Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 101

101. Maika, re-rape (Part 1)


While we were severely cornering Maika…Nei-san who’s been sleeping woke up and made a loud noise.
She stretched out widely…
Her pink nipples spill out of her silk clothes.
Of course, Nei-san doesn’t mind it at all.
She smiled at us with a half-asleep face…

「…I just had a dream!」1

Was it a scary dream again?
No, she’s smiling without care, I guess not…

「…You see, everyone from the 『Sister’s club』got pregnant with Yo-chan’s child.. Katsun, Nagisa-san, Mii-chan, and Maika-chan…Everyone’s holding their own child. All of them are cute babies. They’re so cute that I hold all of them in turns Then…!」

Nei-san laughed ‘kukuku’

「We didn’t know who’s child is whose…We’re all panicking in my dream! Then Maru-chan came in…」

Margo-san looks doubtful.

「That’s right…Maru-chan told the foolish me! Kukukuku」

Nei-san laughs at us who’s looking at her in surprise…

「…What did I say in Nei’s dream?」

Nei-san imitated Margo-san and answered.

「…『It doesn’t matter who gave birth. Isn’t all of them Nei and everyone’s child』she said…!」

…Nei-san laughs.

「…Really, it is. That’s why we made the 『Sister’s club』 Whichever child it is, it’s all Yo-chan’s child…It’s the child of all in 『Sister’s club』!…Hey Maika-chan, isn’t that kind of thought fun?」

Nei-san talks to Maika brightly.


Maika’s perplexed.

「Eh, isn’t it so fun?! Everyone living together helping each other out with Yo-chan as the center! When a child is born, everyone would help out to raise it of course! It doesn’t matter who’s child it is…All of them are siblings! They might go and fight but I’m sure they’ll grow up peacefully…! Yupyup…We need to make a『Home』like that…!」


「…Because, isn’t that right? We’ll be 『Family』!」

Nei-san said it as if it was natural…
We’ll be 『Family』…?
…Will I reach that?

「Don’t make that worried face! Yo-chan has a lot of capable waifus!」

Nei-san told me laughingly, though…

「『Sex Partner』means 『Wife』 It’s fine even if it’s not a wife registered in a formal marriage. Common law wife is no different from a wife isn’t it? What’s needed is to only live with Yo-chan and have sex with only Yo-chan…!」

Nei-san explained.
In short…Polygamy?!2

「Let’s all share the housework! We can’t leave Katsun do everything. In exchange…teach us how to cook okay~」
「Yes…I get it. Let’s do that」

Katsuko-nee promises to Nei-san.

「…We have to look for a house where we can all live. Katsun, you’re going to start a bakery don’t you? There’s also Nagisa-san’s flower shop…What should I make?」

Nei-san talked about 『Dreams』one after another

「Since there’s a lot of children that will be born, we need a wide and sunny home! Mii-chan, how many kids do you want…?」

Misuzu got shocked as she’s suddenly called.

「Misuzu…?! Misuzu would settle for one for now. I want to give birth to one first」

Misuzu answered after thinking for a while.

「…Eeeh, just one?!」
「Because…If all of 『Sister’s club』members give birth, it’ll be four children already!」

Megumi who’s not in here is included there.
And Yukino’s womb too.

「Isn’t that fine?! There’s nothing scary if we raise it all! I’m sure it’ll be fun! Every day’s exciting and thrilling…!」3

Nei-san said.
Maika’s in blank surprise.
The 『Dream』Nei-san is imagining as a matter of course is very far from the common sense.

「…You think that Nei’s saying something strange?」

Margo-san asked Maika.

「Uhm…Maika doesn’t get it…」

Maika answered while looking down.

「I know that it’s not normal!…But, I want to be 『Ohana4』with everyone」

Nei-san said.

「You do know that I don’t have a family anymore, don’t you? Maru-chan is always with me so I don’t know but…I’m always thinking ‘what will happen after this?’ I’m glad I met Yo-chan!」


「Yup…I now have a 『Dream』 Become a family with 『Sister’s club』then live together. Everyone’s working and raising children, I’m sure we’ll be happy…I’ll become happy!」

Nei-san talked about her decision brightly…!

「…What about Misuzu-san? Do you want to participate Nei’s 『Dream』?」

Margo-san asks Misuzu.

「Misuzu will follow Danna-sama forever. I also like everybody so I’ll participate. Let’s become 『Family』…!」


「…Misuzu-san, at what age do you want to give birth?」

Margo-san’s question made Misuzu think for a bit.

「If it’s a child…I’ll get pregnant anytime Danna-sama wants me to! Even right now…!」

Margo-san sighed…
Then laughed maliciously.

「…MIsuzu-san, that’s a failing mark. If you really intend to become 『Family』, then I think that you should confront the reality of it」

Margo-san’s eyes are harsh.


Misuzu also changed to her serious face.

「Answer me seriously…Do you want to give birth to Yoshida-kun’s child?」
「…I want to!」

Misuzu answered immediately.

「Right now, the 『Family Plan』Nei talks about is just a 『Dream』 Do you think you can achieve it?」
「…Maru-chan, you’re mean! It’s not a 『Dream』! I’ll make it a reality!」5


「…Nagisa and I can’t let this 『Dream』end either. We’ll definitely make it a reality…!」

…Katsuko-nee too.

「…Misuzu-san, what about you?」


「Misuzu also wants to make it a reality…!」

Misuzu looked straight up at the tall Margo-san.

「Then…You should think what to do to make that 『Dream』a reality. You have to remove all of the obstacles realistically…!」
「Think concretely without overlooking anything…Misuzu-san, at what age do you want to give birth?」

Misuzu thinks deeply.

「…I can finish high school and give birth immediately…That’s impossible. There’s the honor of Kouzuki house to be included…!」

Misuzu changed her face from 『My pet』to 『Kouzuki house’s daughter』Onee-san face.

「However…I don’t want to wait until I graduate from university. I’ll give birth by 21 or 22 years old.」
「…21 or 22? Be clear about it」

Margo-san demands a more particular decision from Misuzu.

「Then…I’ll take 22 years old」

Misuzu decided immediately.

「…What month would be the delivery?」

Margo-san pursuits further…!

「…I’ll give birth during Summer vacation…It won’t be hindering my study at University with that」
「Women’s conception period is 280 +- 15 days. Do you know when you have to be pregnant so that you can give birth during summer vacation?」
「…I’ll calculate it」
「Make a schedule now…If you’re really interested in making it real…!」

『Dreams』…will become reality…?
You have to make a concrete plan for that.
Each and every precise detail.

「Misuzu-san, which university do you intend to go? Since you’re Kouzuki house’s ojou-sama, it’s normal for you to enter a foreign university, right?」


「…That was the plan but it’ll be stopped. Misuzu cannot get away from Danna-sama. I’ll go to a local university」


「…That means?」

Margo-san knit her eyebrows.

「Yes…I must pass Tokyo University」

T-Tokyo University!
Misuzu’s that smart?!

「Father and Grandfather went to Tokyo University therefore… My father hates it for the reason of『Women’s life in Tokyo University diminish because of marriage proposals』 Misuzu’s already Danna-sama’s 『Woman』 There’s no choice as it’s for the sake of not being brought to strange marriage talks…」

That’s the world for good families like Misuzu’s.

「Misuzu will do anything to continue being Danna-sama’s 『Woman』 Whatever it is. Even if it is fighting against Grandfather and Father…!」

You’re determined to go that far.

「You can’t, change your way of thinking, if you don’t want to be apart from Yoshida-kun, you must never fight against your parents and Grandfather. Make them your ally」

Margo-san instructs her.

「…It is as you say. Misuzu was wrong. I think that Margo-san is right」
「You must think of the shortest path to realize the 『Dream』 Don’t take a detour on purpose…It’ll trouble everyone. This is everyone’s 『Dream』after all」

Misuzu nodded at Margo-san.

「Nei and Yoshida-kun, remember this…You have to think all of the possibilities, and the concrete necessities for you to be able to achieve your 『Goal』 Then, prepare for it… Take the shortest path and think of the 『Dream』as the top priority. If not, the 『Dream』will always be a dream…Okay?」

Nei-san and I nodded.
Margo-san looks at Katsuko-nee.

「Katsuko-san, when do you intend to give birth?」

Katsuko-nee answered with a smile.

「Nagisa wants to get pregnant right now and intends to give birth next year, right? That’s why I want to give birth at the same time. I want to raise Nagisa and my child like twins. That’s my dream. My first hope…!」

Katsuko-nee faced me and smiled.

「But…Revenge to Shirasaka Sousuke is the top priority right now. I must not leave ojou-sama until that ends. Therefore, I will continue drinking pills until this matter settles. That’s what I decided…!」

Margo-san looks at me next

「…Yoshida-kun will be deciding on Maika-chan 」


「…Yoshida-kun, at what age do you want Maika-chan to give birth?」

Maika looks at me with frightened eyes.

「Decide right now…It doesn’t matter if you change it by the situation later. But, you must decide concrete plans on the 『What and when to do』beforehand…!」

…I see
…I must prepare for everything already.
…When I determine it, I can always have a concrete plan.
Now that I made Maika my 『Woman』…
I already have to think about Maika’s life plan clearly…!
How old should I make Maika give birth?
At what age I can make Maika give birth at ease?
Maika’s two years younger than me.
I intend to work as soon as I graduate high school…

「…Maika, you’re going to give birth by 20 years old…」

I declared.

「…Onii-san. Is that already decided?」

Maika spoke to me sadly.

「…Yeah. I just did. You don’t have to worry. Until then, I’ll make an environment where Maika can give birth to a child at ease. I’ll do my best」

I answered.
Misuzu embraces Maika from behind.

「…We’ll be together forever. We’ll definitely make our 『Dreams』come true」

Maika looks at Misuzu absentmindedly.
It seems that it’s still difficult for her to take it as 『Reality』…

「Don’t make that face! It’ll definitely be fun! We’re all together! We’ll definitely become happy!」

Nei-san said with a bright smile…

「But, Maru-chan…Why are you not asking me when I want to get pregnant?」

…What should we do with this virgin?6
Margo-san smiled wryly and answered.

「Nei has a bigger problem right now…A troublesome case. We have to take care of that first」

Nei-san’s face turned gloomy

…Cesario Viola

The man coming after Nei-san from U.S…
The man who killed Nei-san’s parents and brother.
…Just what kind of man is he?

「…Now then, my sermon has ended!」

Margo-san returned to her smile.

「I still have a job to do so I’ll see you later. Katsuko-san, thanks for the meal. It was delicious!」

Margo-san said then left the room.

「…Nei-sama, Misuzu-san…Can you help me wash the dishes?」

Katsuko-nee told the two.

「Ah…I’ll help too」

When I said that, Katsuko-nee…

「It’s okay…You can just play with Maika-san」

Maika trembled.

「We’ll be recording your sex so you can do anything you want but that until we finish cleaning things up」

Katsuko-nee smiled suspiciously.

「Maika-chan…We’ll be in the kitchen. If you really can’t stand it, then just call out loudly」


「…Yes, got it」

Nodded small.

「Ah, Katsun, I can do cleaning up alone!」

Nei-san said.

「If I saw Yo-chan and Maika-chan’s sex, I might become strange. I want to think alone for a while…!」

Nei-san said.

「Understood…Then, please」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「…Where do you want to have sex with Maika-chan?」


「…The room from yesterday is good」

The room where I had sex with Megumi.

「Understood…Then let’s all go there」

Misuzu holds Maika’s hand.

「…Now, Maika-san, let’s go!」

Maika leaves the room supported by Misuzu and Katsuko-nee from both sides.
So I can rape her once again.

◇ ◇ ◇

Immediately after entering the room from yesterday…I made Maika sit down on the bed.
The bed where I embraced Megumi yesterday.
I’ll be embracing Megumi’s half-sister today.

「Please wait a moment as I get the camera ready…」

Katsuko-nee comes out of the room.
I sit down next to Maika.
I felt that Maika twitched in nervousness.

「…Maika, are you scared?」

I asked…

「…A bit」

She muttered.

「The second won’t be as scary. Misuzu is here with you too…Okay?!」

Misuzu smiled at Maika.
Maika doesn’t respond.


I exposed my penis.
My penis is half erect already.


Maika shudders.
She tried to stand up and take distance from me.

「Don’t, just stay there!」

…I gripped Maika’s arm and didn’t let her stand.

「Maika…touch it to make it bigger」

I ordered Maika.
The trembling Maika can’t move.

「Maika-san…it’s like this」

Misuzu squats between my feet.
Then she gently caress my penis with her fingers.

「It’s not scary…Look」

Misuzu holds Maika’s hands.
Then…She let Maika’s hand approach my penis.

「…It’s going to be okay. Let’s touch it together…!」

The trembling fingers of a 14 year old girl touched my glans.
It has a different feeling with Misuzu’s finger.
…The temperatures are different too.

「Touch this place gently…」

Misuzu made Maika’s finger crawl behind the glans.

「…Ah, it got big」

Maika muttered…
My penis is filled with blood…!

「Maika-san touched it and Danna-sama felt good」

Misuzu smiled.

「…Maika did?」
「Yeah, Maika made me aroused」

I told Maika.

「…Onii-san’s thing is hot」

The glans touched by Maika is swelling up.

「Look, it’s getting wet isn’t it? Men gets wet too if they feel good…!」

Misuzu explains to Maika.
Misuzu carries Maika’s finger to the root of the penis.

「Make a ring with your fingers…That’s right. Then you grasp it here and let it go up and down. It’s okay to grip it a bit stronger…Yes, just like that」

Misuzu piled her hands on top of Maika’s then stroke my penis.

「Danna-sama, does it feel god?…Misuzu was just taught by Katsuko-sama just a little so I’m not as confident however…!」

Right…Even Misuzu’s experience in sex is low.
The situation of a girl with little experience teaching a younger girl who doesn’t know anything gets me intensely aroused.7

「…It feels good, Misuzu, Maika…!」

The pleasure goes from my penis to my spine…!

「…Ufufu! I’m glad! Then, Maika-san, continue to do it like that. Misuzu will be sucking it!

Misuzu put my glans in her mouth while letting Maika stroke the root.
「Aun!」She said then the glans get inside Misuzu’s hot and damp mouth…!
The roughness of her tongue licks my tongue like candy.

「…aaah…It feels good, Misuzu!」

Misuzu separates her mouth from my penis.
The saliva string on the tip of my penis making a bridge on Misuzu’s lips…What a lewd face…

「…Misuzu, has come to love sucking!」

Msiuzu looks up at me
She sticks out her tongue and trickle the tip of my penis.

「I also like Misuzu’s fellatio」
「Ufufufu, Thank you very much! I’ll do this everyday!」

Misuzu makes wet sucking sounds.

「Amazing…Onii-san’s thing is thumping…」

Maika who’s grasping the root voices out her surprise…

「Thank you for the wait!…My, you already started?」

Katsuko-nee returned with a big camera at hand.

Both of you…face this way…Okaay~!」

Misuzu’s happily holding my glans in her mouth…
Maika’s touching my penis while having a frightened face…
It’s photographed…

「Yup, that’s great…your expressions are very vivid that it has become a lewd photo!8

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter one after another…

「…It got big enough already. It’s Maika’s turn next」

Maika shudders from my words…!

「…I want to eat Maika」
「…M-Maika’s scared」

Maika’s memory of rape must’ve revived.
She’s trembling so hard.

「It’s okay…It’s not scary. Everyone’s here with you」

Misuzu embraces Maika closely…

「…Maika, lie down on the bed」

Maika slowly faced up in the bed.
She’s still wearing her silk clothing…
Her bare skin is transparent and she’s not wearing panties either.
If I roll it up a bit…Her breasts and slit would be exposed.
Maika hides her breast and crotch with her hand.
She hides just her chest before.
So she’s hiding her crotch now that she lost her virginity?9
No…There’s still a lingering pain from her loss of virginity.
That’s why she can’t help but unconsciously hide her crotch even if she doesn’t want it.
Maika imagines the pain from now on and closed her eyes tightly…

「Don’t close your eyes…Look at me」

I ordered Maika.

「Okay…I’m sorry」

Maika opens her eyes.

「…If you don’t open your eyes, you won’t know who you’re having sex with. Look at me, feel me」

Maika looks up at me.


Maika talks to me.

「Maika already understood what kind of situation she’s in. Whatever is done to me…even if I get killed it can’t be helped.」


「We don’t want to torment Maika」
「I know that…Katsuko-san, Nei-san and Misuzu-san made Maika their ally」

Maika’s eyes is dyed with color of sorrow.

「I understood that Onii-san isn’t a bad person. I think that you’re a gentle and a good person…but」

Maika said

「When Onii-san says that he likes Maika…I can’t believe it by all means」


「Onii-san said it right? That you like Maika, you want to make her yours so much that you raped Maika…」
「Maika understood that since Onii-san raped Maika, she won’t have to suffer anymore. That’s why I’ve given up being raped. I’m prepared to continue to be raped by Onii-san from now on. Maika will give birth to Onii-san’s child…it’s for Mama and Onee-chan’s sake. Maika will accept it all…!」

Maika throws out her feelings.
But, Maika’s not crying.
…She’s different from yukino.
This girl has a strong heart…

「But, Maika…cannot believe by all means that Onii-san likes Maika…」

Maika fixed her eyes on me and said.

「Why? Isn’t Maika very cute? I think that it’s genuine when Danna-sama said that he likes Maika-san」

Misuzu follows up from the side…

「Maika’s not cute. Maika’s still a child…there’s no way Onii-san will like Maika」10

Maika said…

「…Why do you think?」
「Because…Everyone around me, Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and Misuzu-san are all beautiful ladies…these people all likes Onii-san and happily talks about giving birth to his child…! Maika’s no match to everyone!」

That’s Maika’s complex.

「I know. Onii-san just pities Maika don’t you? You felt sorry for Maika being messed up by unknown old men…so you took charge of me from Yuzuki-san?! You don’t really like Maika don’t you! Isn’t that right?!」


「That’s not true…I really like Maika」
「…That’s a lie. Please tell me the truth. It’s okay. Maika will have sex with Onii-san. I will take care of Onii-san from now on. I’ll give birth to your child. I promise that. But…I don’t want to be told the lie『Like』…! Please say『I don’t like you』clearly. Then, Maika will…』

Maika looks up at me with lonely eyes…

「I’ve already given up on everything. I’ll become Onii-san’s slave…therefore」


「…I really like you, Maika」
「…Enough with that lie」
「It’s not a lie…I’m telling the truth」

I look down at Maika…

「I…The first girl I liked really resembles Maika」

Maika is Yukino’s little sister.
They really look alike.

「Therefore I like Maika’s face.」

Maika’s eyes open wide suddenly…!

「I don’t get my heart well. We just met after all. But, I like Maika’s face. That’s why I wanted to save you. I thought I want to make you mine…That’s all」

I can tell Maika’s body relaxing.

「Really…I fell in love with Maika’s face. Just your face. But, I came to like you」

Those were my honest feelings.

「…Are you really okay with Maika? Maika’s face isn’t that cute you know?」
「…I think it’s cute」

Maika laughed lightly.
It’s still an awkward smile but…but still, I’m glad that I saw her smile.

「Got it…Maika will give herself to Onii-san」

Maika released her hands hiding her breasts and crotch.

「…Please do as you like」


  1. I, Nei, have a dream!!! GOLD EXPERIENCE!
  2. I want to put Harem but we’re talking about husband and wife relationship
  3. Yeah, like changing diapers and waking up late at night because the child is crying.
  4. Ohana means family
  6. Maybe offer her to Zeus? Zeus likes virgins
  7. I guess this is why he becomes a lolicon
  8. It has a girl sucking on a man’s dick, if it’s not lewd then Aphrodite’s sculptures aren’t as well!!
  9. We need to test that out, we need more data
  10. Stop, don’t go the lolicon path!