Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1084. Deflowering the Tiny Princess / Become Happy!



「 Karen-san, look this way 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of the girl connected to me.

「 Okay. You can pull out now 」

「 Yeah 」

I pull my penis out of Karen.

「 Hiiiiii 」

The young pussy that just lost virginity…

As the half-withered penis passes through the narrow portion of her insides, Karen’s body trembled.

「 Noo, uuuu 」

As soon as my glans is pulled out, two rounds’ worth of semen pours out from Karen’s entrance.

My penis is also dyed pink from the white liquid and virgin blood.

「 Stay still. Keep your legs spread open 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Karen’s violated body.

「 Uuuuuuu 」

「 It’s okay to cry but look at the camera lens 」

Karen’s eyes.

Girls who were just violated look beautiful.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko will clean it up 」

Ruriko holds a wet towel and wipes the blood, sweat, love nectar, and semen from my penis.

Cold towel feels good.

It stimulates my recently ejaculated penis.

「 Okay, you can move now 」

Katsuko-nee’s photo session is over.

「 Karen, I’ll clean you up 」

Misuzu takes out a white handkerchief and wet towel then goes to Karen whose legs are spread open.

「 I’m really sorry for thinking of making Karen my pet. I’m Danna-sama’s pet, and yet, I got conceited 」

Misuzu apologized to Karen.

「 Misuzu-sama 」

Karen looked up at Misuzu, exhausted.

「 First, we’ll mark Karen’s blood in this handkerchief. It’s your memento for becoming Danna-sama’s woman 」

Misuzu presses the handkerchief on Karen’s genital area.

「 Hmm 」

「 Are you okay? Does it hurt? 」

「 It’s okay 」

Karen speaks bravely.

「 Wait, I’ll wipe it off 」

This time, she used a wet towel to wipe Karen’s genitals, thighs, and butt off the semen dripping off.

「 I-I’m sorry. To let Misuzu-sama do all these 」

Karen’s confused as the young lady of the Kouzuki house is cleaning her body.

Up until earlier, she’s treated as her pet, that Master who’s in control of her mind and body for a week is now taking care of her.

「 It’s okay. I’m Karen’s big sister. We’re sisters who will serve Danna-sama for the rest of our lives 」

「 That’s right 」

I speak from behind Misuzu who’s on all fours, wiping Karen’s crotch.

Misuzu’s pussy is exposed to me as she’s wearing a bikini with a hole.

She must be aroused from watching me deflower Karen. It’s clearly wet.

「 Misuzu, stick out your ass 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu raises her hips and waits for insertion.

「 Misuzu, what are you to me again? 」

「 Your pet. Danna-sama’s pet who’s pleased when violated 」

Misuzu replies while staring at Karen’s eyes.

「 Good, then I’ll do just that 」

I turn my penis Ruriko cleaned up towards Misuzu.

「 Yes, Please violate me to your heart’s content 」

I grabbed Misuzu’s thin hips and touch her slit with my glans.


「 Auuu!!! 」

I slip inside Misuzu from behind.

Ooh. Misuzu’s insides are so hot and tight.

「 Aaaaaah! Danna-sama’s inside! Violating me again! I’m so happy. I’m so happy!!! 」

It goes in deeper.

「 Karen. Look! I’m also being violated 」

「 Misuzu-sama?! 」

「 We’re the same. You’re just like me. I’m Danna-sama’s pet!! 」

I grind my hips deeper.

Misuzu’s body has completely become a “woman” after I continuously violate her for the past six months.

Still, this body of hers is overflowing with charm. It’s firm.

「 Aaah, it feels good! It feels good! Yes, I love it when Danna-sama violates me!!! 」

Misuzu’s body sways indecently on top of Karen’s small body.

「 Karen will soon love it too. Sex with Onii-sama is so much fun. Ruriko loves it and there’s nothing to be afraid of 」

Ruriko told Karen.

「 Karen, look. I’ll receive Danna-sama’s semen too, I promise. I will get pregnant together with Karen and we’ll give birth to the child at the same time. I won’t let you go through anything scary anymore. You’re together with Onee-sama. Aaah, let’s bear Danna-sama’s child together, okay? 」

Misuzu promises Karen while I violate her from behind.

「 Misuzu-sama, why? 」

Karen stares at the indecently swaying Misuzu dumbfoundedly.

「 Misuzu’s not a bad girl for wanting to take Karen as her pet 」

I said.

I grope Misuzu’s breasts from behind. I confirmed that her nipples are stiff.

「 Misuzu wants to get close to Karen. She wanted to get along with you 」

「 I’m sorry. Karen, L-Let’s get along. Let’s be friends. I will stay by Danna-sama’s side forever 」

Misuzu said.

「 Me too. No, everyone in here, and those who aren’t here are the same. Onii-sama’s family is now Karen-san’s sister 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 That’s right. Welcome, Karen-chan! 」

「 Welcome! 」

Agnes and Luna speak for the young group.

「 This is your home, we’re your family, and this man is your husband 」

Katsuko-nee points at me and said.

「 That’s right. Welcome, Karen! Aaaah! Danna-sama! Danna-sama!!! 」

Misuzu’s climbing up quick.

She’s rising up quickly because Karen’s watching her.

I just had my second round so I can’t do it together with her.

「 Yeah, go ahead and cum. Go and cum in front of Karen 」

「 Y-Yes. Watch me, Karen. Watch your big sister’s embarrassing moment 」

Karen’s watching.

As Misuzu’s reaching the limit of pleasures.

「 Aaaaaaaah! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming! Misuzu’s cumming! 」

Misuzu’s body bent greatly on top of Karen.

She’s twitching.

「 Aaaaaah! Danna-sama! Danna-sama! I lovelovelovelovelove you!!! 」

Misuzu’s insides trickle a lot of love nectar.

It splashes on Karen’s recently cleaned body.

「 Haaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, uuuuuu 」

Misuzu’s skin is sweating as she just reached climax.

「 Aaaaaah, Danna-sama! Karen! 」

Then, Misuzu fell on Karen’s body.

「 Karen, I love you. I wanted to embrace you like this 」

My penis is still inside Misuzu, and she hugs Karen’s small body.

Of course. Misuzu is into girls too.

Her sex with me is an exception, but the truth is, she loves cute girls.

「 Karen, we will be together forever 」

「 Y-Yes, Misuzu-sama 」

Karen replies with a confused look.

「 It’s not “Misuzu-sama” it’s “Misuzu-oneesama” 」

I ordered while pulling my penis out of Misuzu.

「 Y-Yes, M-Misuzu-oneesama 」

「 Ufufu, Karen. You’re so cute. I love you 」

Misuzu smiles while caressing Karen’s face.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Misuzu-chan, you can’t! It’s the rule that Papa’s washing after the first sex 」

We moved to the bathroom.

That said, not everyone came with us.

Some girls already took a bath with us before Karen’s deflowering.

Karen, Misuzu, and I are sticky from sweat, love nectar, and semen, and so…

We had to take a bath again.

There’s no need for the girls who just watched don’t need to join in the bath.

Even so, Agnes and Arisu came over because they’re worried.

Also, Ruriko and Katsuko-nee came too.

「 Come over here, Karen 」

「 Yes 」

Karen stands before me


Even if they’re of the same age, they all have a different physique.

Agnes is a half-race and so she has a mature physique despite being young.

As for Luna, she’s got a body appropriate for her age.

As for Koyomi-chan, her body is too young. She’s the slowest when it comes to growth.

As for Arisu, her breasts are meaty, but her frame is starting to mature. Her legs are long, a model shape.

Then, Karen…

She’s thin. Quite thin. No, her chest and butt are growing, but…

Well, they’re still in the middle of their growth period so I think that they’ll individual differences will grow bigger.

「 It might sting, but endure it 」

I poured warm water from the shower into Karen’s crotch.

「 Ugh 」

I knew it. It hurts.

「 I’m cleaning it up, don’t be so tense 」

I put soap in my hands and whip it.

「 But 」

Karen’s eyes stare at my erect penis.

「 Don’t mind it. That’s just how it is 」

I haven’t ejaculated after my sex with Misuzu so it remains erect.

「 Ah, yes 」

「 I’ll wash your back 」

「 Hii 」

I applied bubbles on Karen’s back.

Then, her ass.

「 I-I can do the front myself 」

「 You can’t. Papa loves breasts after all 」

Agnes laughs while in the bathtub.

「 Just let me do it, I like it anyway 」

I washed Karen’s chest, stomach, and crotch.

「 Uuuu 」

Karen seems to have given up.

She lets me wash her in silence.

I also cleaned up Karen’s legs.

Then, I washed it off with a shower.

「 Come, let’s soak in warm water 」

I also finished washing in the shower.

I’m a little tired.

I want to stretch out in the bath.

「 Come here Karen 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Karen-san, this way 」

「 Karen-chan, this way 」

Agnes and Arisu open up a spot for Karen.

「 They called you. Go 」

「 Okay 」

Karen goes to Agnes and the girls.

I soaked in the bath…hmmm

「 Dear, as for tomorrow 」

Katsuko-nee comes over.

「 Tomorrow? 」

「 Yes, tomorrow, Kou-sama wants you there 」


The new Black Forest Brothel is the secret facility in the basement of the hotel in front of the station

「 It’s a little later than scheduled but she wants to start the training of the newcomers 」


「 You don’t mean Tokuda Sonoko-san and the other, right? 」

Tokuda Sonoko-san…gang-raped by the Kansai Yakuza allies of her father…she accepted becoming a prostitute.

And, Kurosawa Naoko-san joined her.

「 Yes, not those girls. Those girls do have negative impressions when it comes to sex 」

Their bosses from Kansai Yakuza gave orders to come to Tokyo and attack the Kouzuki house.

However, unable to find an effective plan…Tendou Sadao’s group accumulated stress…

They violated Tokuda-san, the daughter of their ally from Kansai, to kill time.

Kurosawa-san watched Tokuda-san violated as she’s raped.

「 It’s inevitable since they had such a sorrowful experience. Their views on sex have to be fixed through a different program 」

Meaning, it’s not my turn.

「 You know who it is, right? The other prostitute candidate Ojou-sama picked up 」

「 Yeah, I heard 」

And that I’m the one to teach those girls about sex.

「 They’re virgins, and they have no knowledge when it comes to sex. That’s why, you are to teach them that “Sex isn’t scary, it’s for enjoyment.” 」

「 But, they’re going to become prostitutes, right? 」

Arisu’s sister. Kurama Misato-san will become a prostitute, but…

Misato-san is the daughter of the Kurama house, a nobility, and so Minaho-neesan said that she won’t be having sex with her customers.

The people who were indebted to the Kurama house will buy Misato-san’s time without sex.

The truth is, only I can have sex with Misato-san.

However, apart from Misato-san, the new prostitute candidates are…

They’ll be doing actual prostitution.

「 That’s right. It can’t be helped. They have their own reasons to why decided to become a prostitute. Therefore, we want them to have a good memory on their first time, at least 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 My first experience was also too cruel when I was turned into a prostitute, and I was quite wild inside until I met you 」

Shirasaka Sousuke kidnapped Katsuko-nee when she was in her first year of high school, raped her, and made her sell her body.

「 If your first experience isn’t a bad one, then you won’t be having negative sentiments towards sex. If that’s the case, you can live as a prostitute with a bright mood, right? 」

「 So, I’m giving them that kind of sex? 」

「 You can do it. No, you’re in charge of this. Kuromori house has no other man 」

Managing the brothel is the livelihood of the Kuromori house.

Since I’m also adopted by this family, it’s inevitable.

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee are resuming the brothel, and so…

「 The prostitute training has to be done by someone from the inside. We can’t bring out girls with no experience to the customers 」

If this was when Shirasaka Sousuke was in control, then the newly kidnapped virgin girls would be served to the perverted cyustumers for them to rape.

However, those girls don’t last.

In fact, most of the prostitutes raped suffered mentally and died from a mental breakdown.

「 If they’re going to become proper prostitutes, then they have to be kept in line. Professional prostitutes have to satisfy their customers with their skills. Furthermore, if the prostitute views sex negatively, it’ll disappoint the customer 」

They have to view sex brightly and positively.

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa had that behavior and that’s why they were loved by most customers.

「 But, Katsuko-nee. What about Tokuda-san and the other? 」

According to the conversation earlier, they have to be optimistic, but…

「 That’s for Ojou-sama and me to worry about. We looked after girls like them back when the brothel was in this mansion 」

Oh right.

Minaho-neesan and everyone did look after those girls who had a bitter experience from Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa-san can’t trust men as of now, so you can’t do it 」

I turned their friends, Eri, and Rie into my sex slaves.

They know about that.

They don’t have a good impression of me.

「 Compared to that, the new girls are pure. I think that their age is close to yours. They do agree with everything Ojou-sama and I tell them but there’s no clear hierarchy 」

The managers of the brothel and the newcomers to the job.

The new girls should have weak standing.

I’m also on the managerial side of the Kuromori house, but…

I’m just a high school boy, they should let down their guards.

「 Anyway, we teach them the courtesy, the foundation skills of a prostitute. You can enjoy them in their practical training 」

「 Got it. Oh, but, Momoko-neechan’s coming by tomorrow evening 」

「 I know. We will go there tomorrow morning, and return by evening 」

Katsuko-nee promised.

「 Should we bring Arisu and the girls? 」

Like, they were away from Misato-san for a week.

「 You’re free to do that 」

I looked at Arisu, who’s talking to Karen.

「 Arisu. We’re going to Misato-san’s place tomorrow 」

「 Is that true? 」

「 Yeah, bring Mitama and Kinuka with you 」

They probably want to see Misato-san.

「 Thank you very much 」

Arisu replied happily.

「 Papa, what about Agnes? 」

「 Agnes still has to study! Karen, watch over Agnes’ studies 」

Agnes will enroll in the same school Karen’s going to.

They’re of the same age, and Karen should know best how much she should study.

「 C-Certainly 」

「 Karen-chan, please take care of me desuno! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Papa! In exchange, Agnes will make sure that Karen-chan doesn’t get sad 」

「 Agnes-san? 」

「 Karen-chan already had sex with Papa after all 」

Agnes holds Karen’s hand.

Then, Arisu puts her hand on top of theirs.

「 If you want someone to protect you, you have to give your body and your mind to that person. 」

She tells Karen, who’s a year younger than her.

「 Even if you’re born nobility. You’ll have to live with discomfort until you die. You haven’t done anything and yet, you receive it 」

「 Therefore, I had to do it with Kuromori-sama? 」

Karen asks Arisu.

「 After all, we don’t have blood relationships right? You had to offer your body to him and bear his child for the family 」

Arisu said.

「 It’s a good thing. It’s not like we’re giving our bodies one-sidedly. He’s also giving so many things to us. Therefore, we’re slaves, but we’re more of a family 」

「 That’s right. Karen-chan is now family! Agnes is happy! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Danna-sama never does charity work. He does his work because it’s for the family 」

「 Yes. Onii-sama always makes a distinction between family and others 」

Misuzu and Ruriko told Karen.

「 You will notice soon that Karen-san is fortunate to have met Onii-sama 」

「 We’re reflecting on such fortune now. And I’m sure that you’ll understand it too 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Karen-chan will become happy too! 」

Ruriko, Arisu, and Agnes

「 Even if you’re not into it, he’ll just do it anyway, so, be ready for it 」

Katsuko-nee tells Karen with a gentle smile.