Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1129. Before Sunset / Reset Time



For now…

Misato’s now rationed a phone to contact only Arisu and the girls.

Nozomi, Momoka, and Shirahata-san are also handed a phone that can contact only me.

With this, they now have a direct line to contact me in case some problem happened.

「 I mean, by the week after next, those girls will enroll in your school 」

Katsuko-nee says while getting in the car parked in the basement.

The girls who came with us, Arisu, Karen, Mitama, and Kinuka, are here too.

「 Huh, our school? 」

「 Yes. Those girls are still high-school students, aren’t they? Besides, remember? That school was formerly used as a camouflage for the prostitutes of the Black Forest 」

Minaho-neesan’s grandfather established the previously Kuromori Tower of the Black Forest, which is a secret social meeting place for the people in politics and business circles post-war.

And then, since he’s gathering prostitutes to work for him.

The mansion is disguised as a women’s dormitory, the prostitutes attend school, and they work at night.

「 They’re to be set up next year, but the Nadeshiko course is moving forward. We’re making a separate class isolated from the ordinary students. We’re going to use the old school building that’s already closed down. 」

Oh, that old school building where I used to rape Yukino.

Nadeshiko course, if I recall, its setting is “a course for women to learn traditional Japanese culture”

「 The intention is to build a new school building by next year, but, that’s how it is for the time being. Those girls will come to your school every day in Ojou-sama’s car 」

This is the basement facility under the hotel in front of the station. It takes only 15 minutes to reach our school.

「 If they’re confined in the basement all the time, it’ll mentally drain them. So, it’s better if they come and go to our school, feeling the light of the sun 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Weirdly, they’re joining halfway through the second semester, but, Asahina Nozomi-san, Sumitomo Momoka-san, Shirahata Setsuna-san, and then Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san. Kurama Misato-san will join them, but, if we enroll them all at once, it’s hard to gloss it over 」

Oh, having one beautiful woman as a transfer student already makes her stand out, but…

If all beauties come together…


「 Misato’s also attending our school? 」

Putting Nozomi who came from Tokyo aside, I can understand that Momoka and Shirahata-san will enroll in our school since they’re from a different district, but…

Misato’s coming from the top school in Japan to our school, is that okay?

「 I mean, Kurama Misato-san is already in her third year, right? She will graduate in just half a year more 」

Katsuko-nee’s kidnapped and became a prostitute during her first year in high school.

They have trauma for not graduating high school.

「 So, Mitama-san and Tsukiko-san will enroll in high school together with you 」

「 Me too? 」

Mitama’s surprised.

「 Yes, you girls should finish school too 」

Mitama, Tsukiko, and Misato. That’s three of them.

Tsukiko can’t go back to the Takakura shrine in Kyoto until the troubles start to calm down.

If she’s going to stay here until next year, then she should enroll in our school and graduate.

「 Besides, you know, Edie-chan’s going to be busy in the future so it’s better to have Mitama-san as your bodyguard in your daily life 」

Edie’s going to some martial arts tournaments with Margo-san.

They have plans to go to America too.

「 Therefore, Mitama-san and Tsukiko-san will not enroll in the special class but instead, will enroll normally. If not, they can’t be your bodyguard freely, right? 」

The prostitute cadets shouldn’t make contact with the ordinary students as much as possible, so…

It’s a problem if they do.

The students can’t know the truth about them.

「 I see. Certainly 」

Mitama nods in agreement.

I mean, in Mitama’s case, I think that she should attend an ordinary classroom to fix her knowledge.

If she’s with Tsukiko who can use Miko powers, then she can stop her before she does anything weird.

「 As for Kinuka-chan; Arisu-chan, Mana-chan, and the twins, will attend middle school, so you’ll have to guard them 」

Minaho-neesan found a middle school that will accept these girls. Although, it’s another special class for them, still…

「 Certainly 」

Then, Agnes, Luna, Yomi, and Koyomi-chan will be entering Misuzu’s school.

I’m worried about Agnes’ exam, but…

Haiji is already registered in the school as Mariko’s bodyguard so she can go back and forth there. Michi’s also there, so we have enough bodyguards.

Luna’s also doing well.

Let’s summarize:

★Our school

Ai and I, first-year (Bread-Making Course)

(Ordinary Students)Yukino, Megu, Edie

(Nadeshiko Course)Nozomi

Second Year(Ordinary Students)Nei(Repeater)、Kana-senpai

(Nadeshiko Course)Momoka, Shirahata-san. Tokuda-san, Kurosawa-san.

Third Year(Ordinary Student)Tsukiko, Mitama.

(Nadeshiko Course)Misato.

★School for the Young Ladies

Sixth Grade        Agnes, Luna, Koyomi-chan.

Middle School, First-year  Haiji.

Middle School, Second Year Yomi

Middle School, Third Year  Ruriko, Michi.

High School, First Year   Mariko.

High School, Second Year Misuzu.

High School, Third Year   Yoshiko-san

★The new Middle School

First Year          Arisu。 Kinuka. Rie and Eri.

Second Year        Mana.

I guess that’s all?


「 Hey, Katsuko-nee 」

「 What? 」

「 Speaking of which… 」

Thinking about the school I recalled something.

「 What happened to Iwakura-san? 」

She’s the student council president, but the truth is, she’s a wicked woman, who’s a prostitute of the Black Forest, that woman loves perverse sex.

「 If I recall, she came to that place ahead of us, right? 」

We left the school to return to the mansion and came here with Arisu and the girls.

Iwakura-san is brought by a weird old man wearing sunglasses on a motorbike from school.

「 It’s a problem if Yukiyo-chan appeared in that stage, see? Either way, she’ll put some unneeded pressure on those girls 」

Yeah, Iwakura-kaichou’s a person who loves prostituting herself, loves doing perverse acts…

It’s a little scary thinking about what she’ll teach Nozomi and the girls.

「 Therefore, Minaho-ojousama asked the bike man to take as much detour as possible 」


「 Besides, that man has a troublesome fetish of having sex with women while driving his bike 」

While driving a bike?

Speaking of which, he had Iwakura-kaichou ride his lap instead of letting her ride behind him.

「 Well, Yukiyo-chan also has a troublesome personality so Ojou-sama permitted anything he would do while on the way 」

Then that means, that old man and Iwakura-kaichou…

「 From the reports earlier, it seems that they were having sex in the motorcycle while running up the Iroha Slope in Nikko 」


「 Seems like they’re coming back tomorrow just in time for school 」

Oh well.

Iwakura-san should be okay with anything anyway.

◇ ◇ ◇

Well then, after going through some trouble on the way, passing through so many gates, our car left the basement facility and is now driving on the surface.

「 Mitama-san, nobody’s following us? 」

Katsuko-nee asks Mitama from the driver’s seat.

「 I don’t think there is. Kinuka? 」

「 I don’t see any suspicious vehicles either 」

Can’t neglect to check every time.

We’re a criminal organization, so we have a lot of enemies.

If it’s the enemies we know like the Kansai Yakuza organizations, then it’s okay.

The problem is those enemies we don’t know, yet, they keep an eye on us.

There could be people who want to take away the brothel business Minaho-neesan is about to resume.

There will always be unknown villains.

Therefore, we must never loosen our guard.

「 Dear, you can take a nap 」

Katsuko-nee looked at me through the rear-view mirror.

「 You still have big jobs ahead of you today 」

Kaan Momoko-neechan

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll have sex with her or not…

Either way, Momoko-neechan’s going to be in high tension, so it’ll be tiring.

She’s filled with vitality and power.

「 No, I’ll stay up. We’re not going to travel for that long. I feel like I’m going to lose my tension if I sleep here 」

If I don’t face Momoko-neechan in a sharpened state, then…

「 Ohm, your hand 」


「 Please hold my hand 」

Karen presents her small hands to me.

「 Oh, sure 」

I held hands with her.

Karen’s hand is soft and warm.

It calms me down.

「 We know Kuromori-sama’s hard struggle, so… 」

Karen looked at me and said.

「 Karen is right, we understand 」

Arisu looked at me and smiled.

「 Continuing from earlier… 」


「 Minaho-ojousama’s keeping Yukiyo-chan away. It’s because the new brothel won’t be like before 」

Won’t be like before?

「 As mentioned multiple times before, the reopening brothel will be only entertaining the top of the politics and business as our customers, and will only be open for five years. Do you know why? 」

「 Huh, what do you mean? 」

I ask back.

「 We’re not increasing any new customers, and we cut out all of the perverted customers of that scum 」

“That scum,” it’s Yukino’s father. Shirasaka Sousuke.

They accomplished their revenge half a year ago, and he died mercilessly.

「 The average age of our customers is 73. They have the status and money, and they follow the strict secrecy of the Black Forest brothel, and they also pay nicely 」

Yeah, Jii-chan’s already 82.

It should be in that age group.

「 And so, the girls will be prostitutes of the brothel, but there’s hardly a chance for the customers to have sex with the girls. Even if they get naked, and so something mimicking sex, many of them can’t get a proper erection nor ejaculation 」

Now that she mentioned it, Jii-chan…

He physically can’t have sex anymore.


「 They can’t have sex, yet, they’re still going to come to the brothel and rent a prostitute? 」

I find that strange.

「 No matter how old they are, they’re still men. Especially since they spent their whole life in politics and business 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 When men reach their mid-life, their physical strength declines, and they need to get themselves together, saying “Dammit, I’m a man,” or they’ll become old ladies 」

「 Men turning to old ladies? 」

「 Yes. They lose their charm as a man, and somehow, they become like a fussy old woman. On the other side, what happens to women is that they reach menopause, lose their femininity, and then they become like an old man 」

I see.

「 The people at the top of the politics and business always fight other men, and so most of them don’t lose their manliness even after old age. Therefore, even when they’re after 60 or 70 years, they would want young girls to stick with them. But, starting in the 70s, their stamina is falling behind 」

Katsuko-nee shows a bitter smile in the mirror.

「 And so, Young lady gathered girls not with sexual charm, but, girls who can cheer up the customers by being with them. Asahina-san, Momoka-san, and Shirahata-san are all cheerful girls, and looking at them makes you have fun, right? 」

「 Yeah, they do 」

The three of them have great vitality.

They’re girls brought to that place to become prostitutes because of their parent’s debt, and yet, I didn’t sense any depression, nor weakness of heart that might lead them to suicide.

「 The selling point of the new brothel is that it can cheer up the customers. They’ll probably boast that they had sex with a young girl to their friends, but the truth is, they only spent some time with the girls to refresh their mind and body. Sex is just secondary to them 」

「 Uhm, if they just want to refresh with young girls, why don’t they just make contact with their family, their daughters, and granddaughters? 」

Arisu asks.

「 It’s because they don’t want to be a father or a grandfather, but a man. If it’s their daughter or granddaughter, they have to show off, to spoil them. Besides, in their status, many of them don’t find it good to be too sweet to their relatives 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 When talking to strangers, they can talk without restraint. Especially with the prostitutes of the Black Forest. They’re isolated from the public, and so industrial espionage is unlikely. The customers trust that Minaho-ojousama keeps it that way, and Kouzuki-sama guarantees it too 」

If it’s a high-class club hostess, then they probably are scared.

Who knows what kind of connections they have underground.

But, the Black Forest, has Jii-chan, the head of the Kouzuki house, using our place, so…

They can trust that the secrets are kept confidential.

「 With that said, a prostitute who emphasizes abnormal fetishes in sex with the customers like Yukiyo-chan will not be in the reopened Black Forest Brothel. Rather, Misato-san who listens to the stories of the customers with a smile, never asserting herself, are the girls who will sell. She also knows how to play Go 」

「 Katsuko-nee, but… 」

Minaho-neesan promised not to sell Misato’s body because she has the blood of the nobility.

「 Even so, Misato-san will be a popular figure. The new brothel doesn’t put that much importance on sex 」

Even without sex, the customers would pay a large sum just to have some peaceful time with Misato?

「 That’s how high-class prostitutes are. It’s not about their sex skill. It’s about giving their customer a rich time to spend together. To heal their hearts, to cheer them up 」


「 Then, what about the sex training with those girls?

I asked.

「 I mean, sex training will continue, right?

I heard that it’s not just sex in bed, but outdoor and car sex too.

「 Of course. You’ll continue doing that 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 But, if their sex skill isn’t that important, why is there a need for such training?

I inquired.

「 Right… Well, the objective of the training was to improve their sexual skills. But, that’s not the truth

Not the truth?

「 Those girls are receiving your sex training to engrave in their mind and body that they are prostitutes 」


「 No matter how big the customer they’re entertaining is, they must not forget that they’re “just a prostitute.” They’re prostitutes exclusive to the leader of politics and business, and so they have to be thoroughly trained 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 It often happens that they misunderstand that they’re special because they entertain some big people. They get carried away and even interrupt customers in the middle of talking business. This often happens in world history. You heard about this before, haven’t you? The concubine of the king interrupts political talk and then incline the country 」


「 The highest grade of a prostitute during the Edo period are called Oiran, their other name is Courtesan. It’s written as “Inclining the fortress”1

「 The Book of Han says, “There is great beauty in the north. Once you look back, the castle will tilt. If you look at it again, the country will fall” She’s a femme fatale 」

Mitama said.

「 It’s a problem if a prostitute of the Black Forest is the reason why a national level project is set back, or a globally known enterprise suddenly dropped in stagnation, right? That’s why Minaho-ojousama’s already training their minds to think that “they’re just prostitutes, no matter who they entertain” 」

「 So, it’s my job? 」

「 Yes. You’re just a high school student, not a leader in political or financial circles, right? 」

Yeah, just because they had sex with me, they won’t feel like they’ve become big.

「 That’ll continue. The girls will grow accustomed to life in the brothel, feel friendly with the customers. When you feel like they’re getting carried away, you’ll have to punish them in sex 」

Having sex with me takes their self-awareness back.

「 It’s an important job, we’re relying on you 」

That’s also another one of my tasks as the pimp that manages the prostitutes.

「 Having sex with just a high-schooler like you brings them back to the reality of their age 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I was also like that. Even now 」


「 After having sex with various people, I somehow forgot what kind of woman I was. But when you’re with me 」


「 I knew it, sex influences your partner. When you entertain perverts, you may not be a pervert, and yet, you do acts as they wish, and so you start to think that “huh? I might be a pervert?” You forget yourself. The sense of the action starts to bury your reality 」

Katsuko-nee when I first met her, was eccentric.

She was a sex beast, a lewd woman.

That wasn’t Katsuko-nee’s true nature, but an influence of the acts she experienced.

「 But, when I had sex with you, “just a high school student,” I saw my real age again. I regained myself. I had a fresh start in my head 」

Katsuko-nee says while driving.

「 It’s going to be hard for those girls from today onwards. As expected, making contact with the big-shots of the politics and business will always influence you. Misato-san’s a young lady of the nobility, so she’s already accustomed to that world, but the girls from ordinary families… 」

Yeah…there will be some culture gap.

Then, they’ll slowly lose their understanding of their place.

「 I get that. My senses also get weird after spending some days in the Kouzuki house 」

Spending with the people of the nobility for a few days.

「 I think about going to school, making bread and selling them, and so I don’t go crazy 」

Oh, I now get why Ruriko has a private kitchen in the Kouzuki mansion.

Doing housework keeps her from returning to the young lady who can’t do anything by herself.

To have the servants do everything and her senses becomes numb.

「 When you think that things are going bad, you should reset your mind so you don’t get swallowed by the situation. Even when you know the importance, you can’t cope with it by yourself 」

Yeah, you get swallowed in without knowing.

「 Therefore, we’re relying on you to reset Asahina-san and the girls 」

「 Okay 」

I replied immediately.

「 But, who’ll reset me? 」

I might also get carried away without knowing it.

「 Everyone does that every day 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 That’s why we’re a family, and that’s why we all have sex with you 」

I see.

I’m also resetting myself by having sex with my family.

「 Sex is so amazing 」

Karen grips my hand.

「 Getting naked, and then Kuromori-sama’s getting naked, and then you can understand yourself. It’s only your body after all. I can understand that I’m just a powerless, a girl who can’t do anything 」


「 That’s not true. Karen has a good body. It feels great to touch. I think that’s worthy. It’s an amazing body.

「 U-Uhm, b-but, I-I only have such a poor body 」

Karen’s embarrassed.

She’s still young, so it can’t be helped that her body isn’t as developed.

「 It doesn’t matter how Karen feels, if Kuromori-sama likes Karen’s body, then that fact is much more important 」

Arisu tells her little sister.

「 Of course, I love Arisu’s body too. Mitama and Kinuka too. And of course, Katsuko-nee too 」

I speak cheerfully.

「 After having sexual intercourse with Misato-sama and everyone, I felt lighter 」

Mitama said.

Yeah, I did have sex with all of them earlier this morning.

「 Me too 」

Kinuka said.

「 Yeah, let’s do that again later 」

I promised.

「 Yes, Misato-oneesama and our happy time with Kuromori-sama 」

Arisu said with a smile.


  1. It’s a Kanji thing, I won’t explain it