Hero Pandemic chapter 59

Hero Pandemic chapter 59: Manhole





When tying my shoelace at the entrance, Kurumi suddenly came in from behind. Her immature but neatly developed breasts are squeezing against my back.

Even though we did love sex, there were many skinships, or even if there was no reason, Kurumi came to embrace me. It is nice to be liked, but of course it is a problem.

Yes, for example in front of me, Aya who is opening the door was waiting for me to get ready.

The person in question wondered what kind of face I´m doing in front of her, and when I looked up…..I feel like she is my legal wife.


The power of Kurumi-chan’s arm became stronger and my neck was tightening against it.

“Kazuya-san, can I accompany you also today?”

“Eh, today is Aya-chan and my day――――”

The power is tightened.

“――――okay, sometimes there are days like that, uh”

Aya-chan raise her eyebrows, but perhaps it might be a contempt for me. I’m sorry.

“Ah, Senpai. There is a book I want. so can I ask you to come along?”

Shizuyo-chan joins us as if it is natural and the reconnaissance this time became a large scale for some reason why. ……Although it is a small scale in terms of number of people, we will act with Aya-chan with her cheat ability and we other three with our bows to fight the zombies.

“Alright, but get ready quickly……Hey, Kurumi-chan you too”


These sisters are on good terms and headed to their room.


As if to express my sufferings with a sigh, Aya put her hand on my head.


“So, Senpai, what are your plans for today?”

When walking the way to the university, Shizuyo-chan suddenly said such a thing.

“You know it and came with me…………the place to go today is ahead of the bookstore, so I will postpone the bookstore for now”

“Eh? That”

Shizuyo-chan’s face tightened as she realized where we are heading to.

“Yes, I think I’ll try to approach that university as soon as possible”

The route to bypass the university was beforehand, but the route to the university was almost untouched. There might be a better way to bypass it, and it might lead to a clue as to what is in this university.

I never thought about why there were zombies. The answer was because there was a bait and I thought it was no use thinking about the moving zombies instinctively. However, there is no food in the university, and there is not a big sound which attracts the zombie either.

So, if there is something, perhaps the answer to this pandemic…… I can not imagine it though, but at least if I can investigate the cause, I might be able to keep the zombies away from the university.

You were going to go by two people only!?

Shizuyo-chan stares at me without hesitating to say that this is outside.

“Cl, close……No, that’s why they’re two. I took Aya-chan with me, because it’s better to have fewer people. You can run away or hide”

If you dare to tell a stingy statement, the two are dressed. Aya cannot make things cleverly because of her characteristics, but they no. Of course they would not say as much as I do……but if they have more than a certain amount of arm, they will not say that, that’s why they are still immature.

When I told her that, Shizuyo glares me and drew her bow quickly to the zombies who had gathered after hearing our voices.

Most of the shooting methods taught in the dojo are ignored. I haven’t even been able to do a trick called bow return.

However, the released arrow easily destroyed the zombie skull.

Holding the bow and shoot. Just a few seconds between them.

Bow return is a skill to straighten a bow and arrow that does not fly straight if you say simply, it is an essential technique to shoot from far distances. However, it is also an unnecessary technique for rapid fire. The zombies are in a position to hit without jumping straight anyway. There is no need to observe the shooting method.

Application of the foundation can be done. It was an act not to be able to do without knowing the type and Shizuyo-chan showed me her current ability only by one shot. Of course, Kurumi-chan who sees it naturally might have reached that level, too. Growing talents. ……Yes, it may be a big environment to unleash their talents. Of course, there is a certain amount of talent.

“……My defeat. I’m sorry, I correct it right now. From now on I will invite the two of you together”

When raising my hands to show surrender, I draw the arrows out from the head of the collapsed zombies and count. When I turn to look at the girls, Kurumi and Shizuyo grasp each other hands happily.

“Hurry, don’t be so happy”

We walk on the main street in the order of Aya-chan in the lead and Kurumi-chan and Shizuyo-chan in the middle.

Speaking of the main street the stalled cars are parked and there is no end of the traffic jams……there are few cars parked on the street here. As if the people had escaped from here.

However, the fact that the cars stopped means that the prospect is good, so we could see the hell at once from a distance.


Shizuyo murmured quietly.

That the only thing that can be said. It seems that the zombie crowd is too large as if one big individual is wriggles.

It seems impossible to pass through here.

“Kazuya-san, here……can’t pass?”

Although we were keenly focused on the front, Kurumi-chan seemed to have looked around neatly, pointing to a big factory adjacent to the university, its a back door.

The back door is wide enough to allow a large vehicle to pass through and the retractable wire mesh fence plays a part in the doors.

“……It’s useless. I’m not going to break this padlock”

The chain is also quite large, it will not break if there is no dedicated tool. It’s also noisy to break this thing.

“This is a real impossibility……even from the top……is it tough?”

The barbed wire is clinging around. Because it is the worst wire mesh fence, it is only necessary to cut the wire mesh, but how do they have such a door that cannot prevent zombies from coming in and out?

In the unlikely event it will be dangerous if you are attacked by a zombie in the unlikely event of escaping, there is a danger that you will be caught by zombies if it opens wide.

“Uuh……after all, somehow that door……hmm?”

When I turned around looking back, there was Aya-chan with some key.

“What’s this?”

Aya points to the management room next to the door. And pointing at the paddle as well as the padlock.


In other words, Aya-chan has found the key of the padlock placed in the management room and brought it. I can only say she is a genius.

“Thank you, Aya-chan. I love you……!!”

It was unusual for me to tell her that, but she refused a kiss and I unlocked the padlock with the key.

Unfortunately……nothing happens and the padlock got off. Extracting the padlock from the chain and take out the chain wrapped around the wire mesh.

Revealing a punctuated lock after I removed everything. The door opened brilliantly as soon as I open that simple lock.

Since there are no zombies in the vicinity, everyone enters inside and I just put on that simple lock.

“Aya-chan, my best regards”

We form our 4-man formation based on Aya a the top as usual and we slowly move forward without feeling anything. Because it was adjacent to the university I thought that the inside situation can be seen but other than concrete walls and planted trees nothing else can be seen. If we climb up a pipe, we may see the university’s premises, but let’s postpone it for the moment.



We just go straight forward so as not to make a sound. I didn’t know where the trail was going, but it was a long-delayed one because it was countless.

When I’m almost out of breath, we arrive at the place which seems to be the front entrance before long.

Unlike the back door, there was no wire mesh fence, but something similar to a school gate was blocking the way. There is no barbed wire, so it’s easy to get over it.

“What do you want to do? Senpai”

The factory is bigger than the university, the entrance of the factory has already passed the university. If zombies are gathering at the university it may be safe in the future. Since it is located behind the university, the number of zombies will be small even further. However, I didn’t think that we could come so far, so I have brought almost no foods.

We should go back once……no, if there is a large group of zombies beyond this and we are not able to go ahead, it will be useless.

“Just to be sure, let’s investigate a little further. If it is dubious for a moment, we will turn back immediately and if it does not seem to be a problem, we will come back later”


Things like a school gate……because it is troublesome, we climb the school gate and leave the factory.

Because we can not rest assured wherever we are, our consumption is quick. We have to be careful not to do too much.

“……There is no zombie”

We go forward while passing through the alley. As Kurumi-chan said, there was no sign of a zombie.

“That’s right. Maybe it’s just……!?”

I catches Aya’s scruff who advances ahead in a hurry.


When I said that, Aya-chan shook her head. Because she is invincible to the zombies, it is a natural rebellion. It’s safer for Aya to go than for me――――normally.

However, what I can see from here is not an ordinary zombie. It was a cracked zombie (,,,,,,,,,,,).

I left Aya to Shizuyo-chan and walked softly with my bow ready.

The zombies that are visible at a distance have their skulls destroyed. But their skulls were not broken by long range weapons, but broken as if they were beaten with hard objects like a bat or crowbar.

While paying attention to places where it is likely to be a blind spot as much as possible, I keep approaching the corpse while constantly looking over the sky.

“……On the street?”

The corpse of the zombie was lying on the street. If you put your face out of the alley, you could find out who would have killed the zombie.

Carefully. Stepping forward to avoid making a sound as much as possible.


Eventually I will come to the exit of the alley. If I look out from here, I will step into a wide road. It is an unknown area that people do not know even who is dangerous. I have no intuition.

“Haa……Ha――――Haa, ……”

My disturbed breath is straightened and my mind is never exposed.

I pointed the arrow to the right and turned right away.

There were no people on the left, of course on the right too. There is no zombie either. However, something sounds in places not far away.

I ordered the others to come slowly while I squat down and saw the corpse of the zombie. The blood isn’t dry yet. Just a short time ago someone beat this zombie and killed him.

In this world, even though it is a zombie, when I think that a person who beats a zombie into this shape is near, my spine freezes.

Zombies are dull, but humans aren’t, because there they have wisdom and possibilities of being in a group. Besides, Aya does not make sense. It is no doubt that humans are more scared than zombies in this world now.

“……Is there a human?”

Slowly approaching, Shizuyo-chan who saw the zombie whispers so.

“It looks like…. I do not want to stay here any longer. Let’s go home at once”

I stand up and walk.

“I guess I know, but I do not want to hear it as much as possible――――hoi!?”


Suddenly attacked by floating feeling as if the ground had disappeared, I fall down. I made a loud noise.

“Well……what is this hole……a manhole?”

Apparently there was a manhole. Fortunately I did not get injured too much, but I´m in pain as if my knee has been smashed.

“Are you all right!?

“Ah, yes. I´m alright. ……But do people live in this sewage……?”

Or are they using the sewage as a safe passageway?

Although I thought about forgetting the place unintentionally, the sound began to ring here and zombies gathered after hearing the commotion immediately.

“Right now, give priority to running away……run!”

I picked up the falling bow and run away. It seemed that there was enough bruises to run, which was a happy misfortune.

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