out after swallowing was the character “Ha?”.

“……What are you thinking?”

“Please, use me!”

In short she wanted me to put my son inside her and not Kurumi so that I can release my sperm. Indeed, I had the dream of a sister donburi. However, Kurumi was different from the time I raped her and there was no need to deprive Shizuyo’s virginity today.


I pull out and made an earnest expression.

“It isn’t painful?”

Kurumi-chan didn’t answer.

“Hey, Kurumi-chan feels good, so Shizuyo-chan does not need to do that?”

“Is that true? Kurumi?”



“I don’t feel good……stop……!”

In this state, the younger sister sacrificed the elder sister heartlessly.

Kurumi wouldn’t lose anything. If she said it felt good, she may just be embarrassing, but she didn’t said it and Shizuyo would lose her virginity now.

What a way out, what a devil. I raised myself and blamed Kurumi-chan in my heart for what will happen now.


I thought that it is easier to be swept if it becomes so or not and Shizuyo-chan´s panty is removed to see what is hidden.


Since I had been looking at the pretty Shizuyo all these days, I was very excited.

Although the amount of hair was few, it didn’t seem like she was taking care of it much, and I found out that her flesh had fully matured. Spreading it with my fingers, the pink color inside was revealed to my eyes.


When I slowly inserted my index finger, I felt a stronger tightness than Kurumi-chan’s. But I was able to enter even a elementary school student, so there would be no problem to go inside Shizuyo-chan who was a high school student.

Of course, I needed to wet it before doing anything, but I wanted to do it quickly, therefore I suddenly put my mouth on Shizuyo-chan´s pussy.

“Ah, not good……no……hyaa!?”

It was a great thing to see this situation objectively now.

I raped Kurumi in front of her, but Shizuyo only stuck out her butt that I licked.

My son jumped up to the unknown excitement and this scenery which couldn’t be bought with money. However, I’m not going to explode here. I need to carefully taste Shizuyo-chan´s pussy. Even if I fall into a rush.

“Aya-chan, tease her nipples”

Because I was licking the juice that dripped down and rubbing her clitoris with my finger, I had no time to tease Shizuyo´s chest yet.


But the crazy thing was that Aya-chan put my nipples in her mouth and began to tease them. Sperm leaked out violently the moment I was taken off guard.

In a hurry, I emphasized the sphincter and forcibly interrupted the ejaculation, but some of my sperm stained the murky insides of Kurumi´s vagina.

“A, Aya-chan, why are you teasing my nipples!?”

Certainly I told her to tease “Shizuyo-chan´s nipples”. However, it seemed that Aya’s claim what was out of the way as a matter of course, because Aya was intelligent.

Aya-chan didn’t intend to stop licking my nipples, since she also wanted to participate, I teased Shizuyo-chan while enduring the tickling and sensitive feeling. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to move my hips.

“Well, I guess it’s alright……”

To avoid accidental discharge, I slowly removed my penis from Kurumi´s vagina. I managed to endure it though it was dangerous that the undeveloped folds wrapped me up so strongly at the end.

Because I seemed to have reached the limit after a few turns, I decided to show off by depriving Shizuyo-chan´s virginity. But for Shizuyo-chan, it wouldn’t be good at first.

I thought so and grasped Shizuyo-chan’s hips firmly. Next, I thrust my waist, pushing myself inside her pussy strongly.


While holding the fleeing Shizuyo-chan down, I forcibly broke in.

And finally, after a bit of time, the tip reached her womb. Shizuyo-chan breaths became rough.

“Shizuyo-chan, do you understand? I put it in now”

“Ye, Yes”

While watching Shizuyo shaking her head, I realized that my limit was close. I pulled out so as not to hurt her as much as possible and it will be over if I ejaculate inside Kurumi.

――――The moment I tried to move my hips, my asshole was touched……and a foreign object invaded.


Byurururu, dobyu, byu, byubyu, byu……

I couldn’t endure the sudden pleasure suddenly and spit out my jelly-like thick semen which was shot into Shizuyo´s uterus.

Meanwhile, Aya-chan´s tongue went in and out of my back hole and my eyes turned pure as if my head was burning.

“Eh? Eh?”

Shizuyo, who didn’t understand what was happening, looked back at me while supporting her own weight with both hands. My ejactulation didn’t show any signs of stopping, since I was excited to think that I was cumming inside an innocent and defenseless girl.

After the long ejaculation, I pulled out my penis from Shizuyo-chan, who was looking at me anxiously, it was sticky with blood and semen; a pink, mixed soup came out of her pussy.

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