Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1081. Deflowering the Tiny Princess / Preparing for the Festival



Mariko’s inviting Yoshiko-san to join her business.

「 Onii-chan, Katsuko-oneechan’s done with preparations, she said 」

Mana comes over and told me.

It seems that she contacted through the extension phones.

「 Yeah got it 」

I’m about to take Mizushima Karen-san.

I’ll turn her into my sex slave.

「 The Japanese-style room on the second floor. You know where it is? 」

「 Yeah, I’ve entered that room once 」

This mansion is a former brothel, and so it may look like a western-style house outside, but it also has Japanese-style rooms to accommodate customers who prefer that style.

Katsuko-nee said that she’ll make Karen wear Japanese-style clothes…If that’s the case, then it’s better to have her first time in a Japanese-style room.

「 Then, I’m going now 」

「 Kou, good luck 」

Mariko sends me off with a smile.


Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi remain depressed.

「 What are you girls doing? You’re coming with me, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi 」

I called the three.

「 Danna-sama? 」

「 Onii-sama? 」

「 Master? 」

The three looked up at me in surprise.

「 You girls are going to support Karen-san as senior sex slaves. Listen, Misuzu, you’re no owner nor ruler of Karen-san. You girls are my slaves, and Karen-san will join soon. You girls stand in the same status 」

I have to make that consistent.

「 C-Certainly 」

Misuzu replies as the representative of the girls.

「 Right, let’s make a stopover before we go to Karen-san. 」

Katsuko-nee should be making Karen-san as beautiful as a princess.

If that’s the case, Misuzu and the girls would need to join in the same direction.

◇ ◇ ◇

Before we head to the second floor, we went to the dressing room of the mansion.

This place stores all of the clothing and props the former prostitutes used.

「 First, you girls are going to wear collars. Although, it won’t be the usual, use this 」

I picked three similar cheap-looking black-dyed leather collar.

「 Take off all your clothes. Then put on…let’s see… 」

I look at the cases.

Oh, this one. Perfect, we have three of them.

「 Put this on 」

This is a white-blue stripe bikini, but, their nipples and vagina area has no cloth.

Even if they put it on, it exposes their embarrassing parts, it’s that kind of lewd clothing.

「 Uhm, I think that it doesn’t fit my size 」

The flat Michi said.

The lower part won’t have problems but the top part would sag on Michi.

「 Is there a problem? Either way, it’s all exposed. 」

I replied.

「 But 」

“If that’s the case, then let me go topless,” Michi’s eyes plead.

「 The three of you has to wear the same thing, that’s the meaning of this 」

I said.

「 The young ladies of the Kouzuki house, and their bodyguard, wear the same thing according to my commands. I want you girls to understand that. You’re all my precious women. However, there’s no one above or below among you girls 」

If it’s not clear with them, it’ll only cause problems.

「 Certainly, Onii-sama. Let’s do it Michi. Just as ordered 」

「 You’re right, we belong to Danna-sama. It is as you say 」

Ruriko and Misuzu.

These girls have the desire to control people, but they also want me to control them.

I had to give that control a firm hold, or else…

I’m also reflecting on this matter.

I had to step in and take control of them.

「 Take your clothes off, and let me see it. Although, don’t forget your shame. If you no longer feel anything when getting naked in front of me, then I’ll toss you away 」

I said.

「 Y-Yes, I understand 」

The truth is, these girls are becoming accustomed to getting naked in front of me for the past six months of sex life.

That’s why I had to make them aware that they need to feel ashamed.

If they reach the state where they’re accustomed, then sex is no longer fun.

Acting it out is okay.

It’s better to purposely arouse emotions.

「 Excuse us 」

The three undress and purposely show me their private parts while looking embarrassed.

「 Onii-sama, please don’t stare too much 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi, who are quite masochistic, are aroused by my gaze.

Their trembling hands lower their panty, and some clear liquid drips on their thighs.

「 Aah, that’s embarrassing 」

Misuzu says while putting on the swimsuit with holes.

「 Auuuu 」

As expected, the bra’s too large for Michi…Her nipples are exposed.

Although, even if she fits it, it has a hole, so it still has the same results.


「 Look, Michi, it may be meaningless at a glance, but that look makes you lewder 」

She had no choice but to wear the loose-fitting clothes, and thus, the “Feeling that she’s forced to it” makes it lewd.

「 If Master is pleased with it, then I’m okay 」

「 Of course I am. Michi’s really cute. Misuzu and Ruriko too 」

I said.

Three beauties wearing a collar and a bikini with holes. Their legs are also bare.

「 The three of you are getting lewder by the day. And letting you wear swimsuits lets me appreciate that more than getting naked 」

Their body shape is well pronounced. Also, their bikini may have holes but it sure tightens up their chest and asses.

「 It’s because Onii-sama pours his semen inside our wombs a lot 」

Ruriko replies bashfully.

「 Each time I receive an ejaculation inside, I feel my femininity 」

Michi said.

「 Although it’s not just semen that I want to pour into you girls 」

I said.

「 Of course. We’re filled with love together with the semen too 」

Misuzu replies in a hurry.

「 Uhm, Danna-sama 」

「 What? 」

「 I’m very sorry for the recent events 」

Misuzu bows her head again.

「 My thoughts were shallow and it caused Danna-sama troubles 」

「 I don’t care if it troubles me. Isn’t that why I’m here? 」

I stopped Misuzu.

「 But, don’t repeat the same mistake. Look at the other party, think, and that’s when you act 」

Her mistake this time was trying to turn Mizushima Karen-san, someone who’s raised as a young lady, who never served others, as her pet.

Then, they kept recommending Yoshiko-san, who doesn’t have that desire to have someone to dominate her, to become my slave.

「 Misuzu, you’ve learned now that your desires and nature are different than others, right? If you did, then that’s good enough. I believe that you can make it up to Karen-san and Yoshiko-san soon enough 」

I said.

「 Yes, and so I’ll prepare someone who desires to be enslaved next time 」


「 I will not make the same mistake. I promise 」


「 Uhm, Onii-sama, as for the girl in my plans, I think that her nature fits just right, and…Oh, I’ll be reviewing it again, before Onii-sama partakes her, but… 」


「 You’re right, Ruriruri. That girl’s nature is of a masochist, I believe 」

Michi knows who’s this girl that Ruriko wants?

「 She’s a beautiful girl, and of course, a virgin. She has a strong desire to be assaulted, and so I believe that she’s tailored for Onii-sama’s rape 」

This is what the daughters of the Kouzuki main house are.

They’re essentially lewd girls.

However, their blood as a high class noble and elegance suppresses their lust.

As a result, they pour all their lewd selves onto me.

「 As expected, you were thinking of the school festival, aren’t you? 」

Misuzu asks Ruriko.

「 Yes. Onii-sama will take her in the middle of the school festival, or the school trip 」

「 That’s good. It is romantic to have Danna-sama deflower you during a school event. It’s a lifetime memory 」

「 Why not get her pregnant together with her deflowering? 」

Ruriko, Misuzu, Michi.

Geez, these girls are bringing more trouble.

The school festival and school trip, both of those are on Japan’s number one school for young ladies, right?

「 That’s for next time. For now, the princess is waiting for us 」

Mizushima Karen-san is a young princess.

Not Misuzu’s pet, but a young lady of the Mizushima house.

That’s how I’m going to violate her.

「 Now, turn your collars to me 」

I attached a leash to their collars.

「 My puppies, I’m going to pull this until we reach Karen-san, okay? 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

「 Please take care of us, Onii-sama 」

「 Master… 」

The three bitches wearing embarrassing clothing are tied up to a string…

Then, we head to the room where Karen-san is waiting.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Wow! Papa! You’re taking your puppies to a walk? 」

Huh? Agnes is also here?

Agnes shouts as she saw me pull Misuzu and the girls who are crawling on the floor.

「 Yes, we’re puppies. Danna-sama’s lewd bitches 」

「 Onii-sama’s currently disciplining us 」

「 Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! 」

Misuzu and the girls sit down like a dog.

Their nipples and genitals are exposed to the people in the room.

「 That looks fun! Agnes wants to play bitch too! 」

Agnes said with a smile.

「 What about your studies? 」

I asked, just in case.

「 We’re done for today. It’s bad to cram too much, and so we keep it in moderation 」

Err, is that okay?

I looked at Katsuko-nee and she nodded with a smile.

「 Besides, if Karen-chan is to have sex with Papa, then Agnes has to be nearby to support! 」

Agnes is 12. The same age as Karen-san.

「 I want Karen-chan to become my real sister soon! 」

Luna, who’s of the same age, is also here.


「 Koyomi-chan isn’t coming because she’s afraid 」

Luna read my thoughts and replied.

「 Koyomi-chan has to eat a bit more, sleep more, grow big as soon as possible. Or else, she can’t have sex with Papa! She can’t become real family with Agnes 」

「 Koyomi-chan knows that too. But, she can’t do much with the growth of her body. Let’s wait for her, okay? 」

Luna persuades Agnes.

「 It’s okay, she’s a girl so her hole should be there 」

「 Even if it’s forced, Onii-san can turn her to a woman right away 」

Eri and Rie also came. They’re a year older than the girls.

「 Karen-sama, it’s okay. I’ve also done it 」

Arisu told Karen-san.

「 For the past week, since offering my virginity, I’ve done it five times so far. The first one did hurt, but it’s okay now 」

「 Yes, it’s now pleasure 」

「 He won’t be harsh with you, he’s going to show you love 」

Kinuka and Haiji also came.

The 12 and 13 group is a big one.

「 Yes, I’ll do my best to serve 」

Mizushima Karen-san sits seiza in the middle of the futon in the spacious Japanese-style room.

Long straight black hair.

A white Japanese style clothing.

「 It has the image of an Edo period concubine 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

Oh, I’ve seen this in a movie before.

「 Did you know about Tokugawa Ieyasu’s concubines during his prime? “Okaji no Kata” is 13, “Oman no Kata,” 15, “Onatsu no Kata,” 17, “Oume no Kata,’ 15, “Oroku no Kata,” 13 when they became his concubine. Meaning, sex partners.

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Even in legal wives, Maeda Toshiee’s wife, Omatsu-san married at age 12, and gave birth to her first child at age 13 」

「 That is to say, Agnes is also 12, and so it’s okay to bear Papa’s child too, right? 」

No, look.

「 But, remember, we’re no longer in the Warring States period 」

「 So if Papa doesn’t become a daimyo then Agnes can’t bear a child 」

「 Not now 」

「 That’s right. You’ll need at least 1 million koku in your dominion 」

Katsuko-nee persuades Agnes with that theory.

「 When you’re an adult, Agnes-chan will become a Mama 」

「 Yes. Either way, we’re all going to give birth to Onii-san’s child 」

「 Adult? How long will that take? A year? Two? 」

Agnes asks.

「 Is three years good enough? 」

Karen-san talks to me.「 」

「 I’ve decided not to return to the Mizushima house, my parents, my relative, until I give birth to Kuromori-sama’s child 」

She talks to me with a straight face.

「 Naturally, we’re still in elementary right now, so it’s bad for us to get pregnant. Therefore, I want to give birth at the end of the compulsory education 」

Getting pregnant in middle school and give birth during the graduation ceremony.

「 Karen-san, you’re rushing it. You need to think of that after experiencing sex 」

I said.

「 I-I’m very sorry 」

「 It’s good that you made your resolve but don’t get too forward with your feelings. That’s not good 」

She should cool down.

「 This is the playroom, so there are cameras here and there, so there shouldn’t be any problems in recording 」

Katsuko-nee told me.

「 As for the still images, I’ll take it since it’s been a while. Ruriko-chan can’t do it. You’re still reflecting now 」

Filming sex is already Ruriko’s lifework.

Of course, she wants to take photos of Karen-san’s deflowering, but, it’s not good to concentrate on that.

「 Yeah. Right now, Ruriko, Misuzu, and Michi stands in the same place as Karen-san…so I want you to feel it earnestly 」

I said.

「 Yes, I understand 」

Ruriko replies.

「 Karen-sama, please forgive the numbers. Ruriko is just Onii-sama’s slave and yet, I treated you with a domineering attitude. The truth is, it’s as you can see, I’m just a ‘bitch’ that Onii-sama owns 」

「 Me too. Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet. I’m just a selfish lewd ‘bitch’ who is happy when Danna-sama violates me. I’m really sorry for acting arrogantly for the past week 」

「 Me too…woof, woof, I’m very sorry 」

Ruriko, Misuzu, and Michi apologize to Karen-san while wearing an embarrassing hole bikini and a collar.

「 P-Please raise your head! 」

Karen-san is confused as the young ladies of the Kouzuki house prostrate themselves.

「 No, let them. They were rude to you, Karen-san 」

I said.

「 Also, I’m sorry since I didn’t notice it last week 」

I bowed my head.

「 In our family, if you’ve done something wrong, then you have to apologize right away! If it’s Mana-chan, she’d get naked and kneel right away 」

Agnes smiled.

「 No, Mana hasn’t done it recently 」

Compared to before, she’s quite calmed down and has become reliable in the past six months.

「 Uhm, Onii-sama, should we kneel naked? 」

Ruriko asks me.

「 No, stay like that. That look is much more humiliating 」

Yeah, the hole-bikini.

「 No, I’m the one who should say sorry for causing a lot of concerns 」

Karen-san said.

「 Oh, but, Karen-san 」


「 Sorry to say but Karen-san will be in the same rank as Misuzu and the girls 」

「 Yes 」

「 What that means is that you’ll become my sex slave, my exclusive bitch, like these girls 」

「 Just like us 」

Ruriko said.

「 Me too, Karen-sama. I am also Kruomori-sama’s concubine, sex slave 」

Arisu speaks to Karen-san gently.

「 Me too! I’m Onii-san’s lewd slave! 」

「 Me too 」

「 Me too, I swore to become Nii-san’s slave 」

「 Me too 」

Eri, Rie, Luna, and Kinuka said.

「 Err, Agnes is… 」

「 It’s okay. Agnes is with everyone, right? 」

I told Agnes.

「 Yes, that’s right! Agnes is together with everyone! Karen-chan, join us! 」

Karen-san puts her three fingers on the bed.

「 Kuromori-sama, I may be lacking but please guide me 」

She bows to me with a beautiful posture fitting a young lady of nobility.

「 Yeah. That’s good, but… 」

I’m a little bit uneasy.

Karen-san is different from the other girls.

「 Can I test out whether you have the resolve or not? 」

「 Test me? 」

Karen-san looked at me in surprise.

「 Yeah, it’s a test 」

I took out a phone from my pocket.

「 Karen-san, can you call your mother at home with this? 」

Karen-san didn’t have any contact with her family since last week.

「 Of course, you don’t have to tell them that I’m about to deflower you at all 」

That’s not what I want to do.

「 I want you to talk to your mother, and if Karen-san never tells her mother to “save you” then I’ll do it here with you 」

「 The test is about my resolve, is it? 」

「 Yeah, if you whine to your parents, then I won’t do it with you. I don’t deal with children 」

The difference between children and adults isn’t their age nor body maturity.

It’s the strength of their heart.

「 Certainly 」

Karen-san is a proud young lady of nobility.

She knows that she has to get in this game.

「 And, once you’re done talking to your mother, you’re going to talk to your father while having sex 」

「 ???!!! 」

Karen-san’s complexion has changed.

「 You’ll talk to your father while my dick is inside you. And then, after you receive my semen in your womb… 」

I said.

「 Lastly, you’ll talk to your grandfather 」