Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1072. Pastry Filled Adventure / Iron Castle



「 So it is slightly bitter 」

Mariko said after tasting my semen.

We stepped out of the bath, wiped our bodies, and put on our clothes.

I put on Agnes’ underwear on her.

「 And now, Mariko-chan’s a drinking companion on Papa’s semen 」

「 The three of you drank Nobu’s semen on the same day, at the same time, and so you girls should get along as sworn sisters from now on 」

Agnes and Kana-senpai smiled.

「 It’s nothing like the oath of the peach garden 」

Mariko said. But she looks at Megu and Ai happily.

「 But, I’m the newcomer here so please do take care of me 」

She bowed her head to the two.

「 N-No, please raise your head. It must be embarrassing 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

Megu and Ai replied with a confused look.

「 Later, show me how you two have sex with Kou. I’m going to take another chance and show how I have sex with Kou too 」

Mariko said.

「 We’re naked now but I want to show all of my naked self to everyone in the family. We’re going to get along for the rest of the time after all 」

「 As for me, it is as you can see. I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m just an ordinary high-school girl attending in the track-and-field club 」

「 I-I’m just a lewd girl for Yoshida-kun and his helper in making pastries 」

Megu and Ai replied.

「 That’s not true. Kou picked you girls. You’re beautiful, and I feel like you do have substance 」

Mariko smiles gently.

「 Indeed, Kou’s family system is amazing. Everyone connects through Kou, get along with each other, and knowing that the family has to grow as a whole, that makes it trustworthy. Understanding that no girl will ever betray Kou is a big thing. That’s why everyone can be confident with each other 」

「 True. It’s more than intimate friends. I’m confident that when I team up with Mariko, I won’t get screwed over, deceived, or cut down suddenly 」


「 I will never do that, Kana’s my precious big sister after all 」

「 But, unless Megumi-chan and Ai have a proper dream to take, then why don’t you join Mariko in hers?! As you can see, this girl’s ambitious 」

「 Yes, Kana and my company will recruit a lot of employees 」

Mariko’s going to start her own business in the future.

If left like that, she’ll involve the girls in the family in her business.

Joining her is a good thing.

If they don’t want it, then they have to find their dream.

「 I-I have the bakery… 」

Ai said, but…

「 Oh? If it’s the bakery then I’m helping out in expanding the management 」

Mariko said.

「 Didn’t you learn that in bakeries, making delicious pastries isn’t everything, right? 」


「 Even if Ai and I make them, we’ll need someone who looks at the whole store from a management perspective 」

If we actually want my bakery to support the family, then…

「 Ai… Let’s talk to Katsuko-nee after dinner. First, we need to set an image on what kind of bakery we want to create, and what are our objectives 」

The things we should do should change.

A bakery in a rich neighborhood, a craftsman selling pastries through online shopping, a small bakery that takes root in a small town, or a hotel bakery.

They have different pastries, and they have different images of management.

If you change the direction of your management, you’re also changing the ingredients you use, the manufacturing process, and the selling method.

「 You’re right…Yoshida-kun 」

Ai agreed.

「 I wonder what I should do? 」

Megu speaks lonely.

「 For now, it’s the club activities, but… In the future. 」

「 It’s nothing to be seriously worried about, for now, Megumi-oneesama 」

Yomi said.

「 Even I don’t have anything to do in my future 」

「 Huh? But, Yomi-chan has a special power, right? 」

Megu said. Yomi;

「 I sure do, but what I should become even if I have that power is a different story. We were confined in the Takakura shrine before. But now, we’re free. That’s why I’m thinking about it. Wondering what kind of future I want for myself 」

The eldest sister will take over the shrine.

Yomi and Luna, and their cousin, Koyomi-chan…They will be the first girls with Miko power to escape the control of Kansai Yakuza, ever since the Meiji era.

「 Megumi-oneesama too, you train your body in the track-and-field as a base but you still think of what you want to become in the future, right? You’re thinking of designing your future on the base that you have right now, in that sense, we’re just the same 」

Our learning in bakery techniques is the same as that.

It’s all for the future.

「 But, I… 」

Megu’s insecurities are deeply rooted.

「 Why is it that Megu-chan worries so much? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Agnes and everyone’s future is all the same 」


「 We will all become mothers of Papa’s children! Agnes will become a mother! Megu-chan, won’t you bear his child? 」

「 I-I will do the same 」

Megu replied.

「 Then, there’s nothing to worry about then. We’re going to end up in the same road anyway 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Indeed, our future plans all have to consider about bearing Kou’s child at a certain age 」

Mariko smiles.

「 I want to give birth at the same age as Kana 」

「 Oh, sure. It becomes easier to drop off and pick up the children from kindergarten that way. But, Mariko, won’t it be bad for the company if both the president and vice got pregnant and gave birth at the same time? 」

「 Right, I guess we should shift our childbirth seasons by six months? If we do that, there won’t be that many obstacles in our business, right? And our children can still stay in the same school year 」

「 Yes, let’s do that 」

「 Megumi and Ai, want to join up? 」

Mariko called the two

「 U-Uhm 」


Suddenly, Haiji speaks up.

「 May I consult about my future too? 」

「 Obviously, yeah. What is it? 」

I asked.

「 I thought to myself that being a bodyguard is my vocation 」

Haiji is a graduate of a European bodyguard academy.

It’s just the short-term course though.

She’s a girl who aimed to become a bodyguard from the beginning.

「 However, after the conversation earlier mentioning that a girl like me should appear not as a bodyguard while accomplishing my duties had the scales fall off my eyes 」


Something I said?

「 I’m still 13, and so I don’t know in the future, but, my body compares unfavorably to those who work as a professional bodyguard, I believe 」

Haiji’s a petite and cute girl.

She doesn’t have that outward appearance of strength like Mitama or Edie.

「 Therefore, if my stature doesn’t extend anymore, then I think that I should give up on accomplishing bodyguard duties officially 」


「 I believe that a bodyguard has to be like Shou-oneesama or Reika-oneesama, someone who has a splendid build, and is seen as a bodyguard by anyone 」

Yeah, their presence does drive back the enemies.

That’s how you’re accepted as a bodyguard on the surface.

The ultimate display would be Jii-chan’s full-time bodyguards, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san.

You can feel strength and fear just from their appearance.

「 I have discovered and met Michi-oneesama’s father and his allies today, or Kinoshita-san from the Kouzuki SS who was accomplishing her tasks from behind last week. Therefore, I’m thinking of heading towards their side 」

Haiji’s going to the other side?

No, Kudou-papa, Neko-san, and Kinoshita-san…

Those people are quite peculiar.

Haiji’s got that serious character.

I feel like she’s much more suited in the front stage.

「 It’s too early to decide. You might continue to grow taller, besides 」


「 Maybe not right now, but, Haiji, don’t you want to try the proper full course in the Academy in Europe, the one Shou-neechan graduated in? 」

Haiji took the three-month short-term course.

The regular course takes two years if I recall correctly.

If you graduate from that course, your rating from the upper-class people in Europe skyrockets it seems.

「 Right. Haiji should go there when you’re 18, right when your body grows up. I want to enjoy Haiji’s body for now. 」

Until Haiji’s insecurity about her body growth is fixed.

「 If Haiji-chan wants to grow taller, then tell Mana-chan that 」

Agnes said.

「 Mana-chan’s growing rapidly as of now 」

Yeah, it’s only a week since Haiji came here so she doesn’t know about Mana’s growth.

「 We do have a program that can help you healthily mature your body. Haiji’s insecure about her petite body, but you’re still young, you can deal with it in any way you want 」

I said.

「 Okay, try out the growth program until you’re 18. Then, you’ll study in Europe, and become a bodyguard using the righteous path. After all, Haiji wants to be a bodyguard that takes the front stage, right? 」

Last week, during the party in the Kouzuki mansion, she was trying to promote herself a lot.

She claims that she’s a professional bodyguard who received education from a European institute.


She met Shou-neechan and Rei-chan, the real deal…then trembled at Michi and Edie’s strength.

Haji lost the confidence she built up so far…

The truth is, she’s a girl who wants to stand under the sun.

Her personality doesn’t suit someone who works behind the scenes.

「 Also, sex is important! Mana-chan said that it’s important for the growth of women. That’s why Haiji-chan should have more sex with Papa! 」

「 Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of sex. Ready yourself, Haiji 」

Until Haiji’s mind becomes steady.

I think that I should increase our frequency of sex for a while.

「 Y-Yes, thank you 」

Haiji replies with moist eyes.

「 I-I’ll do my best to meet your expectations! 」

「 Do your best on what? You mean sex? 」

Kana-senpai laughs.

「 Nobu, I also want to grow a bit more as a person so give me lots of sex too! 」

「 Mariko too! I want the same thing! 」

「 Uhm…Ai’s…a lewd girl, so it’s a problem if you don’t od it 」

「 Agnes is still young, so it’s okay to do it every day 」

「 Hey, you girls 」

Megu glared at Kana-senpai and the girls.

「 Geez, we’re just joking here. Megumi-chan, you really take everything too seriously 」

Kana-senpai laughed.

「 Well, there are people who don’t have hold themselves when it comes to jokes like Nei-san so I get that this family needs someone like Megumi-chan, but still 」

「 Indeed. Kana’s right. Megumi, you should do your best on your personality too! 」

Mariko makes fun of her with Kana.


『 Hey, what’s with that about me again? 』

Nei’s voice comes from the speaker.

『 You’re taking it too slow in the bath! Dinner’s ready, everyone’s waiting, hurry up and come to the dining room! 』

「 Okay, we’re coming 」

Kana-senpai replies as the representative.

「 Hey, Agnes, you should wipe yourself now. Yoshi-kun, take care of yourself too 」

Megu tells me, who’s looking after Agnes.

「 See? We need girls like Megumi-chan here 」

Kana-senpai says while drying Ai’s hair.

「 Indeed. Megumi’s a girl who loves to look after others 」

Mariko takes another dryer.

「 I’m drying my hair, can you help me? 」

「 Geez, I get it already 」

Megu takes the dryer from Mariko’s hands.

That’s how they slowly get along.


「 Yomi 」

I talked to Yomi while wearing my clothes.

「 Yes, Sensei? 」

「 You’re being considerate of them too, aren’t you? 」

She’s been reserved this day.

She doesn’t push herself forward and she didn’t even ask for sex.

「 I know that a lot of people are making moves for our sakes 」

What do you mean?

「 Sensei will know later 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 My, this is delicious. I had the same thought last week but still, Katsuko-oneesama’s cooking is delicious 」

Mariko told Katsuko-nee as everyone’s sitting at the dining table, eating dinner.

Today, it’s a rainbow trout wrapped in foil, salad, and soup.

It’s all girls other than me so they don’t eat a lot.

If they do have remainders, I eat it.

That’s why it’s never lacking.

「 It’s mostly Mana-chan who cooked. I was late to come home today 」

「 That’s not true. Katsuko-oneechan adjusted the taste and so it’s delicious now. Mana still has some way to go 」

Mana said.

Oh, Margo-san, Nagisa, and Mao-chan have returned safely as well.

Excluding those who are in the Kouzuki SS training building, which are Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Michi, Edie, Mizushima Karen-san, then Shou-neechan and Rei-chan…

Minaho-neesan’s the only one who’s not present here.

「 Katsuko-nee, how’s Minaho-neesan? 」

She’s in the secret facility in the basement of the hotel in front of the station.

That’s where the Black Forest Brothel will reopen, and the new prostitutes, Kurama Misato-san, Tokuda Sonoko-san, and Kurosawa Naoko-san will be living in.

「 There’s no problem. That’s a place to welcome the customers so the security is flawless 」

Yeah, it’s a place where the big-shots travel incognito so they should have perfect security there.

「 Besides, other than Minaho-ojousama, there are also the retired ladies who have returned as their lecturers. As for their dinner, they can order from the hotel above. Remember, Ojou-sama’s a major stockholder in that hotel 」


The big-shots in the hotel’s concierge should be the former prostitutes of the Black Forest.

「 Agnes-chan, let’s play after dinner! 」

Mao-chan told Agnes.

「 You can’t, Agnes still has to study after her dinner. She should be refreshed enough 」

Agnes’ entrance exam at Misuzu’s school is coming.

「 Mao-chan, we can play together 」

「 Yes, we can 」

Luna and Koyomi-chan told Mao-chan

「 I’ll be watching as Agnes studies 」

Megu said.

「 Yeah. Agnes-chan does give out some amazing answers at times 」

「 Really, it surprised us earlier 」

Eri and Rie said.

「 Like, Agnes-chan wrote envoy to tongue chin when the answer is envoy to Tang China 」1

「 I wonder why she wrote that? It does sound right but written wrong though 」


「 Is she going to be okay, Katsuko-nee? 」

Her exams are coming soon.

「 It’s okay, her setting is a returnee and so it’s okay if she writes weird answers 」

Katsuko-nee laughed it off.

「 No, but still 」

「 But on the other hand, Agnes always gets perfect score in math 」


「 She studies math and science, the subjects they won’t ignore even if you’re a returnee. This girl’s mind is extremely superior when it comes to math that it surprised me too 」

Agnes is strong in maths?

「 Everyone in our clan is strong when it comes to numbers. Science and Tech too 」

Yukino said.

「 Apart from Yukino-oneechan that is 」

Mana said while smiling wryly.

Speaking of which, Shirasaka Sousuke’s also proud of his maths.

Then, Yukino…

She’s just bad at studying.

「 U-Uhm. Yukino…I’m not also good at math 」

Megu, Yukino’s sister from a different mother, speaks out of consideration, but…

「 What are you talking about? Your grades in any subjects are much better than me ever since before 」

Oh my, it seems that she brought unnecessary trouble.

Well, yeah, her “not good” is on a different level.

Megu’s an honor student after all.

「 Either way, I’m the only one with a dumbhead 」

Yukino’s offended.

「 I’m sorry to interrupt the fun talk but since it’s time for news, can we turn on the TV? 」

Margo-san said.

「 It’s our style not to turn on the TV when eating but I’d like to check the news in real-time for tonight 」


Today, Kudou-papa and his group are fighting the enemies we had contact with at the foreign hotel.

He said that he will settle it not later than 12 midnight, but…

There should be progress by now.

「 Okay, then I’m turning it on 」

Nagisa uses the remote control to turn on the TV on the seven o’clock news broadcast.

The first two were ordinary news, but…

『 Following…The scandal in the management of the National Police Agency 』

The newscaster said.

『 Tanio Yamakawa, chief of the National Police Agency’s Special Infrastructure Development Division, purchased a figure from the popular anime “Mazinger Z” for 35,000 yen from an internet auction. Got angry that the items sent to him were an “assortment of miniature cars.” He was arrested for violating the National Civil Service Code of Conduct for attempting to use his authority to obtain the personal information of an auctioneer. 』


Buying a “Mazinger Z” figure on an internet auction.

Received an assortment of minicars…

Then, he got angry, so he tried to use the police power to get information about the auctioneer, and he’s arrested?

「 What’s with that stupid move? 」

Mariko said with a dumbfounded look.

「 Recently, weird people like him are showing more and more. Especially among the elites in the government 」

Yukino said while smiling wryly.

「 No, that’s wrong, I think? 」

Eri said.

「 That’s right, I feel like that government official is screwed over for the wrong reason, right? 」

Rie too.

「 What do you mean? Explain it. I’ve got a slower head than you two! 」

Yukino told the twins.

「 Instead of Mazinger Z, it’s minicars he received 」

Eri said.

「 So what? 」

Mariko asks.

「 You don’t get it? 」

Rie looked at Mariko and the girls.

「 The assortment of minicars 」

「 Is Mazinger set 」


「 It’s a set of car machine 」

「 Ah 」

Doing something this stupid over the internet…

It’s got to be Kudou-papa.

「 That news itself is a fake. The part where the national police agency staff abused his authority is also a lie 」

「 They just faked the charges to restrain the person? 」

I said. Mariko reacted.

「 I think so…Meaning… 」


「 The enemy this time is in the government 」


  1. A localized joke, but the actual answer is translated correctly