Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1075. Pastry Filled Adventure / Bread Sampling Party



「The police have a strong fellowship within their organization, if you capture and punished one of them, the whole force will be angry at you. Therefore, the reckless bureaucrat in the National Police Agency is handed to the other side, and they will deal with it from within the police」

Margo-san said.

「The second operation Kudou-san is talking about is to deal with the people the reckless bureaucrat hired behind the scenes. Anyway, capturing as many of the people who know about the Miko power or else, they will call more weird people」

The Kansai Yakuza organization, then the misunderstandings of one part of the bureaucrats…

People who want Tsukiko’s power would come again.

「No, even if we stop the spread of information now, someone’s going to attack again. We’re going back and forth but it can’t be helped. It will continue for as long as we’re alive」

Margo-san said. Then the Takakura sisters and Koyomi-chan hanged their heads.

But I…

「All we have to do is take them out when they come at us! It doesn’t matter who they are, we’re crushing them」

「Kou-sama, are you okay with that?」

Tsukiko looked at me.

「It’s not even a question! It’s a matter of survival! I mean, you always have to fight if you want to live! We don’t have time to take it slow and stay in peace! If you lower your guard, evil will always come after us! Tsukiko, you girls aren’t special exceptions」

Just like the people who come after the Miko power.

There will always be people who try to take away our happiness when they see it.

「Yoshinobu-kun is correct. To live means to fight. Nobody can protect what’s important to them if they don’t fight. Therefore, you always have to burn in combativeness and stay in your fighting stance. If you show weakness, they’ll take advantage of it」

Margo-san said.

「You can show your weakness in the bedroom with Yo-chan though! Hahaha」

Nei said and laughed.

「That’s right. We can’t show a weak attitude when we’re in front of the younger girls like Agnes-chan」

「Yes. You can act spoiled when you have sex with Onii-san」

The twins said.

「Oh, indeed. Kou seems calm all the time but he’s always alert. He’s always ready to deal with anything suddenly attacking」

Mariko looked at me.

「That’s right. Yo-chan knows that there’s no safe place. He’s always focused to keep the family safe. And that’s why I always want him to drown in me when we’re having sex」



「Well, everyone’s competing on who can wrap Yo-chan’s mind and body first. Katsuko-oneechan, Nagisa-oneechan, and I haven’t reached it yet. Mii-chan and Ruri-chan hasn’t done it either」

Nei smiled at Mariko.

「Mariko-chan, want to join the race?」

「Bring it on」

Mariko smiled.

「Wait, wait, wait! we’re joining in too」

「Yes, Eri-chan and I will join in」

Eri. Rie…

「If that’s the case; Tsukiko-oneesama, we’re joining in too, right?」

Yomi asks Tsukiko.

「Indeed. Let’s do our best to save Kou-sama’s heart from the sorrow and have him enjoy our time」

「No using of the Miko powers though」

Nei reminded Tsukiko.

If they use their power to control my heart, it’s easy to make me drown in sex.

「Naturally. We’ll have Sensei enjoy our mind and bodies」

「Yes, I’ll do my best too」

Yomi and Luna replies energetically

「Koyoim-chan, you can join in once you’ve grown enough」


Yomi said. Koyomi-chan replied while blushing.

「Well then, that’s the end of my situation report」

Margo-san said.

「Thank you very much」

I bowed my head.

「Anyway. We’ve already passed through the peak of the problem this time. We do not need to worry further」

Yeah, we managed today.

That doesn’t mean that we can loosen our guards completely though

「Ah, hello? Katsuko-neechan?」

Nei picks up the extension telephone.

「We’re done here. Also, Kudou-san’s done with his first operation. Yeah, got it. I’ll tell Yo-chan」

Nei ends the call, then tells me;

「Yo-chan, Mariko-chan, and Yomi-chan go to the dining room」

Dining room?

「Luna-chan and the girls still have to study for the entrance exam together with Agnes

Oh right, Luna and Koyomi-chan are studying with Agnes to enter Misuzu’s school.

They don’t seem to worry about Agnes’s scholarly abilities, but still…

「I understand. Agnes-chan might get lonely if Luna-chan isn’t present」

「I don’t think it’s that bad」

Koyomi-chan said. Luna’s embarrassed.

But, the fact is that Agnes trusts Luna the most.

「Oh? But Agnes-chan loves Koyomi-chan too」

Nei smiled at Koyomi-chan.

「Yeah. Do get along with her」

I told the two.

「I’ll be entertaining Mao-chan」

Tsukiko leaves her seat.

「Ah, wait. Tsukiko-oneesan」

「We’ll go with you」

「We can’t help out with studies after all」

The twins said.

「Eri and Rie also have an entrance exam. You girls should study」

Yeah, not in Misuzu’s kind of school but still…

Minaho-neesan’s going to enroll them in a special class in a private middle school.

Along with Mana, Arisu, and Kinuka.

「Tsukiko, you’re also entering our school soon」

Tsukiko will switch to our schools for the remaining half a year on her third year in high school.

We have Mitama, Kurama Misato-san, and the prostitute candidates.

「Yes. But, as for the entrance exam」

The school we attend belongs to the Kuromori house so there’s no need to have an exam.

「That’s unfair, Tsukiko-oneesan」

「Furthermore, you’re going to the same school as Onii-san」

The twins complained, but they can’t do anything.

「Now then. Nei and I will continue to watch over the situation」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「We’re going to meet with some people who are likely to become sponsors and so we have to settle the problems before that. We’re not done with it yet」

Until Kudou-papa calls the end of the operations.

We’re to remain on alert in the mansion.

「I wonder about Mii-chan and the girls? The first operation’s over so are they coming back here?」

Nei says while staring at her laptop.

Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko-san, Mizushima Karen-san, Michi, and Edie are in the old training building of the Kouzuki SS.

I mean, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san have been in the Kouzuki mansion since last week.

It’s to improve their relationship with Yoshiko-san.

The plan is for them to return today, but…

「Well, I don’t think there’s going to be a problem since Shou-neechan or someone from the Kouzuki SS will send Misuzu-san off」

Margo-san said.

「That’s true. Besides, they’re going to call if they’re going back here」

I took out my phone.

There’s no incoming call.

I wonder what’s happening with Edie and Yamada Umeko – Sebastianus-san’s showdown?

I think they’re done by now.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hey, we’ve been waiting」

Katsuko-nee, Ai, Megu and Kana-senpai, and also Haiji and Yukino are waiting in the dining room.

「I thought that everyone should eat the pastries you bought together 」

Oh, that extremely expensive loaf of bread the auntie made alone in her shop.

「You won’t understand loaves unless you toast it, right? Although, I prepared some non-toasted ones here too」

The two loaves of bread I bought are sliced and arranged.

「I also prepared butter, jam, honey, and marmalade for this. Try out the varieties as you eat」

「I want to call the children but two loaves isn’t enough. Therefore, I called over the girls who help out in the bakery all the time and those who came with you during the tour here」

The people involved in the school bakery are Katsuko-nee, Ai, Megu, Nei, Edie, Kana-senpai, and me.

Then, the members who had the bakery tour, Ai, Kana-senpai, Mariko, Yomi, and Haiji.

The people over here are…

「Let’s leave some for Nei-chan and Edie-chan」

Nei continues her intelligence gathering with Margo-san in the room from earlier.

Edie hasn’t come back home yet.


「Huh, so why is Yukino here?」

「What? I’m also in the bakery all the time, right?」

Yukino gets sullen.

「Sure, you are, but you never help out on anything there」

All she does is drink coffee without permission and talk.

She doesn’t help with production nor sales.

Edie doesn’t help out with the production but she makes sure that the customers are lining up properly.

「You don’t have to mind the minor details! I’m always there so I’m also allowed to eat!」

As always, what a cheeky girl Yukino is.

「Don’t mind it. I mean, sure, it’s my mouth doing the eating but all the nutrients go to the child in my stomach」

「Yukino, you’re going to get fat after you give birth」

Megu said.

「Oh well. Let’s eat for now」

Katsuko-nee said while smiling wryly

「Okay, sure. Megumi, toss the bread in the toaster」

「Why is it that Yukino is the one giving orders to me?」

Megu complains, but she puts the bread on the toaster

「Yoshida-kun…let’s try the bread by itself」

Ai took a piece, split it into two, and gave me the other.

◇ ◇ ◇


Katsuko-nee asks for our opinions.

「Yeah, it’s absurdly delicious」

The baked version, and the toasted version too.

「You’re right, I guess that’s to be expected from a 2700 yen bread」

Kana-senpai said.

「I wonder what’s different? The water? The wheat flour? Yeast? Or the baking method?」

Mariko tilts her head.

「It’s all, I think」

Ai mutters.

「The ingredients are good as they’re hand-picked but the skill of the baker is amazing. Skill and experience, you can’t make these unless you have the two」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Putting on butter is delicious, and even the others are too. This is great for sandwiches」

Megu said.

「I never had this kind of pastry even in Europe」

Haiji said.

「I also had the high-class hotels pastry around the world but still, I never had this kind of pastry」

Mariko said.

「Hey, why don’t you guys become an apprentice of the craftsman who made this bread?」

Yukino said jokingly.

「That’s not possible」

I replied with a straight face.

「If we learn from that person, then this will be the only pastry we can make」

「What about it? If you can make something like this then it’s good, right?」

Yukino speaks to me puzzled.

「That won’t become our business」


「This bread is amazing but this isn’t what set our goals for」

「I don’t get it. What do you mean」


「It’s only been half a year since I started baking bread but, I know how much time it takes to do it. You can’t make this kind of pastry unless you’re a skilled craftsman. You can’t do it unless you constantly make the same amount every day」

Therefore, that craftsman sells her pastry only once a week.

「Maybe if I was searching for the truth and set my goal to make the ultimate pastry, then this is good. But, this pastry is impossible for someone like me who has to support a lot of family members」

「True. Yoshi-kun’s goal isn’t to become a pastry master」

Megu said.

「Bread is bread. No matter how delicious you make it, nobody’s going to give you a medal in Japan」

Kana-senpai said.

「There were workers in France who received medals for popularizing French bread in Japan. Naturally, their origins were French too」

Katsuko-nee said.

「You also went to the foreign company hotel apart from the three I told you, haven’t you?」


I nodded.

「So, does some of the bakeries matched with the bakery you’re aiming at?」


「If thinking of supporting the family, then the first bakery…we have to make a high-class shop」

If it’s to earn profits.

「We can’t handle managing the second bakery, the one who made this pastry. As for the third bakery, it’s cheap and delicious, and it’s a cute store at the side of the street, but…」

「I want to make a shop like theirs, but…it can’t support everyone」

Ai replies.

「Indeed. Things like bread are mass-produced by the major bread manufacturers and sold cheaply to convenience stores and supermarkets, right? The ‘cheap and tasty’ route is a pain. We don’t have a mass-production system like the manufacturers, nor do we have a system for nationwide distribution. Besides, even supermarkets do sell ordinary freshly baked bread. Just because it’s a little bit more delicious doesn’t mean that it can compete. I don’t think we’ll be able to survive if we don’t aim for a high-quality bread that’s more expensive than mass-market bread, but that’s as good as the price in this age」

Katsuko-nee makes it clear.

「Recently there are more and more people like the person who makes this bread who is offering to send baked bread to you by courier service across the country, but the courier service takes a long time to get it to you. It doesn’t reach them freshly baked」

Therefore, Katsuko-nee had us go to the bakery personally.

「But still…I want…the customers to buy from the shop…」

Ai said.

「Also, Katsuko-san…Ai… don’t want…to increase the stores」

「Then, we won’t be expanding into chains」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Yes…I always…want to see which…of the bread I made…the customers buy」

If we open a second or third branch, then it becomes harder to view the situation of the stores as you’re absent.

「But, if we think of increasing the profits, then it will be hard」

Katsuko-nee continues.

「Even if it’s a high-class specialist bakery, you have to bake every day and continue selling」

「Yeah, some buy their breakfast and lunch bread, right? Then, lunch bread at lunch. Then, teatime bread during the afternoon. Then, at night, people buy on their way home from work, or as a present, or bread for breakfast…you have to make varieties of bread and put them out in the store all the time」

I said.

「That’s right. You have to be ready for it」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「Are you not going to open a teatime corner?」

Mariko asks.

「The first shop had that area, but…」

「Oh, it had a good atmosphere, right」

Kana-senpai said.

「Kana, you have bad taste. That shop could use a little better tableware at least」

「Oh. Katsuko-nee, the shop there were fussing about their furnishings but they use disposable cups for their coffee or other drinks」

I explained.

「If it’s disposable, then there’s no need to wash it right? If it’s cups, someone has to wash it, and you’ll need a place to dry it. But if it’s a disposable container, then you won’t need to use it again. The space of the backyard forces them to use disposable containers. Besides, if you use disposable cups, you can’t drop it or break it」


「If you bring out good porcelain cups to your customers, you’ll assume that they’ll break during the business. So, how much loss is tolerable? That’s another thing you have to investigate」

「Right… If it’s a hotel, then they have to use porcelain absolutely for their reputation, but in exchange, the price of a drink is high. I’m sure they keep dozens of the same cups and they have a room in the back to wash and dry them」

Kana-senpai said.

「You also have to think about how many employees are you going to invest in. If you lack in personnel, then it’ll become chaotic in the washing area and then you’ll have insufficient tableware, that would be laughable, don’t you think?」

「Oh, that. I’ve seen that over the net. The store was short on staff that they couldn’t wash the dishes in time, so they had to turn everything into disposable to-go containers」

Megu said.

「Then that means, the first shop wasn’t using disposables because they want to」

It’s either the labor costs or the space in the store.

Anyway, they have reasons why they can’t bring ordinary cups for their drinks.

「Haa. I thought that the manager of the shop doesn’t know how to do it but it seems that I should’ve thought of them having those problems」

Mariko said.

「Yes. Don’t arbitrarily decide on the case. At least, the three bakeries I introduced to you already have high ratings from others. The people from the store already know what you’re thinking, and they’re doing it because they have no choice」


They already are aware of the things we high school students thought upon.

They know and yet, they have no choice. It’s common.

「We’re going to do a joint coffeehouse in the school festival, aren’t we? That’s a good opportunity to forecast a lot of things」

Katsuko-nee said.

「How many people do we expect to have at a time, and how many people we can entertain. How many services can we add before we lack in personnel? Imagine the crowded and empty times on a day, and think of how to deal with it. We’re going to make it a simulation of how to run a store」