Hero Pandemic chapter 47

Hero Pandemic chapter 47: Nursing

Yumi´s POV


“Second floor……is it?”


There is a possibility that there is a ceiling, but it might be thought that there is something on the second floor here.

“It’s an option that we didn’t hear anything――――”



Haa, with a breath, I dropped my arm that was stretched to the retort food. And when I take out the burle that is attached to the package, I grasp it strongly and check its feeling.

“Kaede, do you think there is a zombie?”

“It’s near the base, so I’m afraid that living humans will go to the base”

Kaede is paradoxically saying that its a high possibility of being a zombie.

Certainly, living humans will normally head for the base. People who aren’t ordinary are thought to go to places where there are fewer zombies and places where goods may remain, even though they are not going to base. Even if they plunder it is not suitable here.

“So the only thing……”

“No, Yumi-san. It’s not the same, it’s not the only thing we have to do, the faster you do it……the easier it is”

Surely that’s what I thought. I was trying to justify myself by pretending to be driven.

If we don’t want to kill each other, we just need to find a place with no zombies. However, we wont do it because its quick.

“That’s right…… Let’s do it, so that we can live comfortably”

I dared to say so. I can’t help it because it’s such a world……if you think so, you will be crushed by guilt someday. It is not chosen and I choose it by myself. There is a big difference.

And once I choose it myself……it will be easier if it gets out.

My idea was transmitted to Kaede who nodded deeply.

“Well then to the second floor……!!”

*Pipipi*, a mechanical sound that encourages power saving. Of course, the source of the sound came from the refrigerator which wasn’t closed properly. It should have been closed, but apparently I used too less power.

“Close it properly”

“I´m sorry……”

In a hurry, pushing the door with subtle gaps, I can feel a mysterious elasticity. Apparently something was caught and it couldn’t be closed.

The door alarm stopped without any problem when I pressed the door switch to stop the sound.

When I searched for the cause without being bothered by the sound that stopped, I immediately understood that an elongated packet was the cause.

(Meat……? Maybe we could eat it)

The meat might be safe because it is in the partial rather than a chilled room.

I thought that it might be high-quality meat because it was wrapped politely, and when the package was opened――――a human’s hand was inside.


When I drop it involuntarily, it rolls and knocks against the foot of the table and stops.

It was undoubtedly a hand. It is precisely the part from a elbow, so it may be close to saying an arm. The fingers were slender and long, which proved to be a female hand.


Kaede is also speechless, staring at the arm while opening and closing her mouth.

Both of us aren’t surprised even if there are arms and legs rolling around at this time. It is not unusual that limbs and internal organs are rolling on the ground in this present Japan. Even though there is something strange that there is a strange thing rolling around, but I don’t feel a sense of disgust even though I hate it.

However, if it is in the refrigerator, it is another story. In the world today, there is only food in the refrigerator. It was incomprehensible and unknown that an object of fear which is an arm came out.

At the same time, it proves that Kaede’s idea was wrong.

Kaede thought that ordinary people aren’t here and people who aren’t ordinary will never be here either.

But of course there are exceptions. There’s a reason why we can’t leave here.

The sound of the upstairs and the human arm who had been put in the refrigerator……there is only one answer.

“Zombies……are kept here”


It might be misleading to keep a zombie. The resident here might be giving human arms to the zombie(s) and to let human who caught a cold eat porridge.

As a matter of course it is certain that it is not divisible so much as a loved one becomes a zombie, apart from whether it is right or wrong.

“……Let’s get out of here”

“I agree”

We concluded so.

The bait of a zombie which might be here might have been killed or it might be a human who died. It is not to be decided by imagination, but it is too risky to meet people who are diligently raising meat for those who have become zombies.

“Kaede……if Kaede’s important person becomes a zombie, what will you do……?”

“Well……I will kill……that poor thing. ……But surely, I don’t know until that time will come”

I closed my eyes. Imagine Kazuya who became a zombie in front of me.


I was thinking to drop the crowbar that I had in my hands, but grip it in panic.

It’s just imagination. I don’t need to kill Kazuya myself. I thought that I understood the feeling of the resident here a little and it might be a option to be eaten by Kazuya and become a zombie, too.

I do not like such a dangerous imitation, but I want to talk to the resident here.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes……thank you very much. Let’s go”

The two of us went outside and headed for the next house.

It was dangerous this time but fortunately, neither human nor zombies were met. But that was lucky. It happened that the residents were out of the house by chance.

Was it was a mistake to leave the base……I thought so, but neither of us said it.

I knew it was originally wrong. Just because I realized it strongly, my heart hasn’t broken yet.

Each hope takes a step in my chest. Even if the cliff is one step ahead, it is not possible for me to go back any longer.

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