Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 833. Sex Kingdom / Ai’s gratitude sex 4



「 Haa, haa, haa, haa… 」

I lie down on Ai’s soft body limply after my long ejaculation.

「 Fuu, fuu, auu, haa 」

Ai’s also taking a deep breath.

Her heart’s beating fast.

Her body’s sweating all over.

「 Y-Yoshida-kun, you look in pain. You’re sweating a lot 」

I guess I’m sweating all over too.

「 Did you let out a lot? 」

Ai gently hugs me and asked.

「 Yeah, I did. That was a lot 」

「 I see. That’s great 」

Ai smiled. Then…

「 Good boy, good boy… 」

She pats my head…

「 It’s fun to do it together… 」

「 Huh? 」

Ai said. I’m surprised.

「 I always had Mama, and everyone else does everything for me, but… 」

She looked at my eyes and said.

「 But, Yoshida-kun taught me that I need to do things myself… 」

「 Yeah, that’s right 」

Ai learned from Agnes and the girls for the past few days.

「 And now, I just had sex with Yoshida-kun… Only the two of us…right? 」

Ai peeks into my face.

「 Ai and Yoshida-kun…together. 」

It wasn’t just a one-sided attack.

「 Yeah. You’re right, this is sex between two people 」

「 Yeah 」

Ai smiles in satisfaction…

Ai’s insides tighten up.

The semen remaining in my penis is squeezed out by Ai’s vagina.

「 You see, Katsuko told me this recently 」

Ai said while still having me inside her.

「 Doing something for someone is much more fun than the other side 」

She pats my head gently.

「 Therefore, Ai tried fellacho 」

Ai said.

「 Yeah, Yoshida-kun looked so happy, pleased about it. Next time, I’ll drink it 」

She cute girl smiles, lovely.

「 Then, Katsuko-san said that it’s not the end of it 」

Ai speaks to me with all her effort.

「 Doing something together is much better than doing something for someone 」

Doing it together is much better.

「 It’s true. Having sex is fun. Fufu… 」


「 Yoshida-kun, let’s kiss 」

「 Sure 」

I exchange a kiss with Ai.

Ai inserts her tongue and entwines with mine.

「 Hafuu, what do we do next? 」

「 Next? 」

「 Yoshida-kun’s still big… 」

Ai can feel the penis inside her.

「 Katsuko-san also told me… 」

「 About what? 」

「 She said that Yoshida-kun has no post-coital clarity 」

「 What’s that? 」

「 Ai doesn’t get it either, but, she said that Yoshida-kun doesn’t settle down even after a round of sex. And it’s rare 」

「 I-I see… 」

Speaking of which, I don’t know much about other male’s sexual activities.

「 Is that strange? 」

「 Not really, it’s actually amazing. Katsuko-san said. 」

「 What’s impressive about it? 」

「 She said that most boys lose interest with their women after releasing it once 」

「 I can’t do that, you know? I’m having sex with such a cute girl after all… 」

A naked woman having my semen poured in her womb…

Thinking about that, it arouses me so hard that I’d want to go for another round.

「 I don’t get it, but still, Yoshida-kun’s great…and cute 」

「 Me? Cute? 」

「 I mean, when you get naked and insert it to Ai, it’s so cute…too cute 」

I don’t get what’s going on inside Ai’s head.

「 Therefore, here. Let’s go for it until it goes soft 」

「 Is Ai’s body okay, though? Does it hurt? 」

「 It’s okay! It’s also fun! 」

I-I see.

「 Then, should we change positions? I’ll pull out for now 」

「 Ah, wait. I want to see… 」

I got Ai to sit up.

Ai stares at the part where we’re connected.

「 Oooh, this is amazing 」

She’s impressed.

「 Okay, I’ll pull out for now 」

I pull out my penis from Ai…

「 Auu 」

Chupon. As soon as I pulled out my glans, semen spilled out of her slit.

「 Oooh, it’s coming out. It’s a waste though 」

「 I’ll just cum inside again 」

「 Okay, let out a lot… 」

Now then, for the second round…

「 Ai, could you go to the desk? 」

「 Un, okay 」

The two of us got off the bed.

「 What are we going to do? 」

I look at Ai’s naked body, then…

She’s small and petite for real.

I could just give her hips a good hug.

Her legs and ass don’t have that much meat.

Her small breasts are reasonably beautiful, but…

「 Give me a smile 」

「 Like this? 」

Ai shows a natural smile.

「 Cute 」

The beauty of this first-year girl leveled up.

Her beauty is cuteness, unlike Nei, Kana-senpai, and Yukino.

「 If you think so, then give me a hug and kiss 」

「 Will do 」

I embraced Ai and kiss her lips, cheeks, and nose.

「 Auuu 」

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 I feel like I’m losing my legs when Yoshida-kun hugs me tight while standing 」

「 Don’t worry. I have you in my arms. 」

「 Hmm, then I won’t worry about it anymore 」

Ai kisses me.

Now then.

「 Then, I’ll sit in here, and Ai will ride my legs 」

I sit down on the chair.

Having a naked woman sit down is strangely arousing.

「 Err, I can’t see Yoshida-kun’s face like this 」

It’s natural when we have this position.

「 It’s okay. Now, face that mirror 」

A big full-length mirror is placed in one of the doors in Ai’s closet.

「 Sit down and face that way. 」

I pull the caster-use seat and face the mirror.

「 Like this… 」

I sat down the chair and adjust the height.

「 Ai’s legs could reach the ground if you sit on my lap now, right? 」

「 U-Un.. 」

「 Are you scared? 」

「 I’ll try.. 」

Ai turns her back on me, I hold her hips and make adjustments.

「 Spread your legs. Yes, like that, then lower your hips. 」

「 Auuuuu 」

Ai’s ass approaches my lap.

My erect tip comes in contact with Ai’s entrance.

「 Kyauuu 」

「 You’re probably scared, but just lower your hips like that 」

「 Hyaaaaan!!! 」


Once again, my penis feels her warm and wet insides.

「 Kuuuuuuuuuuu 」

「 Don’t strain yourself, take it slow, breathe, and just put it in slowly 」

「 Haa, aah, uuuuuuu 」

Oh, it’s tight and narrow, it’s piercing through Ai…

「 Auu! 」

As soon as it’s all in, Ai’s ass makes contact with my legs.

「 See? It’s all in now, you can loosen up 」

「 Afuuu 」

Ai takes a deep breath.

「 Amazing, it’s connected. I can see it 」

The mirror in front of us exposes our naked bond.

The image of my penis swallowed by Ai’s slit as well.

Ai’s love nectar shines on the root.

「 Aaah, no, this is bad 」

Ai muttered.

「 What’s bad? There’s nothing bad about Ai though 」

「 That’s not it 」

Ai’s eyes don’t look away from our silly figure reflected in the mirror.

「 If you show me this, I really won’t be able to part from Yoshida-kun forever 」

「 Ai… 」

I come from behind and massage Ai’s breasts.

「 Hauuu, A-Ai’s having a penis inside and having her breasts groped. 」

Furthermore, I lick the back of Ai’s ears.

「 He’s licking my face too 」

Ai’s pussy tightens up.

「 And of course, I’ll kiss you when I thought of it 」

I pull Ai to face me and kissed her.

「 Haaaaaaa, this is super lewd… 」

Ai’s voice melts…

「 There’s more to that… 」

I start poking my hips from below.

「 Aaaah! Aaaaahn! Aaaaaah! 」

Ai gasps loudly.

「 Aaaaahn! Ai in the mirror makes a very lewd face! She looks like she’s feeling good from doing it with Yoshida-kun 」

The image of us in the mirror are melting in pleasure.

「 Aaah, aaaahn! Aaaaah! 」

Juppo! Juppyu!

The point where we entwine is squirting with love nectar.

「 T-That’s amazing! Y-Yoshida-kun!!!! 」

「 Ai!!! 」

I braced my legs with Ai on top of my lap and bring the chair closer to the mirror.

This is a caster-use chair, so I can do that.

「 W-What? 」

「 Don’t mind that, just let me 」

We come closer to the mirror.

「 Ai put your hand on the mirror and slowly get up 」

「 B-But if I do that, Yoshida-kun’s thing is going to pull out 」

「 It won’t, I’ll do it together with you 」

「 But.. 」

「 Just try it out. First, stretch out your hands to the mirror 」

「 Hauuuu 」

Ai’s trembling hands touch the mirror.

「 Okay, let’s stand up! 」

「 Kyauuu!!!??? 」

I stand up while holding Ai.

「 Okay, now we’re going to slowly stand 」

「 Kuuuuu???? 」

We move from sitting to doggy style.

「 This is too lewd 」

Ai, who had her hands placed on the mirror, watches the man violating her from behind, and her body trembles.

「 Let’s move… 」

I grab Ai’s hips and slowly move in and out.

「 Ah, aah, kyafuu, aaah! 」

Ai opens her mouth wide and gasps hard.

I can see her cute breasts in the mirror swinging around.

「 Kyaan! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn! Auuu 」

「 Does it feel good? Ai? 」

「 It feels good! Ahn! It feels good! Yoshida-kun?! 」

「 It feels good for me too!! 」

「 Auuuu! Let’s go for more!!! 」


I grab Ai’s round ass and start moving my hips intensely.

「 Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaauuu! Aaaaaaaahn! 」

Ai screams cutely.

Her cute face in the mirror is drowning in pleasure.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! More! Yoshida-kun!!!!! 」

「 Aaaah! Ai! Aaaaah! 」

I keep my thrusts from behind, and Ai’s small body bounces like spring from my body to the mirror and back.

Ai’s breasts sway all around, and her nipple’s flicking her sweat.

Her thighs are sticky with her love nectar.

「 Aaaaah! Yes! It feels good!! Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaahn! 」

「 Ai! I’m about to… 」

Ooh, the hot mass rises up.

「 Ai, I-I can’t hold it anymore! 」

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Ai, Ai too! Yoshida-kun! Aaaaah! 」


I put on a spurt…

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaaahn! So intense! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Yoshida-kun! Yoshida-kun!!! 」

「 Ai! Ai! Ai!!!! 」

「 You see! I like it! I love, love, love, love you!! 」

「 I love you too! Aaaah! 」

「 Aaaahn! I’m feeling strange again! Ai in the mirror looks so lewd!!! 」

「 Sure, go ahead! 」

Both the Ai in the mirror and in reality!!!

「 Uuuuu, I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!! 」

「 Let out a lot!! Warm Ai’s stomach!!! 」

「 Aaaah! Ai! Uuuuuu 」

I desperately try to hold back…

「 S-So cute! Yoshida-kun’s so cute!!! 」

Ai shouts as she looks at my face in the mirror.

「 Aaaahn! Aaaaaah! Aaaau! Aaaaah! I’m going to fly! I’m going to fly! I’m going to fly! Aaaaah! Ai’s going to fly!!! 」


I release it all in one go!!!!!

「 So hot!!!!!! 」

Ai’s womb feels the overflow of ecstasy spreading in her womb, and she opened her eyes wide.

「 Aaaaaah! It’s coming out! It’s coming! Aaaah! There’s more! 」

「 Uuuuuu, Ai! Aaaaaah 」

As expected, the second round has more volume.

Maybe it’s a strange part of my body, but…

I grab Ai’s ass and grind the entrance to her womb…

I ejaculate with the momentum of peeing.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! 」

Ai reflected in the mirror has her mouth flapping, taking a deep breath.

Her hands are glued to the surface, trembling.

「 I’m still cumming. Ai 」

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah 」

Ai trembles in pleasure with her mouth open.

「 Aaaaaah, aaiiiiiiii!!! 」

I embrace Ai’s small body from behind until I finish my ejaculation.

「 Y-Yoshida-kun 」

Ai fell on the floor with her hands still on the mirror. Exhausted.

Me too.

Then, I lay down on the floor while hugging Ai’s body.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaah, hauuuuu 」

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Ai’s soft skin is flushed.

Her sweat smells like sweet milk, and her love nectar’s sour. She’s filled with the lewd smell of semen.

Her womb is twitching, squeezing my penis for more.

I’m embracing all of Ai.

Cute. Ai’s so cute.

Before long.

「 I want to see your face… 」

Ai mutters after returning from the climax.

「 Sure 」

I pull out my penis…

「 Auuuu 」

And then, we face, then embrace each other.

「 Ufufu, Yoshida-kun. Yoshida-kun’s face is so cute! I love it! 」

Ai said with a smile.

「 I like Ai’s face too 」

「 Un 」

We kissed. Again and Again.


「 Let’s go back to bed, I want to flirt more 」

Ai’s fawning on me.

「 Sure, let’s do that 」

I carry Ai and head to bed.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ufufu, you really do love breasts, don’t you? 」

The two of us lay down the bed and used my arm as a pillow.

I play with Ai’s breasts.

「 Ai loves Yoshida-kun’s touch… 」

Smiling has become normal for her.

「 I like it when you lick and suck on it. I also love giving Yoshida-kun fellacho 」

「 You seem to like sex now 」

「 It’s Yoshida-kun I like 」

Ai kisses my arm next to her.


I never thought that having sex with a girl who takes things slowly makes things lighter for me.

Ai thinks and speaks slowly, and so I get slow as well.

There’s no rush. There’s no need to check the state of the partner and forestall them.

Then that means…

My brain is on full throttle when I’m with other girls…

It’s their fault, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not concerned about me.

They’re just quick-witted…

And I’m slow, I desperately try to catch up to them, trying to anticipate things…

I’m forcing myself to deal with it.

I don’t want to disappoint my women, after all…


「 What’s wrong? 」

「 I now understand that my time with Ai is a necessity 」

I need times where I can just slow down, take it easy.

In truth, I’m at the same speed as Ai…

I also was stuttering and was slow to speak back then.

Now, I’m just trained to speed up somewhat, but…

In reality, I’m still slow.

「 It’s okay from now on 」

Ai smiled.

「 After lunch, during the fifth period… 」


「 When everyone else is back in class…Katsuko-san’s calculating the sales, and she’s going away, it will be just Yoshida-kun and Ai… 」

Ai observed.

The bakery is a part of the schooling, so Katsuko-nee, the lecturer, manages the money.

She carries a portable cash box and takes the car to the bank, or the mansion.

Some delinquents would want to enter the bakery if they think that it has money, and so it’s announced to have that rule, and Katsuko-nee does it.

「 We’re in the bread course, so we have to clean up the bakery after the lunch break, and once we’re done cleaning up, we can have sex… 」

Ai smiled.

「 Right… 」

Having sex with Ai resets the speed of my thoughts.

I think that I’ll need that.

Ai has become a necessity.

「 I feel a bit sleepy 」

Taking it easy makes me feel sleepy.

「 It’s okay, we still have time 」

Ai intends to do this until her father arrives.

I guess that’s okay.

I feel sorry for Katsuko-nee and everyone below, but…

I told AI that I’m tired, and I’m sleepy.

I could never say that to the other girls.

I’m always steeling myself, sharpening my mind.

But with Ai…




「 You’re awake? 」

I see eyes in front of me.

AI’s beautiful eyes.

「 Ah, I fell asleep? 」

「 Yoshida-kun did say that you were sleepy 」

Ai smiles.

The lights coming from the window are weaker.

「 How long did I sleep? 」

「 For an hour and a half 」

I-I see.

「 What about you Ai, what did you do? 」

「 Just watched Yoshida-kun… 」

For the whole duration?

「 Your sleeping face looks cute 」

「 I-I see… 」

「 I also looked at your penis… 」

「 Huh? 」

「 That thing will go inside Ai all the time 」

Ai seems to love watching things…

「 It’s adorable 」

「 I see 」

Getting told that my dick is cute is a bit….but, it’s a beauty…hmmm…



I hear footsteps running from the stairway…?!!

「 Auuu? 」

Ai tilts her head.

That’s too forceful to be Katsuko-nee or the girls.

Could this be?

Oh right…It’s been an hour and a half since…

Gacha, gachagacha!!!

Someone else is trying to open Ai’s room.


Don! Don! Don! Don!!

「 Hey! You’re in here, Yoshi-kun?! 」

「 Darling!!! 」

I knew it.

It’s Megu and Edie.

「 It’s cruel of you to leave us!! 」

「 That’s right! That’s cruel! 」

They knock on the door.

I embraced Ai…

「 Just a bit more… 」

I bury my face in Ai’s soft breasts.