Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1115. Sex Training with the Virgins / Nozomi 3 – Get Open



「 Then, first, spread your pussy and show me your hymen 」

I’m sitting a little further from the naked Asahina-san on the sheets as I speak.

「 Huh? W-Why? 」

Asahina-san shows a strong reaction.

「 I mean, I want to take a good look at it before having sex 」

I replied calmly.

「 You don’t have to look and just put it in, right? I mean, sex is something you do in a dark place 」

Seems like that’s Asahina-san’s common sense.

「 No, we can do it in bright places too 」

「 Eeh?! I mean, don’t women say “turn off the lights” before having sex, and so it’s dark. Then, you can put it in while it’s dark without making a mistake so it’s okay even without seeing it! 」

「 Where did you get that knowledge from? 」

I asked.

「 T-That’s…W-W-Why? It doesn’t matter, right? 」

I guess it’s some pervy talk between women.

Or maybe, some lewd scene on a shoujo manga.

「 It won’t go in that smoothly. After all, look at this thing, it’s thick! 」

I showed Asahina-san my erect penis that’s hiding behind the chair.

「 Uuu! 」

Asahina-san saw my dick and trembled.

「 It’s your first time so it’ll hurt when this goes on, and we need to make sure the angle is right or it won’t be smooth. Besides, if I don’t give it a good look, I could damage Asahina-san’s pussy 」

「 Don’t say “Pussy, pussy” so casually! I’m getting embarrassed here! 」

Oh, she’s changing the subject.

「 Anyway, I’m going to tear your hymen, so I want to look at it 」

I said.

「 T-That’s just embarrassing! 」

「 Yeah, I also want to see Asahina-san embarrassed. 」


「 We’ll show it to Asahina-san too. You’re curious about how your hymen looks like before it’s gone, right? 」

Katsuko-nee says while holding her camera.

「 Huh? How? 」

「 Well, look, I have a camera here 」

Katsuko-nee flips the camera to show the screen.

「 If we take a photo of you, then you can see it too, Asahina-san 」


「 But, I don’t know which part is my hymen 」

「 I’ll tell you that 」

I said.

「 I’ve seen so many hymens up until now so I already know 」

「 I-I see 」

Asahina-san still hides her chest and crotch.

The bright sunlight from the window and the white sheet on top of the fresh carpet.

A naked beauty sits there.

「 Is it okay for me to go there now? 」

I looked at Asahina-san.

「 Huh? 」

「 If I don’t go then we can’t do anything 」


「 R-Right 」

She said bashfully.

「 Then, come here 」

I stood up from my chair.

Then, I approach Asahina-san on the sheets with my erect dick exposed.


Asahina-san’s nervousness grows as I approach.

Katsuko-nee takes photos of her expression.

「 Here I am 」

「 O-Okay 」

Our bodies now have a 30cm distance.

I squat on the edge of the sheet.

「 Ashina-san’s toenails are clean 」

「 Huh? 」

I looked at the tip of her toes.

Asahina-san’s embarrassed. Not from her nipples or her crotch.

「 You care about it, it’s glossy 」

「 I-Isn’t that obvious?! I’m not skipping the toenails 」

「 I’m touching them 」

I touched Asahina-san’s legs like it’s natural.

「 H-Hyaa! W-What are you doing?! 」

Ashina-san tries to escape from my hands, but…

Before she could do that, my fingers already grabbed Asahina-san’s pinky on her right toe.

「 H-Hey, what? 」

Asahina-san’s confused.


「 See? Why are you afraid? 」

I smiled while touching her legs.

「 I’m not doing anything scary. There might be some pain later, but try to push through it 」

「 O-Okay… 」

Asahina-san’s face turned bright red

「 Do you feel your heart throbbing? 」

「 W-Well, isn’t that obvious? This is a first for me 」

Asahina-san looked down and said.

「 Me too, it’s thrilling for me 」

「 Y-You’re lying 」

「 It’s the truth 」

「 But, you’ve done all this with so many people already, right? 」

「 But, it’s my first with Asahina-san 」

I said.

「 It’s always exciting when doing it with someone for the first time. After all, it’s our first 」

Asahina-san looked at me.

「 You’re… 」

「 What? 」

「 You’re such a bad guy 」

「 You think? Well yeah 」

I’m going to deflower Asahina-san later.

「 But, maybe, you’re also a good person. I don’t get it 」


「 Thanks. I’ve calmed down. I guess I have to show this part to you, right? 」

「 I want to see it 」

「 Okay, I’ll show it 」

She lets go of her hand hiding her chest and crotch and then fixed her seating on the sheet.

「 Err, if I recall, I can’t stay silent, even when I’m embarrassed, right? 」

Asahina-san looked at Katsuko-nee.

Yeah, she learned how to speak when exposing their genital area the way prostitutes do.

「 I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening back then 」

She apologized for being absent-minded during lectures.

「 Don’t mind it. In Asahina-san’s case, just say whatever comes to your mind. You don’t have to follow the etiquette by the book. Just convey how Asahina-san feels into words 」

「 Okay 」

Asahina-san looked at me.

「 Err. U-Uhm 」

Her face blushed.

「 P-Please take a look at Nozomi’s embarrassing place…look at my pussy 」

「 You’re saying the same thing yourself 」

I smiled.

「 I mean, a pussy is a pussy! 」

Oh, she became defiant.

「 So, uhm, Nozomi also wants to see it 」


「 I want to see the proof that I’m giving my first time, my virginity to you. I want to remember it 」

「 Yeah, I won’t forget it 」

「 If you do I’m kicking you 」

Asahina-san timidly spreads her legs on top of the sheet.

「 Spread it wider 」

「 This won’t do? 」

「 No, you need to spread it wider or we can’t have sex 」

「 Uuuu! 」

「 Here, you do it like this 」

I grabbed Asahina-san’s kneecaps and spread her legs.

「 Kyaaaa! This is embarrassing 」

「 Hey now spread it more 」

I had her spread her legs until she makes an M shape.

「 Uuu, do I look like a frog in this pose? 」

「 No, you look cute, Asahina-san 」

Asahina-san’s thin waist and cute navel.

Her pubic hair is just thin. Ah.

「 Your pubic hair’s blonde 」

This girl’s a quarter-Caucasian if I recall correctly.

Her hair’s dyed brown, but her hair down here is blonde.

「 What’s wrong with it? 」

「 Nothing, it’s actually better 」

「 I don’t want to hear praises on my hair down there! 」

Asahina-san said.

Then, below that golden thicket…

I see Asahina-san’s unexplored slit.

A beautiful slit that looks like a slice between her plump white skin.

Her labia are not swelling nor sticking out, there’s no dark discoloration.

It’s genuinely virgin soil.

「 Still, crotch that never had a penis stick in before are smooth and beautiful 」

I speak my honest impressions.

「 If you ask me, it’s just weird to see this thick thing sticking on you 」

Asahina-san speaks as she looks at my erect penis.

I see. Women see dick as weird

「 H-Hey 」

Asahina-san said.

「 D-Does it look weird? 」

Asahina-san’s genitals?

「 Are you curious? 」

「 Y-Yeah, I’m curious. That’s something not many people stare at 」

She’s not a young lady of the Kouzuki house, but…

Asahina-san’s also a young lady of a company president, and she attends an all-girls’ school.

「 Nothing odd on the outside, I mean, it’s absurdly clean. It’s rare to see slits like this 」

「 I-I see 」

「 But, if I don’t open this, I won’t be able to see the whole picture 」

「 Open? 」

「 Like this 」

I use my index fingers and opened Asahina-san’s slit.

「 W-What are you doing? 」

「 Unveiling, I’m spreading it out 」

Her genitals fold over.

「 Hyaa!! 」

Her insides feel the open air.

Asahina-san’s pussy is shining from love nectar.

Seems like she’s getting aroused.

But, she’s still nervous so it’s not a lot.

「 Hey, y-you’re looking that far? 」

「 Even deeper. I can’t see your hymen unless I open it up 」

I spread Asahina-san’s insides open.

「 Ah, I see it 」

I see the pink flesh.

「 H-How is it? 」

「 Give me a second, I’ll capture a photo 」

Katsuko-nee adjusts her camera and lets Asahina-san see her genitals through the monitor.

「 T-This is grotesque 」

「 But, this is your genitals 」

Asahina-san’s in shock, seeing her genitals for the first time.

「 It’s twitching 」

「 Isn’t that obvious. You’re alive 」

Katsuko-nee laughed.

「 This is the hymen 」

I point with my fingers.

「 Huh, really? 」

Asahina-san peeks at the proof of her virginity on the screen.

「 Hey, why does it have a hole already? 」

「 Hymens do have a tiny hole. If not, you won’t be able to flow out your menses 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Although, everyone has a different size hole there. In Asahina-san’s case, there are three holes. It’s a rare type 」

「 Is it weird? 」

「 We won’t know until we tear it off 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

She takes photos of Asahina-san’s genitals and her confused look.

「 Hey, what are you going to do with that photo just now? 」

Asahina-san asks worriedly.

「 If Asahina-san wants to see it, you can watch it anytime. But, we’re not giving you a copy 」

If she brings the photos to the police, they’ll catch us.

「 Are you going to threaten me with that video for the rest of my life? 」


「 Oh well, I don’t care. It’s you people anyway 」


「 Yeah. I don’t care, just do whatever you want 」


「 Asahina-san, do you touch yourself here? Like, normally? 」

「 I don’t touch it unless I’m washing it in bath 」

She’s got no experience in masturbating.

「 Then, I’ll touch it a bit. If I don’t do this, my dick won’t be able to fit in 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yeah, I need to loosen you up a bit 」

「 Huh? I thought that it’s bad when it’s loose? 」

Asahina-san said with a straight face.

「 I heard that it’s better if it’s tighter 」

Second-hand knowledge.

「 But, this thing will go on 」

「 Oh, right. I guess it has to be loose or you’ll tear me apart 」

「 It won’t tear you apart, but it’ll be less painful if you’re loose 」

「 Then, make it loose, please 」

I use my finger and gently caress around her entrance.

「 Hauuu, w-what? 」

「 Just let me do things 」

I exposed her clitoris and blow wind to it.

「 Hyaaa 」

「 It’s okay, don’t struggle 」

I scooped some of the love nectar with my finger to polish her clitoris.

「 W-What?! Hey! Kyaauu!! 」

This must be her first time receiving a caress on her clitoris.

Asahina-san’s body stiffened, and she trembled.

「 Aaaah, hyuuuuuuu!!! I feel hot in my stomach!!! 」

Her love nectar starts appearing.

「 Did I leak? 」

「 Don’t worry. Everyone does that, remember Misato and the girls? They leaked a transparent liquid, didn’t they? 」

「 Ah, yeah 」

I’m glad that I showed them real sex before we had lunch.

「 B-But, Nozomi never thought that her body would become like that! 」

「 Of course it will. Asahina-san’s also a woman 」

I said.

「 I mean, Nozomi’s not a lewd girl! 」

She said bashfully.

「 You are, look at how wet you are 」

I said.

「 Geez! You bully! Auuuuu 」

Nozomi’s clitoris starts to puff.

It’s got a bean size now, it’s turned red.

「 Does it feel good? 」

「 I-I don’t know 」

「 Does it make you shiver? 」

「 Yes, it makes me feel weird, it makes me shiver 」

Asahina-san’s body is getting hotter.

Her white skin’s flushed now.

Her whole body’s sweating and her skin become moist.

「 Asahina-san, can we kiss? 」

I said.

「 It’s my first time. It’s my first kiss 」

「 And that’s why I want it 」

Asahina-san’s eyes are moist from the sexual arousal

「 Then, why don’t you do it? 」

I embraced Asahina-san’s naked body.

Her body no longer rejects me.

She lets me embrace her.

「 I’m doing it 」

I kissed Asahina-san.

Oh, her lips still have tension.

It’s a little stiff.

I let go of her lips.

「 Haaa, I wanted my first kiss on a romantic place though 」

Asahina-san told me.

「 Oh? I think that this place is romantic enough though 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Try looking at the landscape around you 」

This is the party room on the 32nd floor of a high-rise hotel.

One wall is purely a window.

The Tokyo panorama spreads out in their eyes.

Then, the vast sky above. It’s a blue sky that continues to the horizon.

The warm autumn sunlight bathes as we hug each other.

「 Right, I guess this is romantic too 」

Asahina-san looked at the sky and said.

「 Somehow, things just happened without me knowing, and yet… 」

She looked at me.

「 As of now, I don’t feel bad. I feel like everything’s okay. I’ve accepted it all 」

She smiled at me.

「 Then, let’s kiss again 」

「 As much as you want 」

Our lips come in contact once again.


Her lips relaxed now.

It feels puffed and soft.

I can feel Asahinasan’s fresh and youthful vitality.