Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 811. Virgin Ai sexual assault / 4. Virgin strip.



「 Now then 」

I look around Ai’s room filled with her mother’s selfish hobbies.

Then, I look at the petite beauty trembling on the edge of the bed.

Shifting the atmosphere was the right choice.

Ai’s body now has a mature perfume scent drifting from her.

However, it doesn’t break the childish space her mother forced to her room.


「 Kyaa!! 」

Ai screams as I suddenly take my clothes off.

「 Shuffle! Hey, look. Watch me get naked, that’s an order! 」

「 Kuuuuu 」

Ai can do nothing but obey when I order her.

That’s carved deep into Ai’s heart.

This transformation made by the Miko power on her will never change.

If I tell her to not follow my orders anymore, then that’s just another order.

Ai will say, “Yes, I understand,” but she’ll still continue to pay attention to what I say in the future.

And then, if I say “Ai, do this,” she will follow.

Once done, it can never go back, that is the fearsome part of the Miko power.

「 Ah! 」

Ai raised her voice as she watches me lower down my pants.

「 Look at it. Concentrate 」

「 But, aaaaa, I… 」

「 It’s just my dick 」

I said.

「 I mean, didn’t the guy from Judo club sent you dick pics? You saw them, right? 」

Kana-senpai and Nei looked around and said, laughing.

「 I-I didn’t look at it that much. I-It’s something disgusting, dirty, and I don’t know what to do with them 」

Oh, I see.

She can’t know it from just a photo.

「 But, you took a bath with your father when you were young, right? Can’t you imagine the look of it? 」

Then, Ai…

「 N-Never. I-I always take a bath with Mother


「 Mother told me to never take a bath with Father. Therefore 」

The mother’s relationship with the father is bad…

Ai’s mother, who takes care of everything for her daughter, has closed her off.

「 Oh. I see. Come to think of it. I never took a bath with my parents before either 」

Ai’s mother doted on her too much that Ai’s sheltered too much.

As for me, my mother completely ignored me.

My father is busy all day and comes home late at night, I never had a memory of us bathing together.

「 When I was a child, I take a bath with Grandmother, and starting elementary, I’m alone 」

I had to look after myself because my Grandmother is already too old to look after me.

「 Yeah, so that’s why Yo-chan loves taking a bath together with us! 」

Nei says while holding her camera.

「 That’s not really the case… 」

I think that everyone in the family is the one who likes to take a bath together with me?

「 I mean, it’s only recently I found out that having a bath together is fun. 」

Half a year ago, I was living in that dark house, alone, trembling.

「 By the way, are you still taking a bath together with your mother, Ai? 」

This time, Kana-senpai asks with her digital camera facing Ai.

「 Wait, don’t say that you’re still together in baths? 」

「 Kana-senpai’s asking you, give her an answer, Ai… 」

Then, Ai…

「 W-We still do, 」


「 Ah, b-but now, Ai takes a bath alone, Mama only watches if Ai did it properly. Uhm, I wash my body and my hair… 」

To think that she’s going that far.

「 Speaking of which, Ai never goes to the tennis club’s training camp, right? Saying that you have family circumstances 」

「 Y-Yes. M-Mama…Mama said that…no staying over somewhere else 」

「 Huh?! Wait, you never went to your middle school excursion? 」

Nei asks unconsciously.

「 Y-Yes…M-Mama…When Mama’s not present, I can’t do a-anything 」

「 But, you wanted to go on an excursion at least? 」

Kana-senpai asks next.

「 B-But, Ai, can’t do anything without Mama, and I’m scared 」

「 Then that means you never went to any study camps or sleepovers since elementary? 」

「 Yes 」

Ai replied.

「 But, everyone else in school goes, right? They go somewhere without their Mothers. Have you thought that it’s strange that you can’t go? 」

「 That’s because…A-Ai is special 」


「 Ai is Mama’s girl, and so she’s special. She doesn’t need to be the same as ordinary children. Mama says 」

So that’s her problem.

She never thinks this strange parent-child relationship as one…

Ai thinks that her life, where her mother restricts her is natural.

She knows no other life than hers.

And so, her clothes, hairstyle, and even the interior of her room are all pushed by her mother’s hobbies.

But, Ai herself doesn’t have any preference, hobbies, nor likes.

This girl thinks that her mother decides on her everything.

She doesn’t know how to choose for herself.

「 Well, that’s okay, after all… 」

I’m going to break it all.

This confined the relationship between Ai and her mother.

「 If you never took a bath with your father, then this is your first time seeing this, right? 」

I put my hands on my underwear.

「 Take a good look at it. That’s an order 」

Ai’s gaze concentrates on my crotch.

「 This is a dick, an erect dick 」

I lower down my pants, and my erect dick jumps out.

「 Hiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

「 Shuffle!! 」

「 Auguuu!! 」

Ai’s frightened from seeing a raw male penis, and so I restart her.

「 Look at it 」

「 Aaaaaaah 」

Ai looks at my swelling and hard penis.

「 S-Something’s strange is attached!! 」


「 No, I guess. When I first saw a pussy, I got surprised that it doesn’t have anything attached to it 」

That was Yukino’s pussy though.

「 Ufufu, it’s big, isn’t it? This is much bigger than the pictures Shindou sends you. Yo-chan has a splendid dick 」

Nei laughed.

「 Haa, I knew it, Nobu’s got a splendid thing! I’m in luck! Hmmhmm~ 」

Kana-senpai takes photos of my dick.

No, don’t take mine.

「 And this thing will go inside Ai 」

I grab the root and stroke it in front of Ai.

My glans is already shining with precum.

「 T-That’s…I-Impossible. I-It won’t go inside Ai… 」

My order is in effect, and so Ai can’t look away from my dick.

「 It’s okay. It went inside me 」

「 Yeah, It went inside me multiple times already. Besides, the small girls in the living room, Yomi-chan, and Luna-chan, already had Yo-chan’s dick shoved in them. You’ll be fine 」

Kana-senpai and Nei said, smiling.

「 B-But…A-Ai… 」

Her body trembles.

She’s terrified of the dark red erect penis.

「 Shuffle 」

「 Haaaaa 」

Ai’s mind and body loosened up forcibly.

「 Okay, I took it all off 」

After taking off my socks, I sit down on the carpet cross-legged.

My erect penis points at Ai’s young body.

「 Then, it’s Ai’s turn now 」

「 ???? 」

「 Strip. I will watch you get naked 」

Ai trembles in fear again.

「 Shuffle 」

That was dangerous.

I mustn’t let her rampage. I can’t let her stop thinking either.

She needs to know what’s going on.

I need her to keep a clear mind.

「 If you don’t want it, then I’ll strip you. Which do you want, striping yourself, or me doing it? 」

「 Awauuuuuuu 」

「 Oh right, Ai can’t decide for herself. Then here’s an order. Strip. But don’t just get naked. Strip in a way I could enjoy your body 」

「 Ugugugugu 」

「 Go on, shuffle 」

「 Ugauuuuu 」

Ai takes deep breaths.

I can see sweat floating on her forehead.

「 Get yourself together. I gave my order already, do it 」

「 Kuuuu 」

Ai stands up from the bed.

「 Then, look at me while taking off your clothes 」

「 Aaauuu 」

AI’s trembling hands reach for her clothes.

I came out in the middle of club activities.

First-year girls aren’t allowed to put on tennis wear yet.

She’s wearing a jersey.

She takes the top off.

Below her thin T-shirt is her white bra.

「 D-Don’t look, Y-Yoshida-kun 」

「 That’s not what you should say. It should be “Please take a look, Yoshida-kun” 」

「 Uuuuu 」

「 Shuffle! Say it, that’s an order! 」

「 Haaa!! P-Please, take a look, Y-Yoshida-kun 」

「 Then hurry up and take off your shirt 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

The petite beauty takes off her T-shirt.

「 Ai, you don’t take your club seriously, do you? 」

She’s in the tennis club, and yet her arms and chest don’t have any muscles.

Her body is small and thin.

Her white skin must be pleasant to touch.

Her waist is thin, and her belly is cute.

There’s still a youthful look remaining in her body.

She doesn’t have the adult’s proportions.

However, her chest is moderate.

「 Ai always wears a childish bra. You don’t even wear a sports bra for the club 」

Kana-senpai, who watches her change in the clubroom, said.

Yeah, she’s wearing a simple and childish white bra.

The breasts wrapped in that white cloth is small, but it has a good shape.

「 I-It’s embarrassing 」

「 Embarrassing, what? Are you telling me not to look at your body? 」

「 N-No, p-please look 」

My orders are absolute.

「 But, it’s embarrassing 」

「 Why? Ai’s body is beautiful 」

「 But, Mama 」

Ai’s mother?

「 She said that I’m getting plump here and there, that it’s not childish 」


「 She says that it’s shameful to have breasts like this 」

「 Hey now, if Ai-chan’s breasts are shameful, what do you think about Katsuko-oneechan’s huge breasts?! 」

Nei complains.

「 No, Nei-san. Before calling out on Katsuko-san, don’t you have your knockers to consider first? 」

Kana-senpai says while shaking her chest.

「 No, well, I thought of mentioning Katsuko-oneechan since she’s the synonym of HUGE 」

「 I mean, yours are huge too Nei-san 」


「 That’s not the problem, ya-chan. Ai’s mother influences everything about her, keeping her as a small girl 」

She’s dissatisfied with Ai’s growth.

「 It just created an off-point. Ai, who is already in her first-year high school and is growing, versus, Ai’s mother’s thoughts. The image that Ai’s still a small child 」

I see.

The failure’s already started.

「 I see, that means that Ai’s mother also picks out Ai’s bra, is that correct? 」

If she wants to keep Ai as a child, then her underwear has to be childish as well.

She’s not allowed to wear anything mature or sexy.

「 Oh, wearing a sports bra doesn’t suit the “Cute Ai” look her mother wants 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 That’s right. If you look around this room, Ai-chan’s mother’s hobby is of a small girl 」

Nei said.

Yeah, these fake early American furniture.

「 Sports bra doesn’t suit the redhead Anne world 」

I guess that’s it.

The thought that wearing a sports bra should be better in Ai’s movement doesn’t cross her mind.

She’s just her mother’s treasured object.

「 U-Uhm 」

Ai looked at me worriedly.

「 Don’t mind them, take off your bottom too 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai takes off her trousers, as it is inevitable.

She’s taking it half-baked compared to when she took off her upper clothing, she doesn’t have that much resistance on taking off her bottom.

「 Yeah, that’s some thin legs. And your ass isn’t big either 」

But it’s smooth and long.

It has a good enough proportion.

This is the top among all of our baths in first-year.

Ai is a beauty.

「 Take off your socks too 」

「 Yes 」

Ai takes off her socks while wearing nothing but bra and panty.

She pulls from the tip of her socks and takes them off.

And somehow, it looks clumsy.

「 Ai-chan, do you have your mother take off your socks? 」

Nei points out.

「 Y-Yes 」

Oh, right.

Ai’s mother kneels to take off her shoes all the time.

「 But, that’s cute 」

「 What? 」

She’s surprised by my whisper.

「 No, I mean, Ai who does her best thinking “How do I do this” to things you don’t usually do is cute 」

I said.

「 Oh, I-Is that so? 」

Ai, who got barefoot, speaks bashfully.

「 Then, just stand right there and look at me. That’s an order, Ai 」

「 Y-Yes… 」

Ai looked at me wearing nothing but her pure white bra and panty.

「 Yeah, it’s true that you can clearly see the body line when people wear nothing but their underwear 」

I enjoy looking at Ai’s body.

「 Ya-chan, give it a better look 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

Ai’s mother should be watching Ai from the living room TV.

「 Ai’s mother, can you hear this? You’re watching this, right? This is Ai’s body. 」

I talk to the mother in the living room.

「 It is as you can see. No, I mean, you may be looking at Ai’s body every day, I heard that you’re even looking after her in the bath. But, you don’t accept that Ai’s body is already grown, do you? 」

No, Ai’s body is still young as she’s just in first-year.

This isn’t an adult’s body,

But, she’s no longer a child either.

「 Her body is ready to have sex. A body that can accept a man, and can bear a child 」

I said.

「 She’s no longer the same small Ai that you have to take care of in your arms. Ai is already big 」

Ai is cute.

She looks at me even when she’s afraid.

「 Oh, I see. So that’s why! 」

Kana-senpai speaks suddenly.

「 I finally get it! Hmhmm~ 」

What did you get?

「 You see, I couldn’t keep secrets from mother until I reached second-year in middle school. Mother knew all of my friends back then. I didn’t hide anything from her, kufufufu 」

Kana-senpai laughed.

「 But now, I’m filled with secrets. Mother thinks that I’m still a virgin, she doesn’t know that I’m having fun sex with Nobu now. That I went to a party with the Kouzuki ladies. She still thinks that I’m an ordinary girl. No, My mother has that “ordinary girl” image etched into her heart 」


She’d never think that her daughter is a sex slave of a man like me.

Or that she’s helping me rape a junior from her club.

「 And, well, I’ve been thinking about it, but… 」

Kana-senpai looked at Ai and smiled.

「 Ai, you have some secrets you were keeping from your mother, right? 」


「 I-I…Uhm 」

Ai mumbles.

「 I’ve always been wondering how Ai could enter the tennis club if your mother is like that 」


「 Don’t you think Ai’s mother would tell her to not go to any clubs and go home right away after school? 」

Now that she mentioned it.

They picked our high-school because it’s the closest to their home.

「 Ai, answer me. What did you tell your mother to enter the club? 」

Kana-senpai asks Ai.

「 Ah, uuuu 」


Ai’s turning pale, and her breathing is distressed.

「 Shuffle. 」

「 Aguuuuu 」

I need to restart her before she falls to panic.

「 Answer her. I want to know as well. That’s an order 」

I said calmly.


「 I-I said…O-Our school, N-Needs students to be in a club…that 」

「 You lied to her? 」

Our school doesn’t have that rule.

「 But, why tennis club? 」

Nei asks.

「 T-That’s…l-lottery…and so, it’s decided that I’ll be in tennis club for the year…That’s what I said 」

「 Lottery? 」

「 T-That’s how it was back in elementary… 」

I don’t get it.

「 Oh. I see. Ai’s elementary school need all students to be in a club by third grade. Furthermore, there’s a flood of applicants for famous sports, and so each year, there’s a lottery on which club you go in, is that it? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 Huh, is there an elementary school like that, Kana-chan? 」

「 Yes, that’s how it was on the school my cousin went through. The idea is that it is fair for all the students for some reason 」

「 No, doesn’t it seem worse that you’re tied up to a club for a year because of some lottery? I mean, if you go up another year, that’s another lottery? 」

「 That’s right. Those who got hooked to the sports will change clubs because of the lottery. Saying that children should try out other sports 」

「 The hell’s that?! 」

Oh, so there are elementary schools like that?

「 And so, Ai, you told your mother that our high school had the same system as that elementary school? 」

Kana-senpai looked at Ai.

「 Uuuu 」

「 Answer her, Ai 」


「 Yes, that’s right. 」

I knew it.

「 Still, well done for the mother for believing Ai-chan. Has she ever thought that high school can’t have the same system as elementary? 」

Nei asks. Ai…

「 Mama believes that Ai never lies to her 」

I see.

Believing that her daughter is under her complete control…

Therefore, she doesn’t think her daughter could lie to her.

Even if she considers it odd, she leaves it be.

「 And I told her that women’s tennis club is separate from the men’s. And I also promised to go home straight away after club activities, and that I won’t join in the training camp. After experiencing the sports club this year, I will be entering the culture clubs next year 」

To think that she made that elaborate lie.

「 Huh, but why? 」

Nei asks.

「 Why would Ai-chan want to enter the tennis club that badly? And why for just one year? 」


「 Nei-san, isn’t that obvious? 」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「 Tsuji-kun was in the tennis club 」


「 Oh, the guy from tennis club Ai-chan said she liked? 」

Yeah, the guy who had a girlfriend who was his childhood friend and is like a Sengoku military commander.

「 I was like that too. When I was in middle school, I had guys I liked, and I kept them secret from Mom 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Are you watching? Ai’s mom. Ai fell in love. Girls who fall in love are already mature. Your little butterfly starts to escape from your hands 」

It’s not just her body.

Ai’s insides are also slipping out of her mother’s thoughts.

「 The daughter who keeps secrets from her parents can’t stay as a child anymore. Don’t you have a memory of doing this yourself? 」

Kana-senpai’s voice echoes in the room.

「 I was watching Tsuji-senpai playing tennis from afar 」

Ai muttered.

「 I don’t mind if it’s just for a year, I wish to see him closely 」

「 Well, our activities are separate, but our school only has one tennis court. You sure can watch the boys practice from a distance.

「 Ai, Ai wanted to do something Tsuji-senpai does. Therefore, tennis 」

Oh, she was in love.

Ai’s puppy love.

「 Therefore, I lied to Mama!! Aaaaah!!! 」

Confessing, her feelings boiled Ai’s emotions.

「 Shuffle 」

I restarted her right away.

「 Hauuu 」

Ai sits down on the bed.

She takes a deep breath.

「 I don’t want this 」


「 Ai wants to date Tsuji-senpai, a sparkling and dream-like relationship 」

She mutters while looking down.

「 I don’t want this, a man I don’t even like kissed me, this is wrong, this isn’t Ai’s love! I don’t want this! 」

Ai resisted her mother.

Her mother wants Ai to stay the same.

「 But, I will do it even if you don’t want me to, Ai 」

I said.

「 Why? Why is it?! Ai doesn’t want this?! 」

Ai looked up at me.

「 I don’t want to have sex with Yoshida-kun!!! 」


「 But, I want to do it 」

I said it clearly.

「 That’s just cruel. Ai doesn’t want to do it 」

「 But I want to 」

「 That’s unfair, cruel, I hate you 」

「 But I’ll still do it 」

I stand up.

My penis is right before Ai’s eyes.

「 N-Noooooo 」

Ai trembles.

「 Do you think it won’t happen because you don’t want to? 」

「 What about you? If I don’t want it, then you’re going to force it? 」


「 That’s right. I want to do it so I will 」

「 That’s just odd!! 」

「 There’s nothing odd about it. It’s just that my desire conflicts with Ai unwilling. And so I will force Ai 」

「 I want Tsuji-senpai instead!!! 」

「 Sorry but, that Tsuji isn’t here, and there’s nobody here to protect you 」

「 Uuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Tears spill from Ai’s eyes.

「 Noo, noooo! Help me! Mama!!! Tsuji-senpai!!!! 」

「 Shuffle! 」

「 Aaaagguuu 」

I must not be kind here.

I mustn’t.


「 Get in the bed, Ai… 」

I made my resolve.

There’s no coming back.

「 It’s time for you to say goodbye to your virginity 」