Hero Pandemic chapter 75

Hero Pandemic chapter 75: Intellect fight – ★★




It is easy to swing your waist normally without pulling out, but my body is still not in a normal condition. My anti-withered son was removed from Yumi´s hole who loosens her vaginal pressure.

“Ah……too good”

Yumi accepted my semen that begins to drip down and with some of it on her palm she mumbled “For beauty……”. It was a nuance, but she smiles.

“Senpai, your condition is really bad……”

Looking down at my son, Shizuyo said with a serious face. Is there a judgment criteria? I have no choice.

“Here, Senpai must sleep”

Forced to lie down on the bed, a pillow is placed on my face.


“This vagina is different, you know? Then, please release your semen when you insert inside Kurumi”

Before answering, she put also a futon on my face. My field of vision is perfectly dark and it seems that they are talking with low voices so that I can’t hear.

Waiting quietly as to what to do……someone grasped my withered penis completely. From the size of the hands and the length of the fingers, is it Shizuyo?

At once……a tongue crawls around the root. If Shizuyo still holds my pole, is it also Shizuyo who begins to lick now?


This time a different tongue licks the glans and I shiver. The person who holds my son didn’t change, but the tongue is smaller than just now. Is this Kurumi?

Before I know who is licking, another tongue carefully licks my neck. ……Uh, I don’t know who. If it’s another person, would it be Yumi? I have confidence to know when it is Aya…….

Worrying, another tongue crawls with monotonous movements. This was easy to understand. Definitely Kaede. The tongue was small enough to be found out in a moment. Besides, because it is technically poor, I know who it is.

My son is already full of energy. At the end being thrilled from the expectation what will come next, Aya licks the whole penis. Her tongue calms my son’s excitement down. Like this……is it a sense of security that Aya can bring me to ejaculation the best? I noticed it was Aya´s tongue.

Aya’s tongue immediately leaves because it is only licking to make it erect of course. From here comes the real.

Who will be the first……when I think if it may be Shizuyo……my exposed penis was wrapped in something warm. Of course, it was something I know really well.

It is Kurumi.

First of all, the wetness is different. Aya-chan is the only one that can compete in this. Whether there will be such a match in the future.

But suddenly the top batter is Kurumi. I certainly cant ejaculate at this stage even if she scratches it. It’s a clever Shizuyo choice. If this is Kaede, psychology is used to read the back of a human, and it seems that choosing a meaningless order as it knows the whole by result. It is only an selfish image.

Kurumi pulled out my dick after doing ten rounds of going in and out. Will they alternate after ten rounds? I have to adjust to it well.

Next was Yumi. Because the order was free, they may have chosen by taking the initiative by raising hands.

Inserting it as far as it can be, countless folds entangle around which definitely belong to Yumi´s vagina.

And after ten rounds Yumi also retrieved her waist.

The third is Aya. Her pussy is as wet as Kurumi and it is very narrow. Normally a vagina would cling to the invader after it invaded completely but in Aya´s case it directly attacks as soon as my son enters.

Kurumi and Yumi only inserted half of the pole and Aya doesn’t change there, but the tip is kissing her cervix. Only half is inserted but it is already in the depth of Aya´s vagina.

The fourth person was understood, the moment the glans touched. It’s Kaede.

The entrance is already overwhelmingly small. I’m afraid that we will insert till the uterus by mistake.

However, it was swallowed tightly for such a small entrance. Kaede has a very good hole that is easy to give birth to a child and a slightly spread space near the womb is just for the glans. However, it was only a narrow and tight hole.

Normally, it should be pleasant only by being narrow, but it is undeniable that Kaede´s hole is inferior to everyone else who have become accustomed to me.

There is only one person left, Shizuyo.

Is this the mystery plan that Shizuyo thought of? I remember when we were only four people. At that time……it is so long back, just a few days ago.

Shizuyo´s turn has ended when the past is heartily recalled. Sorry, I perfunctory something…….

The turn goes back to the head. I can afford to think about another thing, so I need to end this.

However, as soon as I want to say “Since the round end”, my penis is entirely wrapped by Kurumi-chan’s pussy. Of course it can not be issued now, but I don’t know whether I can endure another round.

If I force myself to raise my mood, can I endure it to the end……no, even that might be a ruse of Shizuyo. The second round was eight rounds, and if there is a trap, I might put it out inside Yumi.

Let’s settle down firmly here and endure……Kurumi firmly moved in and out as if to laugh at me.

Did I destroy myself or by Shizuyo´s hand……?

“Next is Yumi”

Apparently the change was only in the inserting position, and the number of turns didn’t change. Like Kurumi, Yumi moved strongly before she switched with Aya after ten rounds.

My penis which is inserted slowly hits the womb around half, and pushes forward while advancing. Everything is swallowed till the cervix and Aya raises her hips at such a tantalizing speed……and stick tightly to me.

I endured so far, but the glans became sensitive when Kaede took over.

“U, kuu……!”

All men are uncut when they are young. As we grow up, we begin to shell gradually……it may peel off on its own or sometimes without permission. And when the shell is removed, hell begins.

Anyway, the glans rub against my pants and it feels painful. Although the pleasant feeling is too strong, the proportion of pain is rather large, but as long as I keep being erected I will rub against my pants. Even if my erection subsides, it will keep been peeled off.

The reason why such a story was said――――because it is that state now.

My penis started to become sensitive in Aya´s vagina, but with Kaede´s narrow vagina it will be painful. I have to clench my hands and pray that it will end quickly.


I was able to endure without ejaculating. Next is Shizuyo who is the last of the second round.

When I survive this, I will cum inside Kurumi and thinking about the previous round……I won’t have a break.


If I compare it with Kaede, the tightening is severe which makes me relax as if I´m in a warm bath and semen starts to leak out according to my loose heart. I didn’t ejaculate yet but transparent white liquid leaks from the tip and dirties Shizuyo´s hole.

The second round ended. Next is the third round, Kurumi who is definitely the last one completely absorbs my penis.



I didn’t come yet.

……But what was unexpected for Shizuyo is that the first attempt to replace the order from the third round was successful, which was Kaede. Because her experience is few, the movement of her waist doesn’t stop because she doesn’t know what to do.

Even if the order is changed, the number of times doesnt and the following person is replaced exactly after ten times.

From the third round it is not random……but going backwards, so next was Aya.

I´m exposed to the same phenomenon as when it moved from Kaede to Shizuyo and a violent attack attacks the glans. However, because I endured so long I still did not release semen and the next one is Yumi.

I´m brought to the verge of ejaculation completely, so I pinched and endure painfully. It seems I lost to Shizuyo´s plan.

Shizuyo´s plan is to break me down to let me cum inside her.

The order was certainly reversed.

There were no rules from the beginning. In the first and second round the order wasn’t changed but now the order was changed, which is not random and I certainly will ejaculate inside Shizuyo.

The way of the brain warfare—-Shizuyo won. As expected after Yumi comes Shizuyo.

Shizuyo takes my penis and inserts it.

It is a perfect victory.

The winner of my ejaculation certainly is Kurumi who comes net, but I suddenly discharged to Shizuyo´s surprise.

Byuuuu, Byurururu, Byuuu, Byuu, Dobyu


When I dismissed futon and pillow in a hurry, there was Shizuyo watching here with triumphant eyes that say “No rules were decided from the beginning in the first place”.

“Hey, Kurumi. Change”

While exposing a stupid face, Shizuyo pulls out my penis which is ejaculating and switches with Kurumi.

“Thank you……nn”

All my semen is released inside Kurumi now.

However, when she noticed my look, Kurumi turned red and throw the pillow into my face.

And again Shizuyo whispers at my ear whose vision has become dark.

“How was it, did you feel comfortable?”

Of course my response was “Yes……it felt good…………………… I lost”.

And while being enveloped by the pleasure that increased by the sense of defeat, I continued ejaculation nonstop until Kurumi ‘s stomach fluttered.

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