Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1127. Sex Training with the Virgins / Setsuna 3 – Deflowering – Noisy Rape



「 N-Noo! I don’t want this! 」

Shirahata-san trembles as she discovers it’s time to violate her.

「 S-Stop it! I will not accept this kind of first experience! W-What right do you have?! 」

I look at Nozomi and Momoka who are fellating me…

「 It’s not my right, it’s my duty to rape Shirahata-san 」

「 True, he’s not doing it because he wants to. Shirahata-san, give it up 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I-I don’t get it! What the hell does that mean? 」

Even when I explain, Shirahata-san will not understand it right now.

If you think of the whole situation with Shirahata-san, and how her family’s got a debt…

Someone has to rape Shirahata-san and make her a prostitute.

And that’s my duty.

I’m the only man in the Kuromori house and a member of a criminal syndicate.

「 Nozomi, Momoka, That’s good enough. Thanks 」

I thanked the two

「 Ufufu, Kuromori-kun’s penis is already rock hard 」

「 I’m sure that this will go inside Shirahata-san smoothly 」

Shirahata-san looks at my glans shining from saliva, and;

「 S-Stop it! I don’t want this!! Never!! 」

She shakes her body, trying to escape the bindings, but…

The leather belt is firmly attached to the gynecology examination table frame.

She’s exposing her embarrassing place to me with a pornographic pose, unable to move her body.

「 My dick is going in and will break your hymen 」

I rub my glans into Shirahata-san’s slit.

「 N-Noooooo! Stop! Stop! Stop!!! 」

A man’s hot organ is touching her body’s most sensitive part.

I repeatedly rub my penis on her slit up and down, mixing Shirahata-san’s leaking love nectar from the inside.

「 I-If you put it in, I-I won’t forgive you!! 」

Shirahata-san glares at me with a half-crying face.

Her huge breasts sway up and down with her rough breathing.

「 What will happen if you don’t forgive me? 」

Are you going to kill me? Hate me until death? Are you going to say that far?

「 I-I’ll curse you! 」

「 Curse? Oh, it’s just to that degree 」

「 I’ll curse you! I-I’ll curse you forever! 」

「 After you curse me, what’s next? 」

I asked her calmly.

「 That’s…err…I’m sure that you’ll receive some punishment! I’m sure that will happen! 」

I’m not going to ask her what kind. We’re just going around in circles.

「 Really? I’m looking forward to that 」

I opened Shirahata-san’s slit.

Then, my tip goes to her vaginal opening that’s leaking love nectar.

「 Hey! Stop! I told you!! 」

「 As if I would 」

I push in my hips.

「 Agyaaa!!! 」

Shirahata-san frowns like she’s pushed against fire.

「 S-Sto… 」

「 There, it’s your hymen 」

The tip of my glans can feel the flesh barrier.

「 I’m tearing this off, Shirahata Setsuna 」

「 W-W-W-Wait!!! 」

I grab Shirahata-san’s waist.

Then, I broke through in one go.

「 O-Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!!! 」

My erect penis is pushing her hymen.

It’s tearing it.

「 Kihiiii!!!! It hurts! It really hurts!!! 」

「 Endure it 」

I said.

「 It’s okay, Nozomi’s much narrower than you 」

Nozomi’s younger than her. Besides, Shirahata-san’s body has grown well.

Her body should be able to take in my penis.

「 But it still hurts!!! 」

「 Isn’t that obvious? We’re making a hole on the part where you were a virgin 」

「 I didn’t ask for this! 」

「 I didn’t ask for this either!!! 」

I push in through her narrow pussy.

I’m invading her narrow vagina.

「 T-That’s enough already, isn’t it?! It won’t go further than that! 」

「 That’s just half of it! 」

「 It’s enough! That’s too much!! 」

「 I won’t be satisfied until I shove it all in 」

「 Kihiiiiiiii 」

My dick goes deeper and deeper while dragging the torn hymen.

「 Nooo, noooo! noooooo 」

I approach Shirahata-san’s face as I get deeper.

Shirahata-san’s skin is sweating as a foreign object enters her vagina.

「 There, that’s the goal 」

I purposely boosted my push and reached to the root.

「 Mugiiii!! 」

Shirahata-san screams, feeling the hot glans in her uterus.

「 Congratulations for losing your virginity 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Congratulations, Shirahata-san 」

「 Congratulations 」

Nozomi and Momoka looked at Shirahata-san’s face and said.

「 There’s nothing to celebrate! This is a nightmare! 」

Tears gather in Shirahata-san’s eyes again.

「 Oh? This is no nightmare. This is reality. Shirahata Setsuna-san is no longer a virgin. You now have experience in sex 」

Katsuko-nee stirs her up.

「 I’m not accepting this. I’m not accepting this!! 」

Shirahata-san retorts with hate.

「 Even if you don’t accept it, this is reality. Okay, I’ll take a commemorative photo 」

Katsuko-nee takes her camera and then takes photos of my dick completely buried inside Shirahata-san.

「 S-Stop! Don’t take photos!! 」

Shirahata-san shouts, but since her body’s tied up, she can’t do anything to resist.

「 Stop it! I’m telling you!! Higiii!!! 」

I moved my hips, and Shirahata-san returned her consciousness to me.

「 I-It hurts! D-Don’t move! 」

「 If I don’t move, then I won’t ejaculate 」

I said.

I want to pour in my semen inside Shirahat-san’s womb on an unsafe day

「 Don’t pour that! Stupid!! 」

Shirahata-san screams aloud.

「 Since you experienced deflowering, the next step is cream pie experience 」

「 Yes. Momoka had the same experience 」

Nozomi and Momoka said

「 I don’t want to become like you!! Gihiiiiii!! 」

I slowly move my hips.

「 Ouch! It hurts! I’m telling you it hurts! Stop it! Stop! I’m dying! I’m dying! 」

「 If you’re making that much noise then you should be able to endure it 」

I said.

「 If you’re in so much pain that you’re dying, then you won’t be able to scream 」

「 Y-You’re saying…that because y-you’re not a woman, are you?! You’re not even a woman…w-what do you know about pain 」

「 It’s because I have a lot of experience with virgins 」

Yeah, this sensation. She’s definitely okay.

There’s not much blood either.

「 You have experience…b-but, it’s my first time 」

「 That’s why I’m gentle here 」

First, I slowly feel around Shirahata-san’s insides.

I move in and out.

「 Hiii, hiii, kuhiiiiii!! 」

Look, Shirahata-san’s slowly no longer complaining about the pain.

I took my time to loosen up her pussy after all.

「 I’ll enjoy your breasts too 」

I stretched out my hands and groped Shirahata-san’s huge breasts.

「 Kyauuu!! 」

As usual, her breasts are soft, but, this time, it’s sweating so it has a different feel.

It feels nice to tease her stiff nipples too.

「 Ah, auu, I-I’m being raped?! 」

Shirahata-san looked at me.

「 Yeah, that’s right, I’m violating you. I’m raping you 」

Shirahata-san’s insides are hot. It’s hot and moist. And, it’s narrow.

「 Uuuuu, I won’t forgive you. I’ll never forgive you 」

Tears spill out from her eyes as Shirahata-san says that.

「 Yeah, you don’t have to. You can hate me blame me, hate me for the rest of your life 」

「 You don’t have to tell me that 」

Shirahata-san glares at me with a tearful face.

「 Okay, this looks good. It’s about time I spurt 」

Her virgin vagina already remembered the shape of my dick.

If that’s the case.

「 What’s spurt? 」

Shirahata-san asks with a fearful face.

「 It’s the last spurt. I want to ejaculate already 」


「 It’ll be a little bit painful, but it’ll be over soon so endure it 」

I grab Shirahata-san’s shoulders then speed up my hips.

「 Eeeeeeh?! It hurts! Hey! It hurts! It really hurts! Don’t be so rough! 」

I slam my abdomen on Shirahata-san.

「 Stop it! Stop it! No, noo, nooooo!! 」

Shirahata-san’s huge breasts sway around as I make intense thrusts.

Our sweat is flying around.

「 N-Noooo! It hurts! It really hurts!!! 」

Ooh, I can feel my semen rising up from the inside.

「 Shirahata-san, I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum inside Shirahata-san!! 」

「 Nooo, you can’t do that!!! If you cum inside I’ll curse you! I’ll curse you!!! 」

Ooh, her fear of a man cumming inside her made Shirahata-san’s vagina clamp harder.

I’m being squeezed!!!

「 Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!! 」

「 Don’t come!!! 」

「 Aaaaaaah! I’m cumming!!! 」

My first wave of hot semen flies inside Shirahata-san’s womb like a jet spray.

「 Gyapaaa 」

Shirahata-san’s eyes opened wide as she feels the hot semen spreading inside her.

「 N-No way…I can’t accept this 」

「 Even if you don’t, it’s still coming 」

I grind my hips and continue ejaculating.

「 Look, my semen is inside Shirahata-san 」

「 Uuuuuuuuu 」

Shirahata-san tears up again.

「 I-I know! I already know that! Kuuuuu…stupid!! 」

I ejaculated inside Shirahata-san until the last drop.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Good work 」

Katsuko-nee tells me with a smile.

「 You must be tired. Good job 」

Yeah, that’s true.

I feel quite exhausted after continuous sex.

「 Kuuuu, uuuuuuu 」

Shirahata-san’s still connected to me. She’s crying.


It’s not time to be exhausted.

I have to finish this.

「 It’s not time to cry, Shirahata-san 」

I psyched myself up and raised my body.

「 Look at this 」

I slowly pull my penis out of Shirahata-san’s vagina.

「 Kuuuu, auuuu 」

Shirahata-san stops crying due to the pain of my glans pulling out of her entrance.

「 Look, this is your virgin blood. And then, that liquid spilling just now is my semen 」

My semen mixed with her blood pours out of her slit.

「 Uuuu 」

Seeing that, Shirahata-san cries again.

Katsuko-nee films that appearance too.

This room has various cameras around, and yet, she’s taking photos decisively, it’s purpose is to corner Shirahata-san.

「 Well then, since it’s Shirahata-san’s unsafe day, you’ll get pregnant if left alone 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Shirahata-san cries.

「 Shirahata-san, want to bear my child? 」

「 Kuuuu 」

「 I won’t get what you’re trying to say if you’re crying 」

Shirahata-san glares at me.

「 I don’t want to bear your child 」

「 Hmm, so what will you do? 」

I stir her up.

「 Y-You have a contraceptive, don’t you?! Give me that 」

Yeah, she remembers.

「 Is that the attitude of someone who’s asking for something? 」

I speak in a low tone.

「 Shirahata-san, say “please give me a contraceptive,” to Kuromori-kun 」

「 T-That’s right, you have to ask Kuromori Kou-sama nicely 」

Nozomi and Momoka said.

「 T-This man raped me! He raped me! 」

「 Then, I guess you don’t need contraceptives

I said.

This girl is stubborn, but she’s not stupid.

She noticed the line she shouldn’t cross.

「 P-Please. G-Give it to me 」

Shirahata-san says with a disgusted look.

「 What? I won’t understand anything from that. 」

「 P-Please… Give me a contraceptive 」

「 You should’ve said that from the start 」

I retorted.

「 Ikeda-sensei gives you a contraceptive after your medical exam. We contacted her to do that 」

Katsuko-nee said with a gentle smile.

「 Shirahata-san, do you hate me? 」

I asked deliberately.

「 Answer me honestly. Shirahata-san, do you hate me? 」


「 O-Obviously I hate you! I hate you a lot!! 」

She shouts while glaring at me.

「 If that’s the case, face me 」

「 Yes, I’ll get back to you! I’ll definitely become a lawyer and sue you!! 」

「 What’s before that? 」


「 Your dream of becoming a lawyer, but you have to think of surviving through the five years from now on. Am I wrong? 」

I slapped Shirahata-san’s ass.

「 I-It hurts you know! 」

「 Shirahata-san has nothing but her body right now. You have to survive for five years with nothing but this! Get a hold of the rich customers if you want to leave this place as soon as possible! No, why don’t you look for a patron who’ll fund your expenses to become a lawyer? 」

Shirahata-san’s startled.

「 If you hate me if you’re angry at your fate, then fight. Use your body, fight to the bitter end, literally naked! 」

「 You don’t have to tell me that! 」

After I deflowered and creampied her.

Once she had sex with a man she doesn’t even love.

The weight of the need to become a prostitute lessens.

She starts to accept the reality that she has to earn money through sex.

「 I know! I know! I get it! I’ll definitely make you pay! I’ll never forgive you! 」

Shirahata-san’s fighting spirit is now burning.

This is good.

「 Okay, I’ll take the rest. You can take a rest in this room 」

Katsuko-nee unlocks the door to the room earlier.

「 Asahina-san and Momoka-san, stay with Shirahata-san. First, wash her body, and also, Momoka-san and Shirahata-san will have a checkup on Ikeda-sensei 」

「 Okay. Kuromori-kun, we’ll look after Shirahata-san 」

「 We’re going to be allies that’ll live together from now on 」

Nozomi and Momoka said.


My task is over.

「 Then, I’ll leave you girls to it 」

I put on my bathrobe

Shirahata-san continues to glare at me.

Katsuko-nee unfastens the belts holding Shirahata-san down.

I’m hated. Using what Shirahata-san said, I’m cursed.

This is okay.

This is good.

I opened the door and returned to the room earlier.

◇ ◇ ◇

I closed the door.

The door automatically locked.

Okay, now they’re blocked off.


Misato, Arisu, Karen, Mitama, and Kinuka should be here, but they’re not?

Only the Go board is left in here.

The pieces are already cleaned up.

Seems like their game is already done.

Pssh. Click.

Another door opened.

Minaho-neesan and Tamayo-san entered.

「 Good job, Kou 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 Really, you’re good at this 」

Tamayo-san said.

「 You dealt with the three individually knowing what they seek at their age 」

I don’t get it but it seems that they’re praising me.

「 I want you to carry the duty that nobody had in the Black Forest before. Even before I could explain it to you, you already read the situation, and took the role to yourself 」

「 Role? 」

I thought I’m only doing what I should do.

「 You know that prostitution is the first occupation women had, right? Prostitutes rose up together with culture 」

I know that.

If a mass of people started their work, women who become prostitutes appear.

Women who obtain food and living expenses by selling their body.

「 And, prostitutes always have a pimp with them 」

「 Pimp? 」

「 In the Japanese language, the pimp has a strong image of a useless man trying to hoist up money from the prostitutes, but in English, the idea of a man mediating prostitutes and customers is stronger. Basically, men who manage the prostitutes, and earn money from them 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Others may see the man exploiting the prostitutes, but it’s a much deeper relationship. All women can’t work in prostitution. There are jobs like a bouncer that protects the prostitutes from odd customers, or the agency that keeps the relationship between the underground society that only men can do 」

I see.

If it’s just women, then it’s hard for them to get the money after they sold their bodies.

If they have a scary man with them, then they can control trouble.

That’s their profile.

「 That realistic perception is important, but, the mental significance is greater. As expected, since the prostitute is a woman, they feel unstable unless they have a man they can rely on 」

「 Therefore, no matter which prostitution cave you go to, there will always be a pimp accompanying the prostitutes. Not only men come to prostitutes, but prostitute wants pimps too 」

Tamayo-san said.

「 Meaning, Kou, by having sex with Asahina-san, Sumitomo-san, and Shirahata-san, you took their virginity, and became their pimp 」


「 Trust, dependence, and hatred, they all feel different towards Kou, but you’ve become someone special to them. That’s good for now. Anyway, those girls will no longer be isolated in the brothel 」


「 If Asahina-san and Sumitomo-san have a problem, they’ll talk to you immediately. Shirahata-san too, she hates you right now, but I’m sure that she’ll notice that you’re special 」

「 Normally, one can’t be that honest to the person that raped them like that 」

Tamayo-san said.

「 Soon, that girl will still complain, but she sure will consult her worries with you. After all, you’re easy to talk to 」

「 You’ll have to continue training them for a while, maybe after the second or third time in sex, Shirahata-san’s attitude will change completely 」

Is that so?

「 That hate might turn to attachment 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 But, Kou, you can endure it. Those girls won’t be having sex with just you 」


「 I know that. They’re prostitutes. I can’t do anything about that, but, I just want to lessen their suffering as much as possible. Also, I want them to have a dream of what to do after retiring from prostitution, and I want to support them as much as possible for the rest of their lives 」

Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san are in a situation where they have to become a prostitute.

I can’t do anything about that.

I can’t just add everyone in the family because I feel pity.

There’s a limit on my dependence on Minaho-neesan.

If that’s the case.

「 So, I’ll do what I can. But, if I can’t, then I can’t. I accept that reality. 」

I replied.

「 You’ve grown. Kou 」

Minaho-neesan smiled gently at me.

「 I know that you’ll be okay now 」


「 Kou, go back to the mansion and have sex with Kaan-sama’s young lady 」