Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 808. Virgin Ai sexual Assault / 1. Infiltration! Kiyohara House.



「 And that’s why I brought in the 8 seater car from the mansion 」

Katsuko-nee said with enjoyment.

Katsuko-nee, Ai, Nei, Kana-senpai, Edie, Yomi, Luna, and me.

That’s 8 people.

「 And the vehicle’s parked just right outside the warehouse 」

Then, we’ll have to go.

We need to alter Ai’s dependence starting from her mother.

「 Okay, let’s go now 」

I decided.

「 N-No way, T-That’s a problem. A big problem 」

Ai, said, but…

「 It’s not a problem for us. Everyone, get ready 」

「 Okay~ Let’s go, everyone! 」

Nei leads everyone.

「 Katsuko-san. Is Ai’s house near? 」

「 Yes, Kana-chan, just right about there. It won’t take us three minutes with the car 」

Kana-senpai seems to be worrying about how she’s wearing her tennis clothing.

「 Then I guess that’s okay. I’d like to watch Ai’s deflowering 」

She said with a smile.

「 Don’t forget to bring everything, okay? 」

「 Okay~ 」

Nei said. Yomi and Luna replied cheerfully.

「 Auuuuuu…Auuuuu!!! 」

Ai, who sensed that she can’t escape anymore, starts trembling again.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Hauuuuu 」

I restarted her multiple times.

I reset her mind into a clear and calm state.

「 Ai can’t defy my orders. Give it up 」

I said. Ai glared at me.

Yeah, she’s showing her anger. I can see it in her eyes.

Let’s use that momentum to move forward.

◇ ◇ ◇

Edie and Katsuko-nee took the lead and went to get the car.

Well, I think it should be okay but, they’re checking whether Iwakura-san did anything to Katsuko-nee’s car.

Then, they drive the auto to the front of the warehouse.

We don’t want the other students to see us get in in the car.

「 Don’t talk until I say that you can. No screaming. Do as you’re told. That’s an order 」

I looked into Ai’s eyes and ordered her.


Having the two of us stare at each other…

「 Ai, you really are cute 」

I said. Ai makes a “huh?” face.

She looks detested, making a “What is this stupid guy saying?”

I told her to not speak, and so she can’t talk back, only her facial expressions show the emotion.

That’s good.

This is better than when she shows her timid look on purpose.

「 Yeah, that kind of face looks cute too 」

I kissed Ai in the lips again.

Ai accepted my kiss with a disgusted look.

「 Oh, she’s surprisingly an aloof character 」

Nei said as she watched from the sides.

「 Don’t look like that. Everyone in here kisses Yo-chan, watch 」

Saying that. Nei kissed me on the lips.

「 ????!!!! 」

Ai’s surprised.

Oh, right.

Ai thinks that I’m making her my toy with some strange power.

That I play with women…

She thinks that she’s the only victim here.

「 We’re also having sex! Yo-chan’s my first experience, and he’ll be the only partner I’ll have for the rest of my life! 」

「 Me too. Nobu’s my first experience. It was rape at first, but now I’m head-over-heels for him 」

Kana-senpai gives me a passionate kiss while Ai watches.

Our tongues entwine lewdly.

「 And right now, I’m super wet 」

A string of saliva bridges between Kana-senpai and my lips.

「 Yomi and Luna too! 」

「 Yes. Nii-san is our first experience both in kiss and sex 」

The young sisters surprised Ai.

「 I’m 14, and Luna’s 12. But, we’re able to have sex! 」

「 We haven’t reached the stage where we can climax yet, but it no longer hurts 」

「 Yomi’s only feeling pleasure! 」

Yomi kisses me in front of Ai.

Luna followed.

「 Ai-san, I’m Sensei’s pregnant slave, and so let’s compete on who can bear his child first, okay? 」

「 Having sex with Nii-san is happiness. And when he releases his semen inside you, it would feel warm 」

Ai’s dumbfounded.

「 Oh, I get that. When I’m having sex with Nobu, I feel “Oh, I’m glad I’m born a woman,” and “My body is created to make love like this” I’m moved. Ai, you’ll understand once you experience it 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Oh, by the way. Katsuko-oneechan and Edie-chan are also Yo-chan’s women 」

Nei laughed.

「 Everyone kisses and do have sex with Yo-chan! We all love each other 」

「 Ai will also join us. You don’t have to be afraid 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

Ai looked at everyone with a confused face.

「 Well, it would be Ai’s deflowering for today but, if you want, I’d have sex with Nobu to show it to you? I don’t mind 」

「 I mean, that’s what’s about to happen anyway. Yo-chan always does it with two or three people 」

「 Yomi wants to do it too 」

「 As for me, I don’t mind showing Nii-san violate me too 」

They’re all smiling.

They’re talking as if it’s normal.

「 Ai. You’ll soon understand how lucky it is to become a member of Nobu’s harem 」

Kana-senpai said. Ai’s only showing a dumbfounded face.

Well, it’s absurd to force her to understand this abnormal relationship.

「 Okay, the car’s here 」

Edie opens the door to the warehouse and called us.

「 Let’s all get in 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Katsuko-nee’s in the driver seat. Edie took the shotgun.

The second row has Nei, Yomi, and Luna.

The third row is Ai between Kana-senpai and me.

「 We’re going through the back door, so we won’t meet any students. 」

Katsuko-nee drives the car.

「 Ah, let me tell you beforehand, Katsuko-nee knows every corner of this school 」

She checks every camera in the school together with Minaho-neesan.

She knows which route to take to not encounter any students at times like this.

「 Ai can’t raise her voice nor ask for help when we meet someone anyway 」

Hearing that, Ai trembles.

「 Shuffle 」

Her trembling stops.

「 You can’t help but panic, thinking, “What do I do? What do I do?” You can’t do anything anyway 」

Ai’s glaring at me.

「 We already kissed. And so, sex is the next one. Ai will have sex with me a lot. And only with me. That’s all, nothing to be afraid of 」

She glared harder.

「 And, I’ll make Ai happy. I promise you that 」

Ai tries to look away from me, but…

「 It’s true. I mean, I’m happy right now. Nobu raped me at first, but I’m happy now 」

Kana-senpai whispers to Ai from the other side.

「 It’s not an ordinary romance, but I’m still happy regardless. Happiness is something you experience personally after all 」

「 Yomi’s happy too 」

「 Me too 」

「 I’m also blessed 」

「 And me too~ 」

「 I’m also happy 」

Yomi, Luna, Edie, Nei, and Katsuko-nee speaks up.

「 Right. If it’s an ordinary boyfriend, well, if you’re lucky, then you can have a kind and trustworthy man, but… In Nobu’s case, he’s a kind, dependable, and he also has a lot of big-sisters, little sisters, and friends with him. I haven’t met them all yet, but they’re amazing! Oh, they brought me to a first-class hotel party last week by the way 」

Kana-senpai came along with Misuzu at a hotel party, as promised.

Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Michi, and Kana-senpai, and also Tsukiko went together. If I recall correctly.

I didn’t come with them.

The Mysterious Kuromori Kou should only show up a few times a year.

If I show up often, they will find out my idiot nature.

「 Furthermore, they even handed me presents, such as party dress, accessories, and all! All of them are first-class. It’s amazing 」

I’m glad that you’re satisfied.

Misuzu and Ruriko said that it was fun watching Kana-senpai go “Wow” on wherever, and whoever.

And the reaction of the girls who stood at the top watching an ordinary girl is fresh to them.

Kana-senpai’s also a beauty, and she’s careful enough to not breach etiquette.

She keeps her status in mind and so she never goes before Misuzu and the girls.

Her party debut had no shortcomings.


Some guys from the branch families got interested in Kana-senpai and Tsukiko. But…

They probably think that the friends Misuzu bring perhaps has some value in shooting down.

Although, Tsukiko can read their minds and so it was fruitless efforts for them.

Tsukiko went to the party to show that the Takakura shrine maiden has left the Kansai Yakusa’s control and is now under Kouzuki house’s protection.

Also, to gather information at the party.

If anyone has dissatisfaction that Kouzuki house has, Tsukiko is possibly enemies.

Tsukiko used her power to read minds to find those involved with the Kansai Yakuza.

Shou-neechan and Minaho-neesan analyze the information Tsukiko obtains, and it’s used on Kouzuki SS’s operations.

「 Isn’t that great, Ai? Nobu made you a sex friend! You know, I’m a sex slave 」

Kufufufu, Kana-senpai laughed, but Ai only shows a confused look.

「 If you don’t want to be a slave, then you can ask to be Yo-chan’s sex friend instead! 」

Nei looked back and said.

「 Eh~ Not really. I like staying as a slave. Nobu’s sex slave. There’s that tickle knowing that a younger boy plays with my mind and body 」


「 Speaking of which, what’s your relationship with Nobu, Nei-san? And how did it come to that? 」

「 Me? I’m Yo-chan’s big sis 」

Nei laughed.

「 I’m his big sister, and yet we love each other that we have sex! That kind of forbidden relationship! Ehehehe 」

「 Oh, that setting does fire you up! 」

Kana-senpai said, but…

Our relationship is more substantial than just a setting.

We’re actual siblings in papers.

「 I’m also his elder sister 」

Katsuko-nee said from the driver seat.

「 Oh, I see. Katsuko-san too 」

Kana-senpai said in agreement.

Katsuko-nee’s got insecurities as a former prostitute, and so she thinks that she can’t enjoy ordinary romance anymore.

Therefore, she’s my elder sister.

It’s the same, but they mean differently from Nei’s big sister.

「 Yomi is a pregnant slave! I’ll bear a lot of Sensei’s child 」

「 And I’m Nii-san’s sex slave 」

The Takakura sisters said.

「 Wait, what about me, Darling? 」


「 That reminds me; we haven’t decided on that one yet, have we? 」


「 Edie and I are family. All of it. Let’s pick that 」

Edie, who had nothing, came after us.

And so, I am Edie’s family.

Her big or little brother, father, husband. Friend. All of it.

「 Oh, that’s good. I’ll take all 」

Edie replied with a nonchalant face.

「 That’s right, and that’s why I’ll be with Darling all the time. OK. All Right! 」

Our car exits the school using the gateway used for vehicles on the other side.

In the end, we didn’t encounter any students while in school.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, it’s in here. We’ve arrived at Kiyohara-san’s house 」

Katsuko-nee’s right. Ai’s house is just a few minutes away from the school.

Oh, this is a somewhat big two-story house.

「 Maybe Ai-chan picked our school because it’s close? 」

Nei asked.

「 I remember it being the case. That’s what she said during the interview 」

Katsuko-nee replied since I ordered Ai to not speak.

「 Ai-san enrolled via referral, and so Ojou-sama and I watched her interview together with her mother 」

Referrals interview both the parent and child. Well, our school is a private one.

Back then, Geropa-kouchou was still present, and so Minaho-neesan was watching the situation through the camera.

「 Ai-san’s mother dote on her so much that she doesn’t want to see her hurt, and so she picked the school closest to their house so she won’t get involved in troubles on the way to and back home. 」

「 Oh, I see 」

「 Okay, let’s get off! 」

Katsuko-nee parked the car in front of Ai’s house and stopped the engine. She pulled the handbrake.

「 Let’s get off, Ai 」

「 !!! 」

「 Shuffle 」

Ai gets stressed easily, so I need to restart her immediately.

「 Uuuu 」

「 Come, we’re going 」

We all get off the car.

「 Huh, there’s no car in the garage, is your mom home? 」

Nei looked at the garage and said.

「 No. Ai-san’s father drives their family car. If I recall, he’s working away at a factory in Sendai. He comes home twice a month on Saturdays and Sundays, but since he needs transportation, he goes to Sendai using his car, not the bullet train 」

Katsuko-nee said. Ai’s startled.

「 Ai-san’s father works at a major grocery manufacturer. He seems to have a good wage there. His car is a Lexus after all 」

As expected of Katsuko-nee.

This is also Kana-senpai’s first time hearing information about Ai.

「 Her father is raised from an ordinary household, and so he thinks that women shouldn’t really need to study, so he lets Ai-san’s mother take care of the education. The mother dotes on Ai-san like a cat, so she doesn’t want her to study hard. The idea is to have her graduate on an okay level women’s college. Therefore, Ai-san’s enrolled in our high school 」

Well, our high-school is…

It’s not for the extreme-high levels, nor for the extreme idiots.

If you ask me, they’re normal.

「 Then, is the mother home? 」

Nei asks.

「 She’s here. Ai-san’s mother seems to have a rule of sending off and picking her up every day 」

Oh, to think that she goes that far.

「 Well then, let’s get her 」

Kana-senpai tells me.

「 Okay 」

「 Then, I’ll ring the interphone 」

We need Ai to speak.

Nei pushed the front gate switch.

Pin Pon!!

「 Ai face that camera 」

I had Ai stand in front of the small camera above the interphone.

Nei and Kana-senpai stand on Ai’s sides.

The monitor inside should see three people standing together.

『 Yes? 』

I hear a middle-aged woman’s voice from the speaker.

『 Oh, Ai? What’s wrong? 』

The mother’s surprised to see Ai’s troubled face in the monitor.

「 Ah, sorry. I’m Kiyohara-san’s senior in the tennis club, Hoshizaki 」

Kana-senpai’s wearing her tennis clothing.

Nei’s wearing her uniform.

「 Kiyohara-san seems to be under the weather during the training, and so we brought her home 」

Kana-senpai speaks on the interphone.

『 M-M-My! Wait, I’ll open the door right away!!! 』

I hear loud footsteps from the house.

Oh, Ai’s panics were inherited from her mother.

「 Ai, shuffle 」

I restart her thoughts in advance.


The door opened…

Then, Ai’s mother jumped out.

「 My! Ai! Are you okay? How are you? Let’s go to the doctor right away! 」

She’s not even thankful to the seniors who brought her here.

She ignores everyone else and only looks at Ai.

She’s indeed Ai’s mother.

「 Okay, look this way!!! 」

Yomi jumped behind Ai and clapped her hands.

「 Huh? 」

Ai’s mother unconsciously looked at Yomi.

「 LOCK ON!!!! 」

Her Miko Power’s invoked.

「 Hoeea? 」

She’s captured.

「 Okay, please calm down. You will move as I tell you 」

Yomi tells Ai’s mother.

Luna’s supporting Yomi from behind.

「 Do you understand? If you do then respond 」

「 Yes, I-I understand 」

Ai’s mother replied with a small voice.

「 Well then, can we go in the house for now? 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 That’s okay, right? We’re intruding your house 」

「 Y-Yes, come in 」

Her mother gave her permission.

Ai starts trembling again.

「 Shuffle 」

She’s such a handful.

「 Hmmm, I wonder if this kind of infiltration is better 」


「 I mean, usually, we’d go knocking on the door and say “Mam, please open the door., We’re the sun squadron” or “Please be at ease, I’m a space detective” and then force our way in 」


「 Uhm, Nei-san 」

Kana-senpai speaks.

「 What is it, Kana-chan? 」

「 I think, Nobu had been letting you pass all this time, but… 」

「 What? 」

「 I mean, I don’t think you should be too loud when you’re speaking some otaku topic 」

「 Wait, but, huh?! 」

「 Nei-san has a lot of fans in the school. Try not to disappoint them, okay? 」

「 Wait, look, Yo-chan 」

Nei clings to me.

I hugged Nei back.

「 Yes, yes. I know, I get it. I’ll listen. I’ll listen to whatever Ya-chan wants to talk about. That’s why, yeah… It’s better if you hold back from talking so loudly about nerdy topics 」

「 That’s brutal!!! 」

「 Nei-san’s the number one beauty in our school as long as she’s silent after all 」

Kana-senpai’s harsh.

「 But it’s okay right now! Everyone here is family! 」

No, Ai’s mother is here, though.

I guess that’s okay.

「 As long as you don’t go too far, okay? 」

Then, Nei smiled.

「 Ufufu, I love you Yo-chan 」

She hugged me tightly.

「 We’re the G-Men!! Household search! Gogogogogo 」

She breaks into Ai’s house, looking like she’s having fun.

She slips on the side of Ai’s surprised mother and takes off her clothes.

「 Well then, let’s get in too 」

Kana-senpai tells us.


「 Ah, bring this in by the way 」

Katsuko-nee takes out two large bags from the trunk of the car.

「 What’s that, Katsuko-san? 」

Kana-senpai asks. Katsuko-nee…

「 Tripod and business use camera. There’s both for video and photo 」

I knew it.

「 We need to record Ai-san’s deflowering 」

「 Oh, that happened with me too 」

Kana-senpai understood.

「 Yomi too 」

「 Me too 」

Ai starts trembling.

「 Shuffle 」

I whisper to Ai’s ears.

「 U-Uhm 」

Ai’s mother asks us with a small voice.

「 Who are you, people? What are you going to do with Ai? 」


「 We’re here today to deflower Ai-san 」

「 What did you say? 」

「 I mean, I will be taking Ai-san’s virginity. Not just once. I think I’ll do it three times. All of it will be creampie. I’ll also have her fellate me, and so she’ll drink my semen. Also, we’ll record all of it 」

「 W-What are you saying? 」

Oh, Ai’s mother is panicking now too.

「 It can’t be helped. It’s already decided 」

Yomi tells Ai’s mother.

This will make her think that this is inevitable.

「 Yes, your daughter will become independent from you and become an adult. My woman 」

I said it clearly.