Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 978. Morning Sisters / High Combination



「 Still, nobility. Nobility is important. Most of the traditional families survived until now because of nobility 」

Torii-san said.

「 If we just entrust this to the country, most of them will perish. Nobility is what protects the country’s culture 」

If you look at Jii-chan, you’ll understand that.

They’re nobility who have a long history in their possession and so they can calculate profit and loss.


「 Oh what? Mariko-chan, you don’t get what I’m talking about? 」

Nei shows a mean smile.

「 Sure, there’s that side, but, that doesn’t apply to all of the nobility, right? There are various ages, various heads of nobility, it’s only about the people with that kind of zeal. Currently, Kouzuki Ojii-chan has a strong interest in it right now 」

Right, it doesn’t mean that all nobilities are interested in preserving culture.

「 You know, it’s basically the same as the noble spirit in Europe. If I recall, they have the ideology where “Nobility has to be like this.” But in truth, even those who inherited the noble blood don’t preserve that noble spirit, right? 」

「 Ya-chan, are there still nobility in Europe? 」

I asked.

「 Of course. Most countries do. In England, it’s not actually the nobility from the Industrial Revolution, but the upstart bourgeois class rises…Well, there was the nobility who didn’t follow the times and fall to ruin, and those who joined the new business and became rich. Upstart families have become nobility and became blood-related with nobilities. Therefore, such people aren’t called the noble class but the upper class 」

Nei said.

「 To be honest, the upper class and the lower class still has a strong distinction. I heard that when the upper class fights a lower class in a court, the lower class loses first. They have a different level of lawyers they can hire 」


「 They go to different schools from childhood. Therefore, the sports they participate in are also different. The upper-class children aren’t interested in soccer or something like that 」

「 Huh, then what do they play? 」

I thought that all English people love soccer?

「 I think it’s pool and cricket? 」

「 What? 」

I don’t know any of those.

「 It’s not popular in Japan at all 」

Nei laughed.

「 If we’re talking about the 18th century French Revolution. Most of the nobility were executed, escaped from their country, and then came back for the Restoration. But, most of who couldn’t regain their territory and power were nobility just in names. After that, the Second Empire, and the Third Republic, then the postwar Socialist party, they keep changing political powers. But, there are people still named as nobility. And so, there’s still an upper class 」


「 In Italy, the nobility is in active service. For example, if Yo-chan tries to start a big business in Italy, you need to ask for the permission of the noble of the land. That also includes the underground society 」

「 Mafia 」

Michi said.

「 Yeah, the nobility on surface and mafia on the underground. You need to pay them up or you can’t start your business. That’s how it is with them. Of course, the nobility’s the center… 」

I see…

「 They say that Japan’s “connections” are Europe’s “Merit system” but that’s not true. In fact, Europe uses connections far more than Japan. Without the upper class pulling their acquaintances, they won’t do any business. On the other hand, when the upper class have connections, they can do anything 」


「 That’s not the case in Japan. Even if they’re born from a good family, they still need to creep up with their ability. I mean, nobility in Japan is hidden since the postwar period 」


「 Before the war, Japan has a clear upper class too. People who raised achievements received peerage from the daimyo of the Edo period and Meiji restoration. After the Meiji isolation is lifted, and the great trade with the foreigners began, they started to profit a lot. Most of the mansions still standing for the rich people are mostly families who profited from the post-Meiji trade 」

Nei said.

「 Then, America turned the country to a democratic nation roughly around the postwar period. The upper class of Japan hid. They hate to stand out 」

They hid?

「 They lost the war, and America also dissolved the Zaibatsu, which meant that the upper class had a weaker influence, sense of values changed and new industries started one after another. A new age of industrialists is born and the country itself is changing. It’s as if Japan no longer had the upper class from before. Most of the big corporations give tests to their applicants, and the new hire who works their way up becomes the president, right? Even though they’re not people born from the nobility. It’s no longer the case where the founder’s relatives succeed the title of president 」

Oh, I heard about turning their own son as the next president of the company.

If I recall, it’s a mobile company.

「 But, even if they’re hiding, they are still here, right? 」

I’ve seen a lot of young ladies of nobility yesterday.

「 In the end, both past and present, the influential people marry their fellow children and create a blood relationship. The old families from the Meiji become relatives with rich people. If you look at the current age political and business circle family tree, it will look interesting. The old noble family and the politician from the Meiji era, starting an enterprise and succeed to become a businessman, and their blood is complex. Actually, most of them are distant relatives

「 Is that the current nobility? 」

I asked.

「 Yes. It’s not that each noble families are independent and they protect their old blood and tradition on their own. The current nobility of Japan is just a one huge distant blood relative tree 」

They’re connected by blood from some generation.

「 I see. Torii-san’s mother is the daughter of Kanou house 」

I look at Torii-san.

「 Yes. Kanou house became the bride, and so starting from Mariko-san’s age, Torii house will become allies with the nobility. Although, it’s still weak. They have to strengthen their relationships by creating two or three more blood relationships with the nobility or else they can’t establish themselves as nobility 」

But, Torii Mariko-san herself definitely has the blood of Kanou house.

Therefore, she’s accepted as a semi-nobility.

「 I see. It’s all just a huge network of blood relationships tied together 」

「 Even among the nobility, the only one who has more history and status are Kaan, Kouzuki, and Kanou, those three families 」

Nei said.

「 That’s right. Nobility is one 」

Torii-san said.

「 Therefore, I cannot allow Kurama Misato-sama, a nobility, to turn to a prostitute! 」

She glares at me.

「 That’s not all, is it? 」

I smiled at Torii-san.

「 Torii-san, you can’t stomach someone like me, can you? 」

Yeah, I see it now.

「 Jii-chan accepted someone who is an alien to the nobilities, as Misuzu’s partner. And the fact that I have sex with Ruriko. 」

That’s her insecurity.

She’s just a semi-nobility, someone half-baked, and yet…

Someone who has a doubtful origin like me will make Misuzu and Ruriko bear my child. She can’t forgive me.

「 It’s obvious! You’re just a nobody! 」

Torii-san shouted at me.

「 Why is someone who is a nobody able to get in Kouzuki-sama’s home 」

Oh, I see.

Kaan Momoko-neechan wants to know the reason too.

Therefore, she left Torii Mariko-san to become her eyes and ears.

「 Someone with a doubtful origin is allowed to come in and yet he can’t forgive Kurama house. Kouzuki-sama’s way of thinking is tyrannous! It’s absurd! 」

Misuzu nor Ruriko are present.

It’s just Nei, Tsukiko, Michi, Mana, Rie, Eri, and me.

Everyone here is all lower ranked than Torii-san.

Therefore, she can talk about her thoughts she can’t speak when Misuzu is present.

「 Of course you don’t know 」

I said.

「 After all, Torii-san isn’t Jii-chan. Jii-chan has no obligation to explain everything to make Torii-san understand 」

「 What do you mean? 」

Torii-san gets angry.

「 After all, you’re not nobility, are you, Torii-san? 」

I purposely provoke her insecurities.

「 Jii-chan consulted with Kaan and Kanou house on how to deal with Kurama house. I saw Jii-chan have a conversation with the Kaan house’s head via phone 」

It’s not on the same level of conversation as Kaan Momoko-neechan.

The three big heads had a discussion and decision.

「 Then that means, Jii-chan and the other heads have accepted Misuzu and me. If not, I won’t show up in front of the young ladies inside the main mansion of Kouzuki house 」

During the party yesterday.

Jii-chan and I showed up in front of the young ladies.

That means Jii-chan’s recognizing me publicly.

Doing that shows that Kaan and Kanou house knows about it.

Therefore…putting Kanou house aside as they have a high family status but collapsed fortune.

Kaan house, the clan that is in line with the Kouzuki house…even Momoko-neechan came to the party yesterday.

And with that, it’ll send a message about my recognition to the Kaan house.

Momoko-neechan didn’t come to sit together with Misuzu and me…but the head of Kaan house ordered her.

「 But why? Why someone like you?! 」

Torii-san said. I…

「 That’s for you to observe and find the answer. Jii-chan, Misuzu, nor I don’t have to answer you 」

I rejected her.

「 You can report whatever you want to Momoko-neechan. I don’t care if you slander us, just tell her whatever you want 」

「 I definitely will 」

Torii-san spoke standoffishly.

「 I observed you a lot. Even now, I still don’t get you 」


「 What? All you’re doing is watching? 」

Eri laughed.

「 W-What? 」

Torii-san seems to be offended by that.

「 I mean, you’ll never understand Onii-san from just watching. Especially with someone whose head is hard like Onee-san. Right, Rie-chan? 」

「 Right, Eri-chan. But, Onee-san is just a small chick, so I think she’ll shy away from trying out and will just watch 」

Rie also provokes Torii-san.

「 W-Who are you calling a chick?! 」

Torii-san takes the bait from the twins.

「 If that’s the case, why don’t you do something other than watch? 」

「 That’s right, Eri-chan. But, I don’t think she dares to do that 」

The twins laughed.

「 O-Other than watch? What? 」

Torii-san is riding the provocation.

「 Isn’t that obvious? It’s sex 」

Eri said with a nonchalant face.

「 S-Sex? 」

「 Yes, Sex 」

Rie speaks like it’s natural.

「 If you want to understand Oniii-san, it’s of course through that 」

「 That’s right. You won’t understand Onii-san unless it’s through sex 」

「 That’s how it was with us 」

「 Yes. We were too suspicious of him before we had sex, but… 」

「 After having sex, we understand him 」

「 Right now, we can trust Onii-san with our all 」

「 I mean, I’m falling more every time we do it 」

「 We see that Onii-san treasures us for real 」

The twins use their combo.

「 You know, Rie-chan, sex went smoothly more than we expected 」

「 No, Eri-chan, the sex we saw on Father’s videos were quite vulgar 」

「 And yet, Onii-san isn’t vulgar at all 」

「 I think so too. It’s different from sex where the man feels nothing but horny 」

「 It’s like you enjoy it together with Onii-san 」

「 Right. Onii-san looks straight at us and feels us with his whole self 」

「 Then, he also makes a face of pleasure, as he cums inside me 」

「 YEs. When I looked at Onii-san’s face at that time, I feel like I’ve done something good 」

「 Ah, yes, that. That happened to me too 」


「 WE became Onii-san’s lewd slaves for some unknown reason but… 」

「 But now we’re glad that we’re sex slaves 」

「 Besides, we will only have sex with Onii-san for the rest of our lives 」

「 Yes. Onii-san only. It’s fun enough, and Mana-oneesan and all the other Onee-san are here 」

「 Above all, I’m looking forward to what will happen in the future 」

「 That’s right. Up until yesterday, Father was in control, using us to sell videos to the lolicon, and will sell us off. That was the only life we can imagine, but… 」

「 But now, we don’t know what will happen 」

「 Except, we have Onii-san with us, and so we don’t have to be scared 」

「 We don’t know where we’d sleep tonight or if we’d sleep in a bed, but we don’t worry about it 」

「 Onii-san’s with us 」

「 We know that it will never be that bad 」

「 Besides, it’s fun to watch an Onee-san who keeps shouting something we don’t understand 」

The twins laughed at Torii-san’s face

「 Hey, that’s rude of you two! 」

Torii-san’s personality won’t let that pass through.

「 Oh? Aren’t you the one rude here, Onee-san? 」

「 I think so too 」

The twins attacked.

「 You look at Onii-san from the outside, trying to understand him 」

「 Please stay within the bounds where it’s not rude 」

「 Even in sex, you will never understand Onii-san’s charm 」

「 Right. You’ll never understand unless you do it. That’s how it is with us 」

Rie and Eri nod at each other.

「 T-That’s stupid! W-Why do I have to…do…t-that with Kuromori-sama! 」

Torii-san looks for the right words.

She feels that it’s vulgar of her to say “lewd,” or “sex”


「 C-Copulation! Why do I have to copulate?! 」

In the end, that’s the word she found in her head.

「 It can’t be helped. If you want to understand Onii-san… 」

「 It’s sex. You won’t understand Onii-san without sex 」

The twins pushed further.

「 Well, that’s obvious. Mii-chan also had sex before anything. She understood Yo-chan after sex 」

Nei said.

「 Me too. At first, it was some overbearing rape, but Eri-chan and Rie-chan are correct. You’ll understand Onii-chan more every time you have sex, and you’ll come to love him ore 」

「 As for me, I loved Yo-chan even before sex! 」

Nei smiled.

「 I’m a woman born in this world for Master to deflower 」

Michi, you’re going too far now.

「 But it’s indeed interesting. Kou-sama has the power to purify the heart of the women he had sex with. I have experienced it with my body 」

Tsukiko said.

「 That’s right. Torii-sama may become better once she had sex with Kou-sama 」

「 H-Hey, W-What are you talking about?! 」

Torii-san is confused as Tsukiko, who’s been quiet all this time, started speaking.

「 Yeah, you feel refreshed once you did it with Onii-chan 」

Mana smiled.

「 That’s right. It’s better once you do it 」

「 Try having sex 」

The twins said.

「 D-D-D-Don’t be ridiculous! I-If I had sexual intercourse, aaaaah, I-I’ll make a child! 」

Now it’s sexual intercourse.

「 That’s right, that is a possibility 」

「 Of course it will happen. Onii-san always cums inside 」

「 He never thinks of cumming outside at all 」

「 Yeah, that’s right. Onii-chan’s semen has to pour inside our wombs or our mouth 」

Mana laughed.

「 It would be a waste to let it out anywhere else 」

Hey, Michi. That’s scary

「 T-That’s…what would happen if I actually make one?! 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 Huh? If you make one then be happy! 」

Nei smiled.

「 Bear the child without hesitation. Then, raise the child 」


「 There’s no problem. I’ll bear the child 」


「 Then, me too 」

「 Can’t help it. I’ll do the same 」

Rie and Eri.

「 I want to get pregnant as soon as possible and so I’m looking forward to it 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 And so, Onee-san 」

「 If you make one, just give birth to it 」

The twins continue to stir her up.

「 It’s okay, it’s okay. Everyone will raise the child together! Mariko-chan doesn’t have to worry at all! 」

Nei said. Torii-san.

「 Aaaaah! Are you all people crazy?! 」

「 Those words are directed to Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama as well, are you sure with that? 」

Michi retorts sharply.

「 They’re just like us you know 」

Nei overpowers Torii-san with her smile.

「 I mean, let’s take a pool. Anyone who had sex with Yo-chan in this room, raise your hand! 」

「 Here! 」

All the girls raise their hands other than Torii-san.

「 Then, raise your hand if you like having sex with Yo-chan! 」

「 Definitely! 」

The girls raise their hands happily.

Torii-san looks confused.

「 Now raise your hand if you love Yo-chan! 」

「 Yes! 」

「 Those who will bear Yo-chan’s child… 」

「 Me! 」

「 Those who had their first time with Yo-chan! 」

「 Yep! 」

「 And those who will have sex with nobody but Yo-chan for the rest of their life 」

「 Yeah! 」

What do I do?

「 Get it Mariko-chan? We’re not the same type of girls, see? 」

Nei said.

「 I’m a member of the Black Forest. A criminal organization. Someone from the underground. Mitchan is Mii-chan’s bodyguard. She attends the same school as Mariko-chan…She belongs to the surface 」


「 Tsukiko-san is the shrine maiden of the Takakura shrine from Kyoto. As for Mana-chan, you know her past, don’t you? 」

She’s a relative of the Shirasaka house, a media company.

「 Then, Eri-chan and Rie-chan are girls who came from Kansai. Then, Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, they’re both young ladies of Kouzuki house 」

Torii-san’s dumbfounded.

「 Everyone has a different environment. Different age. A different way of thinking. Am I wrong? 」

That’s right, they’re all over the place.

「 Despite that, we all follow Yo-chan, have sex with Yo-chan, become a woman only for Yo-chan, and connect with him. We hardly fight at all. We all get along. We don’t want to make Yo-chan sad after all 」

Nei looks at me with a gentle smile.

「 That is Yo-chan’s power. He draws everyone and unifies them. If you want to understand this power, then Eri-chan and Rie-chan are right… 」

Nei smiled at Torii-san.

「 Mariko-chan, I think that your only choice is to have sex with Yo-chan. And so, what will you do, Mariko-chan? 」