Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1000. Noon Sunshine / Seldom Illegal



「 Well then, I’ll leave them to you 」

Shou-neechan came here and hands over Kenmochi and his group to the uniform guards of Kouzuki SS.

Kenmochi and his group are making a dumbfounded face.

「 Welcome back, this way 」

They take the four men away.

「 Far from the conversation, they’ll forget that they even came to the Kouzuki mansion 」

I told Shou-neechan.

Nagisa and Michi are holding Luna who feels a bit exhausted after using her Miko power.

「 Everything about the Kurama house will become hazy too 」

They won’t even remember where the Kurama sisters are taken.

「 Also, when the four of them hear the word “Kouzuki house,” their head becomes blank and fill itself with “The most delicious food I’ve eaten in my life was curry rice” 」

Like, what’s the smell and taste, where they ate it, what kind of plate they had.

It’s carved in their minds that they will endlessly talk about curry rice no matter what others ask them.

Michi said that if we use a method of activation using a keyword lessens the risk of their mind collapsing.

「 Why curry rice? 」

Shou-neechan asks.

「 Well, we had Hayashi rice earlier this noon 」

It has no special reason.

「 I just thought that it would be easier to imagine curry rice instead of Hayashi rice as the most delicious food 」

Anyway, even if the police or the people in their company ask them about the Kouzuki house, they will only talk about curry rice.

「 He leaves the Kouzuki mansion’s gates with his car and is ordered to come back to Shibuya 」

I said.

「 Kenmochi Yuugo will get in the scramble section of Shibuya and get naked, and the other three will join him in a sports festival cavalry battle. Then, they will run around in front of the Shibuya station until the police capture them 」

Kenmochi will be the only one naked.

His social life will be annihilated.

I thought that we shouldn’t go that far from the other three.

they will get arrested for doing the same crime as the naked Kenmochi, but…

「 Also, I also gave them an instruction to shout “I’m the naked King! Cure Frontale! Ignorants, do you feel amazed?! Paparapa!” while running around naked. 」

Luna told Shou-neechan.

「 Nei-oneesama may come up with something more interesting but that’s my limit 」

「 No, I think that you got it right 」

Nagisa says while patting Luna’s back.

「 My suggestion was to have him say “My naked body is a better better better better medicine case” but Master rejected it. 」

Michi, I don’t understand your tastes.

「 Well, even if the media doesn’t make news of it, nearly everyone has a phone with a camera. If a naked man shows up in Shibuya, it will surely be uploaded over the internet 」

Shou-neechan’s right.

Kenmochi, the IT company president, will lose everything because of the internet.

「 Was that for the better? 」

Misuzu speaks to me with a gloomy face.

「 I feel like I let Danna-sama, Nagisa-oneesama, Michi, and Luna-chan take care of everything 」

Then, she looked at Torii-san.

「 Mariko-san too, thank you for your efforts 」

「 No, I didn’t do anything 」

Torii-san seems somewhat gloomy too, what’s wrong?

「 It’s okay. We had times like that but we can’t do everything on our own after all 」

「 That’s right. In this situation, Misuzu-sama only needed to give a greeting from the start, and leave the rest to him and Nagisa-san 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 If Misuzu-sama talks in that situation, they will regard it as an official statement from the Kouzuki house 」

When Nagisa and I talk, it’s only our opinion, and so it’s our responsibility.

But if it’s Misuzu.

「 They are trying to get a quite from Misuzu-sama to gain an advantage. It was the right choice to stay quiet 」

「 That’s right. From now on, you just leave this stuff to us 」

Shou-neechan and I tell Misuzu.

「 Everyone’s family, and so we should team up in battles 」

With the members this time.

Without Nagisa, we can have Katsuko-nee or Minaho-neesan as the constraint.

We can have Edie or Haiji substitute for the guard role.

As for the shrine maidens, our trump cards, we have Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna, and soon, Koyomi-chan’s also joining us.

We can pick the person with the best chemistry with the people we have at the moment.


「 Misuzu, I’m going to ask you to be the frontman of the Kouzuki house. 」

I said.

「 It’s better if we don’t let Ruriko do any of these jobs 」

「 Danna-sama? 」

「 You remember what Jii-chan mentioned earlier? Agnes is a flower, and so she shouldn’t do anything outside the surface 」

On the other hand, we can have Eri and Rie take on that business with no worries.

「 That applies to Ruriko too. She’s a flower. Therefore, I don’t want her to come to dangerous places like this 」

This kind of pressure will only wilt Ruriko’s flower-like beauty.

「 Therefore, Misuzu and I will have to be the one facing the other party when it comes to fights against the Kouzuki house, like today 」

Misuzu stares at me.

「 I think that Misuzu’s beauty will overcome this kind of fight with dignity. You’re a different flower from Ruriko, and it’s still beautiful. I should say that it’s Misuzu’s charm 」

「 That’s right, it was cool do see Mizusu-chan take the lead with such beautiful form 」

Nagisa said.

「 Ruriko-chan looks too frail, and so they will come a bit more optimistic. If it’s Misuzu-chan, people like them will come with an antagonistic approach 」

「 Does it mean that my presence wasn’t a waste? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? 」 Misuzu, you were the boss in that situation 」

I smiled.

「 It helped that you stood strong, Misuzu 」

「 Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu hugs me.

「 Everyone’s relying on you 」

「 Yes! 」

Torii-san looked at us with a dark face as I embrace Misuzu.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I watched it. That was a fascinating show 」

As soon as we returned to the room earlier…

Jii-chan’s waiting for us.

「 Huh? 」

Agnes, Koyomi-chan, Haiji, and Mana are no longer playing in the room.

Eri and Rie are still here.

Ruriko and Yoshiko-san too.

Then, Edie, Nei, Kurama Misato-san, Arisu-san, and Mizushima Karen-san are all here.

「 Oh, I called them over. I had everyone watch your negotiations. Also, I’m sorry to ask but… 」

Jii-chan looked at Luna.

「 It’s better if I’m not here, is it? 」

「 It’s not like they hate you, however, after seeing the video, they feel uneasy 」

If they saw our discussion with Kenmochi Yuugo, then…

They saw Luna use her power to alter Kenmochi’s mind.

「 For us, that unique power is nothing but a threat 」

Jii-chan said.

I see. So that’s why Yomi’s not here either.

Tsukiko is with Nei and they haven’t come back from the old training building yet but…

「 Luna-chan seems to be a bit tired, I’ll take her 」

Nagisa said.

「 Wait, Nagisa’s pregnant. I’ll follow you 」

Edie said. Then she carried Luna in her arms.

「 Besides, I don’t really care about the nobility 」

Jii-chan, Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san from the Kouzuki house.

The Kurama sisters and Mizushima Karen-san.

She’s not from the nobility but Torii-san is still a young lady.

Then Michi, she’s Misuzu’s bodyguard and she goes to the same school as the young ladies.

They’re all people who make contact with the nobility.

「 Oh, I don’t know how you’ll place that girl in here so I had her leave 」

Jii-chan’s talking about Haiji, I guess?

Haiji was Torii-san’s bodyguard, she’s attending the same school.

However, it’s not decided what she wants to do henceforward.

「 Currently, I think that she should stay with the younger girls 」

Jii-chan’s right.

It’s better if Haiji gets along with the younger girls sooner.


「 Why are Eri and Rie here? 」

The twins have nothing to do with the young ladies or their school, right?

「 Because I find it interesting 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 Well, I just thought that we should let these girls, who grew up in a poor environment, listen to our conversation. 」 That’s why I had them stay 」

Let Rie and Eri watch our talk?

「 Then, I’m going now 」

「 Leave Luna to us 」

「 Nii-san, see you later 」

Nagisa, Edie, and Luna left the room.

「 Then, I will head to a separate room 」

Shou-neechan saluted and left the room.

Let’s reconfirm.

The people in this room are;

Jii-chan, Eri and Rie on the front.

The right side has the Kurama sisters.

On left is Ruriko and Yoshiko-san.

Then, on my side is Misuzu, Torii-san, and Michi.

「 Oh, sit down, we can’t talk if you stay there 」

Jii-chan said, then we sit down on the open seats.

「 The way you dealt with them was admirable 」

Jii-chan says while laughing but…

「 That’s not true. More than half of it is Shou-neechan’s feat 」

Shou-neechan taught me to expose Kenmochi’s plans.

「 No, all she did was provide information. You’re the one who used it and dealt with them 」

「 That’s right, Onii-san, that was cool! The grim old men were so afraid of you! 」

「 That’s right! Onii-san, it was cool! 」

「 It made me shiver that I got wet 」

「 Me too, Onii-san 」


Is it really okay to let the twins stay?

「 Oh, Torii Mariko-kun, what’s wrong? You seem down 」

Jii-chan called Torii-san.

「 Answer me honestly. What did you think of his actions? 」


「 I’m surprised. And I’m scared 」


「 Kuromori-sama has no hesitation when it comes to violating the law 」

「 Can’t be helped 」

「 I don’t think that it really matters with those creepy men 」

Rie and Eri said.

「 So are you saying that he’s wrong in the way he dealt with them? 」

「 No, I think that Kuromori-sama’s judgment is the right one. Also, if the Kuromori house has such power, then it’s no mistake to use that power to the fullest when they can just change the minds of people like them 」

「 Then, what do you fear? 」

Jii-chan asks.

「 I’m scared of Kuromori-sama because he uses it calmly just because he has it 」

She’s scared of me?

「 That’s not true, right, Rie-chan? We’re happy to have such a reliable Onii-san 」

「 That’s right. It’s great to know that he’s strong, he’s someone we’re serving for the rest of our lives after all 」

The twins said.

「 I’m scared. Kuromori-sama shows no hesitation in altering one’s fate 」

Yeah, Kenmochi Yuugo’s going to commit social suicide because of me.

The lawyer, former police officer, and internet journalist will not have a good end either.

Doing a mock cavalry battle in the Shibuya streets while naked will bear some harsh punishments from the society.

「 I see. I don’t hesitate to change other people’s fate too 」

Jii-chan said.

「 I changed so many fates of people so far. That’s what it means to do business. For better or worse, you’ll intervene with other people’s fate. Not just with the companies I manage, but also the subcontract and affiliated companies, and the moving companies that deliver my products. Even retail shops, if I make a wrong judgment, then it will cause serious impacts. That includes rival companies. Many companies fall to ruin as consequences of my company’s achievements. However, I can’t do business if I think of them. Someone’s fate will inevitably change each time I approve of something 」

Promotion, demotion, or even unemployment, or maybe another company hires them, it’s huge turning points in human lives.

Someone’s life will change each time Jii-chan gives instructions.

「 Besides, my life changes because of other people too. He changed some of my recent habits. Half a year ago, I couldn’t imagine having such cute girls around an old man like me.

Jii-chan looked at Rie and Eri.

「 Please wait. What Kouzuki-sama is talking about is a common opinion. What I fear is that Kuromori-sama changes other people’s fate, even if it means committing crimes 」

Torii-san said.

「 What is a crime? 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 Earlier, when the men had their phone connection cut off, their company communication line cut down, and all the computer-related service rendered useless were all just coincidences. It just happened that their misfortunes came at the same time 」

Their blog and SNS accounts deleted.

Their company’s power cut off.

「 It’s a coincidence. This kind of phenomenon isn’t someone’s intention. Therefore, this will not be regarded as a crime, and no police will investigate 」

「 Isn’t it all the power that Kouzuki house have? But still, making it real is a crime. It’s an illegal act! 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 No. It’s no illegal act. If the police don’t catch you, then it’s no crime, is it? 」

Jii-chan said.

「 That also applies to the mysterious power of the Takakura girls. The law doesn’t acknowledge the existence of their mind powers. Therefore, they can use their power, and nobody can punish them for doing such acts! That includes killing people. Where is the lethal weapon? Who can establish proof of the crime? 」

「 That’s just sophistry! If you harm someone, it’s a crime! No matter what reason you have! 」

「 Wrong 」

Jii-chan speaks clearly.

「 Torii Mariko-kun, you seem to be misunderstanding something. What he’s done is not an illegal act in Japan’s penal code. All he did is an act that contradicts your sense of justice 」

Torii-san’s sense of justice?

「 Or maybe, it’s your ethics, moral values 」

Jii-chan said. Torii-san listens with an earnest look.

「 Recently, the company compliance in Japan is getting troublesome. They no longer simply follow the law but they also focus too much on business ethics and morals. If any problem happens, even if it’s not legally a problem, their moral obligation forces them to go all out with compensation 」

「 That’s inevitable. Since the customers buy the products… 」

Torii-san said.

「 Yes, that’s good in the surface world. You need to do anything to make sure that you don’t harm the trust of your customers, and in the internet age, a single mistake becomes public immediately. You need to be careful to follow the law, corporate ethics, and morals for 120% or your company will not stay 」

Jii-chan said.

「 However, can you seek the same compliance on the other side? No, for the people of the surface, making contact with the people on the other side is a violation of compliance but, they will still come no matter how much you refuse them. Then, most of the time, the police are neutral with civil affairs, and they’re late all the time. Putting the police aside, government officials are no different 」

「 And so, it was Kuromori-sama? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 Yes. He immediately saw after meeting that Kenmochi man that it’s useless to talk to him and so he cut him off. You fear that he has no hesitation but I see it as reliable. The result of hesitation even though he saw through everything means that he will involve the other people around and will cause misfortune to many people. We need that instant decision of his 」

Jii-chan looked at Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san.

「 So it was a test on how I would face Kenmochi? 」

I asked. Jii-chan.

「 What are you talking about? Every day is a test for you. I’m always checking all of your actions 」

Now that he mentioned it…

「 Also, Torii Mariko-kun. Your big misunderstanding is that you feel fear. You’re envious of him. Jealous 」

「 M-Me?! N-No! 」

Torii-san panics.

「 Earlier, your conversation with him was interesting. He’s right, the country is just a container for people. Japan has a long tradition and history. However, just because they are citizens of Japan doesn’t mean that they’re equal in the container, called Japan 」

Jii-chan said.

「 The modern country has the responsibility of protecting its citizens. So, for example, a Japanese citizen is captured in a distant foreign country by a local rebel group, Japan must negotiate and rescue the captured Japanese. No, for example, if a Japanese man is drowning alone in the middle of the pacific ocean, as long as that man is a Japanese Citizen, then Japan must save that man 」


「 However, their duty is different from their ability to save the person without fail. Nobody will notice the man drowning in the middle of the ocean and he will die from drowning. Japan must save that man but actually saving the person is a different story 」

Torii-san listens silently.

「 Then, the police and fire department duty is to protect the Japanese citizens and their assets. However, the police are mostly dispatched when a crime occurs. The fire department is also dispatched to extinguish the fire. Of course, the police reduces crimes and the fire department continue their campaign of fire prevention. Even so, they must protect the citizens and their assets, but they can’t keep it all safe. They never can 」

Criminals will cause damage no matter what.

If there’s fire, then houses and furniture will burn down.

「 Even the public service in the country can’t do their work perfectly. Of course, the country is also late when it comes to sending help when there’s a problem. The country isn’t a perfect unit. No, as the reality changes, the country will always aim to become perfect but never will

The law will have some loopholes.

Public services won’t always be attentive.

It will always be insufficient, and problems will always arise.

「 Therefore, one has to fill up what the country lacks 」

Jii-chan said.

「 If you think that you can’t call for the police’s help, then you’ll hire your own security, put on security cameras, and install alarms. Or maybe, you’ll hire bodyguards. Other services exist too. If the government can’t do it, a civilian service will start. Of course, it’ll cost you, but it’s inevitable. The country can’t do everything 」

「 I understand that… 」

Torii-san said.

「 I also think that the country can’t do anything and that the people who complain yet do nothing are in the wrong 」

「 Yes, people like them, entrust everything to the country when all the people managing the country are idiots and think that they can do everything 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Sure, I don’t think that everything the country does is futile. However, even if you take out the futility, that doesn’t mean that you can take them all out. Humanity is a collective. To create a nation that will satisfy those who only complain about it, all the citizens will have to become selfless and an upright and cleanhanded superman 」


「 Well then, let’s return to the topic 」

Jii-chan looked at Torii-san.

「 Is it really important to have people obey the laws of the country? 」


「 Of course, I acknowledge and respect the country itself. I have no intention of creating a disturbance in the country, it’s not the case that I want to destroy the common national law. I love this country after all


「 But, even so, I think that one has to follow the law 」


「 Do you know about “Seldom Illegal”? 」

「 Seldom Illegal? 」

Torii-san asks.

「 A subordinate of mine took a driver’s license in Los Angeles. That person taught me about it. It’s something written in their driving school textbook. A page where they say what’s illegal and what’s not while driving 」

Jii-chan smiled.

「 It was interesting. I wonder if the Americans are really that direct. Sometimes illegal, in cases where the policeman doesn’t consider it a violation of the law, they’ll let it go. It’s a complex problem, but since it’s a driving school, they can’t decide whether it’s illegal or not 」

「 That’s in America. But in Japan, they should have decided which is illegal and which is not 」

Torii-san said.

「 In nationality, or should I say, it’s true in the Japanese nature. But, in truth, Japan also has a lot of it. If you are strict with the law and certain with what’s illegal or not, you’ll live a suffocating life, and so they can’t decide, or sometimes, they overlook it 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Naturally, it’s better if you follow the law. However, most cases are something which you can’t do anything even if you follow it 」

Saying that; Jii-chan looked at the Kurama sisters.

「 Don’t you think so? You saw the data I presented, haven’t you? It was Kenmochi who instigated your father to destroy the Kurama Kaku and start up a new hotel. He showed the foreign investor funds and put the Kurama house in a financial dilemma. After that, they’ll save the Kurama house like a white knight, Kenmochi will give the funds himself, and he will take control of the hotel and the Kurama house itself 」

Kurama Misato-san.

「 I didn’t believe at first but I’ve seen Kenmochi-sama’s conversation with Misuzu-sama 」

Misato-san’s making a gloomy face.

「 I didn’t notice it at all 」

Then, Misato-san cries again.

「 Misato-oneesama! 」

Arisu-san embraces her sister.

「 Losing that precious Kurama Kaku, we can never face our ancestors 」

Then, Jii-chan

「 Kurama Kaku is a valuable building for us the nobility as well 」

「 I’m very sorry, Kouzuki-sama 」

「 I wonder what the building is to you? Did you love the Kurama Kaku? 」

「 Isn’t that obvious?! We love it too! 」

Arisu-san speaks with a strong will.

「 Misato-oneesama and I love the Kurama Kaku! After all, we’re the daughters of the Kurama house! 」

「 Arisu 」

「 But, to make the marriage talks of Onee-sama and Kenmochi house a success… 」

「 Arisu…I’m sorry! 」

「 It’s not Onee-sama’s fault! Father was deceived by that man and held such weird ambitions! 」

The father of the Kurama sisters is the young head of the Kurama house.

He carelessly joined Kenmochi’s dream plan of constructing a modern hotel instead of staying with the old, keeping the Kurama Kaku safe.

「 I see, the Kurama Kaku is also precious to you 」

Jii-chan smiles.

「 Well then, I’ve done one illegal act. Of course, nobody noticed it and so it’s not illegal yet 」


「 Did you know that if you demolish an old building smoothly, you can reconstruct it elsewhere? 」


「 The construction contractors you hired to take down the Kurama Kaku are all my people. I had specialists in antique buildings deconstruct the building while making sure that it’s not seen outside. Your father didn’t notice it at all

The Kurama sisters are taken aback.

「 And then, the scrap wood from the demolished Kurama Kaku is now in my company’s possession. While at it, I also secured the trees and shrubs, in the garden. The buildings and gardens of the Kurama Kaku were fully documented in the pre-construction survey, so all that remains is to rebuild the Kurama Kaku in my land 」

Jii-chan’s going to reconstruct the Kurama Kaku?

「 Is that illegal? All I did was buy the scrap wood and assemble it. Of course, it would be a breach of contract since they told your father that the building is deconstructed and yet it was actually preserved. It’s an illegal act and yet, there is no proof that I had connections with the contractors that took the building down 」

Jii-chan said.

「 It would be against ethics and morals. Concerning the results, the historical building, Kurama Kaku, has become mine. However, my method of taking it means that the Kurama house is gone forever 」


The right act doesn’t go smoothly in this world.

「 That means that the Kurama Kaku is not lost? 」

Kurama Misato-san’s face turned bright.

「 Not yet. It’s still deconstructed. I am looking for a suitable place to rebuild that splendid building. To be honest, the current Kurama house’s land is filled with tall buildings, and so it lost its beauty from before. It’s not suitable to rebuild it there after all this. They already dug down to make sure that the high-rise hotel is strong, haven’t they? 」

The hotel is stopped mid-construction.

It’s too late for them to rebuild the Kurama Kaku there.

「 However, if Kouzuki-sama has it, then I… 」

Misato-san cries happily.

「 Well, I wonder about that? 」

Jii-chan makes a straight face.

「 Isn’t the Kurama Kaku the treasure of the Kurama house? Do you not feel frustrated as the daughter of the Kurama house to find out that the Kouzuki house took away the Kurama Kaku? 」

Then, Arisu-san…

「 W-We are! It’s obvious that we’re frustrated! 」

「 I see. Then, buy it back from me 」

Jii-chan said.

「 B-Buy it back? 」

「 That’s right. I bought the scrap wood of the Kurama Kaku. It’s not free to reconstruct a new Kurama Kaku. All of it costs money!


「 H-How much does it take to buy back the Kurama Kaku? 」

「 Let’s see. No, it’s not about the amount. Even if I sell it back to you, with the current Kurama house, they’re likely to destroy it again 」

「 That won’t happen! This time, Misato-oneesama and I will protect the Kurama Kaku! 」

Arisu-san speaks clearly.

「 I don’t trust just words. Anyone can speak like that out of the momentum. I want to see your resolve 」


「 My conditions for transferring the Kurama Kaku is for Kurama Misato-kun to work as a prostitute for five years, and for Arisu-kun to become a sex slave. Those are the two conditions 」


「 To tell you the truth, I know that Kurama house has no money to buy back the Kurama Kaku, your father is already suffering from dealing with the half-constructed hotel, hasn’t he? 」

That’s right, Kurama house has troubles in money since the foreign investors ran away from them.

They couldn’t possibly pay up for the expense of rebuilding the Kurama Kaku.

「 I won’t trust you unless you use your bodies as the sacrifice. If you can’t do that, then I will not hand over the Kurama Kaku 」

Then, Arisu-san!

「 I understand! If I have to become a slave then I’ll become one! I’m offering this body of mine!!! 」