Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 835. Sex Kingdom / Alive



「 For now, strip until you’re all wearing only one underwear 」

I said.

「 Well sure, I’ll strip 」

Yukino said.

「 But, I don’t do it now, okay? I’m not in the mood 」

She said as she strips.

「 I’ll do it, of course, 」

Edie takes off her uniform with a smile.

「 I-I… 」

Megu looks troubled.

「 Look at the situation, all the other girls in the room are stripping… 」

「 And you’re the only one wearing clothes? 」

Yukino said, laughing.

「 W-What? You don’t have to say it like that 」

Megu gets sullen.

「 Megu, strip. This is for the club 」

I tell her.

「 I-I get it. If you’re going that far Yoshi-kun 」

Megu reluctantly takes off her clothes.

I sat down on Ai’s bed.

Ai watches Yukino and the girls strip.

Yukino speaks while tossing her clothes nearby.

「 Speaking of which, did you get days where you really were itching to have sex in a month? 」

「 Yes! I get that day where I want it no matter what 」

Edie folds the clothes she takes off nonchalantly.

「 What do you girls do in those days? 」

「 I talk to the one scheduled hat day, asking to swap, or just call me as her guest for that day 」

Megu is folding the clothes Yukino’s tossing aside instead of her clothes.

「 Oh, I guess everyone does that. 」

Yukino just started living with us in the mansion. She doesn’t have a schedule assigned, and the girls hardly call out on her as a guest.

「 I don’t like that. You have to bow your head to ask their permission, right? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? You’re asking to swap or even join in 」

「 But you know…. 」

As usual, she’s got that strange pride in her.

「 I don’t do that 」

Edie said.

「 I just do it when I want to do it. Like; attacking Darling 」

「 Wait, you? 」

「 Edie? 」

Yukino and Megu are surprised.

「 I just pull Darling when I’m in the mood, be it in the house or school. Darling will give it to you if you ask for it. Be it somewhere grassy, in an open classroom, in the restrooms, everywhere 」

Edie said, laughing.

「 Is that true? Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu stares into my eyes.

「 No, that’s just twice. 」

Back when the delinquents called me out…Edie kicked them around, and we had sex after that.

Oh, I do remember her saying that she wants to do it. Yes.

「 It’s best to have sex on the spot when you’re in the mood 」

Edie laughed triumphantly.

「 Ai will do the same 」

Ai nods.

「 No, Ai, in Edie’s case, she knows where people are, so she can ask for it when there are no people around, but… 」

I try to explain, but…

「 But, Yoshida-kun, I think that Ai wants to do it right away when I get in the mood 」

「 Right. It’s for the best 」

「 Well, only when your lust rises up… 」

The two nods with Ai. Megu;

「 Ah, I give up. That’s something that’s not allowed! 」

「 Really, you don’t want that Megumi? Like, when you’re really horny? 」

「 Like when you want to howl at the moon 」

Do they have times like that?

No, I get that women do have a sexual desire too, but…

「 During those days, I hold back until we get back home, and at night, I ask whoever is in schedule and that’s when I do it 」

Megu’s a girl who likes to follow the rules.

「 Eeh? But you know… Do they swap out with you or call you out as a guest? 」

「 Unlike Yukino, I get along with everyone 」

「 Really? I think Megumi doesn’t get along with Misuzu and Ruriko? 」

「 Edie said. 」

「 That’s not true. I mean, Misuzu-san… 」

「 See? You’re still calling Misuzu with “-san” 」

「 She’s still older 」

「 And you’re calling Nei and Katsuko with “-oneesan,” aren’t you? 」

「 I mean… 」

Megu falters.

「 Well, it can’t be helped. Megumi’s a commoner, and those two are daughters of Billionaires 」

Yukino laughed.

「 I get that feeling. You don’t want to owe those girls anything, don’t you? 」

「 But, Misuzu’s not a girl who’d think that you owe her something, right? 」

「 That just makes her feel small. It’s an attitude of the rich after all 」

I guess her relationship with the Kozuki girls is still cold.

「 What, Yukino also belonged to that group… 」

Megu said.

「 Oh, you’re right. I’m not on their level, but I was still an “ojou-sama” 」

Yukino was the favorite girl of the former owner of the Shirasaka house.

「 Well, that’s no longer the case now. I’m just now a wicked tongue in a mysterious show 」

Yukino shows a self-mocking smile.

「 I like the current Yukino-san. You’re lovely 」

Ai said.

「 During the entrance ceremony last April, I thought that you were beautiful but, you’re much beautiful now 」

「 Thanks. I didn’t notice you back then at all though 」

Yukino said.

「 My focus back then was to make the guys speak about how cute I am, so I was checking the rumors out, but… 」

Yukino, is that something you had in mind back then?

「 To think that this idiot got you too. I don’t mind it, though. You seem to be compatible with this idiot, and you don’t look like you plan something like the other girls 」

Yukino’s received a lot of bullying from Minaho-neesan and the group after all.

「 How many times did you do it with this idiot today? 」

Yukino asked. Ai…

「 Err, twice? Yet… 」

「 Yet? 」

「 Un, Ai also promised to drink Yoshida-kun’s semen 」

Ai replied.

「 Ah, I see. That’s great 」

Yukino said while taking off her bra.

Her breasts spill out.

Her pink nipples flicked.

「 There, first! 」

And she tossed it up.

「 Geez! Yukino, you’re making a mess 」

Megu, in her underwear, picks up the bra that fell on the ground.

「 Hmmm. I think Misuzu’s better when it comes to striptease 」

Edie comments.

「 I’ve seen Misuzu do some strip show for Darling. Misuzu knows how to present herself, so she’s skilled with it 」

Misuzu’s participating in traditional dancing. She knows the timing and methods of presenting herself.

「 Don’t care, it’s not like I’m taking off my clothes for his pleasure 」

「 I’d like to have a little bit of fun with it though 」

Edie takes off her white sports bra.

Her tensed breasts spill out.

「 My body’s not that attractive after all 」

「 Really? I don’t think so 」

Yukino smiled.

「 Look at the idiot’s dick, he’s getting energetic after looking at you, Edie 」

My crotch.

Sure, it’s erect.

「 Wow, so amazing 」

Ai said.

「 Yoshida-kun, what to do? Do you want AI to lick or give it pat pats? 」

「 You already did it twice, didn’t you? 」

「 Just twice, yes 」

Yukino glared at Ai, she replied nonchalantly.

「 Oh well. Megumi, you should hurry up as well 」

「 T-That’s just what I was about to do… 」

Megu moves her hand to her back and unhooks her bra.

「 W-Wait, don’t look at me all of you. I’m not that confident with my body 」

「 That’s not true, Megumi-san’s body is slender, I like it 」

Ai smiled.

「 It’s nothing but slim. I don’t have any womanly charms at all 」

「 Who cares, just take off your clothes already! 」

「 Geez, I get it already 」

Megu takes off her underwear, looking desperate.

Her shaking breasts appeared.

「 Okay, I took them off, is that okay now, Yoshi-kun? 」

「 Yeah, now line up over here. Ai, do the same 」

「 Okay 」

Ai gets up from the bed.

When she stood up, my semen drips down her crotch.

「 Now line up in front of me 」

These naked beauties.

Ai’s fully naked, Yukino, Edie, and Megu are wearing their panties.

They’re all at the same age as me. 16-years-old.

They’re all my classmates starting tomorrow.

Among them, Yukino’s chest is the one puffing out.

「 Don’t stare at me that hard. Yeah, my breasts are growing. I’m pregnant, so it can’t be helped 」

Her growth period and pregnancy are working at the same time.

「 I guess your stomach’s a bit puffed up 」

「 What. That’s where you’re looking? 」

Ai’s right, when they get naked, I can see it.

「 Can I touch them? 」

「 Sure, but be careful when touching it. It’s sensitive. There’s a living being inside after all 」

「 Okay 」

Ai touches Yukino’s belly.

「 Hello 」

「 What do you think? 」

「 Hmm, I don’t get it 」

Having a new life reside within you is a strange feeling.

It felt that way when I first touched it.

「 Well, you’ll have to wait until next year. I’ll let you carry the child once I give birth, but be careful, okay! I’ll beat you up if you drop the child! 」

「 Un 」

Ai smiled.

Following her, Edie…

Your eyes are drawn on Edie’s abs more than her breasts.

「 Still, that’s amazing. Your body is so tense that you look like a black panther. Like a combat woman 」

Yukino speaks out her thoughts.

「 But, Edie’s thin. She’s not like martial artists. It’s more of a model. You know, like a model from a foreign country 」

Megu said.

「 Oh, people over there do train, don’t they? 」

Yukino nods.

「 I practice assassination techniques after all. My muscle build won’t look like an athlete. Our objectives are different after all 」

Edie said.

「 Wait? But you’re joining martial arts tournament with Margo-san, aren’t you? 」

A three girl’s team with Kudou Haruka, and Nei as their manager.

「 That’s right. That’s why Margo’s remodeling her body to look like an athlete. She won’t become a champion unless she does that. She needs to tailor her muscles to that 」

Edie said.

「 But, I can stay like this. After all, I’m not aiming to become a champion. I’m only supporting for Margo in the matches. If I lose my skills because of the change in my constitution, it’ll make my late Grandma sad 」

Edie’s skills were learned from her grandmother.

「 Therefore, I can’t do anything with grappling fighters with this build 」

Edie smiled.

「 But, it’s still beautiful. Edie-san’s body is very like you. Ai likes it 」

Ai said. Edie…

「 R-Really? 」

She gets a bit embarrassed.

「 Darling, this girl, Ai, is she into girls? 」

Oh. Edie…

She’s got the past experience of running away from Miss Cordelia, a Lesbian.

「 I don’t think she’s into that…maybe 」

I replied.

「 I always look down timidly, and so I never looked at people’s bodies like this… 」

Yeah, Ai…

She’s always looking down, even when people help her out.

「 Especially the breasts of women at my age…it’s my first time 」

She never went to school trips as Makoto-san doted on her too much.

She never had the opportunity to look at naked bodies like this.

She didn’t have the composure to look at other girls’ naked bodies for the past few days of sex.

「 This is amazing…Everyone’s so different 」

That’s right. They have different skin tones.

Even the details…

Their nipples…

Naturally, they all have different shapes and sizes.

「 Yoshida-kun, I get why you like breasts now 」


「 Speaking of which, your body looks cute too 」

Yukino tells Ai as she looks at her.

Ai’s naked body.

Petite, and soft wherever you touch her.

Her waist and limbs are so frail like she’ll break.

There’s not a single hard muscle.

Her stomach’s smooth too.

「 But, to think that this small girl… 」

「 You even have an okay butt 」

「 You’re that pure girl but with sex appeal 」

Edie and Megu stare at Ai’s body.

「 Why don’t you try becoming an idol? Like, in my office. I’ll make you famous for sure 」

Yukino’s right.

She evokes that “must protect” feeling from the boys, and yet, her body also has a hint of lewdness.

If Ai stopped looking down, I’m sure that she’ll gain more fans.

「 Ai, don’t want to do that 」

「 Really? That’s unfortunate 」

「 For now, I’m doing my best in making bread, and getting better in sex with Yoshida-kun… 」

Ai replied. Yukino’s surprised.

「 What’s with that? You’ll get better in sex the more you do it. Especially with that idiot 」

「 But, Ai is Ai… 」

Ai looks straight into Yukino’s eyes.

「 Ai’s slower than other people, and so, I do all my best to learn…and it takes slow…a lot of time… 」

「 Oh, I get it. Yeah, you’re a girl that takes a lot of time 」

Then, she looked at Megu.

Megu, who trained her body in track-and-field, has a healthy-looking body.

Ah, she’s got tan, outlining her training wear.

「 I mean, mine’s boring anyway. I’m sorry for having an ordinary face and body! 」

Ah, she’s sulking.

「 Really? Is that normal? I think it’s much better than the ordinary 」

Yukino said.

「 True. There are so many types of girls in our school. Megumi’s much better 」

「 Yes, that one. You know, the other class has girls the boys call “Dowaji” It’s the sisters in each year 」

Oh, the three fat sisters were undoubtedly famous.

「 The second-year sister is named “Dry-Sen,” the third-year, is called “Dom” but, what did that mean?

「 No, even if you ask me… 」

Well, it must be some nickname because of their body…

「 The second-year “Dry-sen” has the most rumors going around 」

I-I see…

「 Compared to the other girls in the world, Megumi’s still better. You’ll get divine punishment if you keep on complaining 」

Yukino, that sounded like you said something heartless.

「 But, everyone in our group is all beautiful 」

Megu speaks in frustration.

「 Well, yeah. That house is a gathering of monsters. Nei, Katsuko, or even Mao-chan’s mother are all beauties beyond compare. And I’m living in that house too now 」

Hey. Yukino…

「 Agnes, my Lil sis is also cute. Naturally, Maika’s also beautiful 」

Those two are also Megu’s half-sisters.

「 The ladies of Kouzuki house are much more elegant, which is frustrating 」

「 Michi’s also beautiful 」

「 Yeah, that. She’s like a doll if she just shuts up. Well, of course, you’re also beautiful, Edie 」

「 Thanks 」

「 Then, the girls from the Takakura house are also beautiful. They have that mysterious aura with them. Then, Seki-san and Fujimiya-san, the Kouzuki SS ladies who come over from time to time. Those ladies are beautiful too. I guess that’s what you’d expect from the old man who has a lot of money 」

Yukino continues to talk.

「 And then, with Kiyohara-san joining in, inevitably, the number of beauties raises the average point. I see I guess it’s hard for Megumi 」

Yukino laughed.

「 It’s okay, Haruka’s also living with us 」

「 Huh, that girl? You’re counting her? 」

Yukino asks. Megu…

「 Kudou Haruka-san’s out of this! 」

Kudou Haruka’s not counted it seems.

Well, yeah, she lives with us, but she’s not my woman.

「 Also, Margo-oneesan, Yoshiko-san, and naturally, Mao-chan 」

Megu excludes the girls I didn’t have sex with.

「 Then, how about we put in Hoshizaki-san in exchange? 」

「 R-Right, I guess Kana-san’s okay 」

「 Oh my. Megumi, you’re just raising the stakes. Isn’t that bad for you? 」


「 I know that already! I’m not the cutest nor the most beautiful! 」

Then, Yukino…

「 Megumi, are you serious about that? 」

「 W-What? Aren’t you thinking of the same thing?! 」

「 Are you stupid!? I mean, you are 」

Yukino shouted.

「 You’re the ugliest?! That’s not for you to decide! 」

She told Megu.

「 The worst one is Yuzuki!! 」


「 That black-hearted woman has poor looks and poor personality. There’s nothing good about that woman! She’s even as frail as a match stick! You’re much better than her! 」


「 Darling. Laugh. That was a joke 」


I got nothing but a dry laugh.

I’m just glad that there’s no camera in Ai’s house.

「 That stupid woman, Kaeru, Okera, Amenbo, Dry-sen, or Dowaji. Those people are doing whatever they can to survive! You do the same! 」

「 Y-Yukino. 」

Megu’s speechless.

「 Nothing will change if you just compare yourself with other people 」

Ai said.

「 Ai is Ai, but, that only makes me want to work hard to change myself, and I will 」

She stares at Megu.

「 Megumi-san is Megumi-san, people are different. Become someone you like 」

Ai looks at me.

「 That’s what Yoshida-kun taught Ai… 」