Hero Pandemic chapter 7

Chapter 7: Separation


(ED: You have to remember, they are doing a train molester play, so all this is just in their heads.)

As I crawl my finger over to her crotch, perhaps she can’t ignore it any longer as she closes her thighs tightly. But it wasn’t so tight as to stop me from what I was doing.


As I rub her with my middle finger, perhaps she couldn’t hold it in any longer as her voice leaks out. That place is already drenched if not flooded, and her nice feeling panties are stuck to her female parts.

As I push my finger forward, her insides accept me along with her panties. As her insides tighten around my finger, instead of feeling like they are trying to block my progress…it feels like they are inviting me even deeper inside.

“Ah~ no…!”

As expected, as I push aside her panties and enter my finger into her, she resists slightly, but as my middle finger complete enter inside her, even that slight resistance wanes. She’s probably worried about her hymen being injured. Aside from the slight movements of her ass, she is staying still.

Perhaps she’s trying not to let the surroundings notice, but she has her face turned away as if bravely enduring. I can’t see it from behind her, but I am sure you would see her biting her lower lip if you could see her face.

I don’t even try to fight the sadistic feelings rising in my heart and fold my finger while it is still inside her.


I can feel the electric shock that went through her from my fingertip. Unable to bear the pleasure that is now on a different level from before, she shakes her body, trying her best to somehow get away from the finger that is inside her right up to base…however, she is blocked by the train door right in front of her, so she cannot make ant large movements.

What would happen if she let out her voice here and now? It seems she still has enough reason left in her to imagine what would happen if she did that. Still supporting herself with her right hand, she moves her other hand to cover her own mouth.

I cleanly pull out my middle finger, as two fingers won’t fit inside after all.


Even as her voice leaks out from her mouth, she is still keeping her closed tight, trying her best to block out this nightmare.

Gazing upon this cute act of resistance with a wide smile on my face, I crawl my tongue along the nape of her neck.


I enjoy the salty taste of her sweat and the tingling feeling on my tongue, the cause of which was probably goosebumps on her skin. Due to her strong odor wafting into my nostrils, I felt my crotch swelling.

“Just keep silent like that, okay?”

I lower the zipper of my pants to take out my pulsating son and push it against the soft buttocks of this high-school girl. I poked her with it to check the softness of her buttocks while steadily moving it downwards, and finally parted her folds with the tip.

At the end of the folds –which open while making a wet sound– is a small lascivious hole. What would happen if I push my waist forward with all my strength…the girl knows. She doesn’t move a muscle, unlike when I put my finger inside her.

If she moves, my thing may end up in her depths by some mistake.

To fan her the flames of fear in her heart, I push my waist forward.


A voice, even more desperate than when I licked her nape, escapes her mouth.

Anyone would be surprised if their clitoris is suddenly rubbed with a meat stick. The relief that her insides were not suddenly invaded, mixed with the pleasure, should be enough to break her mindset of “somehow not letting the people around find out”.

“No…ah, that’s…no good…”

She denies it in a low voice while shaking her head, but she is not being very persuasive. Her upper mouth tries to mount a feeble resistance, but her lower mouth is undeniably letting her real feelings out.

“Can you hear it…? It’s making an amazing sound.”

Saying so I move my waist, and even though it is stuck between her thighs, there is almost no resistance to my penis. That’s how much the lubricating fluid is fulfilling its duty. And that lubricating fluid would be useless if it was present in any small quantity.

“Does it feel that good?”

While asking her, I placed my hands on her back and unhooked her bra.


Reflexively moving the hand that was covering her mouth to hold on to the bra that was about to slip off, she starts to pant.

“Hyaa, au…u, ua…aa!”

As her mouth has nothing to block it anymore, her voice leaks out freely. Unlike her feelings, her body was honest, and listening to her coquettish voice, it was clear what kind of condition she was in.

While continuing to shake my waist, I put my hands inside her uniform and rub her chest from behind. I pinched her pink nipples which were raised and clearly asserting themselves, and her voice rose an octave higher.

“Ah, not good…I’m coming, I’m going to come!”

Perhaps she was reaching her climax, as her hips rose up a little. As I already came once, I can go on for a while longer, but to match with her, I speed up my movements.

As I lean on her back and push my waist against her, the feeling of ejaculation quickly rises inside me.

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come, so receive it.”

As I wholeheartedly scraped against this high-school girl’s pussy with my dick, to deal her the finishing blow, I twisted her nipples with my fingers.

“No, more, not good…this, amazing, n…noooooo!”

Byururururu, dobyu, byu, byu.

Embracing her closely, my ejaculation repeated intermittently, with every burst almost making my consciousness fly away. My sperm spilled out and dirtied her skirt and panties.

Exhausted, I finally come to my senses and look toward Honjo-san. She’s just sitting still on the floor, staring absentmindedly into space.

“Ah, Honjo-san, are you okay…?”

I fearfully ask Honjo who is gasping for breath due to the pervert play. Maybe I got a bit too carried away.



“It was su-p-er good! Imaging and playing out a special situation feels really good! I started feeling like I really was being molested halfway through, and my heart felt like it was going to explode.”

“Ah yeah, I guess that’s good then.”

While it was me who suddenly suggested doing this kind of perverted play, I still draw back a little from her words. Doing nothing but perverted stuff for a week might have made a screw loose in our brains…

But it’s undeniable that doing something like this, we can forget about the outside world. The people who went out to get themselves killed, the people who already died, we can forget them all. Getting rid of the dark thoughts in our minds, even if it’s for a little bit, is a good thing…Thinking like that, is just an excuse for myself, isn’t it?

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that I’m using the special circumstances to play around with a girl as I want.

“…Hey, what does Honjo-san thing about this situ¬–…!”

Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from the upper floor.

“Wh-what happened?”

Honjo-san shows a little impatience towards me as I suddenly crouched down and became vigilant of the surroundings.

“I heard something just now. Honjo-san should fix her clothes and hide nearby.”

“I, I understand. What about you, Matoba-san?”

“I’ll go and check the upper floor.”

I tell her and grasp the stick meant for self-protection. I had previously taken off the head of a mop and left it nearby…If I had taken it along when I went underground, I might not have gotten bit. I want to punch the old me for thinking that finding stuff to eat while also holding on to a weapon along with the torch would be hard to do.

When Makoto-kun went underground to get supplies, he went empty-handed, so I might have gotten influenced by him, thinking that since I am the protagonist of the story, I would be fine…I guess I was affected by this surreal situation. Thinking like that is too late now though.

My death is inevitable. That’s why I have to make sure that Honjo-san survives.

No matter if the origin of the sound is human or a zombie, I am prepared to kill anyone if they mean any harm to us.

“Um, Matoba-san!”

Previously, I had been worried about killing a zombie underground, and yet now, I am making a resolution to kill a living human. I was called and stopped by Honjo-san as I was worrying about such things.

“What’s wrong?”

“…Be careful.”

As she is worried, I tell her “Of course” and I head to the roof.

My present location is on the third floor. Having heard a sound from the roof, I think that it is probably a human rather than a zombie. Unless they fall from the sky, they wouldn’t come from the top. But at the same time, humans shouldn’t usually come from the roof, either. Even if they are able to climb the roof along the outer wall, what would be the reason?

If they had no ill intentions, they would have come from the lower floors. The door is closed, but it’s not locked…they didn’t do that, so it’s likely that this human has some bad intentions.


I hold my breath. I heard the sound of the roof door opening. Following that, I hear footsteps descending steadily. It seems they have no intention to hide their footsteps.

From the sound, it appears only one person is coming down. If I had to guess from the dull, rather hard sound, they are wearing boots or some kind of steady shoes. At least, they aren’t high-heels or running shoes.

If it’s just one person, maybe I can do something with a surprise attack. However, since they didn’t hide their footsteps, doesn’t that mean that they don’t have any ill intentions…thinking about it won’t help me.

Let’s hide in the shadows for now and try to get a glimpse of this person. As soon as the person coming down the stairs comes into view… I blow out a sigh of the relief.


The other party is a woman. Of course, I didn’t unconditionally feel relieved just because it was a woman; it was because this woman is wearing camouflage clothes. Most probably the students arrived at the base of the Self-Defense Forces safely and have sent her as support.

She is wearing sunglasses and is looking this way while holding an assault rifle the type of which I can’t really tell. She has an air that says just because she is a woman not to underestimate her. Her hair is bundled up behind her head, and she looks like a strict but beautiful woman, whose cigarette look quite suits her.

“…I heard that there was a girl here?”

“Ah, you must be talking about Honjo-san. I hid her just in case…Honjo-san! You can relax! It seems like your escorts are here!”


She runs up to here and clings to my arm…aren’t you a cute one.

“Are you that boy’s…was it Makoto? You are his childhood Honjo Yumi, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s right! And this is Matoba Kazuya-san!”

Honjo-san introduces me for some reason. Help came, so she’s probably feeling excited.

“… I see. I´m Okada Yuuna from『The 1st Airborne Brigade of the First Infantry Battalion, Headquarters Company』. We came to pick you guys up as an exception this time.”

(ED: Do NOT quote me on this military lingo…)

“Is that so? Aren’t we lucky, Matoba-san.”

No, we are not! I want to retort. Even me who does not know about rank and the units of the Self-Defense Forces, I have heard rumors about the『1st Airborne Brigade』.

For example, “To earn money, they jumped off the third floor of a building and were unhurt” or “A member of the general force that holds a 4 kg gun was overtaken with a smile by the airborne brigade which carried 16kg equipment on their shoulders” or “They destroyed an M2 heavy machine gun just by the force of their bottom by sitting on it” and so on…. The nickname they got after all that is 『1st Crazy Brigade』.

Earlier, she didn’t attack, which was really good…Surely it would have been me who died.

“Yep, we were totally lucky. In various ways…Anyways, since you’re with the Airborne Brigade, did you come all the way by helicopter?”

“Yes. We have it waiting on the roof.”

Then it’s better to hurry up I guess.

“Do we need anything, like food or fuel?”

“Nothing in particular. More than that, it’s better to leave quickly to save fuel.”

As she implicitly told us to hurry up, we quickly get ready. Though she said that it wasn’t necessary, I pack a few days’ worths of food and clothes for Honjo-san in a bag just to be sure.

“I am sorry that we kept you waiting…Honjo-san, let’s go.”

As I extend my hand to Honjo-san who was standing still where she was, she happily took my hand. It is not me who should stand next to Honjo-san. Originally it should be Makoto-kun; my role will end here…However, I wanted to feel her warmth until the last moment.

“Uwaa! It’s my first time seeing a real helicopter!”

I shift my focus from Honjo-san to the hell down below where the dead roam around. In spite of that, the place beside Honjo-san is so bright, unchanging form the normal everyday…no, it had more happiness than I had ever felt even in my normal life.

“You can climb up first.”

When I point to the ladder and say so, Honjo-san says “After you Matoba-san!” with a smiling face. But it can’t go that way.

“…Look, I can thoroughly enjoy your wonderful buttocks if I go after.”


Honjo-san stares at me but climbs up without saying anything further. When did she change her clothes? Her panties are different from the one she had on during the act earlier.

“Now then…Okada-san, was it? Please go ahead.”

“I’ll go after you. You’re the one who should go up first.”

When I look up at the sky, Honjo-san who had gotten on the helicopter waved toward me. She also yells something at me, but I can’t hear it due to the noise of the propeller.

“…Okada-san, I entrust Honjo-san to you.”

“Are you doubting us? We have a lot of supplies–”

“I am infected.”

I see no visible surprise on her face. She simply pulls her handgun out of the holster quickly and aims it at my forehead.

“One week ago, when I went to get food in the basement, I was bitten.”

“…I see.”

I look up towards the helicopter and see Honjo-san shouting. She has a terribly serious expression on her face, very different from moments ago, but I guess anyone would be perplexed if the person they were with until just a while ago suddenly had a gun pointed at their forehead.

“What are you going to do now?”

“There’s little to do except die. I’ve already fulfilled my promise to Makoto-kun to protect Honjo-san after all.”

As I laugh a laugh of resignation, a delicate expression floats onto Okada-san’s face. Because it had been an almost mechanical dialogue so far, I had thought this woman from the Special Forces was certainly used to such situations and she thought of my existence as a pebble on the roadside.

“… I have certainly witnessed your way of living. I will also inherit your feelings.”

Making a beautiful salute towards me, Okada-san turns around. Does she not intend to pick up the handgun that she dropped at her feet…no, she probably didn’t notice it. There is no helping it if she dropped it. Whoever picks up the handgun she dropped, and whatever they do with it, has nothing to do with Okada-san.

“…Ahn~aaa, I’ve always drawn the short end of the stick, haven’t I?”

Muttering to myself, I picked up the handgun.

◇ ◇ ◇

“What is the meaning of this!!”

As Yuuna finished climbing up the ladder, Yumi grasped her clothes from the front.

“Why did you do that to Matoba-san…! No, it’s no longer important. Please drop me off! Return me to Matoba-san right now!!”

Yuuna wavered on how she should treat the enraged Yumi. Should she lie, or should she say the truth? Though Yuuna hadn’t heard about the relation between these two in details from Makoto, she had guessed that the two were in a lover’s relationship.

‘We now live in this kind of world. It’s bad to make her uselessly hopeful…. In addition, if she doesn’t even get over the death of her loved one, she won’t be able to make it.’ Yuuna thought.

Concluding such, Yuuna stared directly into Yumi’s eyes and opened her mouth.

“Listen to me. Kazuya Matoba is infected. He said that he was bitten when he went to get food underground. He can’t be saved anymore.”

“That’s a lie! He was so lively just a while ago!? Do you know what we were doing all the time until you came? You don’t, do you? We were–”

Pang! A dry sound echoed. In the roaring sound the cause of which was the helicopter, just that sound felt strangely real, and it certainly reached Yumi’s ear.

“…Eh? Matoba-san?”

Unsteadily, Yumi began to walk forward as if she would just throw herself off the helicopter, but Yuuna somehow managed to stop her. But it was enough for her to see outside…for her to see Kazuya and sink down where she was standing.

After the dry sound rang out, Matoba Kazuya was lying on the floor of the roof, unmoving.

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