Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 403. Skylark 3



「…Look, we’ve arrived!」

Nei smiles at Ruriko.
Margo-san drives the car into the parking lot of a family restaurant.
Since this is a suburban shop, the parking space is wide.

「Oh, so famires are this kind of stores. I’ve always seen these from the car but…it’s my first time to enter one」

Ruriko seems to be interested.

「Hey, Yo-chan…close up Ruriko’s chest zipper」


「We’re going to a place where there’s a lot of people!」

…Oh right.
I don’t want to show Ruriko’s cleavage to other people.

「Yes, Onii-sama」

I stare at Ruriko’s chest once again and raised the zipper.

「I know」

Following…Nei’s boiler suit too.
Nei’s got huge breasts so it takes skill to pull up the zipper.
Pull, pull…then

「Oh, you wear this…I’ll wear the same」

Margo-san hands me a leather jacket showing a logo of『Kuromori《BLACK FOREST》』

「Its Nei’s so it might be a bit small」
「No, I think I can wear this」

I put on the leather jacket.

「Yeah, they won’t know which school you come from…Nei and I have traveled around these are a couple of times too」

This leather jacket was the one Margo-san and Nei was wearing when they were delinquent hunting.

「Eh…You came all the way here?」
「I think we came here around twice, but…」
「Hnn, then you’re not that well known here?」
「Well…that’s a charm」

Margo-san laughs.
Nei and Ruriko wear boiler suit from Nagisa’s shop.
Margo-san and I are wearing『Kuromori』leather jackets.
We get off the car with that look.

◇ ◇ ◇

Folding the foot hem of the boiler suit, Ruriko’s bare feet put on the beach sandals.
Her hair’s twin tails.
Every time she takes a step, her hair sways.
Yeah…Ruriko’s cute.
Furthermore, under this boiler suit…she’s wearing only a black micro bikini.
I know that.

「Is the beach sandals hard to walk on?」

I asked.
Her cherry blossom colored toe fingers on thee sandals are so small and beautiful.

「No, I’m used to wearing sandals. It’s my first time to wear it with my bare feet however」

Ruriko is walking with her slender feet in narrow steps, elegantly.

「Ah, don’t do that, Ruriko. If you drag the sandals when walking, you’ll get caught by something and fall. You should walk making noises!」

Nei warns her.

「Making noise?」
「That’s right, lift your feet a bit higher」

That said…if it’s Ruriko, she’ll definitely make it elegant.


Look, she tripped on the elevation from the parking lot to the entrance of the shop.
Nei and I catch her.

「…Are you okay?」
「Yes, thank you very much」
「Told you, Ruriko!」

Looking at Nei, Margo-san laughs.

「Nei really loves playing as the『Onee-chan』」

I think so too.
Her nature’s very caring.

「That’s not it, Ruriko’s just in danger!」
「…I’m sorry for making you worry」

Ruriko looks down bashfully.
Though she wears a boiler suit and her hair’s in twin tails…the elegance of growing up as an Ojou-sama doesn’t disappear.

「…welcome. How many people are dining?」
「Just four」

Margo-san answers the waitress.

「Smoking or non-smoking area?」
「I don’t care about either…just give us a seat near a window on that side?」

Margo-san points to the vacant seat.
Err…for the time being, that’s a non-smoking side.

「Yes, we don’t mind…」

The waitress guides us to that seat.
Putting the menu on the table…

「If you have decided then please call us…!」

Then she leaves right away.

「…You can see the car from here, look」

Margo-san whispers.

「We won’t be suddenly tricked on the gap away from the car. I want to be in a place where I can check it with my own eyes as much as possible」

…I see.
Margo-san seems to be in a state of battle.

「Ruriko, what would you take?」

Nei spreads the menu.

「My, it all comes with the photo of the dish!」

Y-You’re surprised with that?

「The restaurants I’ve been to only show letters in the menu」

I-I see.

「Uhm…this means, that you can choose what you want to eat by yourself?」


「When I go to a restaurant with grandfather, it’s mostly a course…」


「…There’s not much cuisine to chose for yourself. In whatever situation, when grandfather tells me『This is the delicious one on this locality』or『This is the seasonal』…and that’s what’s chosen」
「Eh, why?」
「It’ll be rude to not eat something that’s recommended」

…Nobles are quite the trouble.

「Ruriko’s not from Kouzuki house anymore…forget about that! Just eat everything you want to eat!」

Nei said.

「Yes…but, there are too many choices…」

Ruriko’s puzzled by too many choices.

「Ruriko…well, think about which you want to eat the most, Japanese, Western, Chinese, or Italian food?」

Nei asks.

「Hmm…Let’s see. I think it’s Japanese food. Actually, Japanese food was the scheduled meal for today…」

Oh, the『end of abstinence』venue…was a Japanese restaurant, right.

「Well then…just take a look at the Japanese page here!」
「…Indeed! Thank you very much!」
「I’ll also eat Japanese food! I said it earlier but most of the family restaurant’s western food are microwaved food. What about you Yo-chan?」
「Then, I’ll also eat Japanese」
「I’ll take crab cream croquette」

Margo-san said.

「Eh, that’s frozen food though Margo-oneechan」
「It’s fine…just crab cream croquette 」


「Margo-san…do you like crab cream croquettes?」
「Hmm, I like crabs and croquettes as separate items. Cream is so-so」


「At times like this, I usually decide to eat dishes Katsuko-san doesn’t make」
「Oh, I get that…Katsuko-oneechan only makes conservative dishes」

Nei said.

「It’s the same for bread…but, it’s not bread from the town but from a baker of a top hotel. Katsuko-oneesan’s ideal is too high so…she unconsciously aims for the best taste」

Oh, it does feel like that…
Katsuko-nee has the 3rd Ryuu gourmet preference.

「Katsuko-san also eats only delicious things when attending a guest after all. Her tongue turned high class」
「Yeah…therefore, I don’t think that Ruriko would have problems with the taste of the meals even when you come to our house! Katsuko-oneechan doesn’t make strange things」
「But…sometimes, I want to eat strange things too. Just like when I went to South America with Kyouko-san…it’s all strange things everyday」

Margo-san laughs.

「Margo-oneechan…please don’t talk about that now」
「Eh, why?」
「It’ll just make the food taste sour…it’s a story about your jungle survival experience, right?」

Ah…true, that’s quite harsh.

「Sure thing…then I’ll end the story there」

Margo-san said apologetically.

◇ ◇ ◇

After ordering the food…we head to the drink bar.
Margo-san remained in her seat.

「Eh, you can drink all that you want here?」

Ah, I knew it…Ruriko’s surprised here too.

「That’s right. No matter how many cups you drink, how many kinds you take…it’s all the same price!」
「My, really…!」

No, I was surprised about this a few days ago.
I can feel Ruriko’s surprise.

「Ruriko, do you drink cola?」
「I don’t」

…I see.

「Ah, it’s written here, I’ve drank ginger ale before」
「Then, would you like to drink this?」
「You put the cup in here…then, Ruriko, try pressing the ginger ale button」
「Like this?」


「My, amazing…!」

Is it that amazing?
No, up until now…
She had other people do everything for her.

「Is this okay? Someone like me operating the machine arbitrarily」
「It’s fine! Anyone who orders a drink bar is allowed to use the drink server freely!」
「Onii-sama, what will Onii-sama have? Ruriko will pour it!」
「T-Then…I’ll take ginger ale too」

Ruriko pours my share as well

「Is this interesting, Ruriko?」
「Yes, very much…!」

Well…then that’s fine.

「Ruriko, what do you usually do when lunch?」

Let’s ask.

「When I go to school, a bento. I eat on the milk bar at school with Yoshiko…no, Yoshiko-sama」

Since her emotions are rising…she unconsciously called Yoshiko-san with her usual tone.

「Misuzu-sama and Michi…sama, are sometimes eating together with us. Michi-sama only eats with Misuzu-sama」

Before…it would be『Michi-san』
Now that she’s kicked out of Kouzuki house…she has to call her with -sama as well
As expected, Michi doesn’t have friends in her class.
Though she’s Misuzu’s attendant… isn’t she sticking too much?

「Who makes the lunch boxes?」

Nei asks.

「It’s made in the kitchen at Kouzuki house」

Oh, Ruriko and Yoshiko-san are both not great at cooking.

「When there’s no school, I take lunch at home…I do not go out unless I accompany grandfather」
「Huh, the day before yesterday…at the theater, there were catered lunch box」

I recall.

「Yoshiko and I brought lunch box from house」

Well, I feel like I heard that there are too many lunch boxes left.

「THinking about it now…Grandfather has given me special treatment in order to put father off guard」

Nei said.

「Making a difference between Ruriko and Misuzu…thoroughly enclosing Ruriko, showing that you’re treated highly by Kouzuki house as the successor, right? If his own daughter is the successor…then Ruriko’s father won’t do anything crazy!」
「That’s not all」

I said.

「As expected, Jii-chan is worried about Ruriko. In order to completely block Kouzuki Shigeaki, Ruriko and Yoshiko-san were isolated thoroughly, I think…」

He must be afraid of Kouzuki Shigeaki taking out Ruriko without permission and swear an engagement with another house that’s convenient for him.
If it was Ruriko before…she wouldn’t turn away from her father’s order.

While we’re talking at the drink bar corner…

「You girls are acute…where did you come from?」

Two grinning college students looking men came.

「Hey, if you want…why not come on our table?」

Turning around, there are around five men with the same vulgar look on their face…looking at us with a disgusting smile.


Ruriko’s twin tail sways and she hides behind me.

「Onii-sama? What, you’re this girl’s brother?」

One of the men tells me.

「We don’t need to tell you people anything!」

Nei’s angry.

「Hey hey, it’s fine! Tell us! Hey!」
「Wow, your angry face looks cute too…what’s your name?」

Is that what you’re saying to a girl you met for the first time.

「…Uhm. These girls don’t like it so move away」

I said.

「Don’t like it? I don’t see it though?」
「Yeah, they look happy being called out by us!」

These college guys flatter themselves.

「No, I hate it! Get away already…you!」

Nei shouts.

「Hey hey even if you say『no no』…look」
「Yeah, your face doesn’t look so dissatisfied!」

…This guys

「Hey, let’s go to our table」
「Or rather, if you don’t come with us, Iwashimizu-senpai would get angry at us」
「Think of it as helping others」
「Right…it’s okay, right?」

The two college students approach with a disgusting smile.
Behind them…are five men on the table seat ogling at Ruriko and Nei. …Then

「…What do you need from my friends?」

Margo-san came.
Margo-san takes off her leather jacket.
Rolled over her sleeves…
Margo-san’s muscular body is clearly visible.

「Eh, what?」
「We’re just talking with them for just a bit.」

The two college guys are taking a light attitude towards Margo-san

「Two of you here, and five of them over there…」

Margo-san looks at the college students.

「…Athletics club? Or is it Kenpou?」
「Eh, that’s right, how do you know?」
「I can roughly guess looking at the muscles you have」

Margo-san grins.

「That Iwashimizu-san over there got the third place from the national competition after all…!」
「That guy’s saying that we could become friends.」
「…That’s a lie」

Margo-san declares.

「There’s no way that kind of build would reach the national meet you know? You guys should practice a bit more seriously…」

The college students turned angry.「」

「W-What’s with you bitch!」
「That’s right, if you keep your bullshit, I’ll beat you up!」

Ahahaha…Margo-san laughs.

「Beat me up? You guys are quite the jokers!」

Then…she said.

「Tell that senpai over there…even with you seven ganging up, you all won’t defeat me」

The two of them tries to tell Margo-san but…they’re overwhelmed by Margo-san’s gaze.

「That’s right, you guys are dead meat just from Margo-oneechan alone!」

Nei said.

「Anyway, let’s go back…Yo-chan, Ruriko, let’s go!」
「Ah, wait, Nei…I’ll go get coffee too」

Having drinks for each of us…we return to our seats


Ruriko’s completely scared…she’s clinging to me.

「It’s fine…there’s no need to worry」

I pat Ruriko’s back
I can feel the strand of the micro bikini below the fabric of the boiler suit…

「Those guys are still looking」

Nei said.

「Don’t mind it…let’s focus on our meals for now」

Margo-san said.
Our meals have already arrived

「Let’s eat」

Margo-san smiles.

「Just eat calmly. If you feel scared, it’ll only please them」
「Yeah, that’s right! Let’s have fun eating! Itadakimasu!」

Nei who’s paired up with Margo-san on making mayhem said.

「Right…Ruriko, calm down, and eat with a smile」

Ruriko looks at me worriedly

「I’m here next to you. Nee-san’s here, Margo-san too…there’s no reason for Ruriko to be afraid, right?」

Hearing what I said; Ruriko…


She straightened up and faced the meal

◇ ◇ ◇

「Ah, since they’re there…we can’t refill our drinks!」

Nei said after eating

「It’s a rare chance to get a free drink bar though!」
「Should I go?」

Margo-san said.

「No, if Margo-oneechan goes to the drink bar, they’ll go directly to us」
「Then, let’s all go together?」
「That would make us look scared, I don’t like that…!」
「…I’ll go」

I stand up.

「Margo-san, coffee, right?」
「…Yeah, then with ice cream too. I’m fine with black」
「Yo-chan, it’s dangerous」
「It’s fine…I’m the man here」

I smile at Nei.

「I have to do my best here too…right?」


「Then, I’ll take Ice Tea」
「Lemon or Milk?」
「Straight will do」

Ruriko looks at me with a surprised face.

「…What do you want?」
「I-I’d…also like straight iced-tea」

I head to the drink bar.
While I was walking, I noticed.
Everyone chose drinks considering me so I could go back right away.
It takes time to use the drink server machine, pushing it and filling the up, but…
If it’s iced coffee and iced tea, then we can just pour in what’s what’s roasted in the big pot.
Furthermore, since it’s black/straight…I don’t need to take the trouble of taking syrup or milk.
Everyone’s being considerate of me.

「…Hey you」

Going in front of the bar, the two from earlier comes out.
I ignore them, take a tray and pour the drinks.

「Don’t ignore us bastard!」
「Are you underestimating us?!」


「What about you guys, you seem to not knot who we are?」
「…What did you say?」
「You have your phones, right? Have you tried searching what’s written on our backs?」

The black leather jacket has 『Kuromori 《BLACK FOREST》』written on it…
If they search it…they’ll be able to arrive at the information of Margo-san and Nei raging on the streets at night.
How brutal those two are…

「It’s just stupid to pick a fight with us without knowing anything…」

I said…take the drinks, and returned to the table.

「Sankyu, Yo-chan」

Margo-san and Nei greet me with a smile…Ruriko, with a worried face.
…Now then.
Looking at the table of the college guys…oh, they’re desperately searching.

「Onii-sama…that was splendid」

Ruriko whispers.

「You’re a very courageous man…」

No, it’s not like that…
I just took drinks from the drink bar.
I see, Ruriko…
In the super Ojou-sama school, she’s treated as special…
She and Yoshiko-san…are untouchable by anyone.
It’s her first time feeling this kind of pressure…

「You don’t have to worry! Yo-chan will protect Ruriko from now on till forever!」

Nei smiles.

「Yes…please take care of me」

Ruriko snuggles to me.,

「Those people are moving」

Margo-san said
The college guys who were checking up their phones…
They glare at us, then stand up heading to the exit.

「Arere, they’re coming out?」

Yeah…are they trying to escape after hearing the rumors of『Kuromori』

「No…they’re trying to ambush us from the outside」

Margo-san said while drinking coffee.


I’m surprised.

「Who knows…we don’t know their thoughts」

Then, Margo-san looks at Ruriko.

「Ruriko-san, would you like to go to the bathroom? If you do, then go with Nei. While those people are outside the store」

Confirming that the college guys finished coming out of the shop…Nei and Ruriko head to the toilet.
While we wait for the two to come out…

「Then, should we go out?」

Margo-san takes head…and we head towards the cashier.

「Ah, Ill pay」

We came today to kidnap Ruriko.
I should pay.

「Then, please」

Nei shows Ruriko that I’m paying.

「Listen, from now on…Yo-chan’s going to pay for Ruriko’s expenses」

Ruriko looks with serious eyes.

「Ruriko has to think of what she can do in return for Yo-chan」

Margo-san stands behind me.
Then she whispers to my ear

「You go hug Nei and Ruriko-san…it’ll end right away」

I’ll play my role…

◇ ◇ ◇

Coming out from the front of the family restaurant…
The seven college guys were waiting for us.
Ah, these guys are idiots.
They didn’t even have five shows up while the two ambushes…

「…Hey hey hey, you bastard made fool of us!」

One of the college guys earlier tells me.

「What look for the thing written on our back…look!」

As usual, the two shouts out.
The leader like Iwashimizu-senpai laughs keeping his arms folded at the back.

「…『Schwarz Wald』isn’t that a cute flower shop!」

These guys didn’t look at my back『Kuromori《BLACK FOREST》』…
But the 『Schwarz Wald』written on Nei and Ruriko’s boiler suit!

「Your car also have the shop’s name on it!」

Oh right.
Nagisa’s shop…『Schwarz Wald』is definitely a cute flower shop

「You’ll regret this!」
「What, you intend to pay us off?」

The college guys…only spoke to that point.
Margo-san’s fist hits the man’s vital point.


Grinning…Margo-san knocks down one college student after another


The college students are being taken down in one shot at a very fast speed.


They’re overwhelmed…no questions.

「Now then, you’re the only one left…!」

The only one remaining…is the man called Iwashimizu-senpai
He doesn’t seem to understand what happened in front of him.
He’s just dumbfounded.

「Remember this…《Criminal Organization | Black Forest》」

She breaks into the man’s front.

「We’re untouchables…!」

Another fist comes to the vital point…!
The seven college students fall to the ground.

「Hey, we’re running!」

Margo-san said; we run towards the car…