Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 831. Sex Kingdom / Ai’s gratitude sex 2



「 Yeah, Ai will do her best in sex 」

It’s just the two of us in Ai’s room.

Ai pats my shoulder.


What’s this?

Ai’s personality is to depend on the people around her.

Devoting her life to me means that she’s replacing her mother, Makoto-san, with me?

「 Don’t ponder over it 」

Ai squats down and to my line of sight.

Then, she pats my head.

「 Good boy, good boy 」

Huh, what’s going on?

「 Yoshida-kun worked hard 」


「 Ai will give you pat-pat… 」

Ai smiles.

「 Err, it’s okay to take it slow, could you explain what were you thinking, Ai? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

Ai sits next to me on the bed.

「 U-Uhm, Ai isn’t that smart, so, I don’t think I can tell Papa all of it 」

「 I know, just calm down and take it easy. Start whenever you like it 」

I tell AI.

I want to know the reason why she wants to show gratitude for a hundred years.

「 A-Ai, I-I’ve been watching Yoshida-kun for the past few days 」

Watching me?

「 Then, I understood…Yoshida-kun likes me, right? 」

What’s with that suddenly?!

「 Yeah, I do 」

「 Ai thought so. Yoshida-kun’s kind to Ai… 」

Her eyes stare at me.

「 Then, when having sex, you look so happy 」

「 No, that’s… 」

「 Yoshida-kun, you’re not someone who picks anyone, right? You don’t have sex with people you don’t like 」


「 Yoshida-kun never had sex with Kudou Haruka. Koyomi-chan, Yoshiko-san… 」

Ai’s watching. Listening.

The relationships of people within the mansion…

「 Also, M-Mama 」


No, I never considered wanting to have sex with Makoto-san.

Minaho-neesan’s right, I don’t think I can deal with women at the same age as my mother.

「 Anyway, I-I understood why you chose me 」

Ai said.

「 Y-You want to take responsibility for Ai… 」

I mean, yeah.

「 Yoshida-kun works too hard, I think 」

Ai pokes my elbow with her fingers.

「 Work too hard? 」

「 That’s right, everyone doesn’t see how hardworking Yoshida-kun is 」

Hafuuu, Ai sighed.

「 No, they do understand me 」

My women think of me and support me.

「 No, they don’t. They don’t understand 」

Ai shakes her head.

「 What do you mean? 」

「 T-They all are smart, they can make decisions and act on it in an instant 」


「 Therefore, hmm, you see, when they come up with something, they just finish it up with a snap, but Ai and Yoshida-kun are different 」

Ai and me?

「 Ai can’t catch up to their speed. They’re too fast. They start another topic while I’m still trying to understand 」

I get that.

Yeah, Minaho-neesan and Misuzu are rapid thinkers, and they also make instant decisions. Furthermore, they act out their choices without delay.

Their speed is surprising for ordinary people.

「 W-When Katsuko-san first taught Ai about making bread… 」

Oh, she did that.

「 I didn’t understand it at all, she explains too fast… 」


「 Mana-san and Ruriko-san keep on teaching me, but I didn’t understand them. Agnes-chan’s explanation is somewhat okay 」

Mana and the girls are also fast…

「 But, when Yoshida-kun taught me, I understood… 」


「 Y-Yoshida-kun waited until Ai understood 」

Ai looks up at me.

「 Then, I understood. Y-Yoshida-kun lives in the same speed as Ai… 」


「 They all are too fast. That’s why Yukino-san never does anything 」

Yukino never helps out in housework.

「 If she tries to do something, she’ll get swallowed up by their speed 」

I-I see.

Someone’s already working before Yukino could help out.

If they were to sense that Yukino wants to do some housework, Katsuko-nee or Ruriko would give Yukino a share.

And once that happens, Yukino needs to catch up to their speed.

「 Megumi-san is getting left behind, that’s why she’s rushing. That’s why Tsukiko-san prepares only what Megumi-san can do 」

Ai’s observing a lot.

「 But, Yoshida-kun’s the only one working hard to match up to their speed, you work hard, it’s something to praise, so, pat pat… 」

Ai’s cute hands pat me.

「 They don’t understand. They’re kind people, but, they don’t know how hardworking Yoshida-kun is… 」


「 No, but, I think that they still understand… 」

「 No, Ai has always been at this speed, so I understand. Fast people never understand slow people 」

Ai said.

「 They always get angry, asking, “why can’t you be a bit faster?” They don’t understand those who are slower than themselves 」

Fuuuuuu, Ai breathes out.

「 I’m a bit worn out 」

Yeah, it must be hard for Ai to speak that much.

Ai lies down on the bed.

「 Yoshida-kun 」

She looks up at me from the bed.

「 When you’re teaching Ai how to make bread… 」

Err, what about it?

「 You always say “Good,” or “well done” when Ai understood, even if it took some time 」


「 You watch and wait for Ai to understand 」


「 It makes me happy. T-That’s why I thought… 」


「 I-I thought it might be okay to stay, making bread together all the time 」

Ai’s eyes are getting moist.

「 So that’s why you asked to change course? 」

「 I want to stay with Yoshida-kun…always, be it 30, 50, or a hundred years… 」

Ai stares up at the ceiling.

「 Mama thinks that Ai is too slow, and useless, that’s why she does everything for Ai. I know 」

Ai speaks with sadness.

「 I’ve tried out a lot of things myself in that house… 」

The change in her environment made her see her relationship with her mother, objectively.

「 But, Yoshida-kun knows that Ai is slow but not useless, so you wait for me to understand 」


「 When I finally noticed that last midnight, I was so happy that I cried 」

No, I’m just…

I was looking down on Ai for being slow…

She’s a girl who takes things slowly.

She’s not an idiot, she’s just slow.

「 Then, I thought of Yoshida-kun, recalled a lot, and understood… 」

Ai gets up.

「 I thought that Yoshida-kun needs more pat-pat… 」

She cuddles with me.

「 You need someone to praise you, saying “good,” “you did great,” when you’re working hard 」

No, I…

「 I’m not doing anything praiseworthy 」

「 No! You’re doing your best, so you need to be praised, or you won’t be able to continue… 」

Ai holds my hand tight.

「 Yoshida-kun told me “good” halfway until the end, the bread I made has a strange shape, but I made it. Without Yoshida-kun, I probably couldn’t have done it…and… 」

Ai looks at me.

「 I’m sure that everyone will look at me and think that I’m a girl who can’t do anything 」

Ai’s hands are filled with strength.

「 Yoshida-kun knows how happy Ai is, right? 」


The bread Ai made for Makoto-san…

It made Ai happy…

It’s an achievement for her who made something for the first time.

「 Therefore, I want to become better in making bread, I want to do it together with Yoshida-kun 」


「 Therefore, it’s this… Therefore, Ai wants to live giving her thanks to you, for a hundred years, or until I die… 」

The pastry opened up a door in Ai’s life.

「 Ai wants to praise Yoshida-kun, pat-pat your head…After all, you’re doing your best…Ai knows… 」

Ai’s eyes stare at the confused me.

「 Ai and Yoshida-kun are on the same speed after all… 」

I see.


I misunderstood.

That I’m living in the same thought speed as Minaho-neesan, Jii-chan, Misuzu and the girls…

Looking at it again.

This bakery idea…

Baking a lot of pastries for a month since the summer vacation.

No, I’m able to do it because Katsuko-nee and everyone helps out, but…

I could get this fast if I were alone.

Katsuko-nee ad Minaho-neesan’s plans…I got dragged by their speed.

All I’m doing is desperately following them.

「 Yoshida-kun, you need to come back to our speed, or you’ll get tired… 」

Ai gently leans her head on my shoulder.

「 Everyone doesn’t know how hardworking Yoshida-kun really is… 」

Me too.

I’m desperately trying to catch up with my women in their speed, and yet…

I’m actually someone who needs to take time to understand things, just like Ai…

I misunderstood that I’m as quick-witted as everyone…

I looked down on Ai… Underestimated her.

I’m the worst.

「 There, there, don’t make that face, Ai’s here… 」

Ai hugs me.

「 I’ll be with you always… 」

She kisses me in the cheeks.

「 It’s Ai’s first time wanting to do something for someone 」

I see. This isn’t dependence.

She doesn’t want one-sided help.

She wants to help me, as well.

「 Yoshida-kun, I know that you have a lot to think about, a lot of women… 」

Ai speaks to me.

「 But, it’s okay. Ai is hopeless without Yoshida-kun, but Ai will also pat-pat Yoshida-kun 」


「 If Ai doesn’t pat-pat Yoshida-kun, you’ll break off 」

Ai looks at me.

「 Haaaaaaaaa 」

I breathe out from the bottom of my stomach.

I see. I…

I’ve been hiding all this away while pretending to be okay.

I’ve been forcing myself a lot.

「 U-Uhm, Yoshida-kun 」

Ai asks…

「 W-What? 」

「 Is Yoshida-kun the father of the child in Y-Yukino-san’s stomach? 」


「 Yeah, that’s right 」

「 Nagisa-san too? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I see. I knew it 」

Ai smiles.

「 Then, I’ll bear your child too 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Maybe not now. Ai can’t do three things at the same time 」


「 My hands are filled about learning how to make bread and s-sex 」

Ai nods.

「 The baby can be for later 」

Seriously. she’s…

She lives at her own pace.

She observes, thinks, and when she has enough information, that’s when she draws a conclusion.

That’s her personality.

「 Is it okay now, Yoshida-kun, you understand it, right? 」

Ai smiled.

「 Yoshida-kun never moves forward until there’s an understanding, you’re stubborn, but I like it 」

Ai says while patting my head.

「 It’s okay, you can do what you want with Ai… 」

Yeah, we won’t go and have sex unless I understand her…

「 Yeah, then let’s take it easy 」

I said. Ai…

「 Yes, please eat me up 」

◇◇ ◇

I stripped Ai naked…

I also got naked.

「 You’re beautiful, Ai 」

「 Yoshida-kun looks energetic too 」

Ai touches my erect penis.

「 Hey, Ai… 」

「 It’s okay…I’m going to serve this for a hundred years 」

She squats in front of me and strokes my penis.

「 Y-You’ve gotten better at this 」

「 I found out about it last night…how do I make Yoshida-kun feel good 」

Ai’s thin fingers move up and down.

「 Ai’s fingers, and the entrance in that part making strokes… 」

It looks like she had some image training inside her head.

「 Okay, that’s enough for now 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai stops stroking my penis.

「 It’s boring unless I go for something else, right? 」

She lay down on the bed and looked up at me.

「 Here, Yoshida-kun 」

She spreads her arms and waits for me.

「 W-What? 」

She’s not spreading her legs, which means this isn’t insertion time yet.

「 You love breasts, don’t you? 」

「 Ah… 」

「 It’s okay to lick them, go on 」

I get on top of Ai…

I suck on her small but cute breasts.

「 So cute 」

Ai hugs my head and pats it.

I continue to lick her until her nipples get hard.

「 Ahn! It makes me shiver, Yoshida-kun! 」

Ai’s breathing is becoming rough.

Err, the next part is…

「 Muu, don’t think like that 」

Ai looked up at me and said.

「 Wait, you want me to go for your nipples again? 」

「 That’s not it, Yoshida-kun, you just thought that I would get bored if you don’t go for other parts, right? 」

Was I trying to go to another location because I was thinking of her?

「 I’m not bored yet, and it’s okay even if I do get bored…Yoshida-kun still wants to lick my breasts, right? 」


「 Yoshida-kun, you’re accustomed to doing that when having sex 」

Doing what?

「 Prioritizing the woman in sex 」

Ai said.

「 Yoshida-kun, when I watch you have sex with other girls, I’ve always wondered… 」

「 Wondered what? 」

「 Yoshida-kun could’ve gone for more, and yet, you seem to be going for something else after some time…therefore… 」

Did I become like that before I was aware?

I grew accustomed to having sex every day that I move my body with the flow on how to please the woman, not myself.

「 It’s okay to do that with other girls, but you don’t need to do that with Ai… 」

Getting accustomed and getting better are two different things.

It means that I just grew accustomed.

「 Yoshida-kun always lets go of the breasts while looking regretful… 」

Ai observed me.

「 It’s okay to lick them off for an hour or two, Yoshida-kun… 」

Ai smiles gently.

「 Ai’s sex is her gratitude, you can do it however you want, Yoshida-kun 」

I finally get what Ai’s been trying to tell me.

I see. I…

My girls always tell me to do what I want.

Ruriko, Mana, and Yomi are my sex slaves.

If I ask them, they’ll entertain me, no matter how perverted it may be…


I’m so useless.

I’ve been fussing too much about them when it comes to sex…

When I noticed my sex slaves make more requests than I do.

I can’t release my craving.

「 Ai’s a girl who takes it slow. There’s no need to rush 」

I see. If it’s in sex, those girls are also quick-witted.

Therefore, they keep on coming u with new ideas and ask for it.

Then, I do my best to meet their expectations.

「 Ai won’t be able to feel it unless you take it slow. So, okay? 」

「 Yeah, let’s take it slow 」

I bury my face on Ai’s breasts once again.

「 Papa’s coming back by late 8, it’s okay to take it easy 」

「 Huh, if I take that much time with Ai they’ll get angry 」

Ai laughed.

「 It’s okay, it’s me after all. They all know that I take time 」

I see.

「 Yeah, then that’s okay now 」

I continue to suck on Ai’s nipples while massaging her breasts…

「 Aaaaaah , aaaaaaaaahhn!!! Hauuuu!!! 」

I enjoy hearing Ai’s lewd voice…