Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1013. Noon Sunshine / Outdoor rape the Anjou Sisters 1: Dog Park



「 Michi, Edie, put on that collar on the two 」

I ordered.

「 Kuh, don’t come near us! 」

「 Don’t come! 」

The naked Anjou sisters face Edie and Michi without trying to hide their bodies.

They have no shame at all.

「 Do you girls even understand the situation you’re in? 」

Edie speaks with a fed-up tone.

「 We haven’t even used our Qi skills yet 」

Yeah. Edie and Michi took off the clothes of the sisters with just plain speed and precision.

「 Your techniques are fundamentally flawed 」

「 Are you mocking Anjou arts?! 」

Kinuka-san shouts as her naked body sways around.

「 It’s no mockery, it’s the truth. You couldn’t even do a thing against us 」

Michi speaks calmly.

「 T-That was just us being careless 」

「 That’s right! If Mitama-oneesama and I get serious, you’re nothing 」

No, it sure is nice to have that energy but…

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san never showed any results since yesterday.

During the fight with Kyouko-san, they used that “skylab hurricane mixer” or something but Kyouko-san evaded it so easily.

During Kinuka-san’s fight with Haiji, a salty fight unfolded and then it ended prematurely because Tendou Otome’s captured.

When we captured Tendou Sadao, all they did was make a show outside.

「 You girls do have the strength, I acknowledge your stupid courage but, your combat sense is devastating 」

「 I don’t think that it’s with you but it’s the problem of the Anjou arts itself 」

Edie and Michi said,

「 To be honest, your school never had a match with an outside force nor experienced actual combat, has it? 」

Anjou house has been serving the Kurama house ever since their ancestors, but…

「 Your family continued to improve skill only from the inside, you’re left behind by the flow of the world 」

Michi said.

「 In fact, the longer you’ve been away interacting from the outside world, that your technique has lost its natural sharpness 」

「 You won’t be fighting to the death with your family after all 」

I see. So that’s why there’s no sense of tension when the Anjou sisters fight.

When they jumped at Kyouko-san, the thought of “that could kill,” is not there.

「 You have such a strong body and unique abilities, but you tend to take everything for granted 」

Edie smiled.

「 But, that’s not enough 」

Edie rushes towards Mitama-san.

「 I won’t let you!! 」

Mitama-san tries to combat Edie but she got hooked by the feint.

「 There we go 」

Edie trips her and she falls on the lawn.

「 Mitama-oneesama?! 」

Kinuka-san tries to save her but…

「 See? You’re not looking around 」

Michi flings her off.

She flipped and fell on the lawn facing upwards too.


「 Okay, that’s enough 」

「 Yes, that’s enough 」

Michi and Edie put the collar on the necks of the Anjou sisters.

That was quick work.

They closed the metal lock of the collar.

「 Stripped naked, tossed to the ground twice and even had a collar fixed on your neck. 」 Are you still going to resist after all that? 」

Edie said. Mitama-san;

「 Nuuuuu!!! 」

She tries to jump up and throw a punch at Edie out of frustration.


「 I told you already, it’s futile 」

Edie evades Mitama-san’s punch, pushed Mitama-san’s waist, broke her posture, and pitched her forward.

Mitama-san fell on the grass again.

「 Kuuuu, regret! 」

Mitama-san shouts in frustration. Edie;

「 The fact that you’re quick to give up is another sign that you haven’t trained hard enough 」

「 YEs. If it was me, I would’ve attempted to counterattack five times in the same duration as yours 」

Michi said.

「 Even if we run into opponents our abilities can’t defeat, we’ll continue to fight and hold them back. That will give our Master and every one time to seek refugee in a safe place 」

Yeah, it’s the mental attitude of a bodyguard.

Michi’s a professional, and the Anjou sisters are amateurs born from a family of bodyguards.

「 I’d feel sorry for them if you bully them too much. Michi 」

Misuzu says as she watches the match gracefully from the terrace.

「 There are hardly any bodyguards coming to our school who have that level of will. They’re still young girls in the end 」

Yeah, most bodyguards are only sent there to counter any bullying.

I understood that from the party yesterday.

「 Right, there are hardly any professionals 」

「 Kaan-sama’s bodyguard, Yamada Umeko-sama. Kanou-sama’s bodyguard Shiranui Shie-sama. And Kuromiya house’s bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-sama 」

「 Only those people. Haiji’s a runner up at least. Although, we’re going to turn Haiji into a professional soon 」

Edie and Michi said.

Kaan house and Kanou house are both noble families that are equal to the Kouzuki house, and so their bodyguards are amazing.

Also, the lady of the Kuomiya house is fond of spearmanship. I can only see the young lady, Kuromiya Makoto-san, and her bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-san as cute girls but Michi’s eyes say that they’re professionals.

「 Well then, how about we move forward now? 」

Misuzu says while patting Mizushima Karen-san.

The small young lady is treated like a pet.

「 True. Well, Yomi, it’s your turn 」

Edie gave instructions and Yomi wearing a maid uniform comes forward.

「 Okay~ I’ve been waiting for my turn! Leave this to Yomi! 」

Yomi said with a smile.

「 Hey girl, look into my eyes 」

She claps her hand in front of the Anjou sisters.

「 ?! 」

「 ?! 」

Kinuka-san and Mitama-san looked at Yomi out of reflex.

「 Okay, GET! 」

Yomi smiled.

She’s captured their minds.

「 Now, why don’t we go over there? 」

Ruriko leaves her seat with her favorite camera.

「 Ruriko, I want to use the video cam 」

Edie came over here.

「 Yes, please do. The equipment is over there 」

Ruriko points at the cameras on the garden tables.

「 I will be watching 」

Michi said.

「 If some trouble happened, the sisters might have their binds cut loose after all 」

Yeah, if that happens, the Anjou sisters might rampage out of desperation.

Therefore, Michi isn’t lowering her guard.


What’s going to happen?

Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, and Edie seem to have made arrangements beforehand, but…

Arisu, the twins, and I don’t know anything.

「 Thinking that it’s possible, I guess it’s dangerous to take control two people at once 」

Yomi said.

「 Tsukiko-oneesama, sorry but can I ask you to back me up? The pleasure might run back to me and I might lose focus 」

She speaks to Tsukiko who sits together with me.

「 Very well. I’ll adjust it 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 Err, I think it’s about time you all explain it to me? 」

Tsukiko can read their thoughts so she already knows but…

I don’t know a single thing yet.

「 We’re going to force estrus to the sisters 」

Misuzu says while patting Karen-san.

「 E-Estrus? 」

「 Yes. We will have sex with Onii-sama then force the most pleasuring status in our bodies to theirs 」

Ruriko said.

「 Reproducing the stimulation we experience to make their body hot, their skins flushed, and their chests tight 」

「 That their womb would want it so hard 」

Edie smiled.

「 Yes, and when they’re in that state, Onii-sama can violate them 」


「 These sisters need to understand that there are a lot more other than the young ladies of the Kurama house 」

Misuzu said.

「 They need to discover other valuable things and they must find interest in such. If not, they can’t become a bodyguard 」

Misuzu said. Arisu-san’s taken aback.

「 Anjou Mitama-san and Kinuka-san thinks that as long as they have their Masters, it’s okay, but, Kurama Misato-san and Arisu-san needs connections with various people 」

The Anjou sisters aren’t allowed to close themselves in the world where it’s just the four of them.

Arisu’s now my sex slave and so she will live inside my family.

Misato-san will become a prostitute, and earn money to buy back the Kurama house’s fortunes, especially the Kurama Kaku.

「 These girls have been living with no sexual activity so far 」

Misuzu said.

「 But, these girls are still women. They have a body that a man will love and will become a mother someday 」

「 Therefore, we’re forcing their body to estrus, and have them experience the pleasure they never had before 」

「 Then, that is how they will accept Onii-sama 」

I see. So it’s that kind of plan.

「 The perception of the sisters has to change with one experience after all 」

Yeah, the Anjou sisters have no future unless they start anew.

「 Arisu, do you mind? 」

I asked Arisu, the master of the two.

Kurama Misato-san should be watching this through the cameras.

「 I’ll let Kuromori-sama decide. I am Kuromori-sama’s slave after all

Arisu said.

「 It is as Kuromori-sama said earlier, if we just dismissed Kinuka and Mitama, they will only cause trouble to the people 」

The identity of the Anjou sisters is that they are the bodyguards of the Kurama sisters…They are the bodyguards and yet, they depend on the Kurama sisters.

If we don’t do a major operation on these girls, the Kurama sisters can set them free they will only do absurd actions.

Seriously, the foolhardiness of the sisters is amazing.

「 Well then, I’m going now 」

I stood up from my seat.

I never thought that I’d have a sister bowl on the lawn of the same courtyard during the party yesterday.

「 Karen, we will be watching Danna-sama have sex okay? 」

Misuzu says while embracing her pet wearing a micro bikini.

「 Karen, you’re learning by watching for now. But soon enough, you’ll be serving Danna-sama too 」

「 Y-Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

Karen-san trembles in Misuzu’s arms.

「 It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Having sex with Danna-sama is a pleasing experience 」

「 Yes indeed. It’s fun to have sex with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

This young beauty translates the pleasure from sex as “fun”

「 U-Uhm 」

「 Do we need to do anything? 」

The twins ask worryingly.

Oh, they’re scared that since I’m going to the lawn, I’m going to leave the two of them.

Ruriko smiled at the twins.

「 I have some spare cameras, can I ask you two to record the events? 」

Ruriko sees herself as their senior. Last night, they had a meeting as fellow sex slaves.

「 Is it okay? 」

「 Really? 」

Eri and Rie ask timidly.

「 You don’t have to ask, aren’t we both Onii-sama’s slaves? Let’s work together. If you’d please 」

Ruriko smiled and gave the two spare cameras.

「 Do you know how to use this? 」

「 I think 」

「 I know the gist of it at least 」

「 If you don’t then just call me 」

Ruriko said and then handed the camera to the twins.


「 Oh, what’s wrong. Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko asks with a curious face.

「 Well, I just thought that Ruriko acts like the big sister now 」

「 Yes. We’re getting more younger girls and so I thought I had to get myself together 」

They become stable as the big sister when little sisters who feel unstable come to us.

That’s how everyone grows.

「 Let’s go! Onii-san 」

「 Onii-san, let’s go! 」

The twins pull my hand.

「 Yeah, Arisu, let’s go 」

「 Certainly 」

Arisu also has to watch the transformation of the Anjou sisters.

「 Eri, Rie, stick close to Arisu 」

「 Got it 」

「 Arisu-chan, we’ll be here 」


「 Uuuu 」

「 Kumumu 」

The Anjou sisters have their body restrained using Miko power, they’re groaning as they lie down on the grass.

They’re motionless and sweating, but…

This isn’t sweating from sexual arousal.

This is cold sweat from confusion as they are not free.

「 Looking at her now, she has a nice body 」

「 Yeah, that’s just unfortunate. Why are you making that angry face? 」

The twins are right. Mitama-san has a good body shape.

Her balanced body isn’t too thin nor too thick.

Her weight is on average.

Her breasts are huge and nicely shaped. Her nipples are pink.

If she becomes a gravure idol, I’m sure that she will grow in popularity.

That beauty is frowning, groaning.

Furthermore, she’s frozen as Yomi captured her mind.

Half-sitting with her ass sticking out.

「 If you’re squatting like that, you might poop for real 」

「 Don’t want to see that Eri-chan 」

「 True, Rie-chan. You wouldn’t want to poop right in front of everyone 」

「 Even dogs have a little bit of discipline than that 」

I don’t want to see that either1

I’m not interested in scat. I mean, if a woman pooped in the middle of sex, I’m sure my boy will wither.

「 I’ll be careful to not let that happen 」

Yomi who read my thoughts said.

「 But, Danna-sama, since the two of them are wearing collars, why don’t you watch them pee? 」

Misuzu who loves showing off how she pees says from the terrace.

Right, you can’t start anything if they keep making that angry face.

I need to loosen up their hearts a bit.

「 Yep. Yomi, make these two crawl on all fours and walk them around the grass, then have them raise one leg and pee 」

「 Okay~ Peeing request on the way! 」

The Anjou sisters are startled.

The Miko power forcibly moved Kinuka-san and Mitama-san’s body.

「 Okay, time to take a walk, you girls are now dogs! 」

As expected of the highly capable sisters.

They trot like dogs, they traverse the lawn in all fours easily.

We follow after them.

Ooh. Mitama-san’s huge breasts are shaking.

Kinuka-san’s breasts become distinct when she crawls on all fours.

「 Well, let’s take photos of them 」

Ruriko follows after the siblings who are doing a dog park wearing nothing but a collar.

Eri and Rie also take photos.

「 I guess we should take photos of their anus? 」

「 Ooh, so anuses look like this 」

「 Kuuuuuunnn!! 」

Kinuka-san cries in frustration as the twins take photos of her back gate.

Yomi told her to become a dog and so she cries like a dog.

「 Okay, now doggies, line up 」

Yomi ordered. The sisters line up.

「 Err, which leg does dogs raise when peeing? 」

Yomi asks.

「 Ah, Onee-san, if the two of them raise the same leg when peeing, the other will get sprayed 」

Eri said.

Oh right.

Since they’re this close, if the two pee together, one will get showered with pee

「 You’re right. How about we separate them a bit? 」

Rie said.

「 But, we’d like to show both of them on the same frame if possible, it would be hard to take photos of their face if they are apart 」

Edie says while carrying a video camera.

「 Then, I think that they should both put each of their leg outside up and pee 」

Ruriko said.

「 Hmm, how about you do those little doggies? 」

Yomi ordered. Then Mitama-san and Kinuka-san raised their left leg

「 Hmm, this bilateral symmetry is quite surreal 」

Edie’s right.

The sisters who are naked like dogs and are on all fours are rubbing their heads together and have their legs raised.

「 But, this has that weird taste so it’s okay 」

I replied.

The Anjou sisters look at me angrily.

「 People who have their pussies and anuses exposed with their legs spread wide shouldn’t make that kind of face 」

「 Yeah, your tits are exposed too 」

The twins said. The Anjou sisters feel disheartened.

「 Hey, Onii-san, this big Onee-san has a lot of hair 」

Rie’s right. Mitama-san has a hairy pubis.

「 Compared to that, this one’s smooth as hell 」

On the other hand, Kinuka’s hairless. Not even a single strand can be found.

「 What do we do Onii-san? Should we shave her like Arisu-chan? 」

Rie, is that what your concern?

「 R-Rie-san, please don’t talk too much about that 」

Arisu said bashfully.


「 No, I thought that Arisu would be cuter if she’s shaved so I did. But in Mitama-san’s case, isn’t that very much like her if you see hair on her mound? 」

「 Yeah, that’s very much like her. She could at least give it some grooming and yet she never does 」

Edie said. Mitama-san blushed.

「 Okay, why don’t you start peeing now? 」

I ordered.

「 Okay, are you ready? 」

Yomi asked the two.

「 Kuuuuu 」

「 Nuuuuu 」

The Anjou sisters groan like dogs, pleading me to stop.

But, I can’t stop now.

These sisters who have no shame as a woman should still be ashamed to pee in front of these many people.

They need that shame.

「 What? You’re ready? Then I’ll loosen up your bladder! 」

Yomi controls the body of the sisters.

Okay, feel it. The feeling of your pee in your bladder going through your urethra…and look, it’s coming out!!!

「 Kunuuuguuuuuu?! 」

「 Hamuuguhaguhamuuu?! 」

The sisters are surprised at what’s happening with their bodies.

Before long.


「 Ah, it’s coming out 」

「 Right 」



「 Wow, it’s like a fountain 」

「 The two are seriously peeing themselves 」

The Anjou sisters peed while naked, posing like a dog, while everyone is watching.

「 Look at them Arisu 」

「 Y-Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

The Anjou sisters feel despair as Arisu’s watching.

「 Still, I get it Rie-chan 」

「 Yep, Eri-chan 」

「 It stinks 」

「 And there’s two of them 」

The twins said. Pushing the Anjou sisters even further.

「 Hey girls, take more photos 」

「 Oh right 」

「 We got to take photos of this! 」

Eri and Rie approached the Anjou sisters rudely and capture the sisters peeing.


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