Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1043. VS Torii Mariko – Deflowering Battle / Caressing the Body to Loosen up



I lie Mariko down the bed and kissed her again.

「 Hmm 」

Then, I kissed the back of her ear and her nape.

「 Hyaan, that tickles 」

Mariko trembles.

「 Don’t you like that ticklish feeling? 」

Nei smiled.

「 Hey, don’t move now Mariko 」

I suck her skin from her nape going down.

「 Aaaahn! Hey! Iyaan~ 」

Then, I crawl my tongue on Mariko’s collarbone.

I sniff the swell on her chest.

「 W-What? 」

「 It smells like milk 」

The scent of this girl’s body arouses men.

「 You mean that I’m childish? That I smell milk? 」

I get up and looked at Mariko in the eye.

「 That’s not it 」

「 Then, what do you mean? 」

Geez, what a stubborn sore loser you are.

「 Mariko’s cute. The thought makes you smell sweet for me 」

I said, then I kissed Mariko on the lips again.

「 I-I can smell lemon around my nose whenever Kuromori-sama kisses me 」

「 That’s because Mariko-chan likes Papa 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 After all, it always smells like lemons when Agnes does it! Each kiss makes your heartbeat and it tastes like lemon! 」

「 Huh? Really? 」

Mariko looked up at Agnes who’s at the bedside.

「 It does the same to me 」

「 Me too 」

Misuzu and Ruriko reply with a smile.

「 They say that your first kiss tastes like lemon but the truth is it tastes lemon when you kiss someone you like! Those who never experienced it will never understand 」

Nei said and looked at Momoko-neechan.

「 Your pet dog or a baby relative doesn’t count as the first kiss you see. You never feel your chest tighten or taste it sour 」

Momoko-neechan’s looking this way angrily.

I knew it, she never had a kiss.

「 Kuromori-sama, one more please 」

Mariko said. So I kissed her again.

「 Hmm, it tastes sour. Will I be able to experience my first time right? 」

「 Of course, so we’re going to the next step 」

「 Next? 」

「 Don’t struggle okay? 」

I touch Mariko’s breasts.

「 Ah 」

It’s a little sweaty and soft.

「 Have you ever had your breasts fondled before? 」

「 I never did. This is my first time 」

「 Even yourself? 」

「 I would never fondle my own breasts 」

This has nice elasticity, not too hard, not too soft either.

「 Ahn, K-Kuromori-sama, t-that’s too strong 」

「 It’s better when I fondle it stronger, right? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You won’t understand the real pleasure of sex if it’s all gentle caress 」

Going for stronger fondles at times as long as it doesn’t hurt her…

「 Leave it to me. Would I ever hurt Mariko’s body? 」

「 N-No 」

Mariko still worries.

If that’s the case…

「 I’m licking it 」

「 Huh?! 」

I crawl my tongue on her right nipple first.

「 H-Hey! Ahn! 」

Rolling my tongue around, her nipple’s getting stiff.

She has good sensitivity.

「 Noo~ It tickles! It tickles! 」

「 Try holding out for a little longer. Women feel good when they have their nipples licked 」

Ruriko said.

「 Right. When Yo-chan sucks your breasts it makes you feel happy that you’re born a woman 」

「 Nei-oneechan, your breasts are just too blessed! Furthermore, it’s big and yet it still has a nice shape and it’s not sagging at all 」

Mana said.

「 Well, I’m doing my best in muscle training to make sure that it doesn’t sag! I always worry about my body proportion so Yo-chan won’t hate me 」

「 I won’t hate you for something that trivial, Ya-chan 」

I say while fondling Mariko’s breasts.

「 I know, but still, I don’t like that! I want to stay as that beautiful big sister of Yo-chan 」

「 I get that. Mana wants to stay as that cute little sister after all 」

Mana says while fondling her own breast.

「 But, Mana’s goal is to become a model so I can’t puff my breast too much. Models have to stay slender after all 」

「 REally? I think that Mana-chan’s breasts are quite cute. Right, Yo-chan? 」

「 Yeah, I love it 」

Hearing all that, I noticed.

「 Mariko, sorry 」

「 What? 」

「 Well, this is a usual thing… 」

I look at Michi who’s monitoring Yamada Umeko-san together with Edie…

「 Michi, I like your breast too 」


「 I’m happy to hear that but unfortunately, it’s not even qualified to be called “breast” at all 」

Michi’s chest is as flat as the cartesian plane.

「 But I still like it! I’ll fondle, suck, lick it later 」

「 If that’s Master’s order… 」


「 See, it’s fun isn’t it Mariko-chan? 」

Nei smiled.

「 What? 」

Mariko doesn’t seem to get it.

「 This is our family, and from now on, you’re in that family too, Mariko-chan. In the end, everyone has some strong self-assertion but they all love Yo-chan. Yo-chan always thinks of everyone and is going every which way. That’s fun even if you’re watching or you’re with the noise, right? 」

「 Even if everyone keeps on making a fuss, it doesn’t end with a fight. If Agnes and everyone quarrel, it’ll only make Papa sad. But, making a lot of noise is okay! 」

「 Throwing the thoughts inside our hearts, or should I say that we just say all our thoughts without keeping anything a secret inside the family 」

「 Better yet, our family has no secrets from each other. We have girls who can read minds after all 」

「 We can’t keep our worries to ourselves. They’ll see it instantly. They’re not here, but still… 」

Nei, Agnes, Mana, Misuzu, and Ruriko said.

「 Oh, you’re right 」

Mariko knows about the power of the Takakura sisters.

「 I see. Hiding it would be stupid 」

「 That’s right, Mariko 」

I suck on Mariko’s left nipple this time.

「 Ahn! Aaah! 」


「 You seem more sensitive on the left side 」

Nei asks.

「 Kuun, I-I don’t know 」

「 It happens a lot. The heart is closer to the left side so you are more sensitive there 」

Mana said. I’m sure that Katsuko-nee taught her that.

「 Aaahn, geez. I’m letting out such a weird voice. I’m embarrassed 」

「 It’s not weird at all! It’s cute, Mariko-chan 」

「 That’s right. Mariko-chan…Look at Papa’s face when he’s sucking your breasts 」

Agnes said. Mariko looked at me.

「 See? Yo-chan’s so cute, he’s like a baby 」

「 Onii-sama makes such a cute face whenever he sucks breasts 」

「 In such times, you should hug Onii-chan’s head 」

Mana said. Mariko embraces my head sucking her nipples.

「 Ahnn, Ahnn! It’s true. So cute! 」

Mariko’s expression loosens as she stares at me.

「 Good, it’s about time we go down there 」

「 Down? 」

「 I’m going to lick Mariko down there too 」


「 Eeeh?! N-No need! There’s no need to do that 」

「 If I don’t give it a good lick then it’ll only hurt Mariko 」

I look at Mariko in the eye and speak earnestly.

「 S-Should I also…uhm, lick Kuromori-sama’s…thing? 」

She asks timidly.

She saw various girls give me fellatio after all.

「 Maybe not now. Next time. This is your first time today 」

「 B-But… 」

「 Yo-chan’s right. You’ll only get confused if you try to learn so many things at once 」

「 Agnes will teach you about licky licky next time. 」

Nei and Agnes said.

「 On the other hand, you’ll need to accept Papa’s semen and swallow it 」

「 What? 」

「 Onii-sama loves watching us swallow his semen 」

「 Seriously, Onii-chan’s watching us so happy when we do that. So we drink it despite being a bit bitter 」

「 I want to drink it every morning. I can check on Danna-sama’s healthy by tasting his semen after all 」

「 But, Darling prefers cumming inside than semen drinking. Semen drinking is just an option 」

「 I also love it when Master pours his fresh semen in my womb 」


「 Anyway, I’m going down now 」

「 Kyauu! 」

I crawl my tongue from Mariko’s nipples to her cleavage…

I feel her soft belly with my tongue.


「 D-Don’t lick my navel! 」

I give it a lick.

「 Hyauu! 」

Mariko trembled.

「 I never thought that someone would lick my navel 」

She looked at me and said.

「 It’s my first time someone licking my lips, nape, and my chest, but my navel… 」

「 I’ll give it a lick everyday so be sure to keep it clean 」

「 I do it all the time even if Kuromori-sama doesn’t tell me 」

She speaks bashfully.

Then, my tongue finally reached Mariko’s crotch.

Yeah, she’s quite wet now.

But, I don’t think this is enough.

I need her to be wetter and her vagina loosen up.

「 Iyaaan, you’re looking at it again 」

「 Of course. I’ll spread it out again 」

This time, I spread Mariko’s slit with my fingers.

Hot liquid spills out.

「 Aaaaaaah, this is embarrassing. My heart is pounding. I might die from embarrassment 」

「 Then, what will happen if I do this? 」

I give it a light lick.

「 Hyaaaaaaaa!!! 」

The pleasure made Mariko’s back shiver.

I insert my tongue, little by little.

「 Hi, hi, hii, Kuaaaa!! 」

Mariko moans loudly.

Mariko’s sour love nectar spreads in my tongue.

I use my fingertips.

「 W-What are you doing?! 」

Mariko shouts in panic.

「 Oh, Onii-chan’s exposing your clitoris 」

Mana replied.

「 Cli-what? 」

It doesn’t seem like Mariko touched herself here before.

「 Don’t ask, just feel 」

Nei smiled.

「 Just feel what? What? 」

At that moment, my tongue touches Mariko’s clitoris.

「 Kyahiiiiii!!! W-What?! What?! What’s going on?! 」

「 I already said it. It’s your clitoris. 」

「 Hiiiii!!! Stop this! Stop! I’m scared! 」

「 Don’t be. It’s pleasure, Papa’s licking you 」

Nei and Agnes touch Mariko’s shoulder as she trembles from the unknown pleasure, easing up her fear.

So, I focus on licking her.

「 Uhiiiii!!! Auuuu! Hakyuuuuu! 」

Mariko’s so noisy, this is fun.

「 Ah, aah, aaaah! Kuuuu, Kyauuu!!! 」

Mariko’s clitoris turns stiff as I continue to stimulate it with my tongue.

My saliva makes it shiny sparkly, now it looks like a speck of ruby.

「 Kuuuuuu, kuuuuuu, kuuuuu!! 」

Love nectar leaks out from Mariko’s slit.

Oh…She’s easy to get wet.

That’s great. If that’s the case…

「 Aaah, aaaah, please stop! You’re making Mariko feel weird! 」

Mariko’s hand grabs my hair.

Mariko’s thighs sandwich my head.

Even so, I continue my tongue assault.

「 It’s okay to feel weird! Nobody’s here other than Mariko-chan’s family 」

Nei said.

「 Show us Mariko-chan’s face of pleasure 」

I put on a spurt.

Intensifying the movements of my tongue…

Then, I fondle Mariko’s ass and thighs together.

「 Iyaaaaaan!!! Don’t do that! Please stop!! 」

I’m sure that this is Mariko’s first time cumming.

「 Aaaaah! I’m feeling weird! I’m feeling weird! I feel like my head’s about to blow up!! 」

Mariko’s breathing turned rough

Each breath moves her breast up and down grandly.

The beads of sweat spill out of her flushed body.

Oh, the nipples I wet with my saliva is now hard.

It’s about time.

「 Kiiiiiii!!!! Hyaaaaaaaaa! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Kuaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaannnn!!!!! 」

Mariko’s hips jumped and her body bent like a bow.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa, kyaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! 」

She screams intensely.

Mariko spouts love nectar from her slit and my face got wet.

「 Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Mariko’s long climax continued.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Here, towel. Onii-chan 」

「 Thanks 」

I grab the towel Mana gave me and wipe the love nectar on my face.

「 Haaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaa 」

Mariko’s still basking in the afterglow.

She’s exhausted as she lies down on the bed.

Her legs and hips probably can’t exert any pressure.

Her white skin is pink from the heat.

Her whole body is covered in sweat.

「 Haaaaaa, haaaaaaa, haaaaaa, haaaa 」

My face enters Mariko’s vision who stares at the ceiling.

「 Haaaa, haaaaaa, K-Kuromori-shama 」

“Sama” turned to “Shama”

「 Are you okay, Mariko? 」

「 Y-Yes, haaa, haaaa, I think 」

It’s like she just ran a marathon.

「 My heart is pounding…haaaa, haaaa, it’s a little hard to breathe 」

「 Mana, water 」

「 Here, Onii-chan 」

Mana already has a bottle prepared. As expected.

「 Coldwater is bad for her body so it’s just room temperature water 」

To think that she even pays attention to that.

I opened the bottle and poured water on my mouth.

Then, feed Mariko from my mouth.

「 Ngu, nnn, nnn, haaa 」

Mariko drinks the water.

Then, sweat flows out of her at that moment.

「 Mariko 」

I kissed Mariko’s lips and cheeks.

I taste Mariko’s nipples again.

Kissed her navel.

Mariko accepts my kisses as she’s exhausted.

This should be good enough.

I spread Mariko’s legs…

Then, I got on top of Mariko.

「 A-Are we doing it? 」

Mariko looked at me.

「 Yeah, we’re going to do it 」

「 I’m afraid 」

「 Yes, I think that you are, but I’m still going to do it 」

I rub my glans on Mariko’s entrance.

Nei and Ruriko go to their spots to capture the conclusive moment.

「 B-But I’m still scared…I guess… 」

Mariko’s moist eyes look up at me.

「 Guess…what? 」

Our eyes met each other.

「 Uhm, that…I think I’m… 」

She’s afraid. This is her first time after all.

But I…

「 But I want to do it. I want to have sex with Mariko 」

I make it clear with her.

「 I want to make all of Mariko mine. I want you, Mariko 」

「 I-I… 」

Mariko’s lost. At this very last moment.

She’s the daughter of Torii house, inheriting the blood of Kanou house.

The thought of “Am I sure about this?” comes at her at this moment as she’s about to give her virginity to me.

But I…

Our naked bodies are overlapping, my glans is just before her entrance. No man would stop in that situation.

「 Mariko, you’re not giving it to me. I’m taking it from you 」

I said.

Then, thrust my waist in.