Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1086. Night of Retrieval / If We Meet in a Dream



「That’s case closed for now」

Margo-san said.


For now, only in this case.

「It can’t be helped. We’re a criminal organization after all」

The Black Forest is an existence that does illegal things.

The state will never protect us.

Enemies will always come to get what we have.

We need to continue fighting to keep our family safe.

「It’s got nothing to do with being a crime syndicate. You’ll have to fight in one way or another for as long as you’re alive」

Margo-san smiled at me.

「No matter how just your life is, there will always be evil approaching. They love taking away happiness from people. And there’s no such thing as someone who protects themselves perfectly」

「Right. Even the police aren’t reliable」

Nei speaks lonely.

「You can only trust your family」

I said.

「No, that’s not it. Did Yoshinobu-kun’s family protect you? What did your parents do to you?」

They abandoned me.

「My parents were also disgraceful」

Margo-san’s father joined his fellows in gang-raping the young Margo-san.

Margo-san has blonde hair and blue eyes, and he didn’t want to admit that he’s his daughter, a Native American.

「Therefore, I punished them」

Then, Margo-san killed her father.

「Well, what I meant is, after I parted with my real parents, my blood family, didn’t we make this family?」

My actual family wasn’t genuine.

Or in Nei’s case, she lost her actual family.

We gathered here.

「We made a new family, and that’s why we can live by casting away our past. The truth is if I had not met everyone in the family, maybe, at this point…」

I said.

I might’ve been dead already.

In despair, alone, in that dark room.

「My real family couldn’t protect me but this Kuromori family always keeps me safe. I’m grateful for that」


「Yoshinobu-kun, don’t misunderstand. Sure, we created this special group named Kuromori, but」

Margo-san said.

「This family doesn’t have some kind of special power. Rather, that power comes from you」


「It’s not the family that protects you, it’s you who protects the family. You work your body and provide the family with the survival power they need. I think you should understand your role and power」


「It’s not the family’s power that protects Yo-chan but instead, it’s Yo-chan who desperately wants to keep the family safe – that’s what powers up the family」

Nei said.

「You’re the energy source of the family, and also the engine. That’s why Minaho’s making you do every single thing, right? Minaho can’t move forward unless Yoshinobu-kun makes a move」

Margo-san said with a smile.

「I think that Tsukiko-san and the girls know that best. After all, the sisters, and their cousin, Koyomi-chan, can’t do anything unless it’s for Yoshinobu-kun, right?」

If not for me?

Then, Koyomi-chan looked at me.

「Uhm, why is it that you trust us so much?」


「Kou-sama, you show no doubt towards us at all」

Tsukiko said.

「Well, there’s nothing to be suspicious about, right?」

I replied in surprise.

「But, we’re girls who have the blood of the shrine maidens, we can read minds, you know? Also, we can control them」

Koyomi-chan said.

「Well, I already know that」

「Then, why do you not hate it when we peek in your mind?」


「Well, I just think that it is what it is」

Rather, it helps me a lot when they understand my emotions that I can’t speak out.

I’m stupid so I’m not good at explaining my feelings in words.

「We can read that it’s what he really thinks and sometimes it surprises us」

Tsukiko said.

「Then, why do you not consider that we could control your mind? We might be controlling Kuormori-san to make it convenient for us」


Oh, that’s likely.


「Even if that’s the case, what’s the problem? Tsukiko’s much smarter and attentive than me, also, Yomi has the habit of jumping in without thinking, getting controlled by her would be scary, but Tsukiko’s keeping her in check」

The Takakura sisters should be able to see each other’s hearts.

「That aside, Luna and Koyomi-chan are cautious. So, that’s why I don’t have to worry」

When Yomi’s going to act recklessly, everyone else can stop her.

「I can’t get my head around Kou-sama」

Huh? Tsukiko?

「Our father always worried. That our mother, the shrine maiden, and we could peek in his mind. Also, he’s always worried that he might not be following his will at the moment, that we might be taking control of him」

「My father was also like that」

The two who married the women with the Miko powers were like that?

「I mean, that’s the normal response. Kaan Momoko-san refused to be in the same room as Tsukiko-san and the girls」

Oh right, Momoko-neechan did that.

「Minaho too. With exceptions where it would be rude not to meet with Tsukiko-san and the girls, she never makes contact if possible」

Margo-san said.

「Well, I think that it’s just appropriate for someone who has an excessively cautious personality like Minaho. She already had past experiences of dealing with Kouzuki-san and the underground society, and so her nature of doubting everything is quite strong」

She’s been fighting against Shirasaka Sousuke’s evil all this time after all.

She has a habit of thinking of everything with the assumption that the other party is lying and is trying to deceive her.

「You say that and yet, Margo-oneesama’s also making confirmations at times, right?」

Tsukiko said.

「Yeah. I have the habit of making notes and checking them afterward. I confirm that my mind has no contradictions」

Even if nothing is happening, she writes notes, and then check if there are any contradictions to her thoughts.

It’s to confirm whether Tsukiko and the girls have been manipulating her.

「I’m an adult, so it’s just self-defense」

Margo-san said.

「Yes. I think that it’s natural when there are “monsters,” like us nearby」

Tsukiko said.

「However, I think it’s just Mana-chan who’s afraid inside. Compared to that, young girls aren’t afraid of Tsukiko-san at all!」

Nei smiled.

「Yes, I’m grateful for that」

「Yo-chan, do you know why? It’s not because they’re children. Actually, children are much more sensitive. When they sense that the person is different than them, they become cautious」


「It’s because Agnes is getting along with Luna, right?」

Like, she’s a sister of the same age for the first time.

Agnes calls everyone with the ‘-chan’ suffix, but she doesn’t do the same with Luna.

Agnes is the center of the young group, and she’s close to Luna, and so Luna doesn’t fear the other girls.

That’s why she accepts Koyomi-chan, Yomi, and Tsukiko.

「Now I’m asking you why that is the case」

Nei said in dissatisfaction.

「Did you forget? When Yo-chan first met Agnes, she was cautious and her heart is closed」

Yeah, that’s true.

She never talked to anyone.

「The thing is, Agnes trusts Yo-chan. You brought the girls over here so she sees Luna-chan as a good girl from the beginning. Also, Yo-chan’s never cautious with Luna-chan, and so Agnes is also reassured」

So she’s watching me?

「Most of the shrine maidens died due to the darkness in their heart because of their power. It’s because they know that people near them, even their husbands, fear them. This power eats out our hearts」

Tsukiko said.

「The surrounding people can feel that their minds are read every day by the shrine maidens, that once they suspect something, everything looks suspicious, they wonder that their minds might be under control already, and the shrine maidens always see that」

「Yes. They all go to the wrong direction」


「Therefore, Luna and I hid the fact that we have our powers, and Yomi’s showing a weak power and nothing else. We sisters are cautious not to bud our power」

「Me too. Mother told me to hide my power」

Koyomi-chan said.

「She told me that people will hate me if they discover my power. That Father’s also afraid of Mother’s power..」

This girl had a lot to go through too. She could read her parent’s minds…

「But, after coming to this mansion, Kuromori-san never shows fear even after knowing about our power」


「Yes. Kou-sama trusts us, and that also helps out to keep the balance in Yomiko, Luna, and my heart. We can spend our days with a stable mind」


「Also, sex. Tsukiko-oneesan, Yomi-chan, and Luna-chan feel happy from the bottom of their heart when they have sex with Kuromori-san」

Koyomi-chan’s checking the Takakura sister’s state after sex?

「That’s because Kou-sama has no evil thoughts when in sex. No, he sure has a strong lust, but, he wants to devour our body and enjoy it」

「My father was always scared after sex. He was scared that Mother and I would sense his indecent thoughts. But, Kuromori-san doesn’t hide it at all, and he’s quite grand in lewdness」


「Can’t help it. Yo-chan’s horny to the bone」

Nei laughed.

「No, there are more people who have more lewdness than Kuromori-san. I know that」


She’s seen the lust of other men using her Miko power.

That’s harsh for someone at Koyomi-chan’s age.

「That’s not true. I know that men are like that」

Koyomi-chan read my thoughts and replied.

No, I think that it’s a misfortune to have a young girl like you make that kind of decision.

「Kuromori-san’s lewd thoughts are never dark. He’s never bullying. It’s quite clear」

Even if you tell me that…

「Kou-sama’s relaxed and we can have such delightful sex. It also makes us happy that we can accompany him」

「Yeah, I get that. It’s like when you’re eating good food! That’s why you want to serve more!」

Nei said.

「It’s indeed Kou-sama’s influence in sex that we’ve become stable. Or should I say that we can’t become like this unless it’s with Kou-sama? If it’s with other men, it would break our hearts」

Tsukiko said.

「Yes. I can’t understand with my body for now but once I’m grown up, I would like to do it with Kuromori-san too. Not now, since I can see that Kuromori-sama worries about my body. I will wait until Kuromori-san thinks “She’s grown enough, she can do it now”」


I see. She can read my mind so she understands my worries.

「Yeah. Let’s not force you. I can enjoy it way more if we do that」

I told Koyomi-chan with a smile.


Koyomi-chan replies bashfully.

「Yoshinobu-kun, I seriously don’t know if you’re actually slow or sharp. But, you have a different sensitivity compared to other men, so that’s how our family is put together」

Margo-san said.

「Let me say it again, it’s not us, your family, who protects you. It’s your desire to keep the family safe that makes us stronger. We’re here because you are」

「Yo-chan’s so pure, yet so lewd」

Nei laughed.

「But, you love that part of him, don’t you?」

Margo-san said.

「I mean, it won’t be Yo-chan if he’s not lewd. And no woman would hate the lewd Yo-chan’s penis!」

Nei replies.

「That’s right」

Tsukiko smiles.

Now everyone’s laughing.

I’m glad that they are.

「K-Kou-sama, w-was I like that?」

Tsukiko stared at me blankly.

「Hey now doesn’t start talking to the mind. Let us get in the conversation too!」

Nei told Tsukiko.

「Ah, I’m sorry」

「Err, Tsukiko-san’s in the same age as me, right?」

Nei’s in her second year in high school because she’s a repeater.

Her age is the same as Tsukiko, 18.

「To be honest. I’m a little scared of Tsukiko-san and the girls. Well, even if you hide things, Tsukiko-san can see it, but…」


「But, I want to get along. Like, us…」

「Yes. Please take care of me」

Tsukiko said with a smile.

「To be honest, I’m also weak when facing Nei-sama」

「Oh right, since I’m a troublesome woman and all」

Nei has the weak “Yasuko,” and a separate personality named “Nei” coating herself.

「But, I’m that kind of girl」

She said bashfully.

「But, Kuromori-san sees Nei-san as precious」

Koyomi-chan said.

「Eeh~ That’s embarrassing now. Geez, Yo-chan」

Nei blushed.

「But I love you too Yo-chan! I love you the most in the world, in this universe!」

She bumps her head to me.

「Well, everyone should go back to their rooms. We still have work tomorrow. We’re done for today」

Margo-san ended the conversation.

「Yes. Then, let’s go. Koyomi-chan」

「Yes, Tsukiko-oneesan」

「Good night, Kou-sama」

「Good night, Kuromori-san」

「Yeah, good night」

The two left the dining room.

Well then, I should go too.

「Oh right, Yo-chan, let’s change the one in charge for tongiht」

In charge? Oh, the girl I’m going to sleep with tonight?

「Well, lots happened today with the girls, right? That’s why we have some change of plans」

Oh right, I had sex with a lot of girls today.

「Then is it Ya-chan?」

I haven’t done it with Nei today.

「Unfortunately, it’s not me. I think they’re already waiting in Yo-chan’s room」

Oh right, I wasn’t going to sleep until Kudou-papa’s operation was over…

That’s why they didn’t come here.

But, I feel sorry if they keep on waiting so I better hurry.

「Then, I’ll be leaving the room too. Margo-san, Ya-chan, good night」

「Yeah, good night, Yoshinobu-kun」

「Sweet Dreams. Yo-chan!」

◇ ◇ ◇

I hurry to my room.

Err. Let’s see, who are the girls I haven’t done with yet today?

That’s a long list.

Knock knock.

I knocked on the door.

This is my room so that’s a bit weird but…

I opened the door.

「Oh, Yoshi-kun, you’re going to sleep now?」

Oh. it’s Megu.

Yeah, I haven’t done it with Megu today.

「Yeah, Kudou-san made contact. He’s done」

「I see. That’s great」

Another voice comes from the room.


I entered the room.

「I think that this skirt is much cuter than that」

Yukino and Kana-senpai are reading a fashion magazine.

「Uuuu, Yoshida-kuun」

Ai peeked up from the bread-making books she’s reading.

「Oh, you’re finally here」

Mariko’s also here.

Wait a second.

Megu, Yukino, Kana-senpai, Ai, and Mariko.

It’s not all the girls I haven’t had sex with today, right?

「Nei-san told us to go here tonight」

Kana-senpai said.

「Yoshi-kun’s tired after all the troubles today, and so we’re told to bring the ‘daily life’ feel with girls he can relax with」

Megu said.

Oh right, this is the bakery group.

Edie’s not here though.

「Oh right, Edie’s looking after the muscle group so she’s not coming」

Yukino said.

Haiji, Mitama, and Kinuka, they’re deepening their interactions.

Edie’s also going to America with Margo-san so she will be absent from here.

「So, Kou. What does this night group do?」

Wait a second!!!!

「Why is Mariko in this group?」

She’s the only one from another school too.

「I mean, can’t help it you know? I’ll have trouble breathing if I’m with Misuzu-sama and others」

Mariko, who’s not from the nobility, has a different status compared to Misuzu and Ruriko.

「I don’t know the other girls that much either. Also, it’s fun to be with Kana and the girls」

Mariko smiled.

「But, it seems that there’s someone who has complaints in this group」

Yukino said teasingly.


Megu’s making a face that says “Why is this person here?”

「Yoshida-kuun, I have something to consult about bread」

Ai doesn’t seem to want to be in here

「I don’t really care either way」

Yukino returns to reading her fashion magazine.

「Well, why not? Let’s spend the night in fun!」

Kana-senpai seems to see Mariko as a friend.

I wonder what will happen tonight.

I don’t think I can relax in this situation!