Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1132. Before Sunset / Middle Schooler Typhoon



A girl stands before the mansion’s main gate.

「 It seems that she used a taxi 」

Ruriko said.

I see. Looking at the other cameras, you can see the taxi that girl rode on speeding away.

「 What’s wrong. Did someone come to visit? 」

Margo-san enters the dining room.

As expected, she went to check the situation since she heard the alarm.

「 It’s my junior in school 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

It’s a student of that super-ojousama school, so even if she’s not from the nobility, she should be from a good family.

「 Is she going to be a problem? 」

Margo-san asks. Ruriko.

「 No, She’s the daughter of Anna & Yamamoto auditor president 」

「 Oh, the office specializing in enterprise financing? 」

「 Yes. That is correct 」

She smiled.

「 I also have my guarantee on her. She shouldn’t pose a problem. But she’s a little bit eccentric in nature 」

That school ties kindergarten to high-school together, and so there are not many students in the school.

So, Misuzu also knows who that girl is.

「 I see. Minaho told me to be on guard since Kaan-san young lady is coming, but… 」

「 Yes, she came here because Kaan-sama’s visiting 」

Ruriko replies.

At that moment, the phone on the desk rings.

「 Yes. It’s Kouzuki Ruriko. Yes, Anna-san. I see that you’ve come. Yes… 」

Looking at the monitor, the girl in front of the main gate is talking to her phone.

「 Okay, then, Yoshinobu-kun, you should go to the main gate 」

Margo-san looked at me.

「 Err, yeah, I should 」

Misuzu Ruriko, Eri, and Rie, they’re all wearing Arabian style clothing with their navels exposed.

They can’t go to the gate.

When the gates open, the Kouzuki SS guard team, and the police, albeit lesser than before, are watching over.

「 Onii-sama’s going to meet you there so please wait for a little while 」

Ruriko looked at me and told the girl on the other side of the line.

「 Then, I’m going 」

I stand up from my seat, then…

「 Ah, wait, Danna-sama. Michi! Michi, come here! Accompany Danna-sama on his way 」

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Michi.

「 Michi’s here 」


Why are you hiding behind the sofa?

「 Michi didn’t want to wear the same clothing as us so she was running from me 」

Misuzu told me.

Yeah, Michi’s still wearing the usual school uniform.

「 I can’t put on that clothing 」

Michi speaks with a gloomy attitude.

「 Huh? Why? I think that the Arabian Harem-style clothing would suit you 」

Michi’s beauty makes it hard to imagine that she has some fearsome combat prowess.

“Doll-like beauty,” is what describes Michi.

「 B-But, Master… 」

Michi said.

「 M-My chest 」


In this outfit, which consists of a bikini and a pair of transparent thin fabric pants…

Michi’s flat chest is defined.

「 Bikinis are my weak point. Muuuu 」

Michi pats her chest and said.


「 If that’s the case, put on some school swimsuit instead, Michi 」

「 Master? 」

「 School swimsuits are a triumph for toddler figure with a flat chest. Pick a white school swimsuit! That’ll increase Michi’s charm! Three times more. Even better 」

「 I-I see 」

Michi slaps her knee.

「 If that’s the case, I’ll change right away! 」

「 Nononono, we’re going to pick up someone in the main gate first, so come with me. You’re the only bodyguard here right now 」

Mitama’s changing.

I’m sure that Mariko and the girls will put on various bikinis and accessories on Mitama that it’ll become some kind of coordinated outfit meeting.

Mitama herself has no interest in fashion, and so the girls want to test out various things on that tall and beautiful girl.

「 Then, the white school swimsuit is for later. I’ll accompany you 」

「 Then, let’s hurry. I feel bad making her wait in front of the main gate all the time 」

If things don’t go well, the police might start questioning her.

Michi and I left the room in a hurry and then, I remembered.

「 Err, what’s her name? 」

I know that her last name is Anna, but…

「 Anna Erica-san 」

Ruriko replies as she ends the call.

◇ ◇ ◇

Michi and I left the entrance, and down the hill to the main gate in quick steps.

「 Michi, do you know Anna Erica-san? 」

「 Yes, of course. She’s in our school, and she’s the most famous in the middle grade 」

Ruriko did say that she’s the star of the middle school.

「 She’s a year younger in the school year, she’s in second-year middle school 」

Then, she’s 14.

「 Anna Erica will definitely become the head of the student council by next year 」

Student council president. Oh right, it’s about time for the election in their school too.

「 That’s why Ruriruri wants to make her our ally while the time is ripe 」

「 Why? 」

「 Because Ruriruri and I are both in the third year, and next year, we will advance to high-school. At the same time, Agnes and the girls will enter middle-school 」

Yeah, they’re going to pass by each other.

「 So, isn’t it a great idea to have Anna Erica who already has warm popularity in school protect Agnes and the girls? 」

I see.

Most of the students in that school have been raised there from childhood.

Agnes and the girl is going to enter a network of human relationships in that school.

It’s valuable to have some influential people as our acquaintances.

「 We’ve already made arrangements for the daughters of nobility and their bodyguards during the party last week, but for the regular students, we’re just starting 」

Michi said.

「 There will be a lot of fuss from the regular students as Agnes, a distant relative of the Kouzuki house, enrolls to our school 」

Many of them want to become close to the Kouzuki house if possible.

Misuzu and Ruriko have some hardships because of that.

「 Agnes has no social skills when it comes to people outside the family…so even when she’s introduced to the nobility, they’ll be kind to her, but, that doesn’t mean that the other students will give her a good reception 」

「 So, we’re pulling Anna Erica, the star among the regular students to our side 」

Michi also addresses Anna-san without honorifics since she’s a junior in school.

Even though she calls the young ladies of nobility with “-sama,” even those younger than her.

She has a clear distinction between those from the nobility and those who aren’t.

「 Okay, we’re finally here 」

We arrived at the main gate

「 Michi, be on alert, assume unexpected circumstances 」

There could be a trespasser coming through as soon as the main gate opens.

「 Roger that 」

Although, Margo-san’s watching all of the cameras in the main gate from inside the mansion.

Even if they try to trespass, the mansion is still some distance away.

The mansion could lock out the entrance and all the windows.

There are multiple emergency measures on the way, so it’s not that scary.

Oh right, they will likely take Michi and me as their hostages.

Well, even if I consider that, I can’t really do anything.

「 !! 」

I gave my signal to the camera.

Then, Margo-san presses the switch to open the gate.


The huge main gate opens with a thunderous roar.

The girl standing in front noticed us and then turned around.

A girl with a big forehead and her hair in braids.

Her big eyes look at me curiously.

Wearing a white T-shirt, expensive-looking body-tight jeans, and pink sneakers.

Her hands are holding a huge sports-bag. It seems heavy.

Yeah. Her attire seems to be fitting of a second-year middle-school girl.

But, as a 14-year-old girl, she has a good style, and she also has a mature appearance.

She’s quite the beauty.


「 My! You must be Kuromori Kou-sama!! Uwaaaaa. I’m Anna Erica!! 」

Her attitude is quite childish.

「 Master, nothing suspicious in the area 」

Michi whispers to me.

「 Oh, Err, Anna-san, was it? 」

「 Aaah! It’s a problem if you don’t call me Erica. Muu! 」

What’s with this girl?

「 Anyway, enter. We can’t close it unless you get in 」

Anna-san bonks her head and sticks out her tongue.

「 I’m sorry for not realizing! Then, excuse me 」

She jumps and comes into the mansion’s grounds.

「 Kyaa! I went in! Kufufufufu! I’m in!! 」

What’s with this tension?

Oh, speaking of which.

Ruriko said “Fight poison with poison”

Anna Erica has the same strong personality as Kaan Momoko-neechan.

「 Master? 」

「 Ah, yeah 」

I gave my signal to the camera.

And then, the gate makes a roaring sound as it closes.

「 Ooh, now, I’m a captive princess! 」

Anna-san smiled.

「 Huh, what do you mean? 」

I asked.

「 Geez, geez, geez. Yaadaaa~ Kuromori-sama, you know what I mean 」

She jumps around frolic.

「 No, I don’t get it. I was busy today and so I just came back. I haven’t even heard the details from Ruriko 」

I said.

「 My, you call Ruriko-sama without a suffix! That’s amazing! Amazing! Amazing! 」

She reacts ten-fold to everything.

「 Uhm, my guess is that Ruriko-sama wants to surprise Master 」

Michi said.

Michi calls Ruriko “Ruriruri” when it’s just us family, but…

But when there’s an outsider, she calls her with “-sama,” just like a bodyguard of the Kouzuki house should.

「 Uwawawawawa, Kudou-senpai, d-did you just say M-M-M-Master?!!! 」

Anna-san, you’re too surprised.

「 Yes. He’s my Master 」

Michi speaks flatly.

「 Oh, I see. Kudou-senpai is serving Kouzuki Misuzu-sama, and so Kuromori-sama, who’s Misuzu-sama’s fiance, is also your Master! I see. I get it 」

Anna-san made her own reason.

「 But, to think that there’s a man who a middle school calls her Master. Erica’s surprised! Really surprised!!! 」


「 Anyway, let’s get in the mansion. Ruriko and the girls are waiting 」

「 Ah, yes!! 」

The three of us walk up the hill road.

「 Unsho, unsho, unshorako 」

Anna-san’s carrying her heavy bag.

「 Want me to carry your bag? 」

I called her.

「 Eeeeeh?! Kuromori-sama? M-My bag? 」

「 Oh, sorry, I guess you don’t want others to touch your stuff? 」

I guess I said something unneeded.

「 Nonono, that’s not it, but 」

Her big eyes look at me.

「 Oh, I see. You’re going to have Kudou-senpai carry the bag? Right? Kuromori-sama is Kudou-senpai’s Master so, it goes “Hey, carry this,” right? 」


「 I can’t do that! I’m Kudou-senpai’s junior, and so I can’t let my school senior carry my belongings!!! 」


「 I won’t let Michi do that. I just thought that I could carry Anna-san’s bag 」

「 There you go again 」

Anna-san doesn’t believe me at all.


「 Anna Erica… 」

Michi speaks in a low tone.

「 Y-Yes? 」

Anna-san’s surprised.

「 I’m a bodyguard. A bodyguard always needs their arms free whatever the case may be. My job doesn’t include carrying baggage 」

「 Oh, I-Is that so? 」

「 Besides, my Master is a hundred times much kinder than you think. Laughing at Master’s kindness is gravely insulting 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Anna-san apologized meekly.

「 I don’t mind. Anna-san thinks that people from the nobility put off that air, and they don’t do anything themselves, right? But you know, I’m not from the nobility 」

I said.

「 B-But, Kuromori-sama is Misuzu-sama’s… 」

「 What’s between Misuzu and I have nothing to do with the nobility. I’m just a commoner, an ordinary high school boy 」


「 Eeh, that’s not true! An ordinary high-school boy shouldn’t be living in a mansion with a huge gate that makes a loud noise when opening and closing! And they won’t have Kudou-senpai accompanying them either 」

That’s true too.

「 Well, it might be a little bit different from the ordinary, but I’m not that admirable, and I won’t be bossy for something like this 」

「 Haa, is that so? Hmmmm 」

Anna thinks for a moment, then she looked at her bag…

「 Then, uhm, I’m sorry to ask but could you carry my bag? 」

「 Oh, sure 」

I took the bag from Anna-san.

「 Wow, you hold it without difficulty, I guess men sure are strong 」

Anna-san said. But this bag sure is heavy, it’s packed with contents.

「 What’s in here? It looks like something rugged and rectangular is in here 」

What’s this?

「 Oh, it’s a portable safe! 」


「 I came here with everything I own! As for what’s outside the safe, it’s my change of clothes and my other personal stuff. As for the stuff I use in school, I already sent it to school using a delivery service! 」

W-What’s going on?

「 The taxi fare was a little bit expensive, however…but if I use the car from our home, the driver will tell my parents where I went! 」

Anna-san said with a smile.

「 But, I brought the money my late Grandfather gave me! Grandfather talked to his lawyer to make sure that Father won’t make a move on Erica’s assets, from the bank passbook to the stocks, and plot titles 」

Anna-san puffs her chest proudly.

But, to me…

「 A secret from your parents? 」

She says “No need to worry,” but I’m worried.

「 Oh, I see. It’s a surprise. Err…I shouldn’t have dropped that, should I? 」

Anna-san thinks for a while.

「 Oh well…then, that’s one part of the surprise. I just said it 」

O-One part?

「 Err. I…Anna Erica, a sophomore in middle school…happily ran away from home!! 」

A runaway middle school girl.

「 That’s the first stage. The follow-up will be with Ruriko-sama! Just Kidding! Kuuuuu!! 」

Anna-san laughs happily.

「 Wow! this is so spacious! There are so many greens, it feels good!!! This will be my home from now on!! Kyahoo!! 」


「 Michi, let’s hurry 」

I need to hear about the reason from Ruriko as soon as possible.

「 Certainly, Master 」

「 Uwaaa! Kudou-senpai, so cool! Kyaa!! 」

Anna Erika’s got a mature look, but she’s still childish.


Are you sure that this girl can deal with Momoko-neechan?


I feel like there’s going to be double trouble.

「 Uwaa, this old-fashioned mansion is so cool! So spacious! Wow! I’m looking forward to getting inside 」

Seeing the mansion above the slope, Anna-san turned frolic.

「 Now, now, Kuromori-sama. let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!! 」