Hero Pandemic chapter 5

Luxurious Masturbation


Not masturbation, or self-gratification, Honjo-san certainly said jerking off just now.
What is this child saying so suddenly? If I didn’t have my sanity and reason intact, Honjo-san’s hymen would have already been torn mercilessly. But it is not like she is tempting me with those words, and in the first place she has a lover called Makoto.

“…Well, so that no mistake happens by chance, it’s necessary to relieve oneself.”

I don’t know what she just imagined, but she blushes, and her cheeks redden.
Women also have sexual desire and I know that there were women who became more sexually active before their menstruation. However, all along, I was looking at this high-school girl like you would a child, so with those words my heart skipped a beat. I’m probably seeing Honjo-san as a sexual partner right now. Therefore, I want to take some distance immediately, but apparently, she seems to have some sort of expectation.

“That…I think that cooperation is important. Matoba-san brought food from the basement, and on top of that, as an apology for last time, that is…I want to show my appreciation.”
“Erm, in other words, what are you trying to say?”

She steals a glance at my crotch for an instant, before opening her mouth.

“Ano, the real thing is impossible for me, but if it’s with my mouth…I can try and make an effort, so…my best regards.”

Saying so, Honjo-san lowers her head deeply.
Of course, I should refuse this suggestion. I feel an obligation towards her childhood friend. I had my life was saved by him. He even made a reason for me to escape from reality.
He entrusted his most important person to me. I wasn’t such a scum that I would betray his one and only expectation.
…However, I was also not a saint that would deny what was offered to me in this kind of situation.


I silently pull her towards me and hug her. It is so mysterious how she smells so good, even though we use the same shampoo.

I have no intention of stopping any longer. Of course, I am not thinking of going all the way with her, but still, I am going to die. I think I won’t receive divine punishment if I make some a few good memories before dying. If she doesn’t say anything about what happened here, she would be able to live a smooth life with Makoto-kun.
As far as I know, there are no new ways for the zombie virus to spread, so, in theory, as long as you don’t get bitten, you wouldn’t become a zombie. Basically, if you waited for the zombies outside to waste away, it would automatically be a win for humanity.

“Then, I think I shall take you up on your offer.”

I open the zipper of my jeans. Honjo-san stiffens in my arms.
I grasp her hand and lead it to my son who is already solidly erect.

“I-It’s hot…and, it’s hard.”

Her chilly thin fingers cling to my groin. I can tell that Honjo-san is seriously observing my thing, and the gap between her seriousness and this lewd situation turned me on even more.

“Do you know how to it?”
“H-How!?…I-I think, I do. I know a little.”

Saying so, Honjo-san graps my son with three fingers and starts moving her hand up and down.

I am a bit vexed. It isn’t like there is no pleasure, but it feels like she is just teasing me, which feels worse than nothing. I turn my head to her to tell her to do it a bit more strongly, and her face comes into view. She is looking at my penis with her mouth half open, a dazed expression on her face.
Come to think of it, Honjo-san said that the real thing would be impossible for her, but that she’d do it with her mouth.
My eyes are attracted to her slightly opened lips. How much pleasure would I feel if I thrust my thing inside it?

I silently hold the back of her head.


Honjo-san looks at me wonderingly. Her expression, which makes it clear that she has no idea what’s happening, makes me remember the face of the girl I liked during high school. That girl was cold and dignified, quite unlike Honjo-san. However, I had linked them in my mind to an amusing degree.


I thrust up my waist at the same time as I put strength into my arms to push my integrity into Honjo-san’s mouth. Her warm insides and her tongue which pushes back as if dancing with my penis were making my mind melt.

“Be careful not let your teeth hit it.”

I push her head up and down with my right hand. Just like using a sex sleeve. When I saw a zombie for the first time, I didn’t even imagine I’d be able to do such a luxurious masturbation.

“Ngu… gupo… juru!”

Even though Honjo-san has tears in her eyes, she lets me do as I want. The feeling of passing by the tongue and pushing it into her throat cannot be experienced by even the best sex sleeve on the market. And unlike a sex sleeve, the softness of a girl and her smell heighten my pleasure.
It was a simple movement without any special technique, but still it didn’t take much time until the feeling of ejaculation rose within me.

“I’m sorry Honjo-san, I’m going to ejaculate. I’m going to let it out in your throat, so receive it, okay?”

There is no reaction. She probably didn’t hear me.
I think that is pretty reasonable, given the situation, and it’s not like I wanted an answer either. It was something like talking to myself, and for me, it was already a settled matter that I was going to let out inside her mouth.

“…I’m ejaculating!”

Biyurururu! The ejaculation impulse is transmitted through my body. The backs of my eyes are tingling.


Honjo-san who is going to receive it inside her mouth tries to separate her body by reflex, but because the back of her head is held down by me, without being able to run away, the semen is let out inside her mouth.


It was such a strong ejaculation that my waist almost cramped up. I have never came this intensely before, and my whole body is wrapped in moderate fatigue.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot.”

I am still holding the head of Honjo strongly, and I completely forgot to free her. I move my right hand away from the back of her head while apologizing, and Honjo-san spat out the sperm which had piled up in her mouth.


The bed becomes drenched with it and a great smell of saliva and sperm spreads.
I am amazed at myself for letting out this much. But when I think that I am going to be joining the zombies soon, I think that letting out this much is just fine.

“Are you okay?”

I ask while patting the back of the coughing Honjo-san, who looked up slowly. I thought that she would use abusive language for certain, however Honjo-had a worried face, and she was looking at me like she was small child who had been blamed for something wrong.

“A-Ano, Matoba-san…were you, able to feel good after doing it with me?”

She asks, while wiping her mouth with the sleeve of her uniform. The white makes a thread and draws an arch from her mouth and sleeve, before collapsing.

“Eh? Ah, un. It felt the best.”
“Really!? That’s great!”

Looking at the joyfully smiling high-school girl, I promised in my heart that I will make her drink my semen as much as possible in the one week before I become a zombie.

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