Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1122. Sex Training with the Virgins / Momoka – 5 Blooming Maiden (Second Creampie)



「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, i-is it over? 」

The naked Momoka speaks as she’s sweating all over.

I fell exhausted on Momoka’s body.

「 Yeah, the first one 」

I reply while catching up on my breath.

I get up slowly while my penis is still inside her.

「 But, it’s still hard 」

I grab Momoka’s flushed breasts and tease her nipples.

「 Oh, we’re doing it again? 」

「 Yeah 」

I take Momoka’s hand and guide her to the connected part.

「 Here, touch it 」

「 It’s true, it’s still big 」

Momoka touches the root of the penis that’s buried inside her vagina.

「 I was really raped 」

I looked at Momoka’s slit.

As expected, there’s no blood.

「 Momoka, does your stomach hurt? 」

I asked.

「 If it hurts then I won’t push further 」

Momoka confirmed her body state…

「 Err…it only feels a little bit tingling, but there’s nothing that hurts that much 」

Then, she looked up at me.

「 Is that weird? I’m a virgin and yet it doesn’t hurt? 」

Then, Katsuko-nee, who’s been taking photos of what we’re doing;

「 It differs for each person. Some girls don’t feel pain but pleasure instead on their first time 」

She said with a smile.

「 Momoka was lucky. You move your body a lot in your club activities and so you are flexible 」

「 Asahina-san was in a lot of pain. And there was a lot of blood on her too 」

She watched Nozomi and I have sex before her turn.

「 Huh? I’m not bleeding 」

Momoka looked up and peeked into the connected part.

「 I…uhm, I’m a virgin though 」

「 Yeah, I know 」

I replied.

「 It’s just that you have a different constitution. He knows that you really are a virgin 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 R-Really? 」

Momoka looked at me worriedly.

「 Yeah, I took Momoka’s virginity. I know the feeling when my dick tears through the hymen 」

I kissed Momoka on the cheeks.

「 I-Is that so? I’m glad 」

Momoka sighed.


「 I was just raped, wasn’t I? 」

She loosened up.

Her hands are still tied up above her head.

She’s lying down on the bed with her breasts and armpits exposed.

「 You felt it too, didn’t you? My hot semen pouring in your womb 」

「 I don’t know if it’s my womb, but I did feel something warm spread inside my stomach 」

Momoka’s eyes are teary.

「 Semen is in my baby room, isn’t it? 」

「 Yeah, it is 」

I reply with facts.

「 Now I’m back to an ordinary girl 」

She spills tears.

「 Haaaaa, somehow, after all that happened, I feel refreshed on the contrary 」

「 Nononono, I’m the one who feels refreshed after ejaculating 」

「 Dear, that’s not what Momoka-san is saying 」

Katsuko-nee looked at me.

「 ‘Since I had my first experience already, this is the only path in my life now,’ she feels that way. She’s a little hopeless. But, since she feels that way, she feels refreshed now too 」


「 That means you’re ready? 」

Katsuko-nee asks Momoka with a gentle smile.

「 It’s impossible for someone like me to do something that forward-looking like resolving myself. Momoka’s an idiot after all. But, now that it happened, I accept my fate. I can’t agree with it, but this is Momoka’s fate 」

Momoka smiled at me in tears.

「 It’s like Chekhov 」


「 Uhm, Chekhov is an old novelist. In Russia. Do you not know him? 」

Momoka asks me.

「 He’s a playwright. He wrote the “Three sisters,” where they lost their hope, and fell to despair. The first act is about the three sisters wanting to go back to Moscow. They hold the hope that they should be able to return home. In the second act, they’re uneasy because they might not be able to come home. In the third act, they all begin to lose their patience with the idea that they might not be able to come home. Then… 」


「 The fourth and last act, the sisters thought that they can’t return to Moscow, that they never can, and they felt hopeless. But, the despair made them lose all hope, which made them feel refreshed. Relieved. They feel lighter. After their despair, they could begin their new lives 」

Momoka’s smile is beautiful.

「 I…Momoka who Kuromori Kou-sama raped, will become a prostitute, right? 」


「 Sorry, I couldn’t help you out from that, Momoka 」

I can’t just make the debts of Momoka’s father from Minaho-neesan disappear by asking her.

As of now, I’m borrowing huge amounts of money from Minaho-neesan for my women.

If I ask to keep Momoka away from being a prostitute, then I’ll also need to save Nozomi, Then, Misato, And the other girls too.

But, Minaho-neesan gave her word to Jii-chan and the customers of Black Forest that she’ll reopen the brothel.

And, the brothel lacks new prostitutes.

In the end, someone has to be the new prostitute.


Nozomi and Momoka, and Shirahata-san who I haven’t had sex with yet…

These girls are the outstanding talents Minaho-neesan spent six months to find all over the country.

Young, beautiful, and they love their parents, that they consented to sell themselves to repay their family debt.

It’s unknown when we’ll find girls who fit that requirement again.

Even if those girls exist, I have to train them again.

It might be a pain to make them a prostitute.


I also feel hopeless.

I can’t do anything but accept that Momoka’s going to become a prostitute.

「 It’s okay. I can understand how Kuromori Kou-sama feels 」

Momoka smiled at me.

「 I thought that it would be a much more harsh experience, I was expecting my heart to be burnt. But, it didn’t happen. Thank you


「 Momoka’s stupid. Really stupid. Yeah, knowing that I’m stupid makes me feel lighter. Therefore, I’ll just become dumber! That’s okay 」


「 Now, Kuromori Kou-sama! What kind of sex do you want to do with this stupid Momoka ★ Grace? Please order me 」


Yeah, let’s get dumber.

I’ll just enjoy my sex with Momoka.

「 You know, I really liked that cheerleader outfit on Momoka earlier 」

I said.

「 So, I want to rape Momoka in that cheerleader dress 」

「 Okay, certainly! I’d gladly do it! 」

Momoka replied with a bright voice.

◇ ◇ ◇

Anyway, for Momoka to put on her cheerleader outfit…

I release the black bindings on her hand.

Then, I also let go of our connection.

I pulled my penis from Momoka’s insides.

「 Kuuu! Ahn! 」

My glans passes through the narrow entrance.

Nuppo. It’s spat out from Momoka’s slit.

「 Wow, what’s this? 」

Momoka saw the semen spilling from her insides and is surprised.

「 This is semen? There’s so much 」

The girl who was a virgin just earlier is surprised at everything.

「 Okay, stay still, I’m taking photos of your first creampie 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Momoka’s body.

「 Also, this is so big and thick, and yet, it went inside Momoka 」

Momoka stares at my penis.

「 Don’t just look at it, touch it 」

「 Ah, yes, I’m sorry for not noticing. I’m sorry for being dumb 」

Momoka touches my glans with her thin fingers.

「 Good boy, good boy 」

She pats it gently.

「 Oh? I should’ve thought you how to use your hand to serve though 」

Katsuko-nee tells Momoka.

「 Ah, I’m very sorry. I wasn’t listening. I’m sorry, sorry for being dumb 」

「 Can’t help it. You’ll have to focus on learning how to do a handjob until his next training with you. This time, be sure to learn it 」

「 Yes, gladly 」

She didn’t have this much composure today.

「 Yeah, that’s enough with my dick, hurry up and change to a cheerleader already. Oh right, don’t put on any underwear. I want to bang you with your ass exposed on your miniskirt 」

「 Okay, please wait a second 」

Momoka stands up from the bed and then felt dizzy.

「 You okay? 」

「 Ah, I’m okay. It’s just that I got up too vigorously…I’m so stupid 」

Momoka’s flexible body.

It seems that her body reduced the damage from deflowering as much as possible, but…

But the damage isn’t zero.

「 Don’t push yourself, you don’t have to rush 」

「 Yes, I’m very sorry for making you worry 」

Momoka slowly walks to the cheerleader clothing she took off earlier.

「 That girl might be amazingly fit as a prostitute 」

Katsuko-nee whispers to my ear.

「 When Nagisa first called Kouzuki-sama “Shige-chan,” everyone froze in place. Even Minaho-ojousama did 」

Oh right, the head of the Kouzuki house, the family line of nobility among nobles, the man with the biggest influence in politics and finance…

A prostitute called him so intimately, calling him “Shige-chan”

「 But, Nagisa’s cheerfulness and easygoing attitude was a success in the end. Nagisa during her active duty time hooked in a lot of influential clients, and so she built up her close relationship with Kouzuki-sama

Nagisa was the number one in the brothel when she was the prostitute.

「 Nobody among the seniors in the brothel called Kouzuki-sama with that nickname. As expected, that girl is very strong to jump over that hurdle 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Momoka-san, when you gave her the Momoka ★ Grace character, it was a hit. Girls who jump over the hurdles just become stronger. And that girl… 」

Momoka puts on her cheerleader outfit.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama! What about Momoka’s wig? 」


「 Should I put the pink wig back on? 」

Oh right, Sumitomo Momoka’s real hair is a black short-cut.

She’s wearing a long brown hair wig right now.

Earlier, when she put on that cheerleader outfit, she had that long pink hair.

「 Momoka, which do you prefer? 」

「 Momoka’s dumb so she can’t decide for herself! I’m very sorry to ask but please decide for me, Kuromori Kou-sama 」

Momoka smiles.

「 Then, let’s go with the pink one 」

「 Okay, gladly! I mean, pink looks much more stupid, it suits Momoka! As expected of Kuromori Kou-sama! You know what to pick 」

Momoka changes wig.

She puts on the pink hair, looked at the mirror, and fixed it.

「 Okay. That’s really dumb, very much like Momoka ★ Grace! Nufufu 」

She smiled at the mirror, then, she brings in the yellow pompoms and head towards me.

「 Okay, I’m done! 」


「 One! Two! Three! Four! Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!! 」

She raised her legs and then did some cheer girl dance.

She’s wearing a miniskirt so her slit is exposed.

「 Kyaan 」

Momoka suddenly stopped dancing and covered her crotch.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Your semen is spilling from inside 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 Yes, that’s right! Iyaan! 」

Momoka takes the towel Katsuko-nee gave her and wipes her crotch.

That appearance is lewd.

「 Err, uhm, should I lie down on the bed again? 」

Momoka asks me.

「 No, we’re doing it over there. Come with me Momoka 」

I get off the bed, bring one chair, and stand before the mirror.

「 Let’s do it here, right in front of the mirror. I want to do it while watching as I violate Momoka 」

「 Uuu, that’s really lewd 」

Momoka comes to me while saying that.

I sit down on the shallow chair.

「 Come here, sit on my lap Momoka 」

「 O-Okay, excuse me 」

Momoka’s soft ass touches my lap.

It’s always the same thought, women have cold and pleasant asses.

「 Spread your legs and show the most embarrassing part of Momoka to the mirror. 」

「 Okay 」

I sit down naked.

On my lap is a beautiful girl wearing a cheerleader outfit, no bra, no panty.

Her pink hair and the slit in her mini skirt is visible.

「 Aaah, I look so stupid! And really lewd 」

Seeing herself in the mirror, Momoka trembled.

「 Yeah, you are 」

I coil my arms around, then touched Momoka’s breasts under her cheerleader uniform.

I exposed her breasts and fondled them lewdly.

I enjoy the elasticity of her nicely shaped breasts.

「 Ahn! I might like it when you touch my breasts 」

Momoka moans immediately.

「 What about teasing your nipples? 」

I pinched her stiff nipples.

「 I might love that. Afuu 」

I tease her breasts with my left and my right-hand touches Momoka’s thighs.

「 Ahn, geez. It feels like I’m getting molested 」

「 I also feel like doing some molester stuff 」

Momoka’s thighs, especially her inner thighs are soft.

I rub Momoka’s ass again and again.

「 Aaahn 」

「 Momoka, look at the mirror, you’re making a lewd face 」

「 I mean, you’re doing lewd things to me. Aaaahn! 」

My middle finger touch Momoka’s slit.

I move it up and down.

Warm and sour liquid spills out from Momoka’s insides.

「 Momoka, from now on, you’re banned from touching yourself. What I mean is you’re not allowed to masturbate 」

I whispered to Momoka.

「 But, what if I want to touch myself? 」

「 Then, call me, I’ll touch you 」

「 O-Okay…if you’d please 」

Yeah, the fire inside Momoka’s body flares up again.

「 Momoka, stand up and put your hand on the mirror. 」

I ordered.

「 I’ll violate you from behind while you’re standing 」

「 O-Okayy…Momoka will get raped again 」

Momoka stands up unsteadily, then puts her hands on the mirror.

「 Stick your ass to me, so it’s easier to bang you 」

「 Ah, okay! I’m sorry for not being thoughtful! Momoka’s sorry for being dumb! 」

She raised her cute ass towards me.

Her twitching anus and her slit that’s leaking love nectar are exposed.

「 Momoka, watch yourself as I violate you. And don’t you ever forget that I violated you 」

「 O-Okay 」

My erect penis touches Momoka’s narrow entrance.

「 Ah! 」

Momoka trembles as she feels a man’s hot glans, but…

I grab Momoka’s thin hips and then…

「 Kuuuu! It’s coming in!!! 」

Nucho! Zumumumumu!!!

My tensed penis goes inside Momoka once again.

「 Aaaaaah!!!! 」

Momoka looks at herself in the mirror.

She sees my penis push inside her.

「 Nooooo~ It’s happening again!!! 」

The sporty beauty has a narrow vagina.

Even so, doing it from behind has a better angle compared to missionary, and so…

It pushes through her vagina, then deeper, and deeper.

「 I’m getting raped! Momoka’s being raped!!! 」


I’m inside Momoka’s hot and tight insides from the glans to the root.

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaan!! 」

I’m violating a beautiful pink-haired cheer girl.

「 I’m moving, Momoka 」

I grab Momoka’s hips tighter and then push in my hips.

「 Kiiii!! Hiiiii! Kuha 」

Momoka braces her legs and puts strength on her hands touching the mirror.

She’s enduring my tyranny.

A man’s violent sexual assault.

「 Iyaaaaaaaa!! Iyaaaaaaa!! Iyaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Her teary eyes watch her violated, and me.

I thrust from behind, and Momoka’s breasts exposed from her cheerleader uniform sways around.

I let go of my hands grabbing her hips and then I grope Momoka’s breasts from behind.

I enjoy the feeling of Momoka’s breasts and vagina from the rear-entry position and knead her nipples.

「 Aaaahn, I look stupid! Momoka looks so dumb! I’m becoming dumber! 」

「 Yeah, Momoka’s a dumb girl 」

I grind her hips and then my right hand…

I smear saliva on my index and middle finger.

Then, I look for Momoka’s clitoris.

I exposed it and then rub it with my fingers while violating her.

「 Hiiiiiii!! I’m weak there!! 」

Momoka’s vagina tightens up.

「 I know! That’s why I’m doing it 」

I rub Momoka’s clitoris roughly.

「 Kyauuuuu!!! Aaaaaahn!!! Iyaaaaaaa 」

Momoka’s feeling it.

Those aren’t tears from sadness or despair, it’s the sound of someone in pleasure in sex.

「 Aaaaaahn!! Momoka’s becoming stupid! Iyaaaaaaan!! 」

My left-hand gropes her breasts…

Then, my middle finger teases her nipple and my thumb rubs Momoka’s armpit.

My right hand is teasing Momoka’s clitoris.

My tongue is licking Momoka’s back.

And my penis…

It’s grinding inside Momoka’s pussy.

I’m attacking four places at once.

「 Aaaaaah, I…Momoka’s feeling weird! 」

She has experience in masturbating.

She probably won’t cum from my penis thrusts, but…

Stimulating her clitoris should bring her to climax.

「 Momoka, me too! I’m going to join you 」

I want us to cum together in our second round of sex.

「 Kyaaaaaa! Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Kuuuun! Haaaaaa 」

Momoka’s body is on fire. The smell of her sweat, love nectar, and her lewdness.

Momoka’s toe fingers scratch the floor, her whole body’s accumulating explosion.

Her hands pushing the mirror is also pushing with strength.

Each time Momoka’s anus tightens up, her vagina clamps too.

「 Aaaaah, it’s coming! Coming! Coming! Coming!!! 」

Momoka’s insides are boiling from the huge wave.

「 Aaaah! Momoka! Momka!!! 」

I also spurt in one stretch and dashed to ejaculation.


My abdomen slaps Momoka’s ass and it makes nice sounds.

「 Aaaaah, aaaaah, iyaaaa!Kuhaaaaaa 」

Momoka’s eyes in the mirror opened wide.

「 Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!! 」

Momoka bent her back grandly and then she climaxes in a rear-entry position.

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

Momoka’s vagina twitched.

It’s squeezing my penis.

Therefore, me too.

「 Momokaaa!!!! Hmmmmmm!!! 」

The tip of my glans blows like a water gun.

It jets out the hot liquid.

「 Hmmmmmm!!!!! 」

Feeling the heat jump in her womb, Momoka’s insides twitched reflexively.

Her vagina constricted, stimulating my penis.

It’s pulsating like a heartbeat…I’m defiling Momoka’s insides with my smell.

「 Aaaaaaaah, it’s coming! It’s coming 」

Momoka shouts with her eyes melting.

「 Momoka’s no more! I’m becoming dumb! I’m floating in the skies!!! 」

The climax and creampie changed Momoka into a weak woman.

Even when I’m ejaculating, I’m not stopping my hand from teasing Momoka’s clitoris.

Momoka’s completely drowning in the sea of pleasure!!!

「 Iyaaaaaaa! Iyaaaaaa!! Iyaaaa!!! 」

Momoka’s vagina squirms. Her womb is drinking my semen.

「 Momoka’s falling! I’m falling!! 」

「 It’s okay, I’m holding you tightly 」

I embraced Momoka who’s confused.

「 Hyaaaaaa! Uuuuuuu, ukuaaaaaaa 」

We stay still until Momoka’s climax calmed down.

I put some strength into my hips and poured the semen that remained in my urethra inside Momoka.

Before long…

「 Haaa, haaa, haa, haa, haa 」

Momoka’s blushing, her face is in tears.

「 Are you okay, Momoka? 」

I called her out.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, it felt too amazing that I didn’t know what happened 」

It’ll be painful to keep this posture so I pull my penis out of Momoka.

「 Nnnnguu 」

My penis comes off Momoka’s entrance, and then…

Massive amounts of semen trickled down from her slit.

Momoka’s ass and thighs are dirtied.

「 Aaaaa 」

Momoka fell on the floor.

Her body seems to have lost strength.

「 Momoka 」

I embraced and kissed Momoka.

As our lips touched.

「 Hmmmm 」

Momoka sucks on my lips intensely.

She’s asking for my tongue. Our tongues entwine.

The reverberations of sex, the fire in her body still hasn’t disappeared.

I also grab Momoka’s breasts and ass while kissing.

Momoka also crawled her hands on my back and ass.

They call this, seeking each other’s skin.

「 Kuuuuuuuuu!!! 」

Leaking out breaths without words, we repeatedly kiss each other while caressing each other’s bodies.

Momoka took ten minutes before she calmed down.