Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1082. Deflowering the Tiny Princess / Touching Her Body while on Call with her Parents



「 I won’t be gentle to Karen-san anymore. Karen-san, you can’t just say nothing and endure it as I violate you. You’ll have to take the initiative to serve me 」

I told Karen-san.

「 That’s right. Whatever happens, whatever you do, Karen-sama, you must not lose your pride as the daughter of the Mizushima house. The daughter of nobility 」

Arisu, who’s also from the nobility, told her.

「 I have accepted Kuromori-sama’s genitalia inside me multiple times…poured semen inside. I’ve shown him my body and my most embarrassing parts, and he enjoyed it using his hands and tongue. I used my hands and mouth to serve Kuromori-sama. Now, I’m Kuromori-sama’s sex slave. My body is filthy, disgraceful. However, I’m still a daughter of the Kurama house. I have not lost my pride, even if I’m a sex slave 」

「 That’s because Arisu remained herself. I do not need girls who are without noble mind, who’s just self-indulgent 」

I look at the young girl.

「 Hold your pride and let me violate you, become my woman, Karen 」


「 I’ll do everything you wish 」

She looked straight at me and replied.

「 I have to call my Mother, Father, and Grandfather to not make them worry, all while offering my virginity to Kuromori-sama? 」

「 That’s right 」

Then, Katsuko-nee…

「 Don’t use your phone. Use this one instead. Wait a second. I’ll transfer Karen-san’s phone data over 」

Oh right, since it’s my phone, it could leave some footprints of my history.

Katsuko-nee seems to be copying Karen-san’s data on her phone on the mansion laptop.

It’s connected to a cable and connected to another phone.

「 Here you go 」

Katsuko-nee gives Karen-san a phone.

「 Ah, yes. Thank you 」

Karen-san is nervous.


I head to the laid out futon in the middle of the Japanese style room where Karen-san is staying.

「 Everyone, quiet. Karen’s making a call 」

I told the girls, especially Agnes.

「 Now, do it, Karen 」

「 Y-Yes 」

A beauty wearing thin white Japanese clothes.

A beautifully combed out black hair.

She looks like a princess on her first-night of her marriage from the historical dramas.

However, she’s 12.

In the sixth grade.

I’ll do horrible things to this weak girl.

I’ll turn her into an adult.

I’ll mate with her.

I’ll deflower her, and ejaculate inside her.

「 I guess we should start with kissing before you call your mother 」

「 Please 」

Karen-san said while trembling.

I knew it. She’s afraid.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

I embraced the trembling body sitting on the tatami mat.

「 !!! 」

I stack my lips on the girl whose body is stiff from nervousness.

Karen-san’s smell after taking a bath.

The pure smell of soap and shampoo.

She doesn’t emit a woman’s sexual scent.

This is the smell of a child.

「 Okay, face this way 」

Katsuko-nee takes a photo of our kissing.

「 Hmmmmm 」

Karen-san whose body turned stiff seems to be stressed out.

「 Ha, hauuuu 」

I let go of her lips and then Karen-san took deep breaths.

It seems that she stopped breathing while we were kissing.

Her eyes look teary.

「 Let’s go to the futon. 」

「 Ah, yes 」

I embraced Karen-san from behind, not allowing any objections.

「 AUuu 」

Karen-san’s body stiffened again.

「 Don’t be too nervous. Take a deep breath. Relax yourself

「 Y-Yes 」

The young girl takes a deep breath in my arms.

The swell on her body deflates.

「 Hii! 」

I touched Karen-san’s chest coming from the armpit side of her clothing.

She’s not wearing underwear.

Karen-san shivers as a man’s warm hands touch her skin.

「 Yeah, Karen’s chest is soft 」

It’s a little stiff as it’s just starting to swell, but…

It’s because of her youth that her skin is glossy and nice.

It’s so fresh like you’re touching a fruit.


「 Auuu 」

My index fingers knead Karen-san’s areola.

Her nipples are still caved in, but it has the core.

If I stimulate it, it might get stiff.


「 Now, call your mom. Karen 」

I ordered.

「 Y-Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

Karen uses the phone while I play with her breasts.

Groping Karen’s breasts with my right hand.

Then, my left-hand slips from the armpit hole of her clothing and crawls on her soft and squishy stomach.

I look for Karen’s cute belly button.


Tsuutsuutsuu. Pururururu, pururururu.

「 H-Hello, Mother, it’s Karen 」

Karen starts her conversation while I molest her.

「 Y-Yes. It’s me. T-They gave me permission to call Mother 」

Karen’s mother, wouldn’t think that her beloved daughter would have a man play with her soft skin.

My left-hand pull out from Karen-san’s clothes.

Then, it goes below.

「 A-Aer you doing well? Yes. 」 Karen is in good health. Everyone’s kind to me in this place. Yes, auuu 」

My fingers touch Karen’s abdomen across the clothing.

She’s not wearing underwear here too.

「 I-It’s nothing. It’s okay. Yes. They’re all good people. No, please do not cry Mother 」

Karen’s mother seems to be crying on the other side of the phone.

However, my hands are crawling on her beloved daughter’s hairless crotch.

「 Y-Yes, I also want to see Mother. However, what I’m doing is for the Mizushima house. I’m offering myself to soothe down Kouzuki-sama’s anger. Uuuu, ah, I-I will do what I can for Mizushima house to regain the trust of other noble houses 」

Karen’s body is getting hot.

「 No matter what it is, Karen…Karen will brave it 」

I untie Karen’s sash.

Katsuko-nee seems to have made sure that it’s easy to untie.

It went off smoothly.

「 Yes, I’m okay. It’s okay, Karen is Mother’s daughter 」

Karen’s fair skin…

This fair skin of hers is something she inherited from her mother.

「 Please do not worry. Karen is doing her duties 」

I let go of Karen and then stood up.

Then, I stand before Karen who’s sitting on the futon.


「 Kuuu!!! 」

I lowered my pants and exposed my erect penis before Karen’s eyes.

「 No, nothing. It’s okay. Karen is… 」

The tip of the glans shines.

I grabbed Karen’s right hand and have it touch my penis.

「 It’s hot! Ah, no. I’m talking about something here 」

I pile my hand on Karen’s small hand.

I’m having her give me a hand job while she talks to her mother.

「 Yes, now..yes. Karen was taking a bath just now, so… 」

Karen is clearly confused as she’s forced to touch a man’s thick penis.

「 Karen-sama! 」

Arisu called Karen.

「 Kurama Arisu-sama, I was in the bath together with Arisu-sama from the Kurama house. Yes. The bath is so spacious, Arisu-sama washed my hair. Of course, I returned the favor. Yes, I’m getting along with Arisu-sama 」

Karen’s trying to give peace of mind to her mother by mentioning Arisu, someone from the Kurama house, to her mother.

「 Most of the time, I take baths with Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama. Yes, of course, I help them wash their backs, yes. 」

I reach out to Karen’s chest and rub her swelling while letting her stroke my penis.

「 E-Everyone’s much older than me, and so, t-they’re treating me nicely 」

Yes. And I’m treating your chest nicely too.

「 N-Now, we’re in the bedroom, I’m making the call in the futon 」

With a man whose lower half is exposed together in the futon.

「 Arisu, take the phone 」

I told Arisu.

「 Make sure that Karen’s mother doesn’t worry about her 」

「 Yes 」

Arisu comes over.

「 Ah, Mother, Kurama Arisu-sama has arrived, she wants to talk to you 」

「 I’m Kurama Arisu. It has been a while, Mizushima Sama 」

Arisu takes the phone and talks.

They’re both from the nobility, so she should be acquainted with Karen’s mother.

「 No, Karen-sama’s also helping me out. Yes, the two of us are serving Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama, please do not worry 」

While Arisu’s trying to soothe Karen’s mother.

I stick out my penis before Arisu’s eyes.

「 ?!!! 」

Karen stares at it out of surprise, so I…

「 Lick it. Suck it 」

I demanded a strong service.

「 T-This? 」

Even though Arisu on her side is talking to her mother.

「 If you don’t want it, then cry to your mother, ask for her help. I don’t care either way 」

I speak coldly.「 」

「 No, I… 」

Karen readied herself and tried to put my penis in her mouth.

But, she can’t open her mouth right.

「 Like this. Then this 」

Luna, who’s of the same age, can’t watch anymore, and so she comes over.

「 You lick it like this 」

She smiled at Karen and then puts my penis in her mouth.

She licks the circumference of my glance.

「 Now, Karen-san, do what I just did 」

「 Yes 」

Karen timidly touches my penis with her tongue.

「 Hmm 」

「 It’s a little sour, right? It’s Nii-san’s taste, do remember that 」

Luna said.

「 Now, look up at Nii-san’s face while licking. He looks like he’s in pleasure, right? 」

Karen looks up at me while holding my glans in her mouth.

「 He’s pleased from Karen-chan’s mouth 」

Katsuko-nee took photos of our situation.

「 Yes, Mizushima-sama. Karen-sama has us with her, it’s okay. We’re always together 」

Arisu tells Karen’s mother about her safety while watching Karen fellate me.

「 Karen-chan will soon love sucking it. At first, I didn’t understand it, but now I love licking and drinking it.

Luna smiled at Karen.

「 Yes, that’s good enough. You’ll be educated about fellatio later 」

I told Karen-san.

「 Like, Agnes-chan does it for an hour 」

Luna turned to Agnes.

「 I love sucking it! But! I love sex more! 」

Agnes shouts.

「 Hey, that was loud. Quiet, Agnes 」

Katsuko-nee scolds Agnes.

「 It seems to be okay. Arisu-san, look 」

Luna points at Arisu.

Oh, Arisu’s covering the phone’s mic when Agnes is talking.

「 Karen, take the phone from Arisu, now call your Father 」

I order in a low tone.

「 Yes 」

Arisu looked at us.

「 Yes, then, Mizushima-sama. I think it’s time to return to Karen-sama 」

She told Karen’s mother who’s on the other side of the hone.

「 In any case, please do not worry. Karen-sama isn’t alone. We’re with her. Yes, yes. Please leave it to us. I’m older than Karen-sama, I do see her as my little sister 」

Then, Arisu gave the phone back to Karen.

「 Hello, Mother. Yes. Kurama Arisu-sama always helps me out. Yes. Karen is going to be okay. Yes. Uhm, Mother, is Father present? 」

If not, then we’ll have to call her father on his phone.

「 Ah, yes. I would also like to tell my Grandfather that I’m doing well. At least, through my voice. Yes, if you’d please

Karen-san holds her phone, then tells me.

「 My family seems present, the maid is calling them right now 」

Either way, Mizushima house is a mansion too.

They should have some maids.

It’ll take time before her father to reach the phone coming from another room.

「 Karen, lie down on the futon 」

I ordered her.

「 Y-Yes 」

Karen still has the phone connected to her ears and she lies down on the bed.

I get on top of her.

Then, spread open the white kimono she’s wearing.

「 Ah, Father. It’s me, Karen 」

As soon as she began her conversation with her father.

I sucked on Karen-san’s cute breasts.

「 Hyaa! Ah, no, nothing. It’s nothing! 」

Karen talks to her father while I lick her inverted nipples.

「 Yes, I’m doing well. Karen is in good health 」

I’m sucking her nipples out.

「 Y-Yes. There’s nothing…nothing for Father to worry about 」

Oh, her inverted nipples are getting hard inside.

If I do this well, I can make it stand out.

「 I haven’t done anything that’ll hurt the pride of the Mizushima house, kunuu 」

Her right nipple is getting there.

This time, I’m stimulating her left with my tongue.

「 Yes. I’m Father’s daughter. Mizushima Karen 」

Karen appeals to her father strongly.

Katsuko-nee’s taking photos of her as I lick her breasts while she’s on a call.

This memory will remain forever.

「 I’ll overcome any challenge 」

My tongue goes in the middle of Karen’s two cute mounds.

Then, it goes down.

Licking the circumference of her navel, then inserting my tongue in the middle.

「 Hyaaaan! 」

Karen trembled from the ticklish feeling.

「 No, uhm, uhm, I-It’s a cat. Misuzu-sama’s pet cat licked my navel 」

Karen explained to her father in a panic.

It’s a lie on the spur of the moment, but she mentioned not her hands or feet, but her navel.

A pet cat licking your navel. That’s a rare thing to see.

「 It’s not a cat, it’s a heavenly white tiger 」

Kinuka says while staring at my erect penis.

「 Nii-san, she’s still a bit nervous so her body’s stiff. Let me ease her up 」

Luna touches Karen’s nape.

「 Hauu 」

She pours in her Miko power.

Karen-san’s body lost strength that she dropped her phone.

Misuzu took the phone from the side…

「 Hello, I’ve taken the phone. This is Kouzuki Misuzu 」

Karen’s father would think that Misuzu’s the reason why his daughter suddenly let out a strange voice.

「 No, not at all. I’m the person responsible for Karen-san calling her home 」

Misuzu said.

「 That’s right. Karen-san didn’t covertly try to make a call. Please do not worry. I gave her my consent 」

Meanwhile, I’m…

I’m crawling my tongue on Karen’s pussy.

「 Kyauu 」

My tongue splits her slit.

Yeah, that’s sour.

There’s love nectar coming from her insides.

「 The truth is Karen-san is quite a healthy and vigorous girl in her growth stage. She’s spending her days lively 」

Misuzu looked at me and smiled.

She’s raised well.

If she’s this developed, I’m sure that she can accept my penis.

「 Yes, we’re taking care of Karen-san and Arisu-san, not Grandfather 」

It’s well known in the nobility that Kouzuki Jii-chan is quite the lustful man.

Although he’s already too old, he can’t have intercourse anymore.

Still, nobody outside knows that, and so the idea that Jii-chan’s still energetic is still official.

「 Yes. She’s with us in our daily lives. Grandfather is a busy man after all 」

Misuzu’s emphasizing that Karen’s living with her.

That’s why Karen’s father…

He can’t imagine that her daughter’s having a man lick her pussy right now.

That she’s about to lose her virginity.

「 Karen-san is a splendid young lady, and that’s why we dote on her 」

Yes, my tongue…

It’s doting her.

「 Aaaaaaah! Father!!!!! 」

Karen looked at the ceiling and shouted.

More love nectar seeps out from Karen’s insides.

The sweet pure smell of a child turned to the smell of a woman.