Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1019. Noon Sunshine / Status quo & a new Challenger



「 U-Uhm, Misuzu-sama 」

Torii-san calls out Misuzu, who’s a bit apart from us.

「 In the end, what does this mean? I don’t understand 」

「 Oh? What do you not understand? 」

Misuzu smiled at Torii-san.

The other side leaves the conversation with Yomi and the twins and comes over to my side where I’m lying down on Mana’s lap.

「 I’ll go here 」

「 And then I’ll take this side 」

Two young bodies lie down next to me.

They cling to me.

「 Onii-san, sprawl your limbs 」

「 Spread your arms 」

「 Like this? 」

My head lays down on Mana’s lap and I stretch out my arms as the twins told me.

「 That’s right! Hehehe, arm pillow! 」

「 Arm pillow! 」

The twins used my arm as their pillow and cuddled with me.

「 I knew it, feeling Onii-san’s warmth is the best 」

「 Yes, same 」

Rie said.

「 Arisu-chan, Eri-chan and I are on Onii-san’s sides 」

「 Arisu-chan, you can lie down on top of him 」

The two cling to the sides so she’s going on top.

「 No, currently I am… 」

「 Don’t be embarrassed 」

「 Yeah, Arisu-chan 」

The twins smiled.

Seeing that, Torii-san;

「 I couldn’t completely understand what Kuromori-sama’s relationship with everyone 」

She tells Misuzu.

「 I wonder? I think that Mariko-san already understands 」

She said with a smile.

「 Sure, we’re polygamy with Danna-sama as the center and we form such community. It’s deviated from the common senses, and we know that it’s ethically not allowed 」

「 It’s not even about permission, it’s about the probability. Such a relationship like this isn’t probable 」

Torii-san insists.

「 Look, Onee-san, she might be drunk from the cider? 」

「 Yeah. She’s on high-tension 」

The twins said.

Still, these two smell good.

No, all my girls smell good.

But, they have subtle differences.

「 I’m not drunk! I’m talking seriously here! 」

Torii-san told the twins.

「 How is it that you girls suddenly trust Kuromori-sama in such a short time?! Why are you so relaxed with him?! 」


「 Because there are no lies 」

Rie too;

「 Onii-san’s always going with all his best 」

「 Huh?! What is that? I don’t even understand 」

Torii-san speaks annoyed.

「 Let’s see. Mariko-san, do you trust your Father and Grandfather? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 W-What? 」

「 Just answer the question 」

Torii-san thought for a moment…

「 Well, of course, I trust Father and Grandfather 」

Misuzu turned to Ruriko, who’s listening to our conversation with great interest

「 What about Ruri-tan? 」

Ruriko smiles gently?

「 Grandfather? Of course I don’t 」

「 Right, me neither 」

Torii-san’s surprised by what the young ladies of the Kouzuki house said.

「 Eeeh?! U-Uhm, Ruriko-sama, Misuzu-sama? 」


「 Of course, I do love Grandfather. As his granddaughter that is 」

Jii-chan might be listening to the conversation in the courtyard.

「 But, I don’t trust every word and actions that Grandfather takes 」

「 Right. Grandfather does a lot of scheming without Ruriko nor I knowing and he never talks truthfully on everything 」

Misuzu said.

「 I don’t doubt that Grandfather loves Misuzu-oneesama, Yoshiko-oneesama, and me. But, Grandfather has some secrets. He purposely lies to us 」

「 We understand that he has concluded that it is what he must do. However, that means that we always doubt every word and move Grandfather does 」

「 What is is that he’s hiding from us? Why is it that he’s doing that? We want to ascertain the basis of his judgment 」


「 Jii-chan is always giving us a trial. He’s giving us a test on whether we would understand what’s between the lines or not. Well, he probably doesn’t care if we don’t understand it anyway 」


「 Jii-chan’s a man who takes responsibility for what he does. Despite saying “I’ll leave this to you,” meaning, entrusting things to us…if we were to make a mistake, Jii-chan is ready to shoulder all the responsibility for it 」

「 Hearing you say that, does that mean that Kuromori-sama acts lightly because you know that Kouzuki-sama will come and help you in the end? 」

Torii-san looked at me.

「 No way. Jii-chan has that resolve and so I cannot fail. I mean, I won’t make mistakes 」

I smiled at Torii-san.

「 That means you have much more self-confidence than I thought 」

My self-confidence?

「 That’s not it. What I meant is that I don’t resign until I succeed. If one approach didn’t go smoothly, then just look for another method. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort it takes…that’s all I can persevere for after all 」

I look up at Mana who’s letting me lay on her lap.

「 Mana’s got it hard. It took us a lot of time for her to open up, to trust us, and it was a lot of trouble 」

「 Geez, Onii-chan, that’s in the past 」

Mana said bashfully.

「 Agnes-chan was harder compared to Mana. I mean, Agnes-chan didn’t even speak with Onii-chan or us at first 」

「 Huh, really? 」

「 But, Agnes-chan talks a lot now 」

The twins are surprised.

「 She changed a lot. I also changed in a good way ever since I met Onii-chan but Agnes-chan is the one who changed the most. Now, she’s happy every day 」


「 Agnes-chan is a girl who needs to have sex with Onii-chan until she was emotionally stable. But Onii-chan never missed a day and he keeps Agnes-chan satisfied 」

「 Right 」

That was during the time when Agnes always says “I want to have sex with Papa”

Recently, she has calmed down, and so she’s still okay even if we skip a day or two.

「 Sure, Agnes took a lot of time, but that girl is obedient, and so I didn’t have any trouble. But, Mana’s filled with troubles back then 」

「 Yeah, true. I wasn’t that obedient back then. I’m sorry Onii-chan 」

Mana said, then pats my cheeks.

「 No, sorry, I didn’t mean to complain. There are a lot who are much more troublesome than Mana

「 I have caused a lot of trouble too back then. I’m sorry for that 」


No, yeah, Ruriko took some time too, but still…

Compared to that, Ai and Megu…

Yukino too. She’s the hardest one.

「 Everyone caused some trouble to Danna-sama in one way or another. But, Danna-sama’s always calm, composed, and firmly accepts us 」

Misuzu said.

「 Eri-chan and Rie-chan’s desire to cling to Danna-sama now is something I understand. I had a time like that too 」

Misuzu smiled at the twins.

「 That is why everyone lets them be. We also want to stick to Danna-sama and hug him but maybe not now 」

Eri and Rie are taken aback.

Before anyone noticed, Michi, Edie, Tsukiko, and Yomi are here too.

They’re watching us

「 Ah, sorry 」

「 I’m sorry! 」

The twins try to get off me in a hurry but…

「 Don’t be. The big sisters know, and they let it be, you can cling to Onii-chan like that 」

Mana said.

「 Mana’s also lacking in Vitamin Onii-chan and I feel lonely and so that’s why I had him lay on my lap to resupply 」

「 Danna-sama’s been focused on us since yesterday and even today, I’m sorry for that 」

Misuzu apologized to Mana.

「 No need. Mana will just get spoiled from Onii-chan on her day 」

Mana smiled at Misuzu.

「 And so, let me recharge my energy for a moment 」

Yesterday and even today, I had my hands full with people related to Kouzuki house and the nobility.

I hardly had any time with Mana.

Of course, I intend to compensate for that once we’re back in the Kuromori mansion, but…

「 Well then, Mariko-san, let’s return to the topic 」


「 We do not trust our Grandfather, our blood relative, but, we… 」

「 Yes. We believe in everything that Onii-sama says and does 」


「 What I mean is that I don’t understand why do you reach that conclusion 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 It’s because Danna-sama has no privacy 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Mariko-san saw it too, right? Danna-sama’s always with someone from the family, and Grandfather and the other elder sisters love to use their hidden cameras and microphones 」

「 We always watch Onii-sama’s decisions and hit process of who he wants to join the family 」

Ruriko added.

This Kouzuki mansion, the Kuromori Mansion, and even our school.

They all have surveillance systems.

「 All of Kuromori-sama’s words and deeds are understood in detail, and so you have trust in him? 」

Torii-san said.

All my women know who I talk to, and who I had sex with.

They always watch my decisions and my actions.

That’s true.

「 Why do you think that way? 」

Misuzu said.

「 Onii-sama knows…that someone’s always watching him, that he has no private life at all 」

Ruriko smiles gently.

「 He knows that and he’s okay with it. Onii-sama never mentioned any dissatisfaction with his life 」

「 That size and depth of his generosity is one of Danna-sama’s biggest charms 」

Misuzu said.

「 No, I’m just dumb and so I just find it okay since it’s inevitable 」

「 And that firm stance is what’s wonderful. I love it Danna-sama 」


「 He is like that and that is why Grandfather accepted him as the fiance of the daughters of Kouzuki house 」

「 If it’s an ordinary man, even if it’s a man who inherited the blood of nobility, they will be quite menial to the daughter of Kouzuki house 」

「 Or, they will bluff and act arrogantly 」

「 You can’t find a man who is so relaxed to accept us other than Onii-sama 」

Like I said earlier, I’m just an idiot.

It’s nothing you should praise me for.

「 Right…He calls Kouzuki-sama as “Jii-chan.” Even with Momoko-oneesama from Kaan house, he just went and called her “Momoko-neechan” I thought that he was a bit crazy but… 」

Torii-san said.

I see.

Now that you mention it, I might be.

「 Yeah. I guess I’m weird. Maybe my head has some screws missing 」


「 But it’s okay to stay like that Onii-san 」

「 That’s right. Onii-san, that weirdness is what’s great 」

「 That part where you don’t even hate that we’re using your arms as a pillow 」

「 I mean, you even took girls who are irredeemable like us 」

「 Daughters of Yakuza like us, or Arisu-chan, who was a young lady 」

「 You don’t discriminate, and you love us equally 」

「 Kinuka-chan too 」

「 Onii-san’s women keep in increasing but you still look like you can get more 」


「 After all, after increasing the family to this much, any number is just the same. I mean, the girls who are already in the family always welcome the new ones 」

「 Why? 」

Torii-san looks at me in wonder.

「 Shouldn’t you all hate how Kuromori-sama keeps in adding more lovers? 」


「 Worse, shouldn’t you all think of monopolizing Kuromori-sama? As a woman, Polygamy shouldn’t be something you approve of! 」

Torii-san asserts.

「 That’s where you’re wrong. Torii-san, my women aren’t assembled because they want to become lovers with me 」


「 I’m not that handsome, nor talented, nor intelligent. I’m just a man whose worth nothing, a boring man. They’re not putting up with polygamy because they want to stay with me 」

I have to make it clear.

「 Then, why is it that this inexplicable group is established? 」


「 What we seek is family. We all have been left behind by our real blood families. Therefore, we gather and create our family instead 」

I said.

「 Mana and I were abandoned by our family. Some of them had their family murdered, some can’t see their family again for reasons. Misuzu and Ruriko, and Jii-chan are like that, their family is too worthy that they can’t be an ordinary family 」

Torii-san stares at me.

No, Kinuka and Mitama too.

「 Anyway, we want a family for ourselves, and so we gather. And now, we’re doing our best to become one. Our family is a present progressive, and everyone’s in the middle of creating it 」

「 I mean, there’s no need to complete it. Our family continues to evolve. That’s why it’s okay to increase with new members in the group halfway. Darling and the group will accept them all 」

Edie said.

「 It’s much more fun to have more people in the family 」

Right, that’s why I don’t fear to increase the members of our family.

「 Even if left alone, they will keep on increasing. Everyone will bear Onii-chan’s children…people increase, a lot of trouble ensues, but everyone’s ready for it 」

Mana said.

「 Therefore, Mana and Ruri-oneechan will work harder so we can make up for Katsuko-oneechan in housework. We know that there will be more 」

Katsuko-nee teaches Mana and Ruriko about housework.

Next, Mana and Ruriko will teach the new girls.

「 Even in bodyguards. It’s easier now since Haiji’s with us. Mitama and Kinuka too, I’ll train them a lot 」

「 The two of them have good fighting strength but they need to increase their caution, concentration, and perception. That will be the priority in their training 」

Edie and Michi also know their place.

「 Yes, people increase. Danna-sama accepts as many people as he can. Therefore, it’s okay to depend on Danna-sama too 」

Misuzu told Karen-san.

「 Our family are girls who wish for their family to love them and Danna-sama is the one that connects the women. 」

Everyone looked at me.

「 Besides, Danna-sama never picks girls who will cause nothing but trouble 」

「 I know. Onii-san didn’t pick Otome-chan 」

「 Not yesterday, nor yesterday 」

「 Sonoko-chan and Naoko-chan, they weren’t allowed to come to the family either 」

The two daughters of Yakuza Minaho-neesan picked as prostitutes.

「 That’s why we trust Onii-san 」

「 Onii-san is a bit lewd but he’s not a light man who’ll make a move on everyone 」

The twins said.

「 Therefore, Mariko-san, we are watching you with caution 」

Misuzu smiles gently.

「 Danna-sama is willing to accept even Mariko-san. You probably don’t see it as a burden, Although… 」

Torii-san looks straight at Misuzu.

「 But if it’s the current Mariko-san, Danna-sama might not even find you acceptable 」

Torii-san panics.

「 I-It’s not like I-I-I’m interested in joining everyone…nothing like that… 」

「 I see. It would be nice if that’s the case 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 If only she’s a little bit more honest to herself 」

「 Yeah, she’s too top-heavy that she lost her chance 」

The twins said.

「 Aaaaah! I don’t understand what you’re trying to say! 」

「 No way, you already do 」

「 As if you don’t understand 」

Eri and Rie reply with a nonchalant face.

「 Still, we’re aware that joining in this family us such great fortune 」

「 It’s like we hit the winning lottery numbers 」

「 That’s why I’ll be sure to cling with all my strength. I’ll even bite to make sure that I don’t let go 」

「 We have no place to return to after all 」

「 We have no other life but to be with Onii-san 」

「 Therefore, we follow anything Onii-san tells us, and we won’t be rude to the Onee-san either 」

「 We’re giving our best efforts to have the family completely accept us a day earlier 」

「 Therefore, everyone, please take care of us 」

The twins sit seiza on the lawn and bow their heads

「 Let’s do the same, Mitama, Kinuka! 」

「 Yes! 」

「 Ah, yes! 」

「 Please take care of us 」

Arisu and the girls bow their heads too.

「 There are still more who aren’t here so take care 」

「 Although, I’m sure that they’re watching through the cameras 」

Misuzu and Mana said.

「 Also, as for those who weren’t watching the video, some of them are quite fussy, sorry to ask but be careful with them. She’s Mana’s actual big sister 」

Yukino and Megu.

「 They’re not bad people, but they’re just a bit troublesome. I’m really sorry for them. I’m already apologizing before it happens 」

There’s no need for Mana to bow her head for that, but still…

She has the blood of the Shirasaka house.


Ruriko’s phone rings.

「 Yes, this is Ruriko. Yes, I understand. Goodbye 」

Ruriko ends the call and speaks to me.

「 It seems that Kurama Misato-san is ready 」

「 Got it 」

It’s finally Misato-san’s turn.

「 Please take care of Misato-oneesama 」

「 Please take care of her, Master 」

「 Please 」

Arisu, Mitama, and Kinuka bow their heads.

「 Yeah, I know. Leave her to me 」

I replied.

Oh right.

So that’s why we needed that talk about everyone

「 Danna-sama? 」

「 Onii-san, what’s wrong? 」

「 Are you okay? 」

Misuzu and the twins looked at my face and asked.

「 Darling, this is the test 」

Edie said with a smile.

She knows.

All the girls I had sex so far all joined in the family.


Kurama Misato-san will become a prostitute of the Black Forest.

I need to teach Misato-san about sex as a member of the Black Forest, a criminal organization, but…

Misato-san can’t join in our family as she’s a prostitute.

She’s a woman we have to sell, and so she can’t be a woman only for me.

「 Darling needs this. It’s about time for Darling to step up 」

Edie said. It pierced me.

「 People who want family are accepted but, there are also girls whose situation doesn’t allow them to join in the family even if they want to 」


I can’t have sex with Misato-san the same way I had with my other girls.

Misato-san resolved herself to live as a prostitute…

Even so, I have to make it clear with Misato-san so both of us won’t have any lingering attachments.

「 Let’s go to another room, Mariko-san 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 I-I… 」

「 Isn’t it Kurama Misato-san’s duty to watch Kurama Misato-san’s fate? 」

Torii-san is here as per Kaan Momoko-neechan’s orders

「 Besides, I think that Mariko-san will find her answer there 」


「 This is a first case where Danna-sama will have sex with someone who will not join the family 」

Misuzu also knows the circumstances of my sex with Misato-san.