Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1093. New Morning / Smiling



「Morning, Papa!」

「Good Morning」

The courtyard already has Agnes, Mao-chan, and the young girls are gathering, wearing sportswear

Edie and Michi, their teacher, are also here.

Michi’s sister Kudou Haruka, is with Kendou Maria (Formerly Tendou Otome) in the old training building for the Kouzuki SS. Training carefreely in the morning.

Oh, Kinuka and Mitama are here too.


「Good morning, Danna-sama」

「Good morning」

Misuzu and Ruriko too.

The two of them seem to be in low spirits.

「Uhm, we had another discussion last night. We’ve seen our various mistakes」

「We’re reflecting on it, Onii-sama」

It’s about Yoshiko-san and Karen.

Oh right, Yoshiko-san isn’t here, but…

Karen is with Arisu and Kinuka.

Yeah, the young group is watching over them.

「Onii-sama, could be that we’re a little abnormal?」

「Danna-sama? Are we strange?」

Ruriko and Misuzu looked at me worriedly.


Yeah, compared to ordinary girls, they’re much more greedy in sex, and there are times that they go too far.

But, that’s because of the pressure of the Kouzuki house, their life as the young ladies of the head family, and they release it when having sex with me.

Meaning, they pop it off.

The emotions they amassed released in one go.

They’re Jii-chan’s granddaughters so they have a strong libido.

Being a closeted maiden stopped them from declaring it.

「I don’t see the problem when you release it on me. I don’t mind if you stay the same as always. Although, I think that you can’t just release it to the other girls, even if they’re family」

This time, they were too spoiled in regards to Yoshiko-san and Karen.

The thought that “since we’re family,” had Misuzu and Ruriko push their desires one-sidedly that it results in some friction.

「I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, don’t do things arbitrarily, talk it out」

「I-I’m very sorry」

The two bowed their heads to me.

Still, the truth is, Misuzu and Ruriko will still get carried away again and then do something arbitrarily again.

The two of them come and go to the mansion and the Kouzuki house, and they attend a separate school from me.

They need someone to check on them.


I called her, and then Michi flies to me like the wind.

「Did you call me, Master?」

「Yeah. Michi, from now on, be sure to keep Misuzu and Ruriko in check. Once they start making weird plots, report to me immediately. Hear that?」

「Danna-sama, we’re…」

「No, it’s the Kouzuki house’s tradition to make some conspiracies so you can’t control yourself. Therefore, you can’t do anything about it. If you can make a clear distinction, then you’ll feel easier with yourselves and with me」

I said.

「However, since we’re already sharing the same boat, Misuzu and Ruriko’s plans could become fatal for the family. Even so, if Misuzu or Ruriko thinks that it’s not a big deal, then it’ll become the source」

Misuzu and Ruriko are both Jii-chan’s granddaughters, and so they thought that Yoshiko-san should become my woman too.

They didn’t notice the difference between themselves and Yoshiko-san, in the growth of their minds and such.

Even with Karen, they completely overlooked the fact that she’s prideful as a young lady of nobility.

They created decisions from the view above, as the ladies of the Kouzuki house, the noble among nobles.

「However, we’re reflecting on it」

「Yes, Onii-sama, we will be cautious not to cause the same event as this time」

The two said, but…

「Yeah, be careful. But, that’s not going to fix the problem」



「You girls learned that people that are in a different status than you have their own imagination, and a different way of reacting to things. Therefore, next time, I’m sure that you won’t be pushing your intention that irresponsibly」

「Yes, we’ve learned that」

「I promise, Onii-sama」

Misuzu and Ruriko reply immediately.

「However, you girls are still the top among the young ladies of nobility. The young ladies of the Kouzuki house. You’re not allowed to step down, or more like, you have no choice but to look from above. You can’t look at people in the eye. You girls can guess “that person is thinking like this,” but you can’t confirm it from your place」


「Misuzu and Ruriko are clearly much smarter than me. Have a stronger imagination. You’re also kind. But, you can’t completely understand how people who are in a different place than you feel. I need you to remember that」

Everyone’s different from each other.

「And so, you’re going to monitor them, Michi. Misuzu and Ruriko would inevitably want to do something. But, do tell me before they could do anything. If I can’t decide, then talk to Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, or Shou-neechan. I think we should have that kind of agreement」

「You’re right. I think I might act recklessly again」

Misuzu said.

「Ruriko’s already got something in plan, right?」

「Y-Yes, Onii-sama」

She did tell me about a girl she wants to introduce to me.

「Michi, do you know the details of Ruriko’s plan?」

「I had the main point reviewed」

Michi’s perceptive and wise.

Ruriko’s circle of friends isn’t that big, they attend the same school, and the same school year as Michi.

I mean, that high-class school doesn’t have that many students, and so Michi, who’s the bodyguard of the Kouzuki house, should know them

「Good, report to me later」

「If that’s the case, then I will tell Onii-sama about it」

Ruriko said, but…

「Of course, Ruriko’s going to be present too. Although, what I want to know is how Michi views Ruriko’s plans. What I mean is how Ruriko’s actions are accepted by the people around」

Michi’s a bodyguard, and so she watches the situation from a lower pace.

Also, the things Ruriko missed.

「Ruriko can correct it after Michi tells me about it. Then, you’ll see the misalignment of Ruriko and the girl’s feelings」

「I see. So that’s how it is」

Misuzu agreed.

「You too. Michi’s going to report from her point of view」

I warned her.

「Either way, Misuzu and Ruriko’s identity is rooted in the fact that you girls are the daughters of the Kouzuki house. You don’t need to force yourselves to change that. Misuzu can stay as Misuzu. Ruriko can stay as Ruriko. Although, do be careful and watch your relationship with other people. That’s all I ask for, okay?」

「Is that really all we need to do?」


「We can change if Danna-sama wishes for it」

「Yes, if Onii-sama wants it…」


「I prefer the “Misuzu-like Misuzu,” and the “Ruriko-like Ruriko.” If you force yourself to change, then you will lose yourself. I don’t want you to become what I want, I want you to become your ideal self」

「But, what we want is to become a woman that Danna-sama will love always」

Misuzu said.

「If that’s what you wish for then, why don’t you make it real?」

I look straight into Misuzu’s eyes.

「Misuzu and Ruriko, try to have some confidence in yourself. I’ll never let you go. We’re together until death」


「Onii-sama. Thank you」

The two who looked worried earlier finally smiled now.

「Michi too」

「Yes, Master」

I made sure to let Michi know that too.

「Then, that’s the end of this conversation. Michi begin training」

◇ ◇ ◇

「We can’t teach martial arts for sports. Does anyone know what’s the problem if we teach sports?」

Edie’s giving lessons in front of everyone.


「Sure, Kinuka」

「Sports has various detailed rules, but in actual combat, there are no rules 」

「Hmm, half correct, anyone else?」


「Okay, Haiji」

「In sports, the combat is one vs. one, but in actual combat, the combat is against an unspecified number of people」

「That’s it, therefore, the lesson we’re giving is assuming that you’re attacked by several people. Okay?」

The training assumes that you’re fighting at least three to five enemies at the same time.

「Then, let’s start with footwork」

「Please trace Edie and my movements」


Edie and Michi show their example, and our training today begins.

We’ve got new girls, which are Karen and Mariko this morning, and so they’re teaching the basics of the basics again.

Even if it’s just the basics of self-defense, it’s better to master it.

When the time comes, your body won’t turn stiff, and you can move naturally.

It gives self-confidence.

Above all, it’s good for the body.

We then sweat for 45 minutes.

Mao-chan’s also here, so that’s the limit.

「Okay, that’s the end」

「Good job」


Everyone bowed to Michi and Edie, the teachers.

「Anyone who still hasn’t had enough can train by themselves」

They’re talking to Mitama, Kinuka, and Haiji.

「Umu. To think that teaching techniques to the younglings are this hard」

Mitama said.

「Yes, it’s completely different from the training of Anjou arts」

Kinuka told her sister.

「It’s easy to understand, and it’s useful in combat」

Haiji said.

「Kinuka, I think that we have to teach our techniques to our younger sisters soon」

「Yes, Mitama-oneesama, I think they should learn the techniques while it’s early」


I don’t want Agnes or Karen and the girls to master the Anjou arts though.

It’s a problem if they do something like the Skylab Hurricane Mixer.

「Okay, Agnes-and everyone will help out in making breakfast」

Agnes has completely organized the young group.

「Oh, Karen. How’s your body?」

I asked Karen, who I deflowered last night.

「Y-Yes, I’m okay」

Karen replied bashfully.

「Karen-chan, you should have a doctor check on you later」

Agnes said.

Yeah, the usual deflowering checkup.

As for contraceptives, she probably already drank them last night.

「Uhm, Kuromori-sama」

Arisu comes over.

「Katsuko-oneesama told me about it, are you going to see Misato-oneesama later today?」

「Yeah, I will」

I’m going to Minaho-neesan’s new brothel in the basement of a hotel in front of the station.

In there, I will train the new prostitute candidates, but…

Of course, Kurama Misato-san is in there too.

「You want to see her?」

「If possible」

Yeah, she hasn’t met her sister for a week.

「Okay, then you’re coming with me」

「Thank you」

Mitama and Kinuka are staring while we’re having that conversation.

Their eyes look like abandoned pups.

「You girls want to meet Misato-san too, right?」

The two of them were formerly bodyguards of the Kurama house.

They probably want to know Misato-san’s situation.

「If we’re allowed to…」



「Then, you girls come with us too」

「Thank you very much!」


It’s the reunion of the Kurama and Anjou sisters. Oh well.

They can take their reunion time slowly while I deal with the new prostitutes.

「Arisu-chan, Kinuka-chan, help out with the breakfast!」

「Help out!」

Agnes and Mao-chan call them from the inside.

「Who’s in charge of breakfast today?」

「Katsuko-chan, Mana-chan, Tsukiko-chan, Yomi-chan, Luna-chan, and Koyomi-chan!」

Oh, yeah, I didn’t see the Takakura sisters.

I mean, I didn’t come to the morning training, she went to Katsuko-nee’s place.

She said that she wants to bake some bread to say thanks, for Megu.

「Kou, I’ll also help out」

Mariko goes inside the mansion.

Well then…

「Misuzu, should we go to the grassy area there?」

I called Misuzu out.

「Peeing time, right?」

「Y-Yes, p-please watch me」

「Onii-sama, I would like to show myself too」

These girls are really daughters of the Kouzuki house.

It’s no use but to take time with them.

These girls are fundamentally different from ordinary girls.

「Hurry up」


◇ ◇ ◇

In the grassy area of the courtyard.

I watch Misuzu and Ruriko urinate.

Anyway, when they’re with me, so it’s okay for them to release their usually repressed lust.

「Aaaah, Danna-sama! Look! Aaaahn! So embarrassing!」

「Onii-samaaaa…Ruriko…Ruriko’s about to leak」

Exposing their lower half in a pornographic pose…the two release a smelly liquid.

The current draw an arc and then it trickles down to the ground.

Still, I had so much sex with these two and yet, their slits are still beautiful.

Apart from having no hymen, their genitals are so beautiful it hasn’t changed since their deflowering.

「Haaaa, aah, ah, auu」

「Uuuuu, Kuuuuun!!!」

The two young ladies release it until the last drop despite trembling.

「Hauuu, as expected, I can’t feel refreshed in the morning unless Danna-sama watches my embarrassing moment」

「Ruriko feels at ease when Onii-sama’s watching」

My private time with these girls is like this.

They release everything they’re holding back on the surface when with me.

Meaning, I shouldn’t show up with them on the surface that much.

What they seek from me is a stabilizing effect.

I’m Misuzu’s partner or Ruriko’s brother-in-law that she accepts.

I know that I should never get involved with the business of the Kouzuki house on the surface.

I’m not stepping into the Kouzuki house. That’s Misuzu and Ruriko’s battlegrounds.

I only need to stay as their support.

Jii-chan accepted me as Misuzu’s partner because I won’t try to steer the Kouzuki group into my liking.

I have to keep that in mind.

「Yeah, that was some good view this morning. Anyway, let’s go get breakfast」

I held their hand and went back inside the mansion.

We washed our hands before eating breakfast…

Katsuko-nee, Ai, and Kana-senpai comes over.

「Dear, you heard from Ai-chan, haven’t you?」

「Yeah, Ai wanted to bake some pastries to say thanks to the people who helped Megu, right?」

I replied.

「That’s right, but, I think that it would be bad for Ai to use the bakery in school for that reason. Those are still school equipment. Having her use the oven for such a personal reason is…」

「Oh, right. I guess other students would object to using it personally」

We’re still students of the bakery course.

It would be bad if a student bakes bread without permission on a Sunday.

「Then, we’re going to bake the pastry in the mansion and bring them to school?」

We also have the equipment to bake pastries in here.

「Nobu, that would be weird. Nobody in school knows that Ai lives here. Besides, it’s unthinkable for ordinary households to have an oven to make a lot of pastries」

Kana-senpai said.

That’s true.

We’re going to deliver to a lot of people who helped Megu out.

「With that said, I think that we’re going to give a free sample for our trial products」

Katsuko-nee said.

「I give my permission as the teacher of the pastry skill training course」

「Remember, we’re going to open a coffee shop with my tennis club during the school fest, right? We can use the bakery for the trial products」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「It’s just a trial product, and so they can eat as much as they want without charge. Today, most of the clubs who helped Megumi out will be coming to train for their club activities」

「Then…I’ll tell them that…there’s free samples」

Ai said.

「While at it, I’ll also call and ask the girls from the tennis club who seem to be interested to help out. Either way, we’re going to work together during the school festival, so I’ll call at least three of them. I already sent a mail to them」

Kana-senpai takes out her phone and said.

「Our tennis club is lenient, so even if the volunteers skip out practice, and train to make bread for the school festival, there shouldn’t be any problems. Nobody will get angry」

Kana-senpai herself skipped class activities yesterday.

「The problem is that you, and I have to go to Minaho-ojousama’s place, right? We only need to show up in the morning, and so I can let Kana-san take care of the “free sampling” matter, but, can Ai-chan and the tennis club girls deal with the manufacturing?」


They need to be taught how to make pastry first.

「Megumi-chan has to go to her club, right?」

Katsuko-nee’s right.

Captain Takeshiba and the track and field girls helped her out, and yet…

It would be putting the cart before the horse if Megu skips out her training to show her thanks.

「I’m open, but I’m not getting involved with baking」

Edie came and said.

Edie never participated in our bakery.

No, she’s a genius and she’s been watching the process, and so she could do it, but…

She’s backing off from the bakery domain.

「With that said, I’m going」


「It’s for the people who took care of Megumi-oneechan…I know how to make it, teach others, and sell it」

「Right. Mana-chan will come as my assistant」

Katsuko-nee approves of Mana’s skills as she’s her disciple in housework.

「But, Mana’s still in middle school right?」

Furthermore, she’s in her second year.

Can she teach tennis club girls?

「Huh? Nobody can find out if nobody tells.」 Mana-san looks mature. If you say that she’s 19 or 20, I’d believe it」

Kana-senpai said.

Really, Mana’s grown quite amazingly for the past six months.

「Yeah. I’ve become better. It’s okay, Onii-chan. I know the difference between a person that’s become big, and a person that’s pretending to be one」

「Mana can do it」

Edie also gives her stamp of approval.

「Just for today, Kuromori Mana’s going to be 19 years old」


I wonder.

I guess it’s better than having Ai as the teacher.

After all, Ai’s a former tennis club member.

Maybe her senior from the tennis club would intimidate her.

「Then, I’m leaving them to you, Mana」

「Got it!」


「Somehow, uhm, everyone, I’m sorry」

Megu and Mariko come over.

Oh, Kana-senpai did fix her hair.

You can see her nape, it’s adult-like.

「Yeah. I think that you’ve calmed down this morning, that’s good」

I praised Megu.

「Right? Megu’s slender, and so this kind of hairstyle suits her」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「Uhm, Katsuko-oneesan」

Megu talks timidly.

「If I say I wanted to become like Katsuko-oneesan, what should I watch out for?」

「Me? Hmm, I don’t think I can recommend you copying me」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「But, I want to free myself…」

Megu speaks with a serious face.

「I want to have the same mature broad-mindedness as Katsuko-oneesan. I feel like everyone’s always helping me out and…」


「Megumi-chan, try to be a bit more indulgent?」


「If you’re getting told off, then don’t reply by reflex. Megumi-chan’s a quick thinker, and so when you come up with a reply, you do it immediately, but that only makes them think that you have no leeway」


「For now, when someone tells you off, give them a pause. It’s okay if it’s free time, it creates some time to think. Also, smile. It creates a stronger impression if you take your time to reply and smile. Replying quickly and seriously will only make the other party take you lightly.」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Don’t hurry. Don’t panic. Don’t rush. Don’t speak loudly, take it slow, and talk with a small smile on your face. That’s the basics」

「Haa, that’s insightful」

Kana-senpai said, not Megu.

「Anyway, don’t be too responsive. Put “now” aside, and gain some moment. Then, you can take the other party to your pace」

「Y-Yes. Katsuko-oneesan

「Putting the pause aside, you lack in smile」

「Yes, thank you for the lesson」

「Yes, keep your smile on」

It doesn’t matter if it’s a forced smile.

A smile can bring composure to oneself.