Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1121. Sex Training with the Virgins / Momoka 4 – Gentle Rape 《 Gentle Rape 》



「 Then, Momoka. Strip 」

I tell Momoka.

「 What? 」

Momoka looked at me curiously.

「 U-Uhm, Momoka’s an idiot so she doesn’t understand, but…you said that you’ll rape me, right? 」


「 Uhm, I thought that rape is about slapping, kicking, tearing off clothes, and then forcing someone to have sex? 」


「 Well, that kind does exist, but there are also other kinds 」

I speak in a low tone.

「 If I force you to have sex, ignoring your intentions, then that’s also rape. Right now, I’m forcing Momoka to strip 」

「 B-But 」

Momoka’s embarrassed.

「 If I use violence in sex, then it’ll always end up as a hateful memory. Well, Momoka might also hate this emotional kind of rape, but I don’t want it to be just a hateful memory for Momoka 」

I talk with my honest feelings.

「 This is Momoka’s once in a lifetime deflowering event 」

Momoka looked at me in the eye.

「 Okay, I understand 」

Showing consent, she starts to take off the white dress she puts on.

「 Keep your wig on 」

If she takes off that long brown hair wig, she’ll come back to Sumitomo Momoka.

The honor student with high morals works her best in the wrong way to meet up people’s expectations.

「 I want to rape Momoka ★ Grace 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Momoka’s wearing nothing but her see-through bra and panty, and her black fishnet stockings.

The addition of that fishnet stockings on her underwear makes her look like a slut. Lewd.

The black leather collar on her neck is also amplifying her lewdness.

「 T-This is embarrassing 」

I see.

So far, I looked away when she’s changing.

So, this time, she feels my gaze on her body. So Momoka feels ashamed.

Oh, I can see her nipples getting erect.

This body is trained by the lacrosse club, well, not too trained, but it still has a nice healthy look.

She has a tall spine, long legs, it would be nice to hold that in my arms.

「 From here on, I’m stripping 」

I stand up from my chair and go to the half-naked Momoka in my bathrobe.

「 Hii. 」

I’m naked under this bathrobe. My erect penis is pushing through the cloth.

The daughter of a company president raised in an all-girls’ school trembles as the man approaches her.

「 Are you scared of me? 」

I asked.

「 J-Just a bit 」

Momoka replies with a hoarse voice.

「 Ah, sorry. Momoka’s a stupid girl so I’m really sorry for being scared of Kuromori Kou-sama 」

Momoka apologized to me immediately.

「 No, it’s okay to be afraid. Feel it. You can cry, scream, that makes you feel better, doesn’t it? 」

I speak with a straight face.

「 That’s why this is rape. I’m letting you vent out all your fears, your helplessness

Momoka looked at my face.

「 For my sake? 」

「 That’s not all. I feel at ease that way too 」

I replied.

「 Uhm…Kuromori Kou-samais very considerate of Momoka 」

Momoka’s trembling stopped.

「 How do you understand Momoka’s feeling this much? 」

Her big eyes peek into mine.

「 We have a long relationship ahead of us so I want both of us to have no ill-feelings 」

I said.

「 Besides, if you ask me, I don’t want Momoka’s first sex to be a bad memory 」

I show a bitter smile.

「 I don’t want to have that ‘unable to stay,’ feeling when I see Momoka’s face, and so I want to have the best with what we have right now 」

「 T-Thank you very much 」

Momoka blushed.


「 Momoka, let’s kiss 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You may not want it but it’s futile, I’m doing it 」

I embraced Momoka’s body while she’s surprised, then…

I kissed her soft lips…

「 Hmmmm?!!! 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of our first kiss.

「 Haa, haa, haaa 」

Momoka’s breathing roughly with a blushing face as we part our lips.

「 I-I was kissed 」

「 You don’t have to stop breathing when kissing 」

「 No, uhm, but… 」

「 You can breathe through your nose, right? 」

I said.

「 But, I-If our faces are so close, y-you’ll feel my breath 」

「 I don’t care about that 」

I have Momoka still in my arms.

「 I’m holding you in my arms, you don’t have to mind it Momoka 」

Then, I kissed her again.

「 Hmmmmmmm?!! 」

While Momoka’s focused on her lips…

I reached on Momoka’s back and unhooked her bra.

「 Kyaa 」

Momoka panics as she feels her breasts released.

She tries to get away from me in a hurry…

However, I embraced Momoka’s thin body, not letting her go.

「 No. I won’t let you go. Momoka 」

「 But! W-Wait! 」

「 I won’t wait 」

I kissed her for the third time.

This time, I send in my tongue.

「 Mugugugugu!! 」

Momoka trembles from feeling my tongue violating her mouth.

Meanwhile, I embraced Momoka’s hips, then…

I wait for Momoka to calm down.

Before long.

Momoka’s breathing from her nose during kisses.

After confirming that she’s calmed down, I let go of my lips.

Momoka’s lips and my lips connect with a string of saliva.

「 Y-You’re pushy 」

Momoka’s eyes are melting, she licks her lips.

「 Isn’t that obvious? I’m raping you 」

I embraced Momoka in my arms and feel her body.

She’s tall but thin, so I think this will do

「 Momoka 」

「 W-What is it this time? 」

「 There we go 」

I carried Momoka, bridal carry style.

「 Kyaa 」

「 Don’t struggle, cling to me 」

I then bring Momoka in her black underwear and fishnet stockings to the bed.

「 Oh my, you haven’t done that to me before, and yet… 」


You’re too glamorous…

No, it’s not that she’s heavy, but…

But, I’m scared that she might fall halfway

「 Hyauuuu 」

Momoka desperately clings to me.

With her bra unhooked, her cute breasts and pink nipples are exposed.

I then gently put her down on the bed.

Then I lie down next to her.

「 I got pinned down before receiving a ‘kabedon’ 」

Momoka mutters.

「 What’s ‘kabedon?’ Katsuko-nee, do you know? 」

I ask Katsuko-nee, giving Momoka some time to calm down.

「 I don’t know either. If it’s the photographer Richard Avedon, then I know him 」

Katsuko-nee said with a smile.

「 I only know the Kaijuu, Gavadon A 」

「 Huh? You don’t know those? It’s in Manga and such 」

Momoka looked up at me.




「 Wait is it… 」

「 What? 」

「 Yamada Futaro? 」

My head pings a sound of a homerun ping for a Koshien Homerun

「 Who’s that? 」

「 I thought it’s a baseball manga? 」

「 No, it’s a romance manga! 」

Momoka speaks sullenly.

「 Pfft 」

Then, she started laughing.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama’s so funny 」

She displays a slightly girlish laugh.

「 Is it that funny? 」

「 It feels like it’s a bulls-eye! Ufufufu 」

Yeah, that’s good enough.

That laugh will relax her mind and body.

「 Then, laugh 」

I kissed Momoka on her cheeks.

Then, the back of her ear.

「 Kyaa, it tickles there 」

「 Don’t struggle, shut up, I’m raping you 」

「 Ah, yes! auu! 」

I licked her nape, and Momoka trembled. Seems like this is an erogenous zone.

「 Geez, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore! Momoka’s in complete submission to Kuromori Kou-sama, so…aaahnn 」

She’s calmed down now.

「 Then, this is good 」

I reached to Momoka’s chest.

「 Hyaaaa! Your hands are lewd! 」

「 It’s because I’m doing something lewd 」

I grope Momoka’s tensed breasts.

「 T-This is my first time doing this 」

「 Well, of course, you’re a virgin 」

Yeah, Nozomi hardly exercised, so her breasts are elastic, but…

Momoka’s in a sports club, so her breasts are developed.

It’s soft meat on her elegant muscle. It had a different texture than Nozomi’s.

Momoka’s got firm skin.

「 U-Uhm 」

Momoka asks while I play with her breasts.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama’s much younger than Momoka, right? 」

Momoka’s in her second-year in high school. I’m in my first year.

「 What about it? 」

「 Somehow? I feel like you’re 10 years older than me 」

Then, Katsuko-nee who’s taking photos of us in the bed…

「 That’s how much experience he has 」

She tells Momoka.

「 You can’t imagine it, right? 」

「 Well, a lot happened 」

I said while kneading Momoka’s breasts.

「 Therefore, I want to do what I can for Momoka 」

I give Momoka’s small nipples a taste.

「 Hmm 」

Her nipples are already stiff from arousal…I taste it with my tongue.

「 T-That’s ticklish. I-It’s embarrassing 」

I crawl my tongue around.

「 H-Hyaaa! It’s making me shiver!! It’s making me shiver! G-Geez! 」

I use my tongue even more violently before Momoka could say ‘stop’

「 Iyaaaaaan!! Stop! Please stop! 」

I sucked on her nipple and then rub the other nipple with my fingers.

「 Aaaah, aaah! Hyaaaan!!! 」

Momoka grabs my head and then forcibly pulls my head away from her chest.

「 Hey, Momoka! 」

I complained.

「 Ah, I-I’m sorry! 」

Momoka shrinks back in fear.

「 This can’t go on 」

I know that it will come to this.

Therefore, I let Momoka struggle.

「 Katsuko-nee, got something to tie her up? 」

「 Oh, we have some leather strap and belts in the trunk earlier 」

Katsuko-nee takes out a buckskin woven with a thin leather cord belt for women.

「 Momoka put your arms above your head 」

「 W-What? 」

「 I’m tying you up 」

I said with a smile.

「 If your wrists are tied up, it becomes hard to resist. The feeling of “I’m tied up,” makes your body unable to move 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Hurry up Momoka. It’s for the rape 」

「 I-I understand 」

Momoka stretched her hand above her head and pile them together.

I wrap the leather belt, securing her wrist.

「 I-Is this SM? 」

Momoka asks.

「 this won’t even be in the scope of SM. Maybe pseudo-SM, yes 」

Katsuko-nee replies as I’m doing my work.

「 Okay, so, how do you feel Momoka? 」

「 O-Okay, w-woah, I’m tied up? 」

Just fixing her wrist won’t make her whole body bound, but… If she moves her arms violently, the belt will get loose immediately.

Although, Momoka’s captured by the feeling that she’s tied up.

「 Okay, Momoka 」

I get on top of Momoka’s body.

This time.

「 Huh? Eeeeeeeh?! 」

Momoka’s armpits, her arms are raised up to her head, so…

「 P-Please don’t lick that! Hyaaaaaaaa 」

I sniffed Momoka’s armpits and crawled my tongue.

「 Armpits have big veins, and so humans unconsciously protect that part of their body. When other people touch it, it makes you feel chills 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Momoka’s face, which is confused as I lick her armpits.

「 N-Noooo! This is embarrassing, this is really some sexual assault! 」

Does it feel much more embarrassing to have your armpits licked instead of your nipples?

I reach out for Momoka’s crotch while attacking her armpits.

「 Kyaa!! 」

She’s preoccupied with her armpits so Momoka screamed loudly when I touched her black panty and fishnet stockings so suddenly.


I can feel warm liquid on the tip of my fingers on top of her panty and stockings.

「 Momoka, you… 」

「 Huh? 」

「 You’re wet 」

Momoka’s face turned red in shame.

「 Look, it’s making wet sounds. 」

I grind my fingers on top of two layers of cloth.

「 Hiii, hyaaa 」

Momoka moans.

「 Momoka, do you touch yourself? 」

I asked her teasingly.

「 T-That’s…Aahn! 」

「 You do? You masturbate, don’t you, Momoka? 」

I’m asking her a trick question.

「 Y-yes! I-I’m sorry! Aaaaah! Momoka’s dumb and lewd, I’m sorry 」

She tells me with her wet eyes.

「 How many times do you do it in a week? 」

I push more vibrations on Momoka’s crotch.

「 O-Once a week! 」

「 Really? I feel like you do more than that 」

「 Aaaaah! I’m sorry! I do it three times a week! 」

「 Then, that’s almost once every two days! 」

「 Kyaaaa! I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being lewd! I also do it consecutively in a day!!! 」

Momoka’s body trembled.

My right hand is wet from Momoka’s love nectar.

「 I thought so. Momoka-san’s an honor student and a good girl, it’s natural that she masturbates to release the stress in her daily life 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Momoka’s face while smiling.

「 I’m sorry! Aaaah! Kuaaaan! I’m sorry for being lewd!! Aaaah! Momoka’s so stupid! Stupid me!!! 」

She releases her sexual desire with this fit body of hers.

「 I’m taking this off, Momoka 」

I took off Momoka’s stockings.

「 W-Wait! 」

「 I won’t wait 」

Forcibly stripping off stockings is lewd.

Instead of stripping, it gives the feel that you’re peeling it off.

Momoka’s puffed up ass jumped when stripped, and then, her white and soft-looking legs got exposed.

「 Aaaaaaa 」

Momoka’s body stiffened from embarrassment.

I rip off the stockings until they reached her toe fingers.

「 Momoka…coochy-coo 」

I tickled Momoka’s foot.

「 Kyaan! Don’t touch me there! 」

I narrowly avoided Momoka’s kick.

Her body reacted by reflex, well, she’s in a sports club so it’s inevitable.

「 There, there, it’s great that you’re energetic. Let’s take off the last piece, Momoka 」

I finally reach for her panties.

「 !!!! 」

Momoka looked up at me nervously.

「 I’m raping you, can’t help it, right? 」

I said.

「 R-Right… 」

She replies with a small voice.

Seeing that Momoka’s resolution hasn’t changed, I did it all at once.

Pulling her panty that’s soaked in her love nectar to her knee.

「 !!!!!! 」

Momoka trembles in shame as a man see her genital area.

I pulled the panty that’s halfway there and then draw it out of her toes.

Now, Momoka’s naked.

Well, she’s wearing a long brown wig on her head.

Also, she still has her black leather choker on her neck.

Let’s leave those two alone.

It’s much lewder than being naked.

「 Momoka, you’re really lewd 」

I take off my bathrobe.

「 Look, my dick’s like this after seeing you naked 」

I showed my erect penis to Momoka.

「 I-I’m scared 」

Momoka trembles.

「 Yeah, it’s scary, right? But, I’m still raping you so give up 」

「 Yes 」

I hold Momoka’s legs.

「 Momoka spread your legs 」

「 Uuuuu 」

She’s really scared. Momoka’s eyes are teary.

However, her crotch just gets wetter.

「 You saw me violate Misato and Nozomi earlier, right? Momoka, do the same pose 」

「 The frog pose, right? 」

「 Frog? 」

「 Isn’t that what the pose is called? 」

Oh, the pornographic pose.

「 Yeah, Momoka, pose like a frog 」

「 Y-yes 」

Momoka readied herself and spread her legs wide.

「 Uuuu, this is embarrassing 」

With this, her armpit, nipple, and pussy.

The most embarrassing places for a woman are exposed.

「 Even if you’re embarrassed, don’t ever close your eyes. If not, I’ll do something even more embarrassing while Momoka’s not watching 」

「 Y-Yes, I won’t close my eyes. 」

Momoka’s pubic hair is surprisingly thin. She’s got nothing but soft ones.

「 Momoka, do you shave this? 」

I asked.

「 It’s been like that since before. I have thin pubic hair so I’m embarrassed about it 」

Oh, she’s lodging together in the sports club, so her teammates probably joked about it.

「 My body’s big, and yet, that’s the only part that’s not developed 」

She had such insecurities.

「 Really? I feel like it’s grown well 」

I approached Momoka’s slit.

「 I’m looking, don’t move 」

I spread her slit with my fingers and peek inside her.

Massive amounts of love nectar spilled out.

I wet my hands with her warm liquid.

「 Yeah, it’s beautiful, it’s got a bright pink color 」

I don’t think we can have problems in sex with this.


What’s this?

「 Katsuko-nee, this is? 」

I point my fingers as Katsuko-nee’s taking photos of Momoka’s crotch with her camera.

There’s hardly any hymen left in Momoka’s opening.

「 Oh, she’s doing exercise a lot so it’s naturally torn. But she’s definitely a virgin. If she had an experience, there won’t be hymen left like this 」

「 I see 」

「 Maybe it’s because she masturbated too much. I’m adding that just in case 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Is Momoka’s body weird? 」

Momoka asks me worriedly.

「 Not really. It’s the opposite, with this, it won’t hurt that much when we have sex 」

Nothing will catch my penis and then get torn off.

「 That’s right. You’re lucky 」

Katsuko-nee tells her.

「 R-Really? 」

But, it’s better to loosen her up a little before insertion.

「 Momoka, I’m licking it 」

「 Lick? 」

Before Momoka could understand what I meant…

I insert my tongue on her slit.

「 Kyauuuu 」

Her body trembled.

Momoka’s love nectar is sour.

Her sweat smells milk, and the cheesy stink of lewdness stimulates my nose.

「 Hyaaaaaa!!! Kyaaaaaa! Kuuuuuu! Kuuuuuu 」

Momoka’s love nectar gushes out.

Her whole body grows weak.

I exposed her clitoris and licked it.

「 Kuhiiiii! Kyauuuu! Uuuuuu!! 」

I’m attacking the place where girls are most sensitive.

「 What’s this?! I never knew about this! Aaaaahn! 」

Oh, she masturbated above her genital area, but…

She never exposed her clitoris and touched it.

「 It feels hot in my stomach! It’s hot! Nooo! Noooo! Iyaaaaan!!! 」

Momoka’s body is starting to sweat up.

「 I’m becoming a bad girl! 」

「 Go on, become a bad girl 」

I looked up from Momoka’s crotch.

I wiped my face with the towel Katsuko-nee gave me.

I put some pillow below Momoka’s hips and ready her for insertion.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, a-are we doing it now? 」

Momoka looked up at me while breathing roughly.

「 Yeah, we are. I’m going to rape Momoka now 」

Momoka’s unable to put strength in her body, she remains exhausted.

「 I’m scared. I’m really scared 」

「 It’s okay to be afraid 」

I get on top of Momoka.

The tip of my tensed glans rub on Momoka’s slit.

「 N-Nooo, I really don’t want this! this is my first time! You can’t do this! Father will scold me! 」

Momoka’s strict father has a lot of expectations on her.

That father sold Momoka, turning her into a prostitute.

That’s Momoka’s reality.

「 Don’t worry, I’ll apologize to you forever 」

I push Momoka’s slit with the tip of my glans.

「 N-Noo! I knew it! I can’t!!!! I’m scared! I’m scared!!! 」

Too late.

I pushed in my tensed glans and then push through her virgin insides.

「 Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Momoka shouts.

「 I’m scared! I’m scared! Noooooooooo!!!! 」

My penis goes in while she screams.

It’s sinking inside Momoka.

「 You can’t! Don’t go in! It can’t go in anymore!! 」

「 Realy?!! 」

I push my glans into Momoka’s narrowest part in her vagina.

「 Kahaaaaa!! 」

My penis scrapes off the remaining parts of her hymen.

「 Kyaaaaaaaa! Nonononono!!!!! NooooooooO! Mother! Mother! Help me!!!! 」

At times like this, she asks for her mother, not her father.

「 We’re almost there. Goal! 」

My penis pushed in.

「 Kyauuuuu!!! 」

Hearing Momoka’s Kaiju-like scream…

My glans kissed Momoka’s uterus.

It’s completely buried to the root of my erect penis.

「 Kuhaaaaaa, kuhaaaaaaa,kuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Momoka’s breathing roughly as she’s having a thick object enter her for the first time in her life.

Her skin is sweating.

Her arms are tied up above her head, and so I can see the sweat shining on her armpits.

「 It’s all in. Momoka’s no longer a virgin 」

I said.

「 I-Is it over already? 」

She asks me exhaustedly.

「 No, not yet 」

I watch Momoka’s status while slowly moving my hips.

「 Kuuu, wait, d-don’t move 」

Momoka pleads.

「 Does it hurt? 」

I stopped moving my hips and asked Momoka.

「 Huh? Err…it doesn’t hurt that much… 」

I knew it, she has lower damage compared to ordinary girls deflowered.

「 Then, I’m moving 」

I swing my hips./

「 W-Wait. H-Hey! 」

Momoka’s body also sways below me.

Her cute breasts jiggle.

「 You can endure it, right? Momoka? 」

「 Well, yes 」

「 Then endure it. I’m raping you 」

「 O-Okay 」

Yeah, she seems okay. Let’s get a little intense.

「 This won’t end until I pour my semen inside Momoka, you see 」

「 You’re really going to pour it inside me? 」

Momoka asks me worriedly. There’s sweat on her nose.

「 You saw me cum inside Misato and Nozomi, right? 」

「 Well, yes… 」

She should know that I always cum inside.

「 But, that’ll get me pregnant… 」

Momoka looks up at me with earnest eyes.

「 You don’t have to worry about that. Aren’t you in complete submission to me? So just shut up and let me rape you 」

I speak without hesitation.


「 Y-Yes, this stupid Momoka asked something rude. I’m sorry 」

「 That’s right, just think of what Momoka ★ Grace should do 」

I pointed at the window-turned-glass.

「 Look at it, who’s the one I’m having sex with? The one I’m raping? 」

Momoka looked at the window.

The body that’s swaying like a man’s penis is shoved inside her.

「 That’s Momoka ★ Grace…Me 」

The long brown haired girl with a black leather collar on her neck.

Sumitomo Momoka’s a sporty girl with short hair.

The high morals Sumitomo Momoka won’t wear any accessories like that.

「 I’m already Momoka ★ Grace 」

Above all, Sumitomo Momoka will never let a man she just met have his way with her body.

She will not be violated. Raped. She won’t have sex with him.

「 If this was me before, I won’t be able to endure this that I might get crazy, and yet… 」

Momoka looks at me, the man swinging hips on her.

「 I’m accepting that Kuromori Kou-sama’s raping me 」

I’m enjoying Momoka’s narrow virgin vagina.

Momoka isn’t complaining about the pain.

Her body’s like that.

「 M-Momoka 」

I grab Momoka’s chest and knead her nipples.

「 Aah, aaah, haaa!!! 」

I slowly speed up my hips, Momoka’s also starting to leak out moans.

「 It feels good, it’s amazing inside Momoka. It’s great to have sex with you 」

Nozomi was in a lot of pain, and she had a lot of blood,

So, I couldn’t thrust with all I can, but…

Momoka surely can endure this.

「 Kuuu, uuuu, haaa, I-It’s good? !M-Me? 」

「 Yeah, it feels good, amazing. That clamping, that sucking 」

「 Aah, I can feel it. Kuromori Kou-sama’s moving inside Momoka 」

Momoka can feel my penis inside her

「 Aaaaah! Momoka!! I-I!!! 」

「 Aaaahn! Kuu, Hauuuu! W-What?! What is it? 」

Momoka doesn’t know men’s physiology.

She looks at me blankly.

That innocent face of hers is lovely.

「 Aaah, I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside Momoka! Aaaha! I’m cumming! Uuuuu! 」

I grind the tip of my glans on Momoka’s puffed up uterus.

My white liquid shoots in.


My penis trembles inside Momoka and I release liquid.

「 Ah, something’s coming in. Is this semen? 」

Momoka can feel the hot liquid pouring deep inside her.

「 Yeah, I’m cumming more Momoka! I’m ejaculating inside Momoka 」

「 Am I getting pregnant? 」

Momoka’s dumbfounded, she’s experiencing her first creampie.

Oh, this body of hers…

I think we can go for a second round now.

I decided.

This time, I’ll teach Momoka the pleasures of sex.

「 Uuuuu, Momoka! Momoka!!! 」

「 Huh? What? What’s going on? 」

Momoka’s confused with the fate she’s facing as a man’s pouring semen on her.