Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 806. Kiyohara Ai / The woman that takes time



「 Kyauu 」

Yomi takes over Yomi’s mind and body.

「 Okay. Let’s see, you don’t need to do anything I’m about to tell you. This will be imprinting 」

「 Ugyuu 」

Luna’s boosting Yomi up from behind, making Yomi’s power to compel stronger.

「 Okay, respond if you understand 」

Yomi smiled at Ai-san.

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

Ai-san replies, while trembling.

Her eyes look at Yomi’s.

Their eyes lock on each other, and Yomi’s piercing on Ai-san’s heart is irremovable.

「 Then, what kind of setting do you want Sensei? 」


「 We can remodel her mind just as Nii-san wants 」

Luna said while having her hand placed on Yomi’s back.

Luna turns to me as Yomi’s staring at Ai-san.

These two must be sharing senses right now.

「 Can you really do that? 」

Kana-senpai asks in surprise.

「 I can! We can change the settings and turn her to any personality! Yomi-chan’s power is impressive! 」

Nei replies for me.

「 Ooh, I guess we can turn Ai to a slave that is absolutely obedient to Nobu? 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Ai-san trembles.

「 I’m sure they can, Ah, but Yo-chan already has a lot of devoted love slaves. Like me for example 」

「 What? 」

Kana-senpai looks dumbfounded.

「 What, got complains? 」

「 No, I mean, Nei-san doesn’t seem like Nobu’s love slave, but instead, I see Nobu as Nei-san’s pet. 」

「 Wait, really?! That’s how you see it Kana-chan?! 」

Nei panics.

「 I do. Nei-san goes, Nobu does this, and then Nobu does as he’s told. Nobu never complained 」

「 Well, Yo-chan never complains to anyone 」

「 Even so, it looks like that Nobu’s a pet you’re keeping 」

Well, I don’t order everyone that much.

I mean, they all start moving before I could give orders.

「 Err, Yomi is also Sensei’s love slave 」

「 Me too 」

Yomi and Luna tell Kana-senpai.

「 Then Me too 」

「 Me too~ 」

Katsuko-nee and Edie said.

「 With that said, everyone is a love slave other than Nei-chan and Kana-chan 」

Katsuko-nee joked. Kana-senpai.

「 Wait! If that’s the case, then I’m also Nobu’s love slave! I’ll have everyone know that 」

「 That’s unfair of you, Kana-chan. You’re trying to exclude me now?! 」


「 Please decide on her settings now 」

Yomi said with a fed-up expression.

She’s right, but…

「 If I recall, once you change her, it won’t revert anymore, right? 」

「 Yes, Sensei. It’s not “MAKE OF” but “MAKE FROM” 」

Yomi replied.

Yeah, if it’s “MAKE OF,” then returning it to the same material is possible…

But if it’s “MAKE FROM” then she can’t go back.

Creating desks out of wood is “MAKE OF.”

Creating wine from grapes is “MAKE FROM.”

The desk is still wood, and so its true nature remains.

But wine can’t go back to grape, the item itself has changed.

「 It will be just like with Kiyomi-obasama 」

A memory changed using the Miko power cannot return to its former state.

I know that from Kiyomi-san’s tragedy.

She’s already gone mad, and so Jii-chan had no choice but to lead her to suicide.

「 Thawing out the power and returning to the former state only exists in comics 」

「 But, you can overwrite the settings after imprinting her once 」

But, that’s not a fix.

If we were to change the vector in a different direction, then she can’t recover to her former self.

「 I wonder what I should do? 」

I look at Ai-san, trembling from Yomi’s eyes.

I wonder which setting is the best for her?

「 There’s a saying “you create the environment and the culture, and that culture decides your life” 」


「 First, let’s confirm what kind of girl she is 」


「 This girl’s circumstances and habit: Her family, especially her mother raised her with an overprotective attitude, and so she became a girl who can’t do anything but rely on others 」

That’s right.

「 Furthermore, just a bit of pressure and she starts to panic. She’s mentally weak. She’s a hopeless girl 」

Ai-san doesn’t think of wanting to change herself either.

Someone always comes to help her when she’s in trouble, and if she has no way out, then she’d cry on her mother.

She never experienced enduring ay hardships.

Others deal with anything for her and so she can’t deal with anything that’s happening in front of her.

I mean, she only lives off with her emotions, and she can’t look at this world objectively.


Megu was like that until a few days ago, I can tell.

However, Megu’s the type who doesn’t rely on other people, and she piles up her emotions inside.

When things don’t go her way, she accumulates frustration, and it explodes.

「 For me, I think that the idea that “they’ll understand when you talk to them,” or “if you go gently, they’ll understand” is wrong. That’s just an illusion of the postwar democracy education. The reality is, “those who don’t understand never will, no matter how much you explain.” It doesn’t settle down with a conversation. If it’s anything different from the reality they wish for, they’ll stop thinking logically and just plug their ears, saying, “Aaaaah, I can’t hear you,” no matter what people tell them. Nothing’s resolved when you talk to them, and you only waste your time. I think that fewer people think of respecting people who “listen to what others say calmly, and understanding what they feel, respecting them.” And there are more people with “What the hell? Disgusting. Don’t ask me if I’m not in the mood. If you can’t do that, leave me alone” and becoming hostile to the people with different opinion 」

That’s right, Megu never understood no matter how much we try to explain to her.

We use logic again and again.

But in the end, Megu thinks that Nei and Misuzu as rivals, and if things go on, she’ll lose her standing.

Megu’s unease that if things go on, then, I’ll abandon her someday is too strong, and so…

Megu never listens to what Nei and Misuzu tell her.

She only clings to me.

Ultimately, Tsukiko’s added Megu to her group as a sub-leader, and she settled down, but…

This is a problem from inside Megu.

Nei and Misuzu weren’t treating her poorly. Instead, they treat her like a little sister.

However, Megu;

She thinks that Nei and Misuzu are rivals.

Despite that, she thinks that she can’t beat the two of them.

And so, she spins around fruitlessly without doing anything.

Therefore, by putting Tsukiko as the leader to deal with Nei and Misuzu…

Megu shows that she’s okay being Tsukiko’s aide, and that eases up her mind.

“Then I’ll accept that. I think that’s a suitable place for me,” and so Megu agreed.

No, that’s only Megu’s mind agreeing to it.

All we can do is watch over her.


Humans are truly complicated.

They’re not reasonable.

People don’t live using logic but their intuition.

No matter how much you talk it out logically, it can’t resolve anything for most of them.

「 You don’t talk logic to them but use a huge power to break their world 」

I said.

In Megu’s case, Tsukiko can use her Miko power to have her submit.

It broke the hard shell covering Megu’s heart.

「 Right. If you want to disrupt someone from spinning around, then you need to get violent sometimes. However 」

Katsuko-nee looked at me.

「 I know, I’m taking responsibility for this 」

Ai-san also closed herself in her small world. Just like Megu.

Then, I’ll use Yomi’s power to break in.

I can no longer abandon Ai-san if I do that.

If this goes on, Ai-san will stay in her shell, people will toy with her, and she’ll live of a life I shall not care about.

But, I picked her up.

I approved of her worth, and I want her.

Therefore, I’ll take responsibility for her future.

「 Nii-san, I don’t think you should overthink it 」

Luna said as she reads my mind.

「 Yes. Once she’s independent, we can just release her. Something like “Catch and Release” 」

Yomi, who is linked up to Luna, said.

「 Sensei, you can raise this girl and have lots of sex with her as payment, and once she’s able to live on her own, we can release her 」

Yomi, we’re not fishing.

「 If you’re going to say that, I’m going to release Yomi first 」

I said.

「 Oh? That’s impossible. I mean, Yomi has no other life but to be with Sensei. I’ll always be by Sensei’s side 」


「 Nii-san. We’re different from her. We chose to be Nii-san’s slaves and live it out of our will. We made that decision 」

「 That’s right! Yomi did the same! 」

Luna and Yomi blushed as they say that.

「 Oh, you’re right 」

Yomi and Luna chose this.

However, Ai-san is a girl who can’t choose by herself.

Therefore, I’m forcing her to become my woman.


To raise Ai-san as a girl who can think and decide for herself…

I’ll have to pick my relationship with her.

In short…

「 The tinkering on Ai-san’s heart would be at minimum 」

I decided.

「 Eeh? Yo-chan, you can make her love you so hard that when she sees you, she’s breathing so hard, and her crotch gets dripping wet! A kind of girl that welcomes any type of fetish 」

「 We already have that girl 」

Misuzu and Michi.

「 For now, absolute obedience. Also, when I say “Shuffle,” her head would feel refreshed, and she’ll be in a condition to hear my orders. That’s all for now 」

I tell Yomi.

「 The biggest problem with her is that she panics and stops thinking. If that’s the case, then we have to blow everything in her head away and let her return to a blank state 」

「 Oh, basically restarting a PC when it starts to hang? 」

Kana-senpai nods.

「 That’s right, can you do that, Yomi? 」

「 Yes, I’ll try. Luna, support me 」

「 I’ll also send in my Qi 」

Luna and Edie touch Yomi’s back.

「 Okay, all right! Onee-san, look into my eyes 」

Ai-san’s eyes opened wide.

Miko’s power is invoked.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, we’re done imprinting 」

「 Auuuu 」

Yomi’s control thread is cut.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

AI-san breathes painfully.

There’s sweat on her nape.

「 Are you okay, Ai-san? 」

I come in front of her.

「 W-W-W-W-What, did you do to me?! 」

Ai-san is in panic.

Her head’s running in circles.

Her expression doesn’t show it but, her thoughts stepped on the accelerator, and it’s going extremely fast in circles, something like that.

Oh, she’s going to hyperventilate and collapse if this goes on.

「 Shuffle 」

I used the magic word immediately.

「 Hauuuu 」

Ai-san’s breathing turns calm.

「 Don’t worry. Nii-san’s here 」

Luna tells Ai-san

「 When you hear Nii-san say “Shuffle,” you’ll feel calm 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Her complexion is now better.

Or should I say that this is better than when I first saw her?

Oh, I see. She’s been afraid of the Judo club guys earlier.

「 You don’t have to be terrified anymore. That’s because, well, I’m here 」

Ai-san gives me a curious look.

「 If you have any trouble with anything, talk to me. And we’ll deal with most of it. Oh, by the way, we won’t help you if it’s something you need to decide on your own. You have to decide and do it yourself 」

Ai-san listens to what I say with a blank face.

「 Do you get it? If you do then respond 」

「 U-Uhm, I…Auuuu 」

Just a slight strength in the tone makes her panic.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Haaaa 」

Let’s restart her.

「 Take a deep breath 」

「 ?! 」

「 I’m ordering you to take a deep breath 」

Then, Ai-san slowly breathes in as I ordered her.

Yeah, the setting’s working.

She just panics right away.

We can take it slowly.

「 It’s okay, you don’t have to rush, I’ll take it easy and be honest. Take it slow and think on how to speak to make sure that I understand what you’re saying 」

Ai-san never thought of other people until now.

All she does is let the other party guess from her timid speaking.

She lacks the ability to tell others what she thinks.

「 It’s an order. Don’t hurry. Don’t panic. But, be sure to speak in a way we’d understand. If you can’t get it through us, then it is meaningless. Do you understand? 」


「 Ah, yes 」

She slowly speaks.

「 Err, well then, first… 」

Let’s talk about something.

Oh right.

「 Do you know who I am? 」

That reminds me; Ai-san has been ignoring me all this time.

She only looks at Kana-senpai and Nei.

「 J-Just the face. You’re the baker in the school cafeteria 」

I guess that’s all.

「 I didn’t understand why the baker was with Hoshizaki-senpai, but… 」

I see. She could understand why she’d bring Nei, a former delinquent, and Edie who knows how to fight, but…

She couldn’t understand why I was with them.

「 Then, have you ever thought of it as strange that I’m here? 」

But, she couldn’t tell that in front of Kana-senpai.

Ai-san’s mentally weak.

「 No. That’s not it 」


「 I just didn’t care much about you 」

Oh, she’s ignored me completely.

「 I see. That’s okay. I’m Yoshida Yoshinobu. Oh right. You’ll call me Yoshida-kun 」

We’re in the same school year.

The students in our school think that Megu and I are engaged, and so…

I couldn’t let them misunderstand.

「 Do you understand? 」

「 Yes, but… 」

Huh, I thought the setting was she’s absolutely obedient?

「 I don’t mind calling you Yoshida-kun, but why? 」

Oh, she’s obedient, but she has doubts.

「 Ai and Yoshida-kun aren’t friends 」

That question came.

「 RIght. We’re not friends 」

「 Do you want to be friends? Yoshida-kun and Ai? 」

Oh, her basic thinking is an arrogant attitude.

She’s been loved and spoiled ever since she was a child.

She thinks that guys like me would come close to her.

「 Well, friends are okay, but I want something special instead 」

I’ll threaten her a bit.

「 W-What kind? 」

Ai-san’s face turns cloudy. She’s on guard.

「 Yeah, it’s sex friend 」

I tell her lightly.

「 I want to become friends with benefits with Ai-san 」


「 Huh? Auuuuu…Uuuuuu 」

She’s going to panic, so…

「 Shuffle! 」

「 Hauuuuu 」

Ai-san takes a deep breath.

「 And so, the two of us will have a close relationship where we have sex. And you won’t have sex with anyone. I can play with Ai-san’s body until I say that I had enough 」

「 Ukugugugu 」

「 Shuffle 」

「 Hauuuu 」

This is troublesome.

「 Did you understand that? My orders are absolute. And so, Ai-san and I are now sex friends 」

This is better than forcing her to fall for me.

I shouldn’t play with love as a setting.

I can’t release her if I do that.

「 Do you get it, Ai?!! 」

I’ll change my way of calling her from Ai-san to Ai.

「 Ukugugugu, ukugugugu, aaaah 」

Ai tries to escape reality again, unable to accept it.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Haaaaauuuuuu 」

But, I ordered her to restart.

Her mind feels calm and refreshed.

「 Do you understand? 」

「 Uuuu 」

「 I’m asking you if you understand 」


「 I understand what Yoshida-kun’s trying to say 」

Oh, she looks down again.

「 Look into my eyes when talking. That’s an order 」

I speak gently to not let Ai panic.

「 When you understand, then reply that you do, that’s another order 」

「 Ah, uuuu 」

Ai looks up slowly and into my eyes.

「 I-I understand, Yoshida-kun 」

Yeah, she’s still uneasy, but her eyes look cute.

「 What do you understand? 」

「 Err, Uhm 」

「 Tell me what you understood from now 」


「 Yes. When talking to Yoshida-kun, be sure to look in the eyes 」

「 Then? 」

「 If I understand, then I should reply that I did 」

「 And another one 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

AI’s body trembles.

「 You’re only stating the truth. It’s already decided, and Ai can’t do anything about it, can you? 」

「 Uuuuu 」

「 Then, Ai has no problems with it. With that decided, all you’re going to do is state facts on me 」

Ai looked at me.

「 Eh? Uhm, A-Ai, Ai is Yoshida-kun’s… 」

She speaks slowly. She looks into my eyes.

「 Yoshida-kun’s s-sex…sex friend, it seems 」

「 Seems? But it’s the truth? 」

「 Auuuuuu!!! 」


I need to take my time to make her understand.

「 All you’re doing is stating a fact. Ai 」

「 Ai is Yoshida-kun’s sex friend…kuuuuuu!!! 」

Tears start spilling out of Ai’s eyes.

「 Shuffle 」

That forced her to stop crying.

If she cries now, she will stop thinking again.

「 Can you say it clearly now? 」

「 Y-Yes, that’s right 」

「 Then tell me again, Ai is my what? 」

Ai replies with a half-crying face.

「 Ai is Yoshida-kun’s sex friend 」

Okay, she doesn’t panic now.

「 Then my best regards, Ai 」

「 Y-Yes, p-please take care of me 」