Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1065. Pastry Filled Adventure / Sex Gathering, Opening Greetings



「 Err. Are we going at it right away? Shouldn’t we take a bath first? 」

Kana-senpai who comes to the sex-use room, then speaks bashfully.

「 No! Agnes can’t wait anymore! 」

Agnes clings to me with her eyes showing sexual arousal.

She rubs her small chest to my arm.

「 Papa, hurry. Should we do it while wearing clothes? Or Should I take out my panties? 」


「 Agnes wants to lick Papa’s penis right now 」


「 Come here, Agnes, let’s hug 」


「 Here we go! 」

I dive into the bed while carrying Agnes.

「 Wow! Papa! 」

She’s having fun.

Let’s change her stress and let her lust flow using fun.

「 Here, tickle time! 」

「 Kyaa! Papa! That tickles! 」

Agnes laughs.

「 Haiji, come here and get tickled too 」

「 I… 」

Haiji’s embarrassed.

「 Come here, Haiji-chan! Hurry! Hurry! 」

「 Okay 」

Haiji comes to the bed too.

「 Here, Agnes. Let’s tickle Haiji together! 」

「 Okay! Desuno! 」

「 Kyaaaan!! 」

Okay, this is going well.

Agnes’ interests spread from having sex with me to being with the family.

「 Err, uhm, Kou, this room is… 」

Mariko looked around as she speaks.

「 Is this a room for lewd things? 」

This is formerly the playroom of the brothel.

I mean, nearly every room in this mansion has that purpose.

It’s not the same as the mirror hall in the Kouzuki mansion but we do have mirrors in the wall.


「 Nobu, this thing, it’s “That” right? 」

Kana-senpai points at the SM wooden bench.

「 Oh, that’s just an artwork. That kind of stuff placed in this room isn’t real. It’s just placed there to enhance the mood 」

The SM room Shirasaka Sousuke and his friends used were disposed of already.

It’s just a place with painful memories for Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa.

This room is used by the original customers of the Kuromori tower, the bigshots in politics and business for the SM-like atmosphere.

「 That’s still dangerous so don’t ride it! 」

Agnes told Kana-senpai with a smile.

「 The horsie Papa and I use to have fun is over there 」

She said and points at a slightly large machine

「 It’s, ‘that,’ right? 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Kana, you keep on saying ‘that,’ I don’t even get what ‘that,’ means 」

Mariko said.

「 Well, you see. I think that it’s that saddle fitness machine thing that was popular back then 」

「 Oh, it seems like it. It’s a horse saddle that has some stirrups 」

Mariko looked at the saddle machine.

「 This rocks and rock, moving like a horse, and then it moves your body up and down, twisting it 」

「 But, compared to the ordinary horse riding fitness machine, this is twice as big. 」

Kana-senpai points out.

「 Now that you mentioned it, you’re right. This is more like the rodeo machine simulating an out of control horse, I believe? But, Rodeo Machines are bigger 」

Mariko thinks…

「 That’s because it’s the horsie Papa and I are riding when having sex 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Huh? 」

「 What do you mean? 」

The two are surprised.

「 What I mean is… 」

Agnes jumps from the bed and goes to the horse riding sex-machine.

First, she straddles normally.

「 When facing this way, you stick out your butt, and have Papa violate you from behind 」

She steps on the stirrup, grabs into the handlebars attached in front of the saddle, and poses like a rider in a fast gallop.

「 Then, you can make this machine go a bit stronger. This is the gallop stance! It pokes inside a lot, and so Agnes has to grab into the handlebar real hard! 」

Her ass swings on top of the saddle.

「 I-I see 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

Agnes then straddles the machine on the opposite side.

「 If you face this way, you can hug Papa while having sex. The strong movement is inside. This one is a sticky pose. You embrace Papa, and the horsie shakes you lightly, it feels amazing. Agnes loves this one 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Then, Papa lies down and then Agnes goes on top. It’s dangerous to do it so we only go with weak settings but the up and down movement goes slowly but deeply. When you do that, it feels like you’re having sex on a boat in the seat. That’s the wave pose! 」

Agnes explained.

「 Agnes is in the mood for gallop, I guess? I want Papa to violate me a lot 」


「 Haiji-chan, what do you want? 」

「 I-I’m okay with anything… 」

Haiji said bashfully.

「 Oh, right. You won’t understand unless I show it 」

Agnes said, then she sticks out her ass again in the galloping style.

「 Papa, Papa! Hurry up! 」

「 Hmm, I wonder what should I do? 」

Kana-senpai mutters.

「 Huh, Kana? You want to try out this machine? 」

Mariko said.

「 Err, don’t you find it interesting? 」

「 Well, yes, I do 」


「 Yes, you’re right. If Kana’s doing it then I will too 」

「 Although, I’m scared of going too fast so I might pick medium or weak 」

「 I’ll take the medium, Kana can go with the weak one! 」

It seems that they’re interested in the horse mount machine sex.

「 Here, sorry to keep you waiting. I brought food from the kitchen! 」

Yomi brings in a wagon.

「 Katsuko-oneesama prepared snacks and drinks as you might get hungry while having sex before dinner 」

As expected of Katsuko-nee, she’s so thoughtful.

「 Also, we have a wine with an alcohol content that’s not too expensive. It’s chilled 」

Yomi brings out a bottle of red wine.

「 That’s nice. It’s embarrassing to do this while sober so I’ll be taking some

Mariko’s a young lady so she’s accustomed to drinking wine.

「 Kana, are you drinking? 」

「 Then, I’ll take a glass. You’re right, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be in the mood to do it unless we drink a bit of wine 」

「 Hey now, that’s dangerous doing it on the saddle machine 」

I said.

「 It’s okay. I mean, Kou’s going to hug is tight, right? 」

Mariko said, then she opens the wine bottle with the sommelier knife in the wagon like she’s experienced in it.

「 I won’t drink 」

「 What? Are you worried about dropping us? 」

Kana-senpai looked at me and smiled.

「 That’s not it. Sensei says that we’re in a state of emergency tonight 」

Yomi who read my thoughts replied.

「 Yeah, I can’t make mistakes because of alcohol when the time comes. Don’t mind me, you girls can drink 」

Besides, Kudou-papa’s about to fight off people at this moment.

I feel sorry that I’m the only one having sex with such beauties at times like this, but…

I’d like to at least keep my body function and thoughts sharp.

I’m the only one who must never lose the ability to deal with the state of emergency at all costs.

「 What about Haiji? 」

Mariko asks.

「 I’ll decline 」

「 Agnes will do the galop so I won’t drink 」

「 Please enjoy this by all means 」

Haiji, Agnes, Yomi refused drinking wine.

「 Oh, hearing you say that makes it hard to drink now 」

「 Don’t mind it. Let’s go drink together, Mariko. You already broke the seal, besides, you need girls who can drink and have fun at times like this 」

Kana-senpai smiled at Mariko.

「 You’re right, then I’ll drink 」

Mariko screws in the corkscrew.

「 Mariko-ojousama, I’ll do it 」

Haiji offers.

「 Mariko-ojousama can’t do it well 」

Oh right, when Haiji was serving in the Torii house, Mariko opened a wine bottle…

Like at a party in their family…

「 You’re right. I guess someone who’s raised in Europe can do this better 」

Mariko hands the corkscrew and the bottle to Haiji, then…

「 But, don’t call me Mariko-ojousama. Call me Mariko-oneesama 」

「 Ah, yes 」

She’s gone and called her the same way when they were master and servant.

「 E-Excuse me 」

Haiji screws in the corkscrew then pull out the cork.

Those are some really smooth and fast moves.

「 Thanks, Haiji. I’ll take it from here. I’ll pour one for Kana 」

Mariko takes the bottle and pours the wine into a glass.

「 Then, I’ll pour one for Mariko too 」

「 Oh, thank you 」

Kana-senpai takes the bottle and pours a glass for Mariko.

「 That’s weird, I’m liking Mariko more and more 」

「 What a coincidence, I like you too Kana. Next to Kou that is 」

「 Me too, I like you next to Kou 」

「 I’m glad that we got this chance to have sex together 」

「 True, I think the same way 」

The two raised their glass together.

「 Wait, wait! Don’t drink it, while we’re at it, let’s all raise our glasses together 」

I told the two.

「 Okay, will orange juice do? 」

Yomi asks Haiji.

「 Yes, that will do 」

「 What about Agnes-chan? 」

「 Ugh, Agnes wants to drink Papa’s semen! 」

Agnes replied. Yomi;

「 The salty-bitter stuff is for later…For now, we’re going to drink together so let’s pick a sweet one! 」

She said with a smile.

「 Oh, do semen taste salty-bitter? 」

Mariko asks.

「 That’s most of it! The taste changes depending on Papa’s health 」

Agnes replies honestly.

「 When I drank it, it’s mostly bitter 」

Haiji said.

「 My! Haiji already had a taste? 」

「 Well of course. Nobu loves making girls drink it. Mariko, you should get ready for it 」1

Kana-senpai said.

「 It was bitter for me at first but in two months, you’ll start to want to lick Nobu’s semen intensely 」

「 Agnes loves it! 」

Agnes says while taking a glass of orange juice from Yomi.

「 I want to drink Papa’s semen and put his big penis inside of me. I want Papa to pour a lot of semen inside of me! 」

「 It’s okay, it’s okay. You’ll get your time, Agnes-chan. You don’t have to rush 」

Kana-senpai, the eldest bends forward and looked at Agnes in the eye as she talks to her.

「 You’re going to ride the horsie with Nobu, right? 」

She gently pats Agnes’ gold hair.

「 That’s right desuno! 」

Agnes smiled at Kana-senpai.

「 Then, let’s have a toast first 」

She says as everyone has their glass now.

「 What are we celebrating? 」

Mariko looked at me and smiled.

「 We celebrate our meetings 」

「 You’re right, I’m glad that I met everyone 」

「 The bakery tour was also fun. It’s a lot of fuss at the start though. Yomi-san and Haiji-chan did great too 」

Kana-senpai speaks heartily.

「 Agnes wasn’t there… 」

「 And that’s why you need to get accepted in the entrance examination as soon as possible. Once you do that, I’ll take Agnes wherever you want to go 」

「 Really?! 」

Agnes sounds excited.

「 Agnes wants to go to the sea! 」

Oh, that was back in May…

When we released Agnes from the basement, we went to the sea.

「 I want to have sex with Papa while watching the sea! 」

Hearing Agnes say that, Mariko;

「 Why is it that Agnes-san always talks about sex? 」

She asks curiously.

「 That’s because there’s nothing more important than sex with Papa in this world! 」

Agnes replies with a straight look.

「 Sure, sex with Nobu is fun that if you do it with him, you won’t be able to think of doing it with other men. Recently, when I get horny by myself, I can only see Nobu’s face and naked body in my head 」

「 Oh, I get that. Sex with Kou leaves an amazing memory. I can vividly remember the visuals, the smell, and the touch of Kou’s body from when we had sex 」

Mariko looked at me.

「 I kept thinking of Kou for the whole week 」

「 Mariko, you masturbated? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 I-I did 」

「 Recalling Nobu? 」

「 T-That’s right, is that bad? 」

Mariko’s embarrassed. Kana-senpai;

「 It’s not. I often do that too. Nobu’s the only one I can imagine when thinking about sex. Thinking about what kind of sex we’re going to do next time is enough to make me wet 」

「 M-Me too…What about Haiji? 」

Mariko asks.

「 I-I…before I could imagine it…u-uhm…it already happens 」

The young girls often call each other when it’s their turn…

No, they do have the thought of wanting to get along as soon as possible, but…

「 Is that so? That’s nice. Living together I mean 」

「 Right. I can understand the reason why Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama left the Kouzuki mansion and live with Kou 」

Saying that, Mariko and Kana-senpai can’t live with us since they’re living with their parents

「 Agnes wants to connect with Papa all day long, to be honest. Agnes is her true self when Papa’s penis is inside of me. At times that it’s not, I’m incomplete 」

Agnes still hasn’t found the meaning of her life other than having sex with me.

Her unfortunate growth is to blame, but…

It’ll take time before this is cured.

But still, it’s moving forward slowly. I believe.

「 Papa too. It’s not just Agnes, but still, when Papa’s having sex with the family, it makes Papa completely full 」


Right, I…

I make up for something lacking in me through sex.

「 And someday, it will be filled 」

Yomi said with a smile.

She said while reading my thoughts.

「 Yeah, anyway, let’s have a toast! Agnes, do it 」

「 What? 」

Agnes looks at me blankly.

「 Agnes-chan will say “cheers” and everyone will raise their glass 」

Haiji speaks gently.

「 Oh, Agnes will do that! 」

Agnes understood.

「 Well then, cheers! 」

「 Cheers!!! 」

We raised our glasses.

Everyone does it happily.

Then, we drink it.

Nice, this juice is delicious.

「 Oh right. Katsuko-oneesama gave me the key to this room’s closet 」

Yomi says after we finished drinking.

「 Closet? You mean this? 」

Kana-senpai and Mariko looked at the corner of the room.

「 Yes, she said that we can use anything inside it 」

Yomi unlocked the door.

「 I wonder what’s inside? 」

「 I wonder indeed? 」

Kana-senpai and Mariko waited for the door to open with great interest.

「 I’m opening it! 」


Yomi opens the closet, then…

In there is…

「 Is this…?! 」

「 Wow, this is amazing 」

Inside are clothes and tools for SM-like plays.

Stuff you can play with without hurting the body.

「 Wow, this tanned bustier is lewd. Your nipples are exposed! 」

Kana-senpai seems to be interested in the tools.

「 Hey, hey, Mariko, don’t you want to try this out? 」

「 Sure, but…Kou, what’s this? 」

Mariko took out leather handcuffs.

「 This is a tool to bind your hands 」

「 No way? Does it hurt? Does it stop your blood from flowing? 」

Mariko asks worriedly.

「 That won’t happen, it’s supposed to keep your blood circulation and stuff intact while keeping your hands in place 」

It’s created like that.

「 Oh, the bed had some rings to tie your hands and feet over there 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Oh, I see. There are ropes too 」

Mariko found the ropes in the closet.

「 Kou, have you tied up women with this? 」


「 If it’s tying someone up, I know how to do it 」

Yomi replied.

Yomi copied Katsuko-nee’s sex techniques from her memories.

「 What, Mariko wants Nobu to violate her while tied up? 」

Kana-senpai asks jokingly, but…

「 Y-Yeah 」

Mariko replied blushing.

「 I…want to try it 」


  1. The author wrote “Kana,” instead of Mariko