Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1116. Sex Training with the Virgins / Nozomi 4 – Virgin Break (Deflowering – Creampie)



While we’re kissing repeatedly.

Asahina-san’s nervousness is slowly going away.

「 Let’s entwine our tongues 」

I tell Asahina-san with a smile.

「 Huh? 」

「 I mean, I want our tongues to twine around 」

「 That’s lewd! 」

Asahina-san replied with a blushing face.

「 That’s not true. Everyone does it, and it feels good 」

I retaliated.

「 You want to? 」

「 Yeah, I want to 」

Asahina-san speaks bashfully.

「 Then, do it 」

I invade Asahina-san’s mouth with my tongue.

「 Hmmm?! 」

I took Asahina-san’s tongue and licked it.

「 Hmmmm?! 」

I let go of her lips…

「 What do you think? 」

I asked.

「 I knew it. It’s lewd. But… 」


「 I feel chills behind my back 」

「 Want to try it again? 」

「 Sure, as much as you want 」

I gave her another French Kiss.

「 Asahina-san, do the same 」

「 O-Okay 」

Yeah, the sunshine from the window feels warm on the skin.

Our naked bodies entwine in this bright place.

「 What do I do? 」

「 What’s wrong? 」


「 I think I like kissing. I might get addicted to this 」

She’s asking me to kiss her now.


「 Can I touch your breasts? 」

「 Geez, didn’t I tell you to do what you want, didn’t I? 」

Finally, I reached out to Asahina-san’s chest.

So far, I tried to not be focusing on that spot to stop Asahina-san from getting embarrassed, but…

With this, it’s okay now.

「 Hmm! 」

My hands touched her soft breasts, then Asahina-san trembled.

Yeah, she’s not in any sports club so she doesn’t have any muscles.

It’s soft. It’s got the elasticity of nothing but her breasts. This is;

「 You know… 」

Huh, Asahina-san?

「 Am I fat? 」


「 Well, I think that you’re quite thin compared to others 」

Her hips are thin. Her legs are also tight and long.

「 No way, I-I’m fat, aren’t I? 」


「 You don’t have to mind it. Girls who are losing weight often ask if they’re fat 」

Katsuko-nee says while taking photos of what we’re doing

「 The words “I’m not confident in my body,” weirdly turns to “I’m fat” 」

「 Huh, but why? Ashina-san’s got a beautiful body 」

I said.

「 No, no, no way, I’m not that beautiful 」

Asahina-san said.

「 Oh? But you’re becoming more beautiful by now 」

Katsuko-nee tells her.

「 Women become beautiful when men love them. And right now, he’s making you shine 」

「 I don’t get it, but what I know is that I’m changing 」

Asahina-san looked at me.

「 Before I noticed, I’m doing this like it’s natural 」

Asahina-san’s nipples are erect.

She’s aroused. She’s feeling it.

「 I’m touching your nipples 」

「 I already told you not to tell me each and every single thing you do…ahn! 」

I knead her nipples gently with my fingers.


「 Then, I won’t ask for your permission anymore 」

I licked Asahina-san’s nipples.

「 Hyauuu!!! T-That one, you should’ve told me ahead of time! Ahn! 」

「 Then, I’ll suck it this time 」

I put her nipples in my mouth and sucked them.

I roll it with my tongue inside my mouth.

「 Kyaaa, auuuu, iyaaan, geez. this is lewd!! 」

「 Of course, we’re doing something lewd 」

「 I get that, but still….kyaaan!! You’re licking my breasts!! 」

Asahina-san’s sensitive, she reacts with a lot of twitching.

「 Iyaaaan! Lewd! Lewd! Lewd! 」

「 Asahina-san’s nipples are delicious 」

「 Aaahn! Don’t say that! 」

Her well-shaped breasts smell sweet.

Healthy women let out a lewd smell when their sexual arousal rises.

Her sweating body is getting accustomed to my hands.

I lick her breasts and grope the other.

Ah, the feeling of her flushed skin feels great.

「 I’m feeling weird. It’s hot inside my stomach. And I feel my heart throbbing 」

Looking at it, Asahina-san’s crotch is wet.

She’s sensitive and easy to get wet.

Minaho-neesan picked Asahina-san knowing that constitution.

「 It’s because Asahina-san’s body is preparing for sex 」

I lick her nipples in turns.

「 R-Right, I-I might be doing that 」

Asahina-san looks at me as I crawl my tongue on her chest.

「 A man I don’t even like is going to violate me 」

「 Right. I’m going to fuck you 」

I put my head on Asahina-san’s abdomen.

I licked her navel and then…

「 Are you going to lick me there?! 」

She’s not responding.

Asahina-san received Katsuko-nee’s lessons even when she’s not listening.

She’s observed me have sex with other girls.

She should know about the act of cunnilingus.

「 Hiiiiii!!! 」

Asahina-san trembles as I trace her slit with my tongue.

「 It’s sour 」

I said.

「 W-What? 」

「 That was the taste of Asahina-san’s liquid 」

「 I-Iyaaaan….you don’t have to report that!!! 」

Asahina-san’s body writhes in shame.

「 But, it’s delicious. Asahina-san 」

I spread open Asahina-san’s slit and lick with my tongue to take the love nectar from the inside.

「 Auuuuu!!! 」

Also, I exposed her clitoris.

「 Hey! T-That’s…Kyaaan!!! 」

I lick her small bean.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah! Aaaaah! Noooooooo! This is embarrassing! This is embarrassing!!! 」

She’s feeling this much, so I thought of making her cum once.

I speed up my tongue.

「 Aaahn! This is embarrassing, embarrassing, I tell you! Hey! Stop! Stop it already! 」

Asahina-san swings her hips and ass and tries to escape from my tongue, but…

I grabbed Asahina-san’s thighs, not letting her escape.

「 Kyaaaa!! aaaaaahn! Ukuuuuuu! Iyaaaaa!! Afuuuu!! 」

My face is now sticky from the gushing love nectar.

「 Aaaah, something’s weird! Weird! I’m feeling weird! Stop it!!! 」

Even if you tell me that, I won’t stop.

「 Hiiiii! Kihiiiiii! Haaaaa! Fuuuuu! Noooooo! Something’s coming!!!! Aaaaaah!!! 」

Then, Asahina-san.

「 Pigiiiiii!! Migiiiiii!!! pUrahaaaaaa!!! Kuuuuuuuuuuhaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

She grabs the sheet and then bends her back tight.

「 Ah, aaaah, aaaaaaah!!! 」

She’s experienced ecstasy for the first time in her life.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Asahina-san fell exhausted.

「 You okay? Want a drink? 」

Katsuko-nee brings in a water bottle

But, she doesn’t seem like she could wake up and drink water herself.

「 Gimme, Katsuko-nee 」

I took the bottle, opened the cap, and put water in my mouth.

Then, I poured it into Asahina-san’s mouth and made her drink it.

「 Hmm, hmmm, hmmm 」

Asahina-san’s drinking the water I’m pouring on her mouth without resistance.

「 Puhaaaa 」

Asahina-san’s skin turned wet as soon as she swallows the water.

「 Want to drink more? 」

「 Please 」

I put water in my mouth again and then poured it on Asahina-san’s lips.

I hear Asahina-san’s throat gulping.

「 I…what happened? 」

Asahina-san asks while still exhausted.

「 You came. You felt pleasure and climaxed. Look, Mitama and Kinuka did that before lunch, right? 」

「 But, I thought that those girls were just mad! 」

Asahina-san said.

「 Women do that 」

「 Seems like it. That felt great, geez 」

Asahina-san shivers.

「 But, not all men can make you cum without fail. Remember that. As expected, there has to be good affinity with your body 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 So you mean…I have a good affinity with this guy? 」

Asahina-san looked at me.

「 We don’t know about that yet, we haven’t had sex yet 」

I replied smiling.

「 Right, we haven’t done it yet 」

Asahina-san gets up slowly.

「 Aah, the sheet’s a mess now 」

Asahina-san’s love nectar created a stain on the sheet.

「 It looks like I wet the bed 」

I wiped my face from the love nectar with the towel Katsuko-nee gave me.

「 Sensitive, easy to get wet, and you have a great body. Asahina-san 」

「 Really? 」

「 Yeah. That’s what I think 」

Then, Asahina-san…

「 Your…dick… 」


「 I’ll touch and lick it, like the way you did to me, right?

「 You don’t have to force yourself 」

「 I’m saying I’m doing it, so come here! 」

Oh right, From Arisu to Misato, they all fellated me before sex.

She might think that licking the dick is a necessity before sex.

「 Well, it’s not like you have to lick the dick all the time 」

I said.

「 Some men don’t like it when you lick their dicks, no, I don’t think there is, but still we can’t say that the whole population does 」

「 Right. It’s about trying to check whether your partner wants it or not. If you make it sound like it’s an assembly-line system, some men would lose their enthusiasm 」

Katsuko-nee teaches her.

「 You don’t want me to lick it? 」

Asahina-san asks me straight.

「 W-Well… 」

「 You already took Nozomi’s first kiss…so I don’t mind doing my first oral with you too 」

She said bashfully.

「 Either way, you’re taking my virginity later too 」


「 I want all of Asahina-san’s first times 」

I replied honestly.

「 Then hurry up and take out your dick 」

「 Sure 」

This time, I lie down on the sheet.

Asahina-san’s above.

「 I knew it, it’s big. Also, it’s got a weird shape, it’s gross 」

She said while looking at my penis close to her.

「 Is this thing going inside me? 」

「 It will go in, you saw it go inside Misato and the girls, didn’t you? 」

「 I did, it went inside to the root 」

Asahina-san’s breath stimulates my glans.

「 It even went inside that small girl, I guess it’ll go inside me too 」

Yeah, inside Karen.

「 I-I’m touching it 」

「 Sure 」

The fingers of the prostitute cadet grab my thick rod.

「 I-it’s hot, I thought that it’s going to be stiff, but it’s a little soft and flabby 」

Asahina-san speaks her thoughts.


「 I-I’ll lick it 」

Hmm, she stopped breathing and licked the tip of my glans.

「 It’s a little salty and bitter 」

Then, she licks it, copying Arisu and Mitama’s technique.

「 S-So? 」

「 It’s good 」

I replied.

「 I-I see. Then I’ll lick it more 」

It’s her first time, so it’s not good fellatio, but still.

Asahina-san does her best to lick my penis.

Let’s not teach her the fine details for now.

Seeing Asahina-san’s face as she does her best is enough to satisfy me.

「 U-Uhm, your name… 」

My name.

「 Kuromori-what was it again? 」

「 Kuromori Kou 」

I replied.

Asahina-san continues fellating me.

「 How old are you again? 」

「 Sixteen. First-year in high school. The same as Asahina-san 」

「 I-I see. Then, I’ll call you “Kuromori-kun” 」

「 Sure, I don’t mind 」

I smiled and replied.

「 We’re going to have a long relationship ahead of us 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

「 I’m responsible for you, Asahina-san, even if you become a prostitute or not 」

「 Responsible 」

「 Isn’t that what sex is? 」


「 If you’re a prostitute, then you can consult with me if you have some problem, or if you have something you don’t like. I’ll deal with it. I’m Asahina-san’s accomplice and ally 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Then, once the five-year contract ends, no, once Minaho-neesan earned income for the money she gave Asahina-san’s father, then the contract ends sooner, but still, even after that, I’ll do what I can for Asahina-san. Even if the prostitute contract ends, our relationship will continue 」

Asahina-san stares at me while holding my glans in her mouth.

「 Of course, you’re free to say that you don’t want to have any contact with us ever again once the contract ends and you go back to your home. I’m not forcing a contact at all. But, friends are friends. That’s how I see it 」

I’m not going to abandon Asahina-san.

「 Besides, Asahina-san might not want to go back home even after the contract ended, many former prostitutes are like that. People who find it painful to live together with a family who knows about their prostitute past. If Asahina-san feels that way, then you can live with us. Remember what I told Misato earlier? Once the contract period ends, you can come to us. You can do any of the choices you have 」

I said.

「 If Asahina-san doesn’t want to be a prostitute, that would mean becoming pregnant with my child, right? Since you’re going to be the mother of my child, I want you to stay with us. You can stay with me and together with the child. Well, you can also give the child to Minaho-neesan and forget about us. But, you can rely on me anytime, and if Asahina-san’s in trouble, I’ll help you anytime 」

Asahina-san still holds my penis.

「 But, I’m going to be a prostitute, meaning I’ll have sex with various men. My body will become dirty 」

She speaks with earnest eyes.

「 I can’t do anything about Asahina-san’s family debt, and I can’t help you out from being a prostitute to repay those debts. That’s the fate you carry, but…

I speak with my honest feelings.

「 If Asahina-san is serious about selling your body for your family, then I won’t laugh at that resolve. I think that’s praiseworthy. And, if you continue to hold to that resolve, you won’t escape from reality, and if you don’t forget that will to the end, then I think that you’ll remain beautiful 」

I looked at Katsuko-nee.

「 Look at Katsuko-nee, she was kidnapped, turned to a prostitute, and yet, she didn’t lose her ‘self,’ and so that’s why she’s beautiful 」

「 I did lose sight of it. Quite a lot of times. There were stormy times even for me 」

Katsuko-nee said embarrassed.

「 You see, it’s thanks to him that I’m able to regain my pride. Well, that…I found out that someone would still love me seriously. He sees me as a person after all 」


「 As of now, he sees Asahina-san, who should’ve become a prostitute and nothing else, as a friend, and you’re loved as one. Therefore, you can trust what he tells you. No matter how many men Asahina-san have sex with, he will welcome you after your retirement without any qualms 」


「 I…Nozomi doesn’t trust that. I can’t 」


「 Nozomi trust her father, and yet, she told me to become a prostitute, he sent me here from home, and even Mother couldn’t protect Nozomi 」

I see. This girl…

「 Right now, I’ve got nobody to trust 」

She’s in the middle of despair.

Therefore, her mental state is unstable.

「 But… 」


「 I don’t trust you, I don’t believe you, but…it’s okay to have hope, right? 」

「 Of course 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Earlier, I said that I want to go home as soon as possible just like everyone, but the truth is, I kind of don’t want it. If I go back home, I can’t just go back to the life before my father and mother sold me off 」

Asahina-san said.

「 If I come home pregnant in exchange for the debt, then Father will be shocked that he’d flip 」

「 Right, if you add the pangs of conscience after the fact that they sold their daughters, they might not be able to take it mentally 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 That’s why Nozomi can’t return home right now. I have to work my five-year contract since that’s what Father thinks Nozomi’s doing 」

Even if the parents sold her off, they still love Asahina-san.

「 But, even when returning after the five years of being a prostitute, Father will see me as defiled. I was a prostitute after all 」

「 I don’t think so, but that’s how Asahina-san feels. You can’t live together with your family again… 」


「 I couldn’t come home either so I understand you 」


「 Then, stay with us 」

I told Asahina-san.

「 You don’t have to trust me now, but I still promise you that 」

Then, Katsuko-nee tells me;

「 Be sure to have sex with Asahina-san the day after she entertains her first customer 」

She speaks with a serious face.

「 I want you to promise to her that you’ll wash away the pain, the sorrow, and the hardships from selling her body by having sex with you 」

Yeah, if I want her trust, then I’ll have to accumulate it every day.

「 Yeah, sure 」

I replied without hesitation.


「 Asahina-san, let’s have sex 」

I get up.

「 I’m going to pierce through Asahina-san’s virginity, then pour a lot of semen in your womb 」

Ashina-san looked at me.

「 That’s our contract 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 K-Kuromori-kun, like this? 」

Asahina-san lies down on the bed again.

She sits on the cushion Katsuko-nee brought in.

「 Spread your legs wider, as much as you can 」

「 B-But it’s embarrassing 」

Asahina-san said. But, she’s spreading her legs.

「 Then, here I go 」

I get on top of Ashina-san’s body.

「 W-Wait, kiss me before anything else 」

I kissed Asahina-san.

Asahina-san embraced me from below.

「 You’ve come to love kissing, don’t you? 」

I said.

「 Yeah, I like kissing. But, I won’t do it with anyone else 」

Asahina-san smiled at me.

「 Nozomi will sell her body to the customers, but I won’t sell my kiss. That’s only for Kuromori-kun 」

「 Okay, then I’ll add that label on Asahina-san 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 One more. Kiss, kiss, kiss 」

I kissed her. Then, Asahina-san whispers to my ears.

「 I like you 」

It was a small voice.

「 Go on, do it 」

It’s finally time for her deflowering.

「 Yeah, let’s do this Asahina-san 」

I rub my glans on Asahina-san’s slit.

「 I’m a little scared. But I’m okay 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Does it really hurt? 」

「 You’ll know soon enough 」

「 Right 」

Then, Asahina-san looked at me in the eyes.

「 Take Nozomi’s virginity. Come, Kuromori-kun 」1

「 Yeah 」

I push in my hips.

「 Ouch! 」

My tensed glans pushed in and opens Asahina-san’s slit.

My penis is wrapped in her warm and moist vagina.

I pin down Asahina’s body with my hand to prevent escape.

I grab her shoulders.

Then, I push further.

Love nectar starts to spill out from the connecting part.

「 Kyauuu! It won’t go in anymore 」

That’s not true.

「 I’m tearing it 」

「 Huh? Ah 」

Asahina-san noticed the barrier, her hymen.

「 Yeah, tear it 」

I stab through.

「 Ouch!!!!!! Higiiiiiii!!!! 」

My glans tears off the thin membrane.

I can feel it, the wall that was there is now gone.

「 Ouch!! It hurts, Kuromori-kun!! 」

Asahina-san looks at me with eyes that are in pain.

「 Just a little bit more, hold it 」

「 It’s still going in deeper? 」

My penis isn’t even half-in yet.

Only half of it can feel Asahina-san’s warmth

「 Just a little more 」

I push in deeper inside Asahina-san.

「 Kyauuuu!! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! 」

Asahina-san’s mouth is flapping, she’s breathing roughly.

I pile my body on top of Asahina-san’s flushed skin.

Oh, Asahina-san’s hands are grabbing the sheets tightly.

Her body’s enduring the tyranny I’m doing.

「 Uuuuu, Asahina-san!!! 」

「 Hiiiiiii!!! 」

Finally, all of my penis went inside Asahina-san.

Katsuko-nee takes photos of the union.

「 Haa, haa, haa, it’s all in 」

「 R-Really? 」

Asahina-san asks me with eyes that are on the verge of tears.

「 Try touching it 」

I took Asahina-san’s hand and introduced it on the connected part.

「 It’s true, it’s inside Nozomi 」

Tears spill from Asahina-san’s eyes.

「 You okay? Does it hurt? 」

I asked.

「 No, I’m okay. Thanks 」


「 Nozomi’s no longer a virgin, right? 」

「 Yeah. I already tore it. I took it 」

「 Yeah. Kuromori-kun tore it 」

She smiled while crying.

「 Can you stay still for a while? 」

Yeah, the pain still is in effect.

「 Yeah, I don’t mind. Can I touch your breasts? 」

「 Go ahead, what you want Kuromori-kun. Nozomi wants a kiss 」

We kissed while connected.

Then, I gently groped Asahina-san’s breasts.

「 Yeah, I think I’m okay now. Try moving 」

「 I’ll do it slowly for now 」

I begin moving my hips.

「 Uguu 」

「 Does it hurt? 」

「 Uu, I-I’m fine, it’s okay, I can endure it! B-Be a man, it’s not over, right? 」

Asahina-san’s enduring desperately.

「 That’s true, but I don’t want it to be that painful 」

「 I already told you I’m okay. This is Nozomi’s precious first time so do it until the end 」


「 Asahina-san, at times like that, the woman should be the one asking “hurry up and cum, cum inside me” 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Okay, get it 」

Asahina-san looked up at my face.

「 Kuromori-kun, hurry up and cum! Cum a lot inside Nozomi 」

Ooh, the narrow vagina of this virgin is clasping.

I slowly piston inside Asahina-san’s vagina which’s wet with love nectar and virgin blood.

My glans rubs in the walls that nobody explored before.

The back of my glans rubs into her narrow vagina.

「 This is amazing. It feels good inside Asahina-san 」

「 Kuromori-kun, you’re making such a nice face 」

「 I mean, it does feel good 」

「 I’m glad that you’re pleased with it 」

Asahina-san smiles at me despite enduring the pain.

「 Let it out inside Nozomi. Kuroori-kun’s… 」

「 -Semen 」

「 That, semen, let out your semen 」

「 It will only be me. I’m the only one who can cum inside Asahina-san 」

「 Yeah, Kuromori-kun, only you… 」

Ooh, it’s coming. It’s coming soon

「 Kuromori-kun’s the first to kiss me, the first to see my naked body, to lick my breasts, to see what’s down there and lick it, Nozomi also licked Kuromori-kun’s penis. That was also my first time 」

「 A-Asahina-san 」

「 Call me Nozomi! 」

「 N-Nozomi!! 」

「 Kuromori-kun’s also the first to put his penis inside me! You also took my virginity 」

My hips speed up.

Asahina-san’s body sways lewdly.

「 So, cum inside me! Kuromori-kun’s also the first one to pour semen on my womb!! 」

「 Nozomi!!! I!! I!!! 」

「 Give it all to Nozomi!! 」

Nozomi’s eyes seek me.

「 Cumming! Cumming! Nozomi! Nozomi!! I’m cumming!! 」

「 Hyaaaaaa!! 」


「 It’s so hot!!! 」

Nozomi’s eyes open wide, feeling the white liquid spreading inside her.

「 Nozomiii!!! Nozomi!! Nozomi! Nozomi!!!! 」

「 I-I can feel it. It’s coming in 」

The second, third wave defiles Nozomi.

The girl became a woman.

「 Aaaaah, Kuromori-kun, let it out! Let out as much as you want!! 」

My ejaculation’s not ending.


  1. The author wrote “Yoshida-kun” except she only knows him as Kuromori Kou