Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1095. New Morning / K-On!



「 Somehow, I feel annoyed that it’s just you who’s coming to school, so I’m going too! 」

Yukino said.

But, even if we bring you over, you have no place there, Yukino.

The bakery will have the tennis club girls coming over.

Are you saying you want to go with Nei below the principal’s office?

I mean, we’re going there to show our gratitude to the people who helped out Megu yesterday, if Megu comes with us, it’ll just turn complicated.

Mana’s here too.

「 You’re going to be a hindrance, and so Yukino-san has to stay at home with us 」

Tsukiko shows up at the door connecting the mansion to the garage. Yomi’s with her.

「 W-What’s with that now? 」

「 We’re here to see Kou-sama off. Luna and Agnes-chan are already studying 」

Tsukiko smiled.

「 Yukino-san, just come with us and send them off with a smile 」

Yomi said.

「 I don’t like dealing with you sisters the most 」

Yukino told Tsukiko with discontented feelings.

「 I’m aware of that 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 We can read what’s inside Yukino-san’s mind after all 」

「 That’s right. And so, us sisters are the most suitable for stopping Yukino-san 」

So that’s Yomi’s motion.

Yeah, it’s Tsukiko’s turn instead of having Yomi deal with her alone.

Even among the Takakura sisters, Tsukiko’s the only one older than Yukino.

They have that mysterious tolerance, but Yukino is bad at dealing with their gentle sense.

「 If you want, we can use our power to make your stay in the mansion, but do you want that? 」

Yomi shows a provoking smile but Yukino;

「 I get it already. I just have to stay here, right? So don’t play with my head with that weird power of yours! 」

She immediately accepted defeat.

「 Well then, look after the house, Onee-chan! 」

Mana told her sister from inside the car.

「 Then, take care, everyone, 」

「 Take care 」

Tsukiko and Yomi who’s next to Yukino who’s hanging her head waved their hands at us.

Well then, let’s depart.

◇ ◇ ◇

We head outside the mansion using Katsuko-nee’s business van.

Nagisa’s car is already driving in the opposite direction.

Haiji and Mariko waved their hands from the rear window of the car.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san’s with them, so the Kouzuki SS people from the main gate follow them as usual.

On the other hand, there’s one car tailing them from the police.

That’s because Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia are currently rampaging in the Kansai area.

「 We’ll enter from the back gate of the school, then come alongside the clubrooms 」

Katsuko-nee said from the driver’s seat.

「 Oh, I’ll drop off halfway then. I’ll go from the usual faculty parking lot, then underground, and to the monitoring room 」

Nei said.

「 Yes, I got it 」

The drive from the mansion to our school is just a few minutes.

Furthermore, it’s much faster to go from the back entrance than the front gate.

Katsuko-nee remotely opens the back gate with plenty of sensors and monitoring tools attached.

Only the people of Kuromori can open this secret gate.

Then, we drive to the parking lot that’s named faculty use but it’s actually for the Kuromori family only.

The crude concrete warehouse hides the front of the parking lot from view is actually the hidden garage of the Black Forest, and the entrance to the secret passage that leads to the room below the principal’s office.

「 Thanks, Katsuko-oneechan! Well then, Yo-chan, everyone, good luck! 」

Nei gets off the van.

「 I’m opening it 」

Even the hidden garage entrance won’t open unless Katsuko-nee remotely opens it from the car.

The door opens.


「 Katsuko. Stop! 」

Edie shouted.

「 What? 」

Katsuko-nee stopped the shutter from opening.

A person can’t get in there.

「 What’s wrong? 」

Nei asks from outside the van.

「 Give us a sec! 」

Edie goes out of the van, then…

「 I know you’re hiding there. Come out 」

She points at the shade of a tree.

Someone’s hiding?

Inside the school?

If they know about the hidden garage, then…

「 Haa, to think that you found me out right away 」

It’s Iwakura Yukiyo-san, the student council president.

The public knows her as a prim and proper student council president, but…

Actually, she’s just a perverted slutty prostitute Minaho-neesan raised.

And is also a troublesome person who feels happiness from being a prostitute of the Black Forest.

「 Oh, Yukiyo-san, she knows about the monitoring room but Minaho-oneechan doesn’t allow her to enter 」

Nei said.

That room is in can control every hidden camera and microphone in the school and record them.

It can cover various secrets of the students.

I mean, we can use videos from the locker rooms in the sports clubs, shower rooms, or toilets and use them as material for blackmail especially for those students with no secrets.

Therefore, Minaho-neesan doesn’t let Iwakura-san inside the monitoring room.

If we leave her alone, she could grab women by their weakness and create her own prostitution ring.

「 I-It’s a misunderstanding, that’s not what I’m here for. I was thinking that you would come if I wait here, and so I’m here 」

Iwakura-kaichou said.

「 But why hide? 」

Edie smiles, but…

「 It’s my usual pattern to hide! I mean, if I was waiting without hiding, you would ignore me and drive somewhere else 」


If Iwakura-kaichou’s standing before the hidden garage, we’d ignore her and just go to the clubrooms.

「 So, Yukiyo-chan, what’s your business? 」

Katsuko-nee opens the driver’s seat’s window and calls her.

「 Uhm, Katsuko-san, I had a call with Yurie-oneesama last night 」

「 Who? 」

I asked Katsuko-nee.

「 Someone from the brothel. She’s just like Yukiyo-chan, she couldn’t retire and still wants to work 」

Oh, another one of those released from being a prostitute, that Minaho-neesan even gave them enough money, and yet…

They had no idea what to do with their lives, and so they still want to work as prostitutes.

I heard that there are five of them, including Iwakura-san.

「 Yurie-oneesama went to Minaho-sama’s new brothel yesterday, and uhm, the training of the new girls has begun, right? 」

Katsuko-nee paused for a moment.

「 Yes, it has begun. Yurie-san came to take a look in advance. We have to change the rooms for them, the beddings, the interior, to her wishes 」

She speaks ambiguously to Iwakura-kaichou.

「 Uhm, what about me? What about my room? 」

「 Yukiyo-chan, your sole talent is suited for the perverts, right? You can room for abnormal sex. Yukiyo-chan’s the only one who will entertain that group from here on 」

「 I also want to take a look! 」

Iwakura-kaichou glares this way.

「 Geez, honestly, I think that it’s too early for Yukiyo-chan and the newcomers to meet. You’re…well…unique, shall we say? 」

Oh right, it might be too hard for the virgins to meet Iwakura-san.

「 But, uhm, you’re going to the new brothel today, aren’t you? 」

「 Hm, how did you know, Yukiyo-chan? 」

「 Yurie-oneesama told me. And you’re bringing Yoshida-kun today too, right? 」

She knows that I’m going to the new hotel, the one in the basement of the hotel in front of the station?

「 You also heard that from Yurie-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee’s surprised.

「 Yes, That’s right 」

「 Where did Yurie-chan hear that from? 」

「 She mentioned that Katsuko-san told her 」

Iwakura-san replied.

「 Huh?! Me? Did I talk to Yurie-chan yesterday? Oh, maybe I did 」

Oh wait, it’s Katsuko-nee who leaked the info!

「 If so, I thought that I could join in if I wait in here 」

「 Eeeh, wait. It’s Sunday today. Why did you think that we would come here? 」

Katsuko-nee asks Iwakura-san.

「 Oh? Even I know about the fuss yesterday. I had one of my servants report to me 」

Iwakura-kaichou smiles.

Iwakura-san has the male members of the student council as her own sex slaves.

「 Megumi-san’s incident has happened, and so everyone will be here, so I thought 」

Oh, she guessed that we’d come to say thanks to Takeshiba-senpai for saving Megu.

「 Yukiyo-chan, I just want to be sure…you’re not the mastermind behind the incident with Megumi-chan yesterday, were you? 」

Katsuko-nee glares at her.

O-Oh right. That’s a possibility.

Iwakura-san lured the boys of the light music club to Megu.

「 No, no, that’s not it! 」

Iwakura-san denies it.

「 If it was me, it would be a much more fun idea. Doing a confession on a punishment game is stupid! 」

「 Right. I know that it would be much nastier if it was you 」

Katsuko-nee agreed.

「 Well, either way, we also think that it’s almost time to bring Yukiyo-chan over. The reopening of the brothel is soon 」

「 Katsuko-san, then?! 」

Iwakura-san smiled.

「 But, wait, I have to ask for Minaho-ojousama’s permission. Besides, we still have to finish things before the sports club begin their training 」

Katsuko-nee looked at the box of bottled drink and said.

「 Let’s see, do come in the bakery one hour later. I’ll ask Ojou-sama by then 」

「 Thank you very much! 」

In the end…

Nei entered the hidden garage alone…

Then, we wait for the shutter to close down completely.

Iwakura-kaichou could jump in while the garage is closing.

Edie’s monitoring her.

Iwakura-san sent a hitman to me so I never trust her.

Iwakura Yukyo is a person that will come and bite you when you lower your guard.

「 Okay, it’s closed now 」

Edie kicked the closed shutter.

It looks like an ordinary shutter, but it made a thick sound.

It’s a special made one, fireproof, bullet proof, and shock proof.

「 Okay, Edie, get in 」

「 YES 」

Edie gets in the van again.

「 Well then, see you later, Yukiyo-chan 」

「 Yes, later 」

Katsuko-nee drives the car.

「 Is it going to be okay? 」

I’m a little worried.

「 We can check what’s happening in school from the mansion so Margo-chan’s watching. She should know if Yukiyo-chan did something in school 」

「 I’ll contact her 」

Mana takes out her phone.

「 Nei-chan will start checking the school after reaching the monitoring room 」

It’s Iwakura-san so it’s likely that she’s planning something.

「 Maybe someone’s already inside the place Nei-san’s going to? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 That won’t happen. That shutter won’t open unless it’s our car 」

Katsuko-nee points at the tool attached in the dashboard.

「 If anyone tries to invade it, it will ring an alarm. Besides, the underground path to the monitoring room has various sensors attached to them so if any problem occurs, it’ll lower all doors and trap the suspicious person 」

Minaho-neesan built that castle to fight Shirasaka Sousuke, so it has a lot of defenses.

Then, my phone rings. It’s Nei.

『 Hello? I ran through the passage and am now inside the monitoring room. I don’t see any problems. Nobody’s here. I checked it. I’ll be monitoring the whole school now! 』

Nei’s safe.

「 Yeah, thanks. If anything happens… 」

『 I know. If anything happens, I won’t just call Yo-chan or Edie, I’ll let the whole school know the danger! 』

Oh, there’s that method too.

『 Anwyay, be careful. Yukiyo-chan’s dangerous

「 Yeah, I know 」

『 ‘Kay, see you, Yo-chan! 』

She ended the call.

「 Margo-oneechan’s already monitoring 」

Mana ended her call and said.

「 Seems like she started watching because she’s worried about our situation 」

Margo-san, she’s always worried about us.

「 Oh well, we’re reaching the clubrooms now 」

The van goes to the back of the sports clubrooms.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 It’s okay. Even without this, Yamamine’s our club member 」

In front of the track and field clubroom.

Captain Takeshiba replies while I offer the box of bottled drinks.

「 No, this is just our way of showing gratitude 」

「 Uhm, everyone from the other clubs, you can take one too 」

Megu told the sports club students to gather around.

Katsuko-nee’s van parked so suddenly that the students from the clubrooms went outside to check.

「 Ooh, Katsuko-san, you look beautiful today too! 」

「 Hoshizaki too, she’s getting beautiful! 」

「 Ai-chan from the bakery is also here! 」

The beauties come off the van one after another.

「 Call me a perv but I prefer Edie-chan 」

「 No need, that foreigner’s also a beauty. Also, look at those muscles! 」

Seems like there are also boys who are attracted by Edie’s physical beauty among the sports clubs.

「 Uhm, I really thank you all for helping Megu out yesterday 」

「 Thank you! 」

Megu and I stand next together and then bowed our heads to the students gathered around.

「 Uhm, it may not be enough but please take one each! 」

「 It’s our gift, so take it 」

I take the boxes from the van and put them down.

「 Only to the club who helped out Yamamine yesterday! I know every one of them! Anyone who wasn’t involved that tried to take some will get kicked off! 」

Takeshiba-senpai said, and so our gift of gratitude to the sports clubs went smoothly.

「 Also, hear this everyone 」

Katsuko-nee shouts.

「 Today, we’re going to make some trial products in the bakery. Since it’s a prototype, the taste isn’t guaranteed, but in exchange, you won’t have to pay for it! You do have to tell us your impressions though 」

「 Starting 12 in the afternoon…the free sampling will begin… 」

Ai also tries to speak loudly to everyone.

「 Huh? You mean all you can eat? 」

「 Free? You sure? 」

The boys in the sports clubs took the bait.

「 It’s free sampling, so you have to speak your impressions. So, it’s got to be at least three per person! Can you eat them all and tell your impressions afterward? 」

Takeshiba-senpai told the boys.

「 But, it’s Katsuko-san and Ai-chan’s hand-made pastries, right? Oh, that guy’s also making them 」

Hmm, doesn’t seem like they remember my name.

「 No, the sampling for today will be for the collaboration with the tennis club during the school festival, and so we’re making it too 」

Kana-senpai smiled.


「 Kanaa… five people want to try making pastries out for now 」

A friend of Kana-senpai from the tennis club comes over.

「 That’s good enough. Also, can you gather them here? 」

Katsuko-nee told the tennis club girl.

「 Yes. Give me a moment 」

The tennis club girl runs to the clubroom.

「 The girls who want to make pastries, gather around 」

「 Okay~ 」

「 Wait, I’m coming too! 」

Girls in tennis wear appear from their club room.

「 Why haven’t you changed clothes? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 I mean, we’re going to run the shop wearing this during the school festival, right? And so we thought that we should wear this while learning how to make pastries too 」

「 Oh right, we did put this on after laundry so there are no hygiene problems 」

「 Yes, it doesn’t smell! Ufufufu! 」

The tennis club girls laughed.

「 Oh well. You just have to be thorough with washing your hands. Also, I’ll be teaching how to make pastries today, but I have other business and so I can only stay this morning 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Huh? Katsuko-san won’t teach us? 」

「 Then, is it Bakery-kun who’s teaching us? 」

They’re calling me “Bakery-kun”

「 No, I also have somewhere to go to today 」

I said in a hurry.

「 Then that means, is it Ai? 」

「 Ai, are you going to be okay? 」

Ai’s a former tennis club member, and so they know that she’s shy.

That she doesn’t have the personality of a teacher.

「 Yes…I’ll do my best 」

Ai replies in a small voice.

「 It won’t be just Ai-chan. Today, as my substitute, I had someone who’ll be your teacher in pastry making up to the finished product 」

Mana comes down from the van as she says that.

「 Good Morning. I’m your teacher, Kuromori Mana. Pleased to meet you, everyone, 」

Mana said with a smile.


Mana came to this school last May.

Maybe some students remember her.


「 Wow, that’s a beauty 」

「 Yeah, she’s a match for Katsuko-san 」

「 She smells so mature! 」

「 She might be sexier than Katsuko-san 」

It seems that they don’t see Mana as a middle-school student after her six months transformation.

She was petite before, and yet, her body improved so quickly.

After drinking my semen so many times, she now has the atmosphere and sexiness that you won’t be able to guess her age.

「 Her legs are long. And she’s thin and beautiful! 」

「 As expected of Katsuko-san’s friend! 」

The girls completely think that Mana is of the same age as Katsuko-nee.

The truth is, she’s much younger than anyone in here.

「 Today, Ai-san and I will be your teachers, and so if you don’t understand anything, just ask. Okay? 」

「 Okay~ 」

It seems that she grasped the hearts of the five girls from the tennis club right away.

「 Also, the pastries we will make will be up for free sampling so please come and taste it, okay? 」

Mana smiled at the boys.

「 Yes, yes, yes! 」

「 I’m going too, for sure! 」

「 I’ll be there at 12 o’clock! 」

「 Ai, speak louder. The bakery will open a free sampling event by 12 o’clock! 」

Kana-senpai announced.

「 Megu, time for your training 」

「 Yes, Yoshi-kun 」

I want Megu to do her best in her club activities.

「 Yamamine, you can go there to help out by 12 」

Captain Takeshiba said.

Oh, she already noticed that free sampling is our thanks to the people who liked the event yesterday.

「 Thank you 」

I bowed my head to Takeshiba-senpai.

「 Well then, let’s go to the bakery and start baking. I’ll go ahead and unlock the door 」

Katsuko-nee gets inside the van’s driver’s seat.

「 I’m going too. I need to put down the ingredients, Edie, take everyone to the bakery 」

「 Got it 」

If Iwakura-san does something, Edie can keep Ai, Kana-senpai, and the tennis club girls safe.

There should be no problems now.

「 Wait a second!!! 」

Then, a hysteric voice interrupts.

「 Hey, hey, even though you’re from the sports club, if you look down on the culture clubs, you’ll get what you deserve! Goddammit! 」


A culture club guy comes to the clubrooms for the sports club, why?

Also, he’s not alone.

The vanguard is a blonde-haired boy with a good physique. How do I say it, he’s got a fairly-soft mohawk head.

Despite that, everyone behind him all has shaven heads. Furthermore, it’s badly cropped.

「 Oh! I’m Hirasawa Katsuyui! My club members seem to be in your care yesterday 」

Oh, the shaved boys…

Yesterday, one of them did a fake confession to Megu and tried to make fun of her…

So, Takeshiba-senpai caught them…broke their instruments, and gave them a bad haircut.