Hero Pandemic chapter 4

Chapter 4: I ended up noticing


I threw my bloody shirt away on the second floor, before Honjo-san came over. I put an arm through a black shirt which didn’t have any blood stains. It seems I was just in time.

“Just at the right time. Here, a present.”

The shopping basket that I didn’t let go of, even when the zombie bit my shoulder and I kicked it to the cash register. I hand her the basket with the canned peaches on the very top.

“You like them, don’t you? Canned peaches.”

She looks at the food which I held out but doesn’t take it. On the contrary, she takes a step back.

“I’m so…sorry. Doubting you like that…earlier, um, the trash… I noticed that there was only one weeks’ worth of remains of the food in the trash. And the remaining food, was also the same as what I had.”

Her eyes well up with the tears that she had been holding back.
She had probably noticed. That fact that I had actually distributed an equal amount of food.

The leader gave us the same amount of the same things each before leaving, taking the rest with them. So, if you just look at the type of things left over, you would know whether or not I kept extra for myself. I also didn’t take care of the trash properly, and just threw it in a garbage box somewhere around here, so she must have seen it and realized.
Of course, if I hid my garbage and the remaining food I have properly, she wouldn’t find out. Or if I took the same thing twice. It seems she hadn’t thought of that possibility yet, because her core was a kind girl. Of course, there’s no way I would do that.

“If you are hungry, your judgment becomes dull, doesn’t it? There is no helping it.”

There is a saying that says that relationships end once the money ends, but still, the mental stress caused by lack of necessary things is huge. The teenage girl who has lived peacefully up till now cannot change so easily.

“Fueee~! Matoba-san…!”

I am being hugged.
Though I feel pain in my shoulder when I move it too much, she doesn’t know it, so she hugs me tightly, letting me know of her emotions.
Having nothing to do, I caress her head, and Honjo-san looks at me timidly.

“Ano, Matoba-san, why, at that time, didn’t you deny it?”

She’s probably talking about the time she suspected me.

“Why you ask? It was my intention from the beginning…”
“Eh? From the beginning, what do you mean?”
“No, think about it for a second. Because your childhood friend is excellent, even if he takes reinforcements and returns here, I think that it is impossible within a month. But when you can survive for nearly two months, the probability rises by a fair amount.”

Of course, there is no choice of us surviving together. The only method was to go underground to get food, and as a result my shoulder was bitten.
By the way, it takes around a week to completely become a zombie. Because the bitten area is small, there might be a small delay for me.

“That is…but I noticed! I ended up noticing!”

Please wait a bit, saying that, she climbs back to the third floor.
Since I was in the middle of changing clothes, I also change out of the jeans that had a slight amount of blood on them.
Just as I finish changing my clothes, Honjo-san comes back.

“Please look!”

She is holding a can opener in her hand such that I can clearly see it. Using the can opener, she opens the canned peaches skillfully. She seems to have mastered how to use the can opener perfectly.

“Before I live alone, I’d rather die together!”

She sticks the contents of the opened peach can with a fork and brings it to my mouth.
If I show her the wound on my shoulder now, I wonder what kind of reaction would she show me… I’m interested; however, I swallow this dark feeling.

“Thank you…But I can’t eat peaches.”
Honjo-san raises a hysteric voice.


“And then you know, Makoto-kun…Matoba-san, are you listening?”
“Ah, un. I’m listening.”

We are on the third floor, on beds in the furniture department. As the time of the day is such that you don’t know if it’s day or night, she sat on the same bed as me.
The topic is Makoto who is her childhood friend. But what can I say, I have no interest in the subject, so I am so sleepy that I’m zoning out.

“Sorry, Honjo-san, but I was thinking of going to sleep soon.”
“Ha! It’s already so late!”
“Yup, so good night.”
“Yes, good night.”

…But Honjo-san doesn’t move away from my bed.

“Ano, Honjo-san? I want to go to sleep?”

She stops speaking. If she was a zombie, this would be the part where she would attack me, but she just keeps looking at me with a serious face.
She seems to be thinking about something. And it goes without saying but she is still human.

“Erm, Honjo-san? Are you listening?”

I’m sorry to say this while you’re worrying over something so seriously, but I’m sleepy in the truest sense…that’s not the real reason though. My son is about to go out of control, so I wish you would take your leave. I don’t know whether this is the reproduction instinct of humans or something, but right now I’m feeling excitement that I don’t have the memory of feeling even in my teenage years.
(ED: Heh heh. His ‘son’. Get it?)

Exposed to a life and death situation, or rather, now that my death is all but decided, my instincts are singing at me to leave my seed with the girl in front of me.
Since we have water from the water storage and rainwater, we are keeping our bodies clean, even if we can’t exactly take a refreshing bath. It may be unsatisfactory for Honjo-san who is a young woman, but having shampoo and hair conditioner, I think the situation is on the “pretty good” side. At least, we have it better than the weather-beaten zombies.
Well, for that reason, this state of having a young girl’s smell wafting over me right now is very dangerous.

Because our sense of distance has shortened unpredictably, Honjo-san has her guard down way too much. My rationality is getting shaved down substantially from her exposed nape and the swells of her chest. For some reason, she is always wearing her sailor uniform, except at times when she washes it and hangs it up to dry. Of course, she is wearing a skirt on the bottom, and her raw legs which peek out from under her slightly lifted skirt cause my son to twitch.

I thought that girls shined the most under the sun, but her thighs lit up by the candle are filled with a mysterious elegance.


Without answering my question, she comes closer on the narrow bed.

“Wh–What is it?”
“For men, they have to do that thing, don’t they?”
“That thing?”

Since my head wasn’t working properly, I repeated Honjo-san words like a parrot.

“That is…j…jer…jerking off, I mean.”

Suddenly my son jumped.

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