Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1053. Extra Episode / TV Days 1



「 Sure, I’m good 」

Yukino speaks her acknowledgment while drinking tea in the morning in the mansion’s dining room.

「 I had a conversation with them and they were fun. Cute. I think they’re good 」

The topic is about Eri and Rie showing up on Yukino’s TV show.

The twins need to use some pushy methods to keep the Kansai Yakuza completely away from them.

Yukino’s show is completely absurd that it shouldn’t even be broadcasting.

「 Besides, I’ve gotten visually unpleasant by now 」

「 Visually? 」

「 You know, my stomach stands out now. Not much when I’m wearing clothes but I had to wear a micro bikini in the show for some reason 」

「 Oh, are you getting embarrassed now? 」

Megu pokes from the side.

「 Yoshi-kun, want another tea? 」

「 No, I’m fine now. Thanks 」

The two have been house-sitting for two days so Megu and Yukino aren’t leaving my side.

「 I don’t really care but there are people who come and watch that kind of show every week. You have to think of what they see 」

Yukino’s changed after showing on television.

She considers others more compared to her past self.


「 Oh, just in time it seems! Yukino-chan’s talking about Eri-chan and Rie-chan showing up on her show, right? 」

Nei comes in.

「 Right, what about it? 」

「 Minaho-oneechan sent over a mail just now, and she mentioned another one apart from the twins 」

「 Another one? 」


Minaho-neesan is with the prostitute candidates in a separate facility of Black Forest in a hotel in front of the station.

I don’t think that she’ll mention the girls who’ll become prostitutes to come out on TV.

「 Well, you see… 」

Nei smiled.

◇ ◇ ◇

Yukino’s TV show is broadcasted every Friday during Prime-Time.

It uses the TV station of the Shirasaka house, Yukino’s family.

A one-hour no-commercial show.

The set has nothing but chairs and a table and nothing else.

By the way, the TV show doesn’t even have a title.

Only “Shiraska Yukino / On Stage” is written in the schedule on newspaper and TV.

Actually, there were the comedians, Snatch and the gay columnist Francie as regulars but…

It seems that Snatch’s office said not to mention his name on the show. Despite showing up every week.

Going along with it, Francie doesn’t mention his name either.

「 I’m looking forward to this, right Papa? Luna and the girls, sit down! It’s starting 」

The following Friday since Rie and Eri came and they’re already making an appearance.

Well, they have no producer or anything.

Anyway, it’s just Yukino and them talking on the table facing the camera.

They’re left doing whatever they do for one hour, and that’s the show.

「 Now, now, hurry up everyone and take a sit. Ai-san, come over here. You can’t watch it over there! 」

Megu asks everyone to sit down.

The young girls have increased that she now sounds like a school teacher looking after young students.

「 Everyone, can you see it clearly? Those who want drinks should bring their own. 」 Be careful, don’t spill it. Also, if you’re going to the restroom then go from behind, don’t block the view 」

「 Okay~ 」

She’s becoming a good big sister in her way.

By the way, Nei’s not here.

She’s leaving with Margo-san for the martial arts show business.

Katsuko-nee’s helping Minaho-neesan on her brothel reopening.

Misuzu and the girls are in the Kouzuki house today. Mizushima Karen-san is with Misuzu.

Nagisa’s doing her flower arrangement class in her flower shop tonight. Mariko’s over there, doing management stuff.

Mao-chan is over here though.

「 Ah, it’s starting Papa! 」

Mao-chan tells me.

The TV chime starts.

Immediately after, the usual letters show up on the screen.

『 The following one hour broadcast is completely unrelated to us. **** TV 』

That statement appears for five seconds and immediately goes to Yukino and her group.

For now, it’s the usual three.

『 You know, I’ve been in a bad mood today 』

Yukino wearing a white dress started the conversation.

『 What’s with that opening? You’re starting with such tension 』

The comedian, Snatch, retorts to Yukino’s statement.

『 Well, sure. What happened, Yukino-chan? 』

Francie wearing a red dress asks her.

『 Well, you see, during the events in May. There’s this group of people who purposely released my rape videos over the internet… 』

Err. That’s Minaho-neesan. Katsuko-nee and Nei also helped out in that.

『 What about it? 』

『 Yes, in fact, I saw a news on the internet naming you as “the most viewed rape deflowering in the world.” A light calculation would estimate that 20% of the men in the world have already seen it! 』


『 Well yeah, the other day, even a foreign talent I don’t know in this TV station pointed at me and said “Oh! Yukino!” He just pointed and didn’t approach me though 』

The whole world saw her.

『 Hmm. No matter how much you try to remove it, another person would just upload it again 』

Francie folds his arms.

『 So, is that what puts you in a bad mood today? 』

Snatch asks.

『 Something different. Getting the top of the world rank or something is okay but…

『 Huh? You don’t mind it? 』

『 I mean, it’s the top rank, Snatch, have you ever got something that you could say that it’s the best in the world? 』

『 Of course not, but still, Yukino, are you proud of that thing? 』

『 Of course, reaching the top is still “reaching the top.” Right now, I’m on the same level as the Mount Everest, the Empire State Building! Isn’t that great? 』

『 No, I don’t think it reaches Empire State Building level 』

『 Anyway, I’m the global top! Despite that… 』

Yukino speaks discontentedly.

『 You know, it’s a world record but Guinness world record isn’t nominating me! 』

『 Hey! You even want Guinness?! 』

Snatch retorted with all his strength.

『 Hmmm, well I thought so. I guess it can’t fit in the Guinness 』

Francie’s making a surprised face.

『 Geez! My whole body’s exposed in the video, but why would they not award it@ 』

Yukino shouts.

『 I don’t care about Guinness anymore, someone just give me an award! What about the Nobel Silly Award? 』

『 I don’t think that they’ll give you any awards, but, but what I’m sure is that Yukino-chan’s remark just now will be the top news for tonight 』

Francie said.

『 I don’t need those anymore! I already conquered TV, Newspapers, and even variety shows last May. Besides, nobody’s giving me an award! At least give me some ball pen with your company name or a towel 』

Yukino’s burning up in the show.

「 Sometimes, I feel embarrassed to be called Yukino’s sister 」

Megu, who has the same father as her, muttered.

「 Huh? But why? Yukino-chan is a funny girl 」

「 Yeah, recently, I’ve come to like Onee-chan 」

Agnes and Mana said.

Mana’s calling Yukino Onee-chan again.

With her supermodel goal project moving forward, she’s growing taller, and becoming even more beautiful.

She’s able to clearly divide from her past.

『 If that’s the case, I’ll do something. Then, I’ll give you an award next week. Okay? 』

Snatch said.

『 Huh? Really? 』

Yukino suddenly jumped at his suggestion.

『 I mean, are you really sure? You’re being awarded as the woman with the video most viewed all over the world 』

『 Not that, Snatch. If it’s just the lewd videos, then people have seen some other woman more than me. I’m sure of that. In my case, it would be the most-watched rape deflowering video 』

Yukino puffs her chest.

『 Well, yeah, if you’re okay with that, then I’ll bring a certificate of commendation by next week 』

『 Yay~ Ufufu! Then we’re gonna have an awarding ceremony by next week! 』

Seeing Yukino, Francie;

『 Sometimes, I find that Yukino-chan faces forward too much. You’re shining right now, Yukino-chan 』

『 Right, see?! Well yeah 』

She’s just happy.

「 I guess we should give her a party too, Onii-chan 」

Mana said with a smile.

「 That’s right! Let’s have a party! 」

Agnes also said loudly.

「 Quiet now, Agnes 」

「 Ah, I’m sorry, desuno 」

We focus back on the show.

『 By the way. Yukino-chan, I think you should introduce them by now or I’ll feel sorry for them 』

Francie said.

Then that means…

『 Oh right. Well, to those who have been watching my show every week should’ve noticed already but I’m wearing clothes starting this week. Err, well, to be honest, my stomach got too big that it feels chilly having my stomach exposed all the time. I feel sorry for the child in my stomach 』

『 Yukino, too much minor details 』

Snatch retorted.

『 Oh, right. But you know, having that young girl visibly pregnant on the show wearing a bikini is what brings the ratings of the show to the ceiling, right? 』

『 To be honest, I’m getting better ratings in this hour compared to the other shows I appear on. Although, ratings mean nothing on a show with no sponsor 』

『 Even the channel has abandoned us. We don’t even have a cameraman or a subcontractor staff in here 』

Francie said.

『 That doesn’t really matter you know, anyway, for those watching for the cute girl wearing a bikini, I have girls who’ll expose their skin for that. Okay, come in you two 』

It’s finally their time.

『 Heey, good evening. I’m Eri 』

『 I’m Rie 』

The twin 13-year-old girls enter the camera’s view.

Of course, they’re wearing nothing but a micro bikini.

『 Here, sit down on the free chairs 』

『 Okay, got it 』

『 Please take care of us 』

Eri’s pumped up. Rie’s docile. They sit down on the chairs Yukino pointed at.

『 Err. Yo. Actually, they have just been introduced to me 30 minutes ago, so, I don’t know much about these girls 』

Snatch tells Yukino.

『 Is this okay? Like, girls of their age wearing this kind of clothing on television? 』

『 Huh, what? 』

『 Well, doesn’t this feel like child pornography? 』

『 Child porn? 』

『 I’m talking about child pornography@ 』


『 You know, I’m a comedian so my standing is okay. But, having lolis is just bad. That’s the image they’re making 』

『 What’s with that? A gay person is okay in this show but a lolicon isn’t? 』

Francie gets sullen

『 You don’t have to mind it. Nobody calls you gay because you’re with me in this show, right? So why not have some loli in the show? 』

『 But still… 』

『 I mean, if young girls in a swimsuit aren’t okay, then Yukino-chan would’ve been out. Everyone thinks of Yukino-chan as that special girl but you know, she’s still a minor 』

『 Yeah! I’m still at my flowery age, 16! I’m in first-year high school, oh, speaking of which, I still attend classes! I was just raped and turned pregnant 』

Yukino said.

『 Anyway, it’s all good. This show is out of bounds anyway. No sponsor would complain about our show because there’s no sponsor, to begin with, 』

『 Sure, we can talk about anything, but still, who knows what kind of emails and calls they send to protest on the TV station 』

『 Isn’t that obvious? Some mysterious power is pushing this show on this TV station. They can’t do anything against the pressure pushed against them 』

Snatch and Francie said.

『 I’m just saying this for validation’s sake. Francie and I are paid performers. We receive payments from a fictional name via bank deposit transfer in our office each broadcast. It’s the same amount on my other shows 』

『 My other show is made for cultured people so this show pays higher. Oh, I’m not asking for higher pay. And I’ve never met this fictional person at all. We never had discussions on our performance fee, they only send money to us 』

『 Huh? Want to get higher pay? Should I ask them? 』

Yukino said.

『 Huh, Yukino, you’ve met that fictional person? 』

『 Not the person itself but I can get a proxy. Want to talk to them? 』

Snatch and Francie looked at each other.

『 No, we’re good for now 』

『 Me too, I’m receiving enough 』

『 By the way, my performance fee is the right to life itself. If I don’t continue this show, they’ll kill me. That includes the child in my stomach. Some people watching the show may have forgotten about it so I’m here to remind you 』

Yukino said.

『 Right now, I have a place to live, and they give me enough food and medical expenses for the childbirth. They give me some guarantee. I don’t get any clear performance fees. I get 500 yen for lunch every day though 』

She looked at the camera with a smile.

『 And so, from now on, these twins will be a regular of this show. They’re girls with the same situation as me 』

『 Huh, what do you mean? 』

Snatch asked Eri and Rie.

『 Well you see, remember that Yakuza group that attacked their own boss so early in the morning and they all died from the shootout? 』

『 Our parents were among those who died 』

The two said. Snatch and Francie looks confused.

『 Huh, you mean the boss who the henchmen attacked? 』

『 No, not that 』

『 Our parents were among the group who did the attack 』

Eri said with a smile.

『 With that said, we can’t go back home 』

『 Rie-chan’s right. If Father’s friends were to find us, we would be in a lot of trouble 』

And then…

『 Hello, there everyone back at home 』

『 With that said, we can’t go back anymore 』

『 We’ve been under your care a lot but we’re sorry that we couldn’t contact you 』

『 Although, if we try to contact you, it’ll only bring trouble 』

『 But, we’re okay now 』

『 You don’t need to worry! 』

The twins face the camera and wave their hands.

『 Err, there’s one thing I don’t understand. To make things short, your parents died because of an incident? 』

Francie asks.

『 Yes 』

『 That’s right 』

『 Well, t-that must be hard 』

Snatch told the two.

『 Really. It must’ve been shocking to you? 』

The twins.

『 Hmm, that’s… 』

『 Not really, right, Eri-chan? 』

『 Right, Rie-chan 』

『 Huh, why? But your parents died? 』

『 True, but… 』

『 Hmm, how do we say this, Eri-chan? 』

『 Why don’t we just stop thinking and just expose it all 』

『 Right! 』


『 Our parents were quite the demons… 』

『 They made money from selling lewd photos and videos of Eri-chan and me 』

『 Oh, no actual sex by the way. It’s more like sprinkling water on us while we’re wearing swimsuit…or swimming on a vinyl pool 』

『 Or eating a banana while making such a lewd face 』

『 In a 45-minute video, showing our nipple just for a split second. Showing it for too long is bad 』

『 That one. It’s hard 』

『 But the lolicons sure buy the video for that one moment 』

『 Isn’t that just child pornography?! 』

Snatch shouted.

『 Oh right, to those who bought our lewd videos around the country 』

『 Father and Mother died, there’s no next volume 』

『 We’ve endured so well so far 』

『 Sorry, no more sales! 』

Eri and Rie faced the camera again and waved their hands.

『 Also, our parents were trying to put us in prostitution 』

『 It was almost time for us to do that, but… 』

『 We’re no longer doing it 』

『 We’re not going to prostitution 』

『 We’re free from our parents now 』

『 And so, for ***-san from Kobe who got the first reservation. Please give up 』

Snatch and Francie is dumbfounded.

『 With that said, having our fathers die makes us feel relieved 』

『 Besides, we can’t go back home. Father’s friends are over there 』

『 If they capture us, they’ll record lewd videos again and this time, we can’t escape prostitution 』

『 Our parents are in Yakuza, and his friends are also Yakuza, Yakuza, and more Yakuza 』

Francie sighed.

『 Somehow, they’re so young and yet, they’ve walked such a grand life 』

『 I don’t know what you’re talking about 』

The twins smile.

『 Well, I’m sure that they’re looking for us over the internet right now 』

『 Either way, you’ll find out about it so I’ll say it first 』

『 We’re living in **** Prefecture **** Town **** Block, 2nd floor of Takahashi building. The second room. Just on the side of the first-floor stairway. 』

『 Our school is at *** middle school. First-year class two. Our teacher is Asai-Sensei 』

『 Okay, now search! Search! 』

『 We won’t tell you the site Father’s using to sell his videos though! It’s more fun for those who looked for it 』

『 The hint is over here 』

The twins expose their real life

It’s to prevent the other children of Yakuza from having a bad time.

Their parents did die from a shootout in their boss’s home.

『 But, why are you girls appearing in this show? 』

Francie asks.

『 We can’t say that 』

『 If we tell everyone watching, then we’ll be in trouble 』

『 The mysterious power will make us disappear 』

『 Yes, that 』

The twins replied.

『 You know, this isn’t even that great of a show and yet, there’s an animation director who never stops working 』

『 Despite not controlling his schedule, the story he makes is always absurd 』

『 That guy is involved with some mysterious power 』

『 If you were to know, you’ll disappear 』

That’s just an example.

『 Well, with that said, these two will become regulars of our show 』

Yukino said with a smile.

『 We’re just like Onee-san, we’re allowed to live by coming up to this show 』

『 It’s embarrassing to wear such a small swimsuit on television but it can’t be helped 』

『 True, Rie-chan. Compared to the swimsuit Father made us wear on his lewd videos… 』

『 That one isn’t just too thin, it also had a bad texture 』

『 It was a cheap thing after all 』


『 Okay, now girls face the camera and introduce yourselves again. You only mentioned your names, haven’t you? Try talking more about yourselves! 』

Yukino told them.

『 Hello, I’m Eri! I’m 13, first-year in middle school! Experience? One guy. He raped me! It really hurt at the first time 』

『 Err. Rie… Eri-chan’s twin, as you can see. 』 13-years-old, first-year in middle school. Only one person when it comes to experience. It didn’t hurt as much as Eri-chan 』

『 The night before our parents died, Rie-chan and I were raped by the same man 』

『 Thinking about it now, we were watching each other, that was amazing 』

『 It was really vivid. We saw the penis enter each other’s crotch… 』

『 Furthermore, it was a creampie 』

『 Right, that Onii-san just poured it in our bellies without hesitation 』


『 Hey, stop with that 』

『 Yeah, we get it already, that’s enough 』

Francie and Snatch seem to be troubled by it.

『 My first experience is also rape so it’s okay. You girls already showed your guts by sitting here. Well, let’s get along 』

Yukino smiled.

『 Please take care of me 』

『 Please take care of me! 』

The twins bow their heads.

『 Snatch, Francie 』

『 Please take care of us 』

『 Ah, yeah, likewise 』

『 Likewise, But I’m done for today. I feel like I’m already tired from trying to keep up 』

『 Anyway, the sexy class of the show would be the twins, and then… 』

Yukino smiled.

『 Another girl is coming! Now come out of there! 』

It’s time to come in

『 Excuse me!!! 』


Anjou Mitama, wearing the same swimsuit as the twins but in black.

Unlike the twins, Mitama’s body is tall and slender.

She has long straight black hair.

A healthy body, high hips, and long legs.

And she’s got plenty of breasts.

『 Anjou arts Master, Anjou Mitama, I’ve been appointed as the bodyguard and the cover girl of this show 』

Mitama has such a surprising Japanese beauty on the outside, but…

Her hand holds an unsheathed huge Japanese sword.

『 If anyone comes to attack the show, I’ll eliminate them with my sword. 』


『 Err, wait, is that a real thing? 』

『 I don’t think so? 』

『 Oh, it’s real. Mitama-san dis say that she learned secret traditions of swordsmanship from her home learning from generations 』

『 Seriously, it’s a real sword 』1

Mitama glares at the camera while holding her sword.

『 Err, are you sure showing that? What about the Swords and Firearms control law? 』

Francie asks.

『 I mean, you can only see such a long black haired beauty holding a Japanese sword while wearing a black swimsuit in anime 』

Snatch said.


『 Stop standing over there and come here 』

She calls Mitama.

『 No, I can’t do my job as a bodyguard if I don’t remain standing. By the way… 』

Mitama glared at Yukino;

『 What kind of work does a cover girl do? 』


『 From where and until where do I cover?! 』


  1. It’s a Kanji pun, 『 真剣な話……真剣ですわ 』 Shinkenna Hanashi, Shinken desuwa