Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 809. Virgin Ai sexual assault / 2. Assault, Mother!



「For now, let’s get in」

「Excuse us」

「Thanks for inviting us in」

「We’re intruding~」

We enter Ai’s house bustling.

「Yo-chan, what to do? Want it right away? Where do you want it?」

What are we doing? Of course, it’s sex.

Ai starts trembling again.


I whisper to Ai’s ears.

「No, let’s not go right away. I’d like to explain it to Ai’s mother a bit more」

Like, why I’m here and why I want to deflower Ai here.

No, I don’t expect her to understand, but I’d like to explain it to her before anything.

A small courtesy.

「Oh, looks like this is the dining room, Then, how about we drink some tea in this room?」

Kana-senpai peeked at the room at the end of the corridor and said.

「Yeah, let’s do that. We need Ai’s mother to calm down as we explain. Please listen to what’s going on」


Ai’s mother is controlled using Yomi’s power.

「Then, let’s go over there!」

Yomi said. And so she’ll follow.

「Ai, let’s go」

I grab Ai’s arm and bring her with us.

I ordered her to not speak, and so Ai follows me obediently.

Edie locks the entrance. She also placed in the chains.

Katsuko-nee’s also looking around the house.

「Oh, bring out the foldable chairs from there. I don’t think everyone can sit without those」


Nei said. Luna brings in foldable chairs and lines them up.

They’re a three-member family, and so they only have three chairs in the dining room.

I guess the foldable chairs are for the visitors.

Maybe for Ai’s grandfather or other relatives?

Other than the foldable chairs, there are only three ordinary ones.

「And I’ll be taking this sofa」

Kana-senpai sits down on the sofa facing the TV.

「Then, I’ll go there too」

Nei also sits on the sofa.

「Oh, please sit there Ai’s mom」

I urge Ai’s mother to take a seat.

「Yes, please take a seat」


Yomi orders. Ai’s mother sits down.

「Ai will sit next to me. Hmm, Yomi and Katsuko-nee, sit over here」

Yomi needs to keep things in check.

I need Katsuko-nee to follow me up if I can’t explain things.

「And I’ll remain standing」

Edie said.

「Then, take that last seat Luna」

「Okay, Nii-san」

Luna sits down next to Yomi.

This is to make sure that she can send her power to Yomi.

「Oh, sorry to ask you Ai but could you prepare tea for everyone?」

I tell Ai.

Either way, we want to drink tea and talk calmly.

「I-If you want tea, t-then I could prepare it」

Ai’s mother said.

「No, we have to talk to you so, Ai, if you’d please」

Ai looks confused.

「Oh, do you have a problem? You can now talk but do it gently. Don’t make a fuss and speak slowly」


「I-I don’t know how to prepare tea」


「U-Uhm, Mama always does it」

Oh right. Geez.

「Then, I…」

「No, stay there, please. Hmmm」

「I’ll teach her how」

Edie smiled.

「You need to learn how to prepare tea at least!」

Edie stands out as a warrior, but…

Actually, she’s a talented woman who knows a lot and can do more.

She’s almighty.

Usually, Katsuko-nee, Mana, or Ruriko do housework, but…

Everyone who watches from the sides learns from them.

Besides, they can look it up on the net and try it themselves.

「Yeah. Please. Ai, learn from Edie how to prepare tea」

「There’s the Kitchen, right? Let’s go」


Ai and Edie went to the kitchen.

Now then.

How do we begin this conversation?

「Oh my, that’s a lot of photos. Is this man in the picture your husband?」

Katsuko-nee points at the photos placed on the wall of the dining room.

「Y-Yes. My husband’s a mountain clumber」

Right. Ai’s mother is a mountain climber.

Yeah, it’s a forty-year-old man with a firm physique and wearing glasses poses triumphantly on top of a mountain.

This must be a commemorative photo for conquering the summit.

「But, there are no photos of snowy mountains」

Katsuko-nee’s right.

The photos are mostly green and summer mountains.

There’s not a single photo of a winter mountain.

「I had him promise not to climb snowy mountains. Our child is still small, and it’s a problem if anything happens to him」

Calling her first-year high school daughter, “Small.” Hmmm.

To Ai’s mother, she’s still a small child.

「Is that so? Did you know that mountains are a symbol of punishments in Christianity?」

Katsuko-nee smiled.


「That’s because in the bible’s beginnings, God created the world in seven days, or so the story reads. And in that time, God created the heaven and earth, but there was no description of mountains in his creation」


「And then, in the middle ages, the scholars did all that they can to study the bible, and they found out that the first time mountains were mentioned was during Noah’s ark. You do know Noah’s ark, don’t you?」

「Well, yes」

「After the massive flood, Noah’s ark drifted ashore the summit of the mountain. That was the first mention of it. Therefore, Christianity says that mountains were made after the great flood」

「I-Is that so?」

「Yes. The flood was God’s method of purging away the sinful people. Noah, who is loyal to God, his family, and the animals were saved in flood. That means the flood was made to wash away the sins of the people…Therefore, the mountain has become the symbol of punishments」


Ai’s mother is confused.

「It’s different, though. Christian bible was made by the Palestine people who live in the desert lands. They just had no mountains. There are no mountains in the area they live in so they couldn’t describe them. But, the European scholars desperately ask, “when did God create mountains,” that’s because Europe is filled with mountains. “Why are there no mountains in the writings?” They worried about it. Funny. Isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee laughed. Ai’s mother is looking confused.

「And then, Europeans never went mountain climbing until the modern age. Hunters may enter the mountains to catch some prey, but they won’t go all the way up to the dangerous locations just for it. Much less ordinary villagers, they only move around the foot of the mountain as it’s close to their area. Climbing the mountain to reach the top is just a modern-day sport. Other than Europe, huge mountains are an object of worship, and the purposed placing of shrines on the summit of mountains created a generalization that still remains to this day」

「Oh, haa.」

Ai’s mother doesn’t know how to listen to Katsuko-nee’s vast knowledge.

「The first one to climb a mountain for entertainment was an Italian Petrarca. It was the year 1336. Petrarca reached the summit back then, but he did feel the sense of liberation from heavens when he arrived, but the Christian teachings gave him a sense of guilt, and so he descended」

「I-Is that so?」


「Yeah. You do not like your husband’s mountain climbing hobby」

Luna said as she reads Ai’s mother’s thoughts.

「Your husband goes with his friends all the time and leaves you behind」


Ai’s mother is shocked.

「Oh, that’s how it has been since you were young? It was an arranged marriage. Oh, your husband and father work in the same company」

Ai’s Grandfather on the mother’s side works on the same company as her father.

「Therefore, you think that your husband reluctantly accepted the arranged marriage with his Superior’s daughter? Your husband always goes mountain climbing with his friends from college during the holidays. He goes to the mountains during summer vacations to not deal with you. Your husband never invited you to go to mountain climbing after all」

Luna reads Ai’s mother’s memories.

「Open up. And then, speak your honest thoughts」

Yomi orders.

「I won’t go even if my husband asks me to go mountain climbing」

Ai’s mother muttered.

「That man never loved me from the beginning」

「Therefore, you dote on your child. You look only at your daughter and spent your life taking care of her」

I see.

「I have no other purpose in life other than my daughter」


「Another failure. Gimme a second. Steamed tea is also delicious」

Edie’s voice scolding Ai could be heard from the kitchen.

「But, because of the mother taking care of everything, Ai has become a girl who only relies on others and can’t do anything」

I said.

「What about it?! I’ll be with her. That’s how it always been and will always be! It’s okay」


「Outsiders have no say in this!!」

Ai’s mother turns her anger on me.

Her anger from having her mind read having her shameful thoughts exposed are funneled to me.

「I don’t intend to meddle with you. All I’m going to do is shove my dick inside Ai」

「W-What are you talking about?」


「Ai isn’t mommy’s little girl anymore. She’s in high school. That means she can have sex」

「I won’t allow that!」

「I’m going to deflower Ai, I’m not asking for your permission」

「W-What right do you have!!」

Ai glared at me hatefully.

「It’s not a right. It’s not my duty either. Isn’t Ai cute for a nerd’s daughter? Anyone in our high school would look at her and would want to have sex with her. That includes me. And so I’ll do it」

「I won’t allow it! I-I’ll call the police!」

The mother’s trembling.

「That girl, Ai is my everything! Mama will protect her!」


「Hey, did you know that Ai-chan was sexually harassed by a guy from the Judo club for at least ten days?」

Nei speaks from the sofa.

「Sexually harassed?」

Ai’s mother is surprised.

「That’s right. Sending messages as “Let’s go on a date,” “send nudes,” and “look at my dick” and a photo of his erect penis attached to it」

「Its true. Ai consulted it with us, her seniors in the tennis club」

Kana-senpai backed up Nei’s statement.

「I didn’t hear anything about this?」

The mother’s face turns pale.

「Hey! Ai!? What’s this?! Mama didn’t hear anything about this?!」


Ai shows up from the kitchen.

Her body trembles.

「I’ll distribute the tea, she’ll just spill it」

Edie shows up with the teacups on a tray.

Bringing it in a tray is much stable.

She brings the tea for everyone.


Ai, who’s following my orders, doesn’t speak loudly.

「Was that true?! Ai, was there a shameless man making demands on you?!」
「T-That’s true」

Ai replied while looking down.

「Why did you not tell Mama?! Mama could’ve called the police, attorneys, and went to the school! Mama will do anything for Ai」

AI’s mother said with bloodshot eyes.

「That’s why I didn’t talk about it」


「I mean, Mama will make it a big deal. I won’t be able to go to school again out of shame」

「It’s for your sake! I always think of you. That’s the reason. Mama’s doing all her best for Ai!!」

Her mother shouts.

「Is that really the case?」

Edie says while placing the tea in front of Ai’s mother.

「You’re doing it for your sake, don’t you?」

「What do you know about our family!!!」


「We don’t know anything. And neither we want to know anything. However, what we know is that Ai will become a useless person if this goes on」

「You’re just a child, what can you preach adults!」

She glared at me.

But I don’t mind.

I’ve been exposed to the gaze of hatred more painful than this.

「I’m not trying to sermon you. I’m just stating the truth」

I said.

「Ai is not your pet to satisfy yourself. She’s now my woman. An adult woman who will satisfy my body」

「I-I’ll call the police!」

「You won’t. You can’t move your body, can you?」

Yomi smiled.

「This is strange. Why is this happening?! Ai is my daughter!」

「No, she’s now my woman」

I looked at Ai.

「Come here, Ai…」

I called her.

「Where’s your response?」

「Yes, I understand」

Ai strolls towards me.

「Ai, why are you going to him!?」

The mother screams, but…

「The same thing as Mama. I can’t go against him」

Oh, it was the right choice to not let her make a noise.

Holding her voice within limits prevents her heart from overheating.

「Okay, sit over here」

「Yes, I understand」

Ai sits next to me.

I then placed my arm around Ai’s thin waist and embraced her.


I guess her tension’s high right now.



Ai takes a deep breath while I embrace her.

「Is this the tea Ai prepared?」

I take the teacup Edie placed.

「Y-Yes, that’s right」

I take a sip.

「Yeah. Delicious. That’s good for your first time」


I then take it easy and drink my tea.

「You need to learn how to do this. And then, become a woman who can do anything without your mother’s help」




「Yes, I understand」

Ai’s mother’s eyes are bloodshot.

「Hey, wait! Ai, what about Mama?! What will happen to Mama?」

I put down the teacup.

「Ai will walk her life even without her mother. Mother, please live a life without Ai as well」

「Don’t be ridiculous! That girl is my everything! Don’t take Ai from me!」

「You’re the one who shouldn’t take Ai-san’s life away from her」


「If the parents dote on the child too much, then the child’s future is as good as dead」

「What are you talking about?! Are you stupid!? Give back Ai to me!」

「Yomi, that’s enough. Shut her up」

Nothing we say can get through her.

「Okay, Sensei~ Haaaa!!!」

Yomi uses her power on Ai’s mother.

「Please stay quiet for a while. That means no leaking out your voice. Stay still」


An invisible force binds Ai’s mother.

「Okay then, let’s have sex Ai」

I tell Ai.

For now, I said what I need to speak to Ai’s mother.

I now understand Ai’s family background.


Ai looked up at me.

A strong direct gaze.

「I now understand that Mama and my relationship isn’t okay. That I will become a useless woman if this goes on」

She tells me in a small voice.

「But, why do I still need to have sex with you?」

「It’s not “you” is it?」

「Why do I need to have sex with Yoshida-kun? I don’t want to have sex. I’ll get myself better. I’ll stop asking for Mama’s help, no, I won’t ask for anyone’s help, so…」

Tears gather in Ai’s eyes.

「I, Ai…Yoshida took my first kiss already, but…But I…」

Tears spill from her eyes.

「I…I don’t want it! I don’t want to have sex!」


「I don’t want to give it to you…To Yoshida-kun!!!! Aaaaah!!!」


I have to restart her.


No matter how agitated her emotion can be…

She will return to a calm and clear state.

「Sorry, but I still want to do it. I want Ai’s virginity, and I will take all of Ai’s firsts」

Ai glared at me.

「You speak some big things, but in the end, Yoshida-kun only wanted to have sex with me, right? You’re just like Mama, saying that it’s all for my sake with a condescending attitude and yet, you only want to do lewd things」

「You finally noticed?」

I replied.

I don’t mind her thinking that way.

「Yo-chan, where do you want it?」

Nei asks.

「Where’s Ai’s room?」

I asked Ai.

「Reply. Is it on the second floor?」

「That’s right」

AI replied timidly.

「Then, let’s go there」

「Should we bring in Ai’s mother?」

「No, Ya-chan. But maybe she could watch」

I replied.

「This is Ai’s first experience, and so Ai might mind it if her mother’s watching」

I want her to feel only me during her first experience.

The man violating her.

The penis making her a woman.

I want Ai to carve in her memory whose semen it is pouring in her womb.

「If that’s the case since we’re recording anyway, how about we relay it to this TV? Let’s have her mother watch the video. A live broadcast should you say? Is that possible Katsuko-oneechan?」

「Yes, it is」


「Then let’s do that, Ai’s mother will be watching the deflowering scene in here」

I look at Ai’s mother showing fury while unable to move or speak.

「Listen. You have been protecting Ai, your child since she was young」

As her husband doesn’t love her.

Ai’s mother changed that feeling of loneliness to devotion to Ai.

「Thank you for all your hard work until now. This is my gratitude to you. But, that’s over now」

I embraced Ai.

I show off how I do it to Ai’s mother.

「I will be deflowering Ai today. Mother will no longer protect Ai」

That’s right. I will break the taboo.

「What will Mother do after you’re unable to protect Ai, and I deflowered her? That’s something you need to consider」

Then, I speak to Ai.

「Ai will no longer be the same beautiful body after I, a man, deflower her. You will no longer be the same beautiful Ai that your mother protected all this time. What will happen to Ai after that? How will you live with it?」


「I will die. I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to have sex with Yoshida-kun!」

The tears in her eyes trickle down.

「No, you won’t die」

I said.

「What do you know Yoshida-kun?!」


「Unfortunately, women don’t die from a man raping her. You’ll continue to live. You need to…」

Katsuko-nee, a former prostitute, tells her.