Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 109

109. Crossroads / First resolution

「…By the way, Maika-san…do you have a class tomorrow?」

Yuzuki-sensei asks Maika.
Today’s May 1.
This year’s golden week has May 1 and 2 in weekdays.

「Maika’s doesn’t have school until Golden Week ends. There’s a lot of children who travels abroad in the consecutive holidays…which is mostly the reason」

As expected of an Ojou-sama school…they’re drastic.

「Misuzu’s school will be closed tomorrow. May 1 is the founding anniversary of the school. May 2 will end after the medical checkup by morning」

I see…during consecutive holidays, you must still have motivation to go to the usual class in school.

「Our school’s the same. It will end after the medical examination and fire drill. On May 2, it will do the usual class however…」

Sensei said.
Hee…So there’s no lessons tomorrow.

「…Endou-kun’s baseball practice match would be tomorrow lunch」

So that’s what’s scheduled.
I completely forgot about Endou.
Didn’t they say that his face is plastered?

「Then, I will visit by lunch tomorrow」

Misuzu said.
It seems that it has already become natural for her to come to the mansion.

「If I go out too early, mother would be suspicious. Also, Misuzu has a traditional dance practice tomorrow starting evening…」

Misuzu’s dance symposium at May 2 Night…
Tomorrow is likely the dress rehearsal for the next…

「Give me a call before you come tomorrow? I’ll meet you up tomorrow」

Katsuko-nee tells Misuzu.

「No…I would feel sorry for being received by your car. I’ll come to the mansion by foot from the station」
「You don’t have to mind that. It’s been dangerous here lately. That’s why I will come to get you. Okay?」

I interrupt Misuzu and Katsuko-nee’s talk.

「Misuzu, let Katsuko-nee come for you」
「Everyone’s worried about you」

Misuzu looks down…

「Misuzu doesn’t want to have preferential treatment」
「I’m not treating you specially」

Katsuko-nee smiled at Misuzu.

「It’s not just Misuzu-san…I will come to pick up Megumi-chan and Maika-chan too. Everyone’s equally important」
「Therefore…Let her come and pick you up」

I ordered Misuzu.

「Understood, Danna-sama…Katsuko-sama thank you in advance」

Misuzu bowed to Katsuko-nee.

「By the way…Maika-san. Can you stay at our mansion today?」

Sensei asks Maika.

「…Stay over?」

Maika looks at me and Megu with a perplexed face.

「You want to talk to Megumi don’t you? Megumi will stay in the mansion as well. Katsuko too of course…Yoshida-kun, you’re going to stay over for today, will you?」

We still haven’t told Maika that I’ve been in staying in the mansion for all this time.

「If I recall, your mother is in the countryside, is she?」
「Yes…Mama won’t come back home because of business」
「Then, that’s great」

Sensei invites Maika.


Maika’s hesitating.

「I want to talk a lot with Maika-chan」

Megumi smiles at Maika.

「Maika’s the same…but」

Maika’s worry is…

「…I don’t think that Onee-chan will allow it」

As expected, it’s Yukino

「Without Mama…Onee-chan is very bossy in the house」
「Huh…Maika’s house?」

I instinctively asked.
His father is in hell at Australia.
Her mother is on the countryside for business.
Is there someone else that’s living with them?

「Ah, there’s a maid that goes in our house」


「The maid does the cleaning and washing. When Mama’s not there to make meals, the Maid will make it」

…So rich people’s house
Are putting out cash to depend on people?!

「But…Onee-chan’s always so selfish. They all stop immediately. 『The meal’s not delicious』or 『The way you fold laundries are bad』she says. Onee-san calls to the maid agency directly to complain. Therefore, we change three to four maids in one year…」

If you can complain then you should just do it yourself…
Yukino’s already a high school student.
It’s not my place to say that however…

「Maika’s house…has Onee-chan acting like a Queen…」

She was spoiled and raised in such a way…
Yukino became that kind of womann.
And…because she’s such a sister.
Maika grew up to be a decent girl…
Of course, her being apart from her sister and grew up in Shizouka since infancy is a big influence too.
The thought of her being suppressed by her sister changed her feelings to 『wanting to be a grown up sooner』
Anyway…Yukino is so sinful.

「Therefore…even if Maika calls saying 『I’ll stay over my friend’s house today』…Onee-chan will surely not allow it」

Maika said sadly.

「Well fine…We’ll be arriving at Misuzu-san’s rehearsal hall. Afterwards, we’ll go to Yamamine-san’s house…and to Ikeda clinic. We’ll do that order」

Sensei told us.
The car runs in the town at a very high speed…

◇ ◇ ◇

「Yes…It’s there. Please stop at the next signal」

Misuzu told Sensei.

「Yes. That’s the rehearsal hall of the head of school」

Since we’re talking about a traditional Japanese dance rehearsal hall of the head of the school…I thought that it would be a Japanese style building.
There’s a seven story building before my eyes
It’s around the size of a department store around the station…!
It’s a first class site facing the main street.
There are big buildings around it.
It’s lined up with stylish restaurants and dressmakers.
This area…if I recall, it’s a famous upper class residential area.

「During pre-war, there seems to be all residential quarters in this hilly section of a city but…It feels like it has been completely developed now」

Misuzu explained.

「This has been the residence of the head of the school since old times…Then, the building was rebuilt around thirty years ago. Therefore, the head of the school has this building rounded. The fourth floor is the office and the fifth floor is the rehearsal floor. The rehearsal room is separated into a big and small room. The sixth floor is has her apprentice living and the seventh floor is the house of the head of school」


「So they’re lending the floors below?」

Katsuko-nee asks Misuzu.

「Yes. A relative of the head of the school does a sports gym. There’s a heated swimming pool on the underground and the second and third floor are offices. The first floor is a tea lounge and a restaurant」
「…What about the rooftop?」
「The rooftop has been greened and it is the garden of the head of the school. It’s a very beautiful Japanese garden. There’s tea room too」
「…I see」

Katsuko-nee stares at the building.

「What’s wrong, Katsuko-nee」
「Look…My dream in the future is a bakery but, I thought that it would be nice to have such a complex building」
「For example…Nagisa and I bought a building as one house…then have both the flower shop and bakery at the same location would be nice. Then live inside the buildingn. Then, we can help each other…it would also be convenient on taking care of the children and dropping off and picking up the children on the kindergarten」

Katsuko-nee has various plans coming up it seems…

「What do you think?」


「That’s right. You’re also going to live there too」


「We’ll also have Megumi-chan’s room…and Maika-chan’s welcome too. Oh, we need Nei-sama and Margo-sama’s room too. When it comes to it, buying a whole building might be the right choice. In my case, I’d like a spa on the rooftop…!」

Katsuko-nee says that, but…

「Right…That’s an interesting idea. Should I search for a site?」

Yuzuki-sensei told Katsuko-nee.

「I ask of you Ojou-sama」
「Katsuko’s assets can buy a small building

Katsuko-nee…You earned that much?!
Katsuko-nee answered Sensei with a laugh.

「No…What Katsuko wants is a slightly bigger building」


「Therefore…please invest on it Ojou-sama. We’ll have the best room as Ojou-sama’s room」
「Katsuko-wants Ojou-sama to eat Katsuko’s meal!」

Katsuko-nee and Yuzuki-sensei looks at each other’s eyes.

「…I’ll think about it」
「Yes, thank you in advance」

Margo-san said…
『Before you talk about your dream, confront reality and think of a concrete plan』
That certainly penetrated everyone’s mind.
Everyone’s thinking of the 『Future』concretely and begin to act.

「…Then, Misuzu will be going soon」

Misuzu brought her face close to me
We kissed in a position that cannot be seen from the outside.

「Thank you for giving me your love for today as well. I love you. Danna-sama」

Misuzu looks at me with moist eyes.

「…Me too. I love you, Misuzu」

We pile our lips once again.

「…Please love me tomorrow too」
「I’ll call later tonight」
「Okay…I’ll wait」

Misuzu looks at Megu.

「Megumi-san…Please take care of Danna-sama」

Megu’s cheeks blushed


Misuzu smiled at Maika.

「Let’s have sex with Danna-sama tomorrow as well」
「Misuzu-san’s licking felt very good」

Oh right, Maika had her clitoris licked by Misuzu while having my penis inside her…!

「I can do it again anytime」
「Next time, Maika will be the one to lick Misuzu-san」
「My…Are you sure?」
「…Please take care of Maika from now on」
「That’s natural…It’s not just Megumi-san but, Misuzu is also Maika-san’s 『Onee-chan』 I’ll cherish you a lot…!」

Megumi’s smile feels so fascinating.

「Yuzuki-sama, Katsuko-sama…Thank you for everything. Please guide Misuzu from now on」

Misuzu bowed to the two ladies.

「I should say that as welll…Thank you Misuzu-san. I’ll ask you to take care of Yoshida-kun and the other girls」

Sensei responded.

「Yes…It’s for my beloved Danna-sama and 『Sisters』」

Misuzu smiled.

「…Then, excuse me」

Misuzu opens the car door
Before she steps out of the car, she looks at me.
Then she handed me a white cloth from her pocket.

「This is a souvenier」

Saying that…When Misuzu got off the car, she flipped her skirt on purpose.
I see her naked ass under her skirt…!
So Misuzu handed me her panties?

「Please don’t worry, I’ve prepared a change in the locker at the rehearsal hall as we’ll change to Yukata for the practice…! I’ll never show this to any other man but Danna-sama!」

Saying that…Misuzu closed the door.
We keep waving our hands until she enters the rehearsal hall.

「…She has really changed within just three days」

Yuzuki-sensei says while watching Misuzu disappear in the building.

「Yes, she’s stabilized greatly…somehow, she also has some dignity」

Katsuko-nee said.
Certainly, I think that she has settled down, but.

「…She was a very childish girl before but…she became a good woman, didn’t she?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me…
I certainly think that as well.

「At any rate…It’s great that she’s our ally」
「Right. We need the help of Kouzuki-sama on our confrontation with the head of Shirasaka house」

…I see
To complete the revenge with Shirasaka Sousuke…
We need the head of Shirasaka house to abandon Shirasaka Sousuke
We also need to liberate Megumi.
The treatment of Yukino and Maika is needed to be talked about too.
Shirasaka house is a clan that founded a major newspaper…they have quite the social power.
It is a dangerous opponent for 『Kuromori』to take upfront.
If so…obtain a bigger power from the financial world…having Misuzu’s grandfather enter won’t be a bad hand.

「But, Ojou-sama…Would Kouzuki-sama help?」

Misuzu’s grandfather was a former customer of 『Kuromori』…
Won’t he sympathize with the prostitutes of the residence…?!

「Kouzuki-sama has been friendly with us until now but…I don’t think that he will permit his relationship with Misuzu-san」

…I see
Him favoring the prostitutes…
And Misuzu being my 『Woman…』
Is completely different.
Misuzu’s grandfather might not allow her own granddaughter becoming a 『woman』of a man from 『Kuromori』
In the first place, Misuzu has a fiancé he has decided on.
As a daughter of a noble family…she’s planned to marry a man with a good standing.
And I…
I stole her virginity and made her my 『woman』
And…I’m just a commoner…
No, more than a commoner…I’m someone who’s abandoned by my parents and doesn’t have a support.
I’m obviously not suitable as a groom of a Kouzuki house’s daughter…

「There’s the case where instead of lending us power, he’ll try to separate Yoshida-kun and Misuzu-san」

Sensei analyzes.
…No way!

「Yoshida-kun…answer me honestly. Do you hate separating from Misuzu-san…?」

If I break up with Misuzu…Misuzu’s grandfather will help 『Kuromori』
If that happens…
Sensei and others will be saved from the trouble.
It would be an advantage for 『Kuromori』

「…I don’t want that. I promised Misuzu that I’ll protect her. I cannot break up with her.」

I answered clearly.

「…I’m indebt with Sensei but I’m sorry」

Sensei laughs.

「…That’s fine., I know that you’re like that」


「That’s why Misuzu-san has become your 『woman』from the bottom of her heart…I don’t have that intention this late」

Sensei looks at me.

「But…Remember this. That is why you have no choice but to have your relationship with Misuzu-san be accepted by Kouzuki-san. You have to confront Kouzuki-sama directly…!」

I will settle it with Misuzu’s grandfather…

「Misuzu-san’s dance presentation tomorrow…will of course have Kouzuki-sama there as well」

I’ll meet with Misuzu’s grandfather there.
No, not just her grandfather.
Misuzu’s fiancé her grandfather has decided will be there too…!

「Think about how you will talk with Kouzuki-sama from now on」

Sensei told me.

「Got it. I’ll think about it」

I look at Misuzu’s panty at my hand.
Misuzu’s surely ready for it.
Then…I should steel myself too.
As Misuzu’s 『man』

「You have changed…Yoshida-kun」

Sensei looks at my face.


I don’t know.

「You’ve changed…You’re making a good face. A very manly face」

I’m always a man though?…

「Before, you didn’t have anything to protect. You never thought of yourself as important」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「But…Right now, you have a lot of people you treasure. You’re brining good tension of the feeling of 『Want to protect』 Right now, you’re making a good tensed face」

Katsuok-nee praises me.

「…Now, you should value yourself even a bit more」

Sensei sighs.

「…That’s okay」

Megumi mutters.

「Yoshida-kun treasures us. He’s our beloved 『Danna-sama』after all…」

Megu borrowed Misuzu’s words…

「Right…we only have to take care of him」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「Then…Maika will pat pat his head!」

Maika pats my head.

「Isn’t that great…Yoshida-kun?」

Sensei says so then steps on the accelerator.
The car has began to run again…
Next destination would be Yamamine house

This time…I have to meet Megu’s foster parents


  1. Literally “Helper”