Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 826. Sex Kingdom / Cross-Selling Part 3



「So that’s what the big-sisters said, but…」

Luna speaks to Koyomi-chan.

「There’s no need to rush, Koyomi-chan has no reason where you need to have sex with Nii-san」

Koyomi-chan looks at her cousin.

「Once you’ve done with Nii-san, then, Koyomi-chan will have a deeper relationship with us, hmm, I think they say “sisters”? That’s what will happen」

Luna does her best in speaking.

「Nii-san did mention that Koyomi-chan is family, but it’s on a “close relative” meaning. It’s different from the deep relationship of sisters by blood」

「Yes, that’s right」

Edie nods.

「And now, Yukino’s also a sister」

「Really now?」

Yukino snorts her nose.

「As for Agnes-chan, well, Koyomi-chan also saw Agnes-chan’s heart just like us…She’s a girl that needs a unique upbringing」

Agnes is a child raised to become a sex slave for Shirasaka Sousuke’s pleasure.

It’s carved in her heart that she’s born to have sex with her father.

Therefore, I took over that father role on Agnes, and she thinks that having sex with me is the most important thing in her life.

「She’s that kind of girl, and that’s the reason why Agnes-chan doesn’t want to get along with anyone but girls who are having sex with Nii-san」

「I understand that too」

Koyomi-chan replies.

I knew it, she looks at people’s minds using her Miko power.

「But, I can’t do it right now」

Koyomi-chan looks at her small body.

「No, that’s okay」

I said.

「You don’t need to force yourself, and we also want to fix Agnes’ ideas little by little」

She doesn’t open up to women I didn’t have sex with, but.

Agnes will enter school soon.

I want her to make lots of friends at school.

When that happens…

Agnes would ask me to rape all the girls she wants to be friends.

「I want Agnes to learn how to get along with people without the mention of sex」

Therefore, I think that Koyomi-chan deciding not to have sex with me yet is a good one.

If Agnes recognizes that Koyomi-chan is like that, and still get along with her, I think she can learn from it.

「But, I…」


「I think I want to do it」



The girl who’s late at growing up looks up at me.

「Looking at the hearts of everyone living in the mansion, they all seem to feel that sex is something amazing」

I see. Koyomi-chan was peeking through the minds of everyone in the mansion for the past few days.

「Everyone feels that sex is pleasurable, that it makes them happy」

The minds of the women who spent the night with me.

「Nobody is displeased about having sex with you. Ai-san had accepted it before she noticed」

Koyomi-chan looked at Ai.

「This idiot surely makes it so pleasurable all the time」

Yukino said.

「They even go to eat meals together. This idiot always says “Delicious” on anything he eats, right? That said, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a taste, and he just thinks that all food is tasty. He checks the taste of each one, and when he finds it delicious, he says it, and it shows on his face. That’s what makes him look stupid though」

Do I make that kind of face?

「Nii-san has a positive perspective. He finds what’s delicious in the food and eats them gladly」

Luna said.

「He doesn’t like the negative outlook where you nitpick somewhere as long as it’s not too bad. I mean, in Nii-san’s case, he’s only happy that he eats the food people he loves make」


That’s because I never had a meal with the family ever since Grandma died.

That’s the reason why I’m happy to eat warm meals.

All I eat back when Mother and Father were gone in the dark house is cold food.

That loneliness and tasteless food is something I’ll never forget.

Even now that I’m surrounded by my family and living in happiness.

「Therefore, Katsuko, Maika, even Ruriko are the same. This idiot would react happily when someone in the group cooks for him, and that makes them want to improve in cooking. See? It makes them happy that the food they make tastes delicious」

Yukino, is that how you see it?

She hardly interacts with anyone other than Megu and Mana…

She’s always sitting on the table aloof, and yet…

「In my house, Mama’s a food critic so the food she makes should be good enough, but Papa always nitpicks on whatever Mama makes. For example, “one ingredient added to the miso soup is limited. Anything more than two makes it impure,” or “I’m unable to stomach the size of this tofu,” or “take off the head of the saury,” or “leave the head of the mackerel open” and such」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s a narrow-minded man.

「He doesn’t cook food, and yet all he does is complain. Even when eating at a fancy restaurant, he goes “this is wrong,” “I don’t like it,” he complains all the time, and he never takes a break to just eat the food」

Yukino said.

「Well, putting Papa aside, and let’s return to this idiot. This idiot applies it not just to food but also with women」


「This idiot isn’t picking everyone when he rapes. I mean, he’s got no honor, and he’s so dumb that you can take 30 points of IQ off his brain. He’s an abysmal idiot for sure, but…」

Yukino’s got a nasty tongue for sure.

「But, he makes sure to taste his women. He’s always like that. He doesn’t just rush with his libido. He uses all of his five senses…」

「Oh, I get that!」

Kana-senpai speaks up.

「Nobu stares at me a lot, and he listens when I moan in pleasure, he also smells my hair and skin a lot, touches my body…」

「And he also loves licking!!!」

Wait, that makes it sound like I’m a huge pervert.

「He’s really greedy that he won’t stop unless he tastes all of you」

「It’s not just your body, Nii-san also wants to savor your heart」

Luna adds.

「I get that too. I mean, Nobu’s so open when having sex. He exposes his all. He’s not trying to make himself look cool?」

Huh? What do you hide when having sex?

My dick’s exposed.

My body’s naked, I don’t think I can hide anything with that.

「Then, Nobu’s dazzling at times like that, and it’s very erotic! Especially when he’s going to attack you, it makes me want to squeal like a fangirl」

「Yeah, that. Yeah, this idiot has that “I want to have sex, let’s do it,” and he lets you feel it」

「Therefore it’s fun to have sex for us too」

Kana-senpai, Yukino, and Luna said.

「Darling makes sure to see the different charms of each of his women after all」

Edie smiled.

「When it’s my time, he embraces me. When it’s Yukino’s time, it’s only Yukino. When it’s Kana, it’s just Kana. And it also applies to Luna. He enjoys the difference in mind and body with everything. And that makes us happy」

「That’s right. Therefore, Ai’s right. When doing it with Nobu, it makes you feel that you’ve done something good. It’s because he’s pleased with it. Oh, so that’s why」

Kana-senpai looked at Ai.

「You see it was the same for me, Nobu raped me at first, but now I’m head-over-heels for him. Having sex with Nobu is fun」

Kana-senpai smiles.


Ai looked up at me.

「Ai’s happy too」

The mother listens to her daughter’s confession, dumbfoundedly.

「Koyomi-chan seems to have sensed that emotions we had about sex」

Edie speaks to Koyomi-chan.

「But, Koyomi-chan’s body is young, that you can’t experience sex yet」

「No, Nii-san… Nii-san’s hesitating. Thinking, “It’s impossible with Koyomi-chan’s body. It’ll hurt her” and “Koyomi-chan might hate me if I do it,”」


「Koyomi-chan can see the negative thoughts in Nii-san, and that’s why Koyomi-chan’s dwarfing towards Nii-san…」

I see.

So the problem was my attitude towards her.

「But, that is a real problem, Koyomi-chan’s body can’t take it yet」

Edie said.

I thought so too.

Koyomi-chan’s body is too small and young that she can’t have sex yet.

「Oh? I think that you can do at least pretend play if sex is impossible?」

Kana-senpai said.

「Right, I think that girls at her age should be okay with masturbation already」


「I think that sticking in your dick would be impossible for now, but I believe that you can make her cum with your tongue, your forte, or your hand?」

As soon as Yukino said that.

「I-I won’t allow that!」

Ai’s mother’s anger explodes.

「I-I won’t let you lay a finger on this child! I-I’ll protect her」


Oh right.

She’ll break if we corner her too hard.

「No, I haven’t decided on doing anything yet」

I speak politely.

「Everyone, let’s not rush to conclusions yet. Anyway, I now know more about Koyomi-chan, we can take it easy for now」

I look at Koyomi-chan.

「Koyomi-chan, you don’t need to rush yourself for an answer, take your time. I think it’ll be a lot of trouble, but…」

She can read minds, that means…

As long as she stays in the mansion, everyone’s emotions and memories of sex will all come to Koyomi-chan.

「Yes. You’re right」

Koyomi-chan said.

「I’m glad that you’re a man who’s fair and thinks of balance」


「My situation is…no, everyone doesn’t have an ordinary situation…I understand that…」

Her mother, who had the blood of the shrine maidens, got swallowed up by her Miko power and died.

「I know that everyone’s creating a relationship through sex and that Kiyohara-san’s angry at all this」

Right, our relationship is abnormal.

I’m aware of that.

「Even so, you make sure that there’s a balance in that abnormal relationship, and that part where you don’t lose your guard is amazing」



Is Koyomi-chan praising me?

「Yes. It’s a short time, but I’m thankful for this opportunity. You never lied to me, Ai-san, nor Kiyohara-san. You speak out your honest thoughts」

Koyomi-chan looks at me.

「You don’t lie to others either, I’m grateful that this is a gathering of people bad at it」

People bad at lying?

I look at the women in the room.

Yukino, Kana-senpai, Luna, Edie.

「Oh, I see」

Nei’s looks and personality is just a camouflage, a lie. Najima Yasuko doesn’t have that freedom and nature of Natou Nei.

Katsuko-nee and Minaho-neesan are members of Kuromori when speaking, they unconsciously go with strategies, tactics.

If they were here, Koyomi-chan wouldn’t relax.

Megu’s also the type that holds back her emotions.

Yukino and Kana-senpai have the personality where they speak out their thoughts.

Edie and Luna, they look at the people around discreetly, and they never say anything unnecessary.

And, as Yukino describes, I’m an honest idiot.

These people are suited to open up Koyomi-chan’s heart, a young girl who can read minds.

Well, Minaho-neesan herself should be watching through the hidden cameras, though.

「You got me」

Speaking of which, the doors are shut closed.

Nobody else is in after Edie.

Katsuko-nee must’ve been asked to give us some time.

「Well, that’s great, now that we had a talk, let’s hurry up and eat」

I tell everyone.

「Oh right. We need to hurry, or Nei-san and others won’t have time for lunch」

It’s already 12:45.

「Oh, Nei’s okay. Looks like she’s going to skip out on the fifth class」

Edie smiled.

「That’s why Megumi needs to switch」

「Then I’m going」

I stand up.

「They won’t complain if I come late in the fifth period」

I’m a student in the ‘bakery course,’ and so my job here has a higher priority.

I can have Katsuko-nee and Nei take care of the sales, and I’ll support, replacing Megu.

I had my experience as a seller when this started.

「You all can take it easy, you’ve done enough for today, AI. You can eat your lunch with your mother」


Ai trembles.

She seems afraid of her mother.

「Then, leave this one to me. Nobu, if you’d please」

Kana-senpai’s cheerfulness helps out a lot at times like this.

「If you want, should I eat off your lunch too?」

Yukino speaks teasingly.

「Look, I’ve got to eat portions for two people」

「You say that, but once you become a glutton postnatal, you’ll get obese」

Edie grins.

「Uuu, that’s a problem」

「Darling, I’ll go help out once I’m done」

「Yeah, thanks」

I open the door to the counter.


「I said release Kiyohara-san!」


「That’s right! Give us Kiyohara-san!」

Looking at it, there are five school girls on the side of the counter.

They’re all protesting to Katsuko-nee.

Oh, so that’s why Nei and Megu are the ones selling.

「Besides! It’s strange! Why is Kiyohara-san working!」

「That’s right! This is a violation of labor law!」

「We’re going to report you to the labor department director!」

「If we go on a trial! It’s our win!!」

The five girls are attacking Katsuko-nee loudly, and so the students in the cafeteria all look this way.

No, there are also curious onlookers from the outside.

This doesn’t look good.

I close the door.

If I go outside, they’ll surely try to look inside the room where they know Ai should be hiding.

I can’t let them see Yukino, Ai’s mother, and Luna here.


Edie presses a switch on the wall.

A monitor comes down from the ceiling.

It shows the image outside, and we can hear the voices from the speaker.

This was made for Megu and me. So the bakery’s got the monitoring system to watch outside the bakery and the counter.

『Okay, let me explain first so calm down』

Katsuko-nee speaks to the five girls.

『Kiyohara-san is only helping out in the shop, just like the other girls. We didn’t force her to do this』

『What are you talking about? You’re not paying her job fees, are you?!』

One of the girl flames on Katsuko-nee.

『You’re selling products here, and Kiyohara-san’s not receiving a single yen?! That’s strange!』

『That’s right! It’s abuse!』

『Human rights violation!』

What’s with these girls?

「T-They’re girls from my class」

Ai replies while trembling.

「T-They always help out Ai, and w-we eat lunch together every day until now」

Ai’s friends?

『But, Kiyohara-san’s not a part-time worker. This bakery is established before and linked to the new “bread technical warrior training course” or something. This is a part of education』

『I don’t receive work fee from here』

『Me neither』

Nei and Megu tell the five while selling bread.

『B-But, it’s natural to pay Kiyohara-san if she’s working!』

『That’s right! That’s right!』

『She’s selling products to everyone!』

『If this is just a lesson then all she has to do is distribute it!』

The five still continue to spit flames.

『Hmm, high-school baseball teams still pay up admission fee when they enter tournaments. But, that doesn’t mean that the high-school baseball players are paid for their participation in the tournament, right? This is just part of their education after all』

Katsuko-nee explains.

『You’re just playing with words! You can’t fool us!』

『That’s right! That’s right!』

『I mean, you’re receiving money, are you?!』


『Yes, I’m the teacher in the “bread course” officially. It’s my job to teach them how to make and sell pastries. Therefore I receive salary』

She speaks proudly.

『You sound so proud. You’re just employed by the school, aren’t you?』

『That’s right! We’re paying up this school! We’re better than you!』

『Let’s go complain to the chairman. Let’s tell them that the baker is conceited』

『How about we go to the board chairman instead?』

『We’ll send a mail to the ministry of education, and we can make your career end right away』

The girls aren’t stopping.

No, Katsuko-nee’s the board chairman of this school back then, she’s now just a board director tho.

『Anyway, everything that you say sounds strange!』

One of the girls said.

『Kiyohara-san doesn’t belong to the “bread course” Besides, it’s strange to have students working on a bakery for “education” reasons!」

『That’s right! It’s tyranny!』

『The reasoning’s wrong!』

『No objections!』


『Like I said, you’re wrong. We’re helping out here voluntarily!』

『That’s right, we don’t belong to “bread course” either』

Nei and Megu retort to the girls.

『Ai-chan’s the same! She came here to help out voluntarily!』

No, that’s…

In Ai’s case, I ordered her to help out.

『That can’t be right!』

Ai’s friend shouted.

『I mean, it’s Kiyohara-san! That Kiyohara-san never says that she’ll do something herself!』

『That’s right! She’s always “waawaaa!” and she can’t do anything by herself!』

『You all must’ve threatened Kiyohara-san and forced her to work here!』

『You’re making her your slave!』

『Kiyohara-san looks cute after all』


I see.

Ai’s classmates think of her that way.

『Oh shut up! If you’re talking about looks, I’m cute too!』

Nei snaps for the wrong reason.

『Megu-chan also looks good if you seek from this angle』

『Nei-oneesan, please stop that, these people are serious』

Megu shuts Nei up.

『Uhm, I think you don’t know about it but, Kiyohara-san and her senior in the tennis club, Hoshizaki-senpai…』

『We know! A guy from the judo club stalks Kiyohara-san, and the senior from tennis club helped her out』

『Kiyohara-san’s always consulting it with us』

『Yes, we also saw the disgusting photos and tried to become Kiyohara-san’s strength』

Ai relies on anyone as long as they are dependable.

She’s always making that timid look, asking everyone to help her.

『Then, did you do something?』

Nei asks.

『We can’t do anything obviously!』

『He’s a senior, a man, and also from the judo club』

『He’s so disgusting that he sends those images』

Oh, they all saw Shindou’s dick pic.

Ai showed it to all she consulted with.

『That’s right, stalkers are scary』

『Yeah, and it’s scary that we might get involved if things go poorly』

『Oh what, you girls didn’t do anything?!』

Nei asks.

『That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything!』

『That’s right! We’re always with her every day』

『We also eat lunch together with her!』

『That’s right, Kiyohara-san’s scared of being alone』

『We helped her out in our way』

They speak.

『But you see, it’s Kana-chan who fixed the problem』

Nei said.

『Then, thankful to what Kana-chan did, Ai-chan said that she’ll help out Kana-chan in the bakery』

『That’s not possible!』

Ai’s friends denied.

『That Kiyohara-san will never say something like that!』

『That’s right! That’s right! That senior from the tennis club forced her! That must be it!』

『Kiyohara-san never complains after all!』

『That’s cruel of you!』

They continue to create their own stories.

What should we do with them?

「Geez, what a noisy bunch. I’ll go out and complain to them」

Yukino stands up.

「No, if you go out now, it’ll only create more trouble, Yukino」

Yukino’s still untouchable in our school.

「I mean, look at them pretending to be friends, but in the end, they only look down on Ai」

Yukino looks at Ai.

「They’re not friends」

You’re angry for Ai’s sake?

「You see. I lost all my friends one day. And I hate people who try to look good by saying those things」

Yukino’s got a lot of friends back then.

It’s all shallow relationships, however.

I’m the one who took away Yukino’s friends.

「Should I go out?」

Kana-senpai asks.

「I’m much more accustomed to dealing with conceited juniors in the club than Nei-san」


Nei’s useless in this. She doesn’t have an ordinary high-school life.

In a sense, that also means Katsuko-nee can’t deal with this either.

Megu and Edie are both first-years.

They can’t smoothly fight against a group of women like that.

「Right, Please do that Kana-senpai」


Kana-senpai stands up.

「Also, Ai, go」

Ai looked at me in surprise.

「You must do this yourself」

I tell AI.

「Kana-senpai will accompany you and deal with those girls」

「W-What did you say?!」

Ai’s trembling.

「I won’t tell you what to do, you’ve got to decide for it yourself, Ai…」

Does she want to stay with those friends of hers?

Or, does she want to reject them?

She needs to think for herself, decide, and tell them.


「Anyway, what they’re doing is obstruction of business. You’ll deal with them Ai, that’s the only order I’m giving you」

I made it clear with her.