Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1041. VS Torii Mariko – Deflowering Battle / Charming Undressing



「 Kuromori-sama, I want to have sex!! 」

Torii-san’s eyes are serious.

「 Then, I will come here 」


「 Or should I say that my first time should be here 」

I don’t’ get it.

「 My mother is born from the Kanou house, and even after marrying into Torii house, she’s still a daughter of nobility. Father and Grandfather and everyone in our family take good care of Mother. However 」

Torii-san speaks up.

「 I’m a daughter of Father and Mother, I do have the blood of nobility but I’m not born in nobility. I’m ordered to marry a man of nobility someday to make Torii house get closer to the nobility status but, even after marrying, perhaps, I would still be a “commoner” 」

Torii-san’s mother is born from nobility and so she’s still a member even if she marries an ordinary family, but…

Torii-san who’s born from an ordinary house may marry into a nobleman but she will never be treated as a member of the nobility.

「 I understand why Momoko-oneesama treats me that way now 」

Torii-san looks at Momoko-neechan who sits on the spectator sofa together with Yoshiko-san.

「 Even when we pledged to become sisters, Momoko-oneesama treats me as her servant, no, it’s something lower…Momoko-oneesama thinks of me as her toy 」

「 Mariko…I… 」

「 You’re going to watch your own sister have sex with your own curious and disgusting eyes! 」

Torii-san said. Momoko-neechan went “ulp”

「 That’s because you and I have a special intimate relationship… 」

「 Then, Momoko-oneesama, will you allow me to watch your sexual intercourse? If I ask you to show it to me right now, will you get naked and have sex? 」

「 M-My chastity doesn’t belong to just me! 」

That’s an inevitable answer for the young lady of the Kaan house.

「 Oh? Didn’t Momoko-oneesama say that having sex with Kuromori-sama has no risk of people knowing, no risk of getting pregnant…Isn’t that why you recommended it? 」


「 You can’t use that excuse if you’re endorsing this to me 」

Torii-san speaks intensely, Momoko-neechan;

「 You and I are different! Our statuses and the family we’re carrying on our backs have different sizes! 」

Now she’s speaking her true feelings.

「 So that’s Momoko-oneesama’s true feelings 」

Torii-san sighed.

「 Oh well. If that’s what you want, I’ll show it to you. Go watch Mariko’s first time by all means 」

Oh, this is bad. I thought.

I wanted to get up from the bed and hug Torii-san. I thought.

But, before I could do that…

「 You must not abandon yourself 」

Nei hugs Torii-san from behind.

「 You shouldn’t be angry and feel despair during your first sex. It’s a moment women will remember for the rest of their lives you know 」

Then, she looked at Momoko-neechan.

「 Momoko-chan, you seem to be misunderstanding a lot here 」

「 W-What do you mean? 」

Momoko-neechan glares at Nei angrily.

「 I mean, Momoko-chan’s carrying nothing. The reality is the opposite, right? Your big house keeps you safe and you don’t do anything 」

Nei smiled.

「 I keep the pride of the Kaan house safe 」

「 That’s just sophism. Momoko-chan hasn’t done anything. Do you not get it? 」

「 S-Someone like you will never understand the responsibility those born from nobility carry 」

「 And another sophism. So, be specific what’s hard in your life? 」

「 T-That’s…for instance, we must always be polite and be watchful of the people around us to not bring shame to our family 」

「 Even those who aren’t from nobility do that! Mothers in any family will tell their children “If you don’t get yourself together, they’ll laugh at your mother. Be careful” 」

「 But, for a family with honor… 」

「 Are you stupid!? All families have honor! Greengrocers, barbers, salarymen, even farmers, if their children strayed off the path to delinquency and got arrested by police, their usual customers, the people in their neighborhood, the people in the company, they all look coldly at the family and it becomes hard for them! The honor of the family, the company, the neighborhood, it’s all defiled…. 」

Nei said.

「 Momoko-chan, you need to understand the world outside the nobility! If you just shrug your shoulder at the common sense of the world around you, you won’t be able to see the outside world at all 」

「 Misuzu, what’s with her?! Make this rude person step back! 」

Momoko-neechan told Misuzu.

「 I can’t do that 」

Misuzu replies.

「 What?! Aren’t you the daughter of the Kouzuki house?! If Misuzu won’t do it then Ruriko, have her step back 」

「 I can’t do that either 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 I wouldn’t speak so rudely to my precious Nei-oneesama 」

「 Why?! They’re from Kuromori house, aren’t they?! If you order them… 」

Misuzu stops Momoko-neechan.

「 This sure is the Kouzuki mansion, but we conform to the rules of our family 」

「 Nei-oneesama is older than us, and she’s the most respected and loved big sister 」

「 Hey now Ruri-chan, I won’t give you anything even if you praise me like that 」

Nei got bashful.

「 No. It’s the truth. You always have an unyielding heart 」

Ruriko tells Nei with a smile.

「 I’m the guest here. I’m from the Kaan house. Do you think that this treatment of Kouzuki house will end lightly? 」

Momoko-neechan thought that she can’t push Ruriko so she goes back to Misuzu.

「 M-Misuzu-sama! Ruriko-sama! 」

Yoshiko-san who’s sitting next to Momoko-neechan is in a panic.

「 I mean, that’s not how it goes 」

Edie who’s grabbing Yamada Umeko-san along with Michi laughed.

「 Right, Darling? 」


「 Kouzuki house is unrelated. Kuromori house owns this room. So, the rules of nobility don’t apply 」

I told Momoko-neechan.

「 What do you mean?! Are you saying that the Kuromori house is opposing the Kaan house? 」

Momoko-neechan glares at me.

「 That depends on Momoko-neechan 」

I stare back with a smile.

「 A family from the shadows who can’t exist without the Kouzuki house’s help intends to fight nobility? 」

I knew she thinks that way.

「 If anyone tries to harm us, we’ll fight them back, no matter who they are. That’s how we’ve done it and how it will be 」

「 Kou-chan, are you serious?! 」

Momoko-neechan’s angry.

「 Momoko-neechan, I think you should stop putting your bluffs on the table 」

「 W-What? 」


「 I’m talking as the representative of the Kuromori house. My decision is the Kuromori house’s decision. If I make the decision, Kuromori house will use all their power to attack Kaan house 」

「 That’s right 」

Edie said.

「 On the other hand, I know that Momoko-neechan is a member of the Kaan house, but you’re no representative of the Kaan house, are you? 」

I bring out a card.

「 Are you sure that you want an all-out war between Kaan and Kuromori house for a stupid reason? That would also involve the Kouzuki and Torii house. If the head of Kaan house asks what’s the cause, what will Momoko-neechan tell him?

「 You were insulting my honor 」

Momoko-neechan replies immediately.

「 Do you think that will be enough? We’ll just reply with “Momoko-neechan forced Torii-san to have sex while she’s watching” 」

Momoko-neechan’s startled.

「 T-That’s not something you can officially announce. This is the Kouzuki mansion. If people discover that it happened in this place, it’ll cause damage to the Kouzuki house! 」

「 I’ll take on that problem. All I have to say is that the Kuromori house keeps it a secret from the Kouzuki house. Kuromori is a house from the shadows after all. We have no problems if we gain infamy 」

「 N-No way…If that happens, Kou-chan and Misuzu can’t be engaged anymore! If that happens, Kuromori house is… 」

「 In that case, I’ll just elope with Danna-sama 」

Misuzu said.

「 What about me? Oh well, I won’t leave Onii-sama no matter what situation I’m in anyway. If anything happens, Kouzuki can pretend that they cut off Kuromori house and we’ll continue our daily life 」

Ruriko said.

「 Misuzu and Ruriko already went through carnage so many times 」

Edie said.

「 Unlike Momoko, they don’t carry something big from a high place 」

「 Yep. We crawled out of so many messes already! Our resolve and guts are different 」

Nei smiled.

「 Momoko-neechan. If we do something, we make sure that it’s done. We don’t hold back. We carry through until the other party is done. Letting them go means that they can come back for revenge. We make sure that the enemy has no more strength to oppose us 」

「 If you think that you can threaten me with that then you’re mistaken 」

Momoko-neechan says while trembling.

「 Threat? Why would I threaten Momoko-neechan? This is an ultimatum 」

I said.

「 Momoko-neechan should’ve received the report too but let me remind you, last night, I ordered the Takakura shrine maidens to turn dozens of Yakuza crazy and sent them back to Kansai. Half of them surrendered to the police but half of them died from a shoot-out. I gave those orders 」

「 Kou-chan? 」

「 The Kansai Yakuza turned the students in Misuzu and Ruriko’s school as their targets. It’s as you have seen from the party yesterday. We had to show a much horrible retaliation to make sure that they don’t do it again. That’s why 」

「 Momoko, can you do the same? You say that you carry a heavy responsibility for your family but, can you send people to their deaths for the sake of your family? 」

Edie asked.

「 That’s… 」

Momoko-neechan looked down.

「 T-That’s not something for me to do 」

「 Yes. This dirty job isn’t for someone with Momoko-neechan’s status to do. Of course, that includes Misuzu and Ruriko 」


「 So I’m doing it. It’s my job 」

Cleaning the filth.

「 We’re family after all. Someone’s got to do it 」

「 It’s not about money. We’re no servants of Kouzuki house after all 」

「 Misuzu, Ruriko, Jii-chan… 」

Then, I looked at Yoshiko-san.

「 And Yoshiko-san are all my precious family 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

Yoshiko-san speaks out unconsciously.

「 Nobility has nothing to do with me. I couldn’t care less about it. I just want to make my family happy. To make that happen, I’ll use even the nobility for that, but it doesn’t mean that I need them. If it has to turn to a fight, then we’ll fight even nobility, and we’ll make sure to win. If we don’t surpass them, then it’ll only hurt my family. That’s why we can’t lose 」


「 That is the head of the family 」

Torii-san speaks to me.

「 Kuromori-sama already lives as the head of the family 」


「 No, Minaho-neesan’s the head of the family 」

「 But, Minaho-oneesan’s training Yo-chan to become the next head of the family. That’s why she’s letting Yo-chan take care of the hard stuff now 」

Nei said.

「 I think Mariko-chan doesn’t get why Yo-chan had to go to the place to deal with the Yakuza but, that was training. If you want a serious training for someone, then give them the hardest experience 」

「 Indeed 」

Torii-san mutters.

「 I thought that Kuromori-sama is being made light of but it seems that it’s the opposite 」


Oh right.

If we use the senses of the young ladies, only grunts go to places of danger.

They watch like a boss from above, giving instructions to the people doing their job.

「 Momoko-chan sure is creative, and you have a fun personality, but it’s only on the surface. You have no substance. After all, you watch from a high place where you’re safe, you can’t do anything by yourself. It’s all the power of your house. You never experience carnage 」

Nei tells Momoko-neechan.

「 This is why Yo-chan took Mariko-chan 」


「 Compared to Momoko-chan’s surface charm, she’s fascinated by Yo-chan’s substance instead. Mariko-chan’s a pragmatic girl 」


「 So that’s how it is. Oh, I feel everything’s clear now. 」


「 I don’t care about the nobility or anything. This is much more fun. Kuromori-sama’s side that is 」

「 Are you betraying me and now affiliating yourself with the Kouzuki house? 」

Momoko-neechan said, but…

「 No. Kaan Momoko-sama, I’m following Kuromori house 」

She’s no longer calling her “Momoko-oneesama”

「 Are you breaking the relationship between Kaan and Torii house? 」

「 Certainly not, it won’t happen 」

Torii-san smiled.

「 Momoko-sama, you don’t have that power to move the Kaan house. Besides, from my conversation with Kouzuki-sama, I know that he and the head of the Kaan house are good friends. Furthermore, the performance of the Torii house is going well so I don’t see the troubles of the young ladies affecting the group companies 」

Right, the world isn’t that simple.

Just because Momoko-neechan complains doesn’t mean that it’ll change the company management.

「 I admired Kaan Momoko-sama for so long. I admired and feared you. I thought that if only I was born not in the Torii house but in my mother’s side, the Kanou house, and if only Kanou house is as prosper as their ancestors, I thought I could become like Momoko-sama. Momoko-sama’s overflowing with confidence, everyone fears you, you’re filled with composure, furthermore, you’re beautiful. I loved Momoko-sama. I wanted to become Momoko-sama’s little sister. Momoko-sama, when you said that you’ll make me your sister, I thought that I could rise to heaven. But… 」

Torii-san speaks lonely.

「 Momoko-sama didn’t think of me like a real sister 」

「 I mean, I can’t help it, I’m the daughter of Kaan house and you’re… 」

「 You don’t need to explain. I know it already 」

Torii-san looked at me.

「 Besides, I found someone more wonderful than Momoko-sama 」

She said. Torii-san looked at me.

「 I may be incompetent but please take care of me 」

She bows her head to me.

「 Yo-chan, she’s good, right? 」

「 Papa? 」

Nei and Agnes looked at me.

「 Sure, you’re welcome here, Torii-san 」

「 Please call me Mariko 」

Torii-san said.

「 Here Ruri-oneechan, you’re better at the camera 」

Mana hands Ruriko the digital camera.

「 We’re not doing this because a young lady of nobility is watching, right? 」

「 Indeed. Mana-san. I’ll do it. Just like usual 」

Ruriko takes the camera with a smile.

「 As for the video recording, I’ll still do it! 」

Nei said.

「 Then, let’s take off these clothes! 」

Agnes tells Mariko.

「 Ah, why don’t we let Danna-sama do it instead? 」

Misuzu proposed.

「 Right. It’s her first time, and I think that’s for the better 」

Mana said.

「 Then, uhm, if you’d please 」

Mariko said, then looked at Momoko-neechan.

「 I don’t mind if you’re watching. I don’t care about Momoko-sama anymore 」


「 T-This is unpleasant. I-I’m taking my leave 」

She stands up from her seat.

「 Do you think that we’re going to allow that selfishness? Michi 」

「 Sorry! 」

Michi releases her Qi to Momoko-neechan.

「 Hii! What?! 」

Momoko-neechan became paralyzed and sits back down to her chair.

「 It’s not as strong as the Miko power but I can make sure that you remain seated 」

「 Numumumumu!! 」

Yamada Umeko-san who’s still gagged and tied up next to Michi, groans.

「 Quiet. Since Qi doesn’t work on you, I’ll have to use electric shock on you again 」

Yamada-san fell silent from the glint in Michi’s eyes.

「 The count of fights we had are different 」

Edie says while playing around with the taser

「 After the combat yesterday, I knew that you have the skill to bend old school Qi attacks. This is why I told Shou and had this prepared 」

Edie and Michi had a countermeasure ready.

If it’s a stun gun, then it won’t kill the other party.

No matter how trained a person can be, if they receive an electric shock, they’ll become momentarily paralyzed.

「 We’ll never lose. Our defeat means putting the family in danger. 」

「 As expected of Shou-oneesama. She prepared a rapid-fire cartridge-based type instead of a disposable one. 」

Michi said.

Using one shot when it comes to fighting is scary. In most cases, enemies are multiple.

「 Now, hurry up Papa! 」

Agnes goes behind Torii-san and calls me.

「 Sure 」

I approached Torii-san.

「 !!! 」

Torii-san’s eyes are looking at my crotch.

My erect penis.

「 Are you scared? 」

「 A bit… 」

Torii-san replies.

「 Don’t be afraid, it’s Danna-sama’s thing 」

Misuzu squats before me and kisses my glans.

「 Me too 」

Ruriko crawls her tongue.

「 It’s delicious 」

「 Geez, you two. It’s Mariko-chan’s time right now 」

Agnes scolds Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 Oh, you’re right 」

「 Enjoy, Onii-sama 」

I stand in front of Mariko.

「 Haaa, haaaa, haaa, haaa 」

Mariko’s breathing roughly from arousal.

「 I’m taking your clothes off 」

「 Yes 」

My hand unbuttons Mariko’s blouse.

I can see her white skin from the nape below.

「 You seem to be used to it 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Well, I mean, u-undressing 」

Oh, I do it naturally, my hands don’t even tremble.

「 Well, I do undress a lot but I sure put on the same amount 」

「 Put on? 」

「 When Agnes takes a bath, Papa always takes my clothes off and puts them off after bath! 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 Not just Agnes. Mao-chan does it too 」

「 Sorry. I always do the same 」

Misuzu said.

「 That’s right! Agnes never saw Misuzu-chan take off her panties herself 」

Speaking of which, Misuzu loves letting me do it. Taking off her underwear.

「 Ruri-chan puts her clothes on sometimes. Nei-chan’s an adult so she puts on her clothes herself 」

「 Ehehe, I’m the big sister after all 」

Nei does that when everyone’s present but…

When it’s just the two of us, she makes me do it all.

She’s quite spoiled.

「 Right. It was a fun bath time yesterday

Mariko tells Agnes.

「 Everyone’s noisy in the bathroom 」

「 That’s right 」

Yesterday, Mariko’s an outsider and so she’s shivering in surprise, but…

This will be different.

「 Okay, now you’re unbuttoned 」

「 Yes 」

I spread out her blouse. And her bra’s white.

Then, I take it off.

「 Now for the skirt 」

「 Please 」

Her skirt fell to the floor.

Mariko’s now just wearing her underwear.

「 I’ll take off your socks 」

I squat to Mariko’s feet.

「 Ah, I-I’ll do it myself 」

「 Let Papa do it 」

Agnes said.

「 O-Okay 」

「 Good, let’s start with the right foot 」

I take off Mariko’s socks.

Her bare feet are exposed.

「 Mariko… 」

「 Y-Yes, what is it? 」

「 You have some nice legs. Your pinky has a nice shape. Your nails are smooth too 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Mariko blushed.

「 Okay, now the other side 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Now, both her feet are exposed.

「 Yep. You have thin and long legs, but… 」

「 W-What? 」

「 Mariko, you’re not participating in sports, are you? 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

「 No, it’s nothing to apologize for 」

I touched Mariko’s calf.

「 Hyauu 」

「 I think you need to exercise a bit more for your health 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 But, you’re not fat. Or should I say that you’re a bit slim? 」

「 Ah, yes 」

「 But, your breasts do swell 」

I then look up at Mariko’s breasts while squatting.

Yeah, the meat wrapped in white bra has some volume.

「 I’m looking forward to that one 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

「 Papa loves breasts after all! 」

Yeah, well, that’s true.

I stand up.

「 Mariko, I’m taking off your bra 」

「 P-Please 」

She says while her body freezes in tension.

「 Don’t be so stiff 」

I gently pat Mariko’s back.

「 Hiiii!! 」

Mariko’s spine trembles.


I take off the hook from her back in an instant.

「 Kya! 」

Mariko covers the bra spilling out of her chest with her hand in panic.

「 Don’t hide it! Take it off 」

「 Ah, yes. Right… 」

Mariko-san speaks so, but she still hides her chest.

「 Mariko, take a deep breath 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Just do it. Do it together with me. Suu, haa 」

「 Agnes will join too! Suu, haa 」

Mariko joins in and takes a deep breath.

Suu, haa.

Suu, haa.

Suu, haa.

「 Have you calmed down? 」

「 Ah, yes 」

「 Don’t be afraid. Papa’s here 」

「 Okay 」

Mariko lets go of her hand covering her chest.

「 I’m taking the bra off 」

「 Please do 」

I take off her bra.

「 That’s a cute breast. It’s beautiful 」

Her puffed up breasts and pink nipples show up.

「 I-Is it not weird? 」

「 Huh? It’s beautiful. It’s nice that you have a small areola. I like Mariko’s breasts 」

I said.

「 Kuromori-sama, you really are gentle 」

Huh, Why do you think so?

I’m only speaking my thoughts.

「 I uhm…I feel embarrassed to have traces of underwear on my skin 」

Oh right, there’s a mark on her skin, tracing her bra.

「 I think it’s because Mariko-chan’s bra is a bit too small? Are you getting bigger recently? 」

Nei asks.

「 Ah, yes. I think 」

「 Mariko-chan, you didn’t have anyone in your home to talk to about underwear? Is it hard to talk to your mother? 」

「 That’s right 」

「 Yeah, I thought so 」

There’s a gap between herself and her mother whose origin is from the nobility.

「 Then, why don’t we buy some next time? 」

「 Yes, let’s go! Let’s go! Shopping with Papa! 」

Agnes said.

「 Ruriko and I will come too. That’s okay, right? 」

Misuzu said.

「 You can make Onii-chan buy you lewd underwear too. Mana wants one 」

Hey now, Mana.

「 Anyway, you can talk to your big sis about anything from now on! 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 I will also learn a lot from the big sisters 」

Ruriko said.

「 So, you don’t have to worry about it 」

Agnes said.

「 Papa, it’s her panty’s turn now 」

Yeah, anyway, let’s get Mariko naked…

Just like the other girls.