PLIC non-canon Nagisa-hen

Hi, YesorNo here…

Do you sometimes wish that the author of PLIC put the breaks on the kids and gave some screen time to the adults. I mean… Nagisa and Katsuko get shafted for more ero with the kids so many times… it’s not even funny.

Anyway, I wrote a non-canon sex scene featuring Nagisa and Yoshida.

I tried to keep it as close to the author’s style as possible… anyway, this was just me having fun. I probably won’t do more of this. So, enjoy!

「 …Ahhn, Dear, does it feel good…?! 」

I’m having sex with Nagisa in a sitting position.

「 Ahn…You’re so cute…You’re making such a pleasured face…」

She says.

The 21-year-old young mama’s lower lips are stuffed with my erection.…!

「 …so cute…I’ll make you feel even more…!」

Nagisa moves her waist skilfully without taking a break.

She squeezes my penis deep inside her vagina.

「 …aaaa…W-What’s this, it feels so good…!」

I can’t help but leak my voice.

Nagisa’s movement…is so lewd…it’s playing with my penis…!

Nagisa rubs my glans with her walls of meat folds.

Her insides are warm, wrapping me gently…and still, it’s clamping my penis tightly.

Her sweaty face looks like it’s melting from pleasure.

Oh, her sweat is flowing to her large breasts.

The big breasts with good shape has its pink nipple pointing hard.

「Eat it…it’s yours…!」

I buried my face under Nagisa’s chest.
I sucked the hard tip of the soft and warm meat mountain.

She wraps her hands around my head and embraces me tightly.

My face got buried in her rich chest…

I smelt her adult scent and my dick twitches inside her in anticipation.

「 Make me pregnant with Mao’s younger sibling…!」

Nagisa’s pleads softly in my ear while she breathes roughly.

「 This time I want to get pregnant knowing who’s the father…!」

Uuuu… I can’t take it any more…

I push Nagisa down onto the bed.

I began my earnest piston…!

「Wait a moment…ah, ah, ah, aah…!!!」

The vagina wet with love nectar and sperm is being stirred by a hard penis!

「…What’s this…It feels good…Aaaahn…It feels goood!!!」

Nagisa has a motherly beauty.

Her personality is also good. She’s a kind and caring person.

I’ve never seen Nagisa retort poorly or be mean to someone.

Wherever she goes, she puts everyone at ease.

But now, another face is emerging… the face of a woman…

「Iyaaan~!…It feels good…Ravish Nagisaaa…Make me feel good…!」

A woman that feels good with my dick.

I piston intensely… I put my weight behind each thrust.

I ram it in! Pierce it in! Shove it in!

Nagisa moves her waist to match my movements…

Even though she is below me, she is setting the pace.

Her waist moves in a figure of eight. The folds of her insides massage my penis.

She feels so wet and warm…

「 …I’m cummiiiing…Nagisa’s cumiiiing!!!!!」

「…Nagisa, me too…!」

I shout.
「…Cooomee…Let it ouuuut…Make Nagisa pregnant again!!」

Nagisa hugs my back tightly.

My face got buried under Nagisa-san’s rich chest…and I reached my limit too!

A, ahhhnn!

「 It’s so hot!!!! 」

Nagisa feels the hot white liquid released from the tip of my glans deep inside her womb.

「 Aaaah, the warm stuff is spreading in my stomach, aaaaah, aaah, aaaaahn~!!! 」

Nagisa’s body trembles in ecstasy.

Her insides are shrinking, wriggling.


This womb that has borne a child is swallowing down my sperm greedily.

「 Nagisa 」

I seek her tongue.

Nagisa entwines her tongue with mine roughly.

My tongue and glans, my upper and lower body are sucked in.


「 ahhn 」

My waist pushes itself and thrusts forward into Nagisa.

The semen remaining in my urethra blows into her womb every time I do that.

「 D-Dear 」

Haa, haa, haa, haa.

I fell on Nagisa’s body.

Her flushed naked skin hugs me.

Her body is so soft, I feel like I’m sinking into her.

「 Nfufu, Dear’s heart, it’s beating so hard 」

Nagisa presses her ear on my chest and smiles.


「 I love you. 」

I said.

For a long time Nagisa doesn’t reply…

Then she hugs me tightly and buries her face in my chest.

I hear her muffled voice.

「 I love you too. 」

My chest feels wet…

The 21-year-old woman looks up at me with moist, hot eyes.

Her lower lips clench against my dick that is still hard inside her…

「 Take me again! Make me pregnant with your child…! 」

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