Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1134. Before Sunset / INNOCENT



「 I ran away from home! I don’t want to go back home anymore!!! 」

Ruriko’s junior, the star of the middle school in their super-ojousama school, Anna Erica-san, shouts.

「 And so, I want Kuromori-sama to rape me and make me his slave!!! 」


「 Sorry, I don’t get your reasoning for this development. 」

I replied honestly.

「 Eh? Eh?! Eeeh?! You don’t get it? 」

Anna-san’s reaction to anything is always bigger than the ordinary. I get that.

「 Yeah, I need a little bit more details 」

Why is Anna-san’s father trying to take away the inheritance she received from her late Grandfather?

And, why is it that Anna-san’s cornered so much that she had to protest by running away from home?

「 Oh, I see. Hmm, yes, you’re right. I guess Erica’s a little hard to understand. I’m sorry! 」

No, it’s not hard to understand, you just didn’t explain anything.

「 You see, I’m so interested in sex…no, I meant “getting raped,” or “forced to have sex because the man holds her weakness,” and also, “becoming a sex slave,” 」

Anna-san nods with her big eyes.


What kind of explanation is that?

「 Oh, although I say that I have a desire for sexual assault…what’s the name where a group of people rapes a person… it’s gang-raping, isn’t it? I have no interest in that. Rather, I hate it. In my case, I wanted to be “forcibly deflowered,” and then threatened with embarrassing photos and videos, and then, violated by the same person over and over again, and when I noticed, I’m already a sex slave 」

Anna-san smiles at the delusions she has on her head.

「 And then when I become a sex slave. I want to do ‘that!’ “That.” kyaa! It’s embarrassing? 」

“That.” What?

「 The so-called “training.” Was that the right word? It’s when you discipline the body to make it lewd, right? 」

「 Yeah, it fits 」

「 It does 」

Eri and Rie respond for some reason.

「 I want to do that too! 」

This braided middle-school sophomore beauty announced happily.

「 I’m so interested in that! I want to be trained! 」

You say it like “I want to try out basketball,”

「 I see. I guess so… 」

「 Onii-san, do it with her 」

Hey. You two. Don’t respond so wilfully!

「 Eh?! Are you sure?! And then, once my body’s trained, my body can’t live without Kuromori-sama’s penis, and then, the next step is pregnancy 」

This girl’s delusions are going wild.

「 Kuromori-sama, you’ll impregnate Erica, right? It’s okay if Erica gets pregnant, right? 」

Anna-san looks at me earnestly.

Don’t look at me with so many expectations that your eyes are sparkling.

「 Yeah, well, sure, go ahead 」

Can’t help it. I’ll just answer her honestly.

「 Uwwaaaaaaaaa!!! I knew it! Kuromori-sama’s Master Erica wanted!!!!! He’s looking at me in the eyes!!!! Kyahohohoho!!! 」


Seriously, I can’t see this girl’s true nature.

Is she serious?

Or, is this an act? I can’t see it.

「 I want to bear lots of children! Erica will give birth again and again, and as long as I’m raped, I’ll get pregnant! Then, I’ll serve as a lewd slave while raising a child!!! Wow! I already made my pledge!! 」

「 Hey, Anna-san, 」

I tried to stop her rampage, but…

「 Ah! Ah! AH! Oh right! I can’t just give out a verbal promise! I have to write a written oath of slavery, right?! I knew it, it has to be like the Kumano oath, right?! 」

「 What’s Kumano oath? 」

「 Yadaaa~! Kuromori-sama, it’s Kumano Goofu!!! 」

Now I don’t get it even more.

「 Ah, don’t mind it! It’s okay, Erica’s going to make a great slave oath! That if I’m reborn seven times, I’ll give my virginity to Kuromori Seven times! Eri’s specialty is like that! Reborn Seven times, give virginity seven times! And in even on the eight and past, please deflower me okay?! I’ll write that in our contract! 」

Just what kind of law are you going to use for that?

Besides, after being reborn seven times, will the Japanese law still be in effect?

「 Also, of course, it’s okay to leave some photos and videos too! That’s Erica’s Slave proclamation!!! Not the “Emancipation proclamation of slavery (1863)!!” Erica’s going to be your slave, so please love me forever proclamation(heart~)! Be sure to record it! Then let’s watch it in five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, and seventy-five years after! 」

Golden anniversary?

「 Hey! Anna-san, you need to stop now 」

Finally, Kaan Momoko-neechan’s angry.

「 I can’t stay silent anymore! Kou-chan’s asking you to explain the situation! And yet, what you did was just one-sidedly plan your life! 」

「 Huh? Was that not an explanation? 」

Anna-san looked nonchalantly.

「 It’s not! You have to go back to the basics and explain it 」

「 I mean, Anna-san, was she like this? 」

Mariko said.

「 Torii-senpai. What do you mean by that question? 」

Anna-san asks back curiously.

「 I-I mean, about the lewd stuff. I thought you were much more childish and had no interest in lewd stuff at all 」

「 Me too, I’m surprised 」

Misuzu said.

Ruriko smiles happily as she watches. That means she already knows this Anna-san.

「 Well yes! After all, it’s only women in our school! You won’t feel horny in school at all! 」

The middle-school girl said flatly.

「 It’s natural to feel horny when you go back home! School is a place to learn!! 」

Sorry. I’ve had sex in school a few times already.

When Ai or Edie comes after me.

「 Then let’s do that, let’s go back to the fundamentals and explain everything 」

Anna-san smiled.

「 This is another one that Erica inherited from Grandfather 」


「 Eri’s home in Setagaya…Grandfather has his personal reading room is on a detached building, but, err…you call it a reading room but it’s not just a reading room on the second floor, it’s also Grandfather’s personal bedroom, bathroom, and also restroom. It’s a splendid building. It’s an amazing British-Georgian-style place! That detached building is also given to Erica according to Grandfather’s will! It’s my castle now! Nobody in the family can come in! Ufufufufu! 」

A detached building only for Anna-san. It’s already a secondary residence.

「 Then, Erica found it! The internal structure of the detached building didn’t match the external structure, and so I was sure that there is one, and when I looked it up, there really is one! 」


「 An entrance to Grandfather’s secret basement library!!! 」

A secret room inside her Grandfather’s exclusive detached building?

「 And in there, I found Grandfather’s amazing collection! There was a lot!!!! Erica’s the only one who found it out! It’s a secret from my Father and Mother!! Kufufufufufu!! 」

「 What kind of collection?! Stop putting on airs and hurry up and tell us 」

Momoko-neechan told Anna-san.

「 Of course! It’s lewd books!!!! 」

L-Lewd b-books?

「 Ah, although I say that it’s lewd books, of course, it’s not something that you can buy from the convenience store!! It’s all Western. Antiques!! 」

Lewd books? Antiques?

「 It’s really old! It’s got novels with a lewd illustration that looks like the nobles of France during the Bourbon dynasty, or colored etchings! And most of it is 19th-century Victorian porno graffiti! There are novels, woodcuts, and photos! The photos are mostly monochrome or colored by hand, but 」

Anna-san’s story surprises everyone.

「 Erica started reading them when she was 8. Erica was 4 when my late Grandfather died, and I found the secret library when I was 8. Of course, I read them all in English or French, their original reading. I read some of the intriguing ones repeatedly!!

This girl’s reading foreign antique porn books ever since she’s in elementary.

「 I completely remember all the bookcases. Starting from the top left are Marquis Justine and Juliette Sadistic Illustrations, and then followed by Sodom’s 120 Days and John Cleland’s Funny Hill. My Secret Life”, “The Closed Room”, “Sacrifices of Pleasure”, “Masque of Immorality”, “Jack and the Seven Lascivious Ladies”, “La Rose d’Amour”, “The Fascinating Turk”, “My Lovely Fairy Frank”, “Love Games”, “The Story of Miss O”, “True Love”, “The Girl Victoria”, “The Adventures of Young Don Juan” and “Eleven Thousand Whips” written by the famous poet Apollinaire… 」

Anna-san recites the titles of the books from memory with a smile.

「 And so, I know a lot in H-Literature! But, I’ve never seen real sex before though 」

Hmmm, that’s the pattern from the start.

This girl knows nothing about sex except old books, print, illustrations, and photos.

「 And I know harem very well! La Rose d’Amour is really a harem, and then Constantinople back then also allows a slave harem from slave merchants. And in “Lustful Turk,” an English woman is brought along to the hare of a Turkish man 」

That’s no longer a harem genre of novels…

Those are real harems.

「 Yeah, I get it now. I get the gist of it 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 I now understand why Anna-san’s sexual senses are out of the ordinary. Porno Graffiti from the old days? It’s already disagreeing with the current morals and ethics, that it’s lacking in common sense 」

「 This girl reads novels from when slavery still exists 」

Mariko looked at Anna-san with a fed-up face.

「 Yes, I read it! 」

This middle-school girl who read sexual stuff since elementary…

「 I think that’s a good enough explanation from Erica! 」

Anna-san said satisfied.

「 No, not yet 」

I said.

「 Anna-san, I get that you’re quite interested in sex, but… 」

「 Yes! Be it Sex, rape, lewd slaves, or training, I’m interested in it! I’m so curious! 」

That’s enough now.

「 But, that’s not the same reason why you ran away from home, is it? 」

Either way, she didn’t come here just for me to rape her and make her my sex slave…

「 Something happened between you and your father, right? Anna-san’s Grandfather didn’t let him inherit anything, and so your father’s trying to do something, isn’t that what you said earlier? 」

I heard it that way.

「 Anna-san had to talk to Ruriko about something, and that was your impetus, wasn’t it? Sex isn’t the problem 」

She went all her way to rely on Ruriko of the Kouzuki house.

It’s a big problem that she had to borrow the power of the Kouzuki house.

「 Err, uhm…well, that’s the case… 」

Anna-san toned down.

Seems like this case is hard to speak of.

That’s why she was escaping to the lewd talk with all her best.

「 I will be telling her tale from here on 」


At the entrance of the dining room is the chief of the side branch of the Kouzuki SS.

Seki Shou. Shou-neechan’s wearing the usual suit enters the room dashingly.

「 Kouzuki SS, Seki. That said, there’s nobody here I’m meeting for the first time 」

Shou-neechan’s formerly Jii-chan’s full-time bodyguard and is now on the top of the Kouzuki SS.

Momoko-neechan and the girls naturally know her since they’re students in that school.

Eri and Rie got to know her after a week of life in the mansion.

Rei-chan and Shou-neechan are both affiliated to Kouzuki SS, and so they’re busy, so it’s not every day, but still…

Even so, Misuzu and Ruriko’s bodyguards do come often, and so they have a lot of opportunities to stay over.

「 I’ve received instructions from Ruriko-sama beforehand 」

Shou-neechan said.


Ruriko asked me to grant one of her wishes before.

Maybe, that’s when Anna-san started asking Ruriko for advice.

「 First, an explanation in Anna-san’s home. Anna and Yamamoto Audit is a company that does the auditing for big enterprises and organizations. If there are only a few CPAs in the office, it is just a “CPA firm”, but if there are five or more CPAs, an “audit corporation” can be formed. In this case, the corporation can hire another CPA as an employee. In case of Anna and Yamamoto, when the company was founded, there were five CPAs in two families, Anna’s Grandfather, brother, and Yamamoto’s brother. Now, they have 2000 CPA employees, and 300 regular employees. They have too big of a scope as an auditor. The companies they audit are all the top-notch, and Anna-san’s father is the umbrella representative, which is the same position as the president of a normal company 」

That’s Anna-san’s house.

「 However, Anna-san’s father’s auditing firm is in talks to merge with another auditing firm. There’s no problem in that, but the fact that an employee of the corporation they’re merging is suspected of insider trading is making news 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 But, it’s the employees of the merged company’s auditing firm that are at fault, not Anna-san’s father’s corporation, right? 」

Mariko asks.

「 Yes, that’s true, but the economic press is on the move and they’re looking into Anna-san’s father as well…and then… 」


「 There’s a chance that Anna-san’s family affairs will be written up intriguingly 」

「 What do you mean? 」

I asked.

「 Anna-san’s grandfather adopted Anna-san as his foster daughter. And then, he died, and his wife also died recently, and so his only child is Anna-san’s father. Thus, the only inheritors are Anna-san and her Father. Also, he left a very detailed bequest to Anna in his will 」

So that’s why Anna-san inherited all the bank accounts and land deeds.

「 But, it’s plain weird, isn’t it? Why would he trouble himself adopting the daughter when he can just give the inheritance to his granddaughter and leave his son. Furthermore, the money is still the same 」

「 The sum is 300M, was it? 」

Anna-san says.

「 When your grandfather passed away 10 years ago, there wasn’t much to be done, but he did specify in his will which stocks to bequeath to Anna-san. And all those stock companies have grown into big, blue-chip corporations in the last ten years 」

That grandfather of hers is amazing.

「 To tell the truth, Anna-san now has much more assets than her Father based on stocks, nominally that is 」


「 Nominally? 」

I asked.

「 That’s because minors don’t have the power to control their assets. Anna-san’s still 14, and so even if she has 300M in inheritance, a legal guardian of a minor will be managing her assets until she reaches 20 」

Meaning, Anna-san still can’t use any of the inheritance she has?

「 Normally, when the biological parent is alive, then they will be the guardian. They’re the legal guardians after all. However, in Anna-san’s case, her Grandfather appointed his lawyer to be her guardian 」 」


No, sure, that’s what Anna-san said earlier.

That her Grandfather’s lawyer is guarding her.

「 Meaning, Anna-san’s father is losing face to her Grandfather in two meanings. First, is that the grandfather went all the way to make his granddaughter his adopted daughter. Halving the inheritance, no, if it’s the stocks and the land, Anna-san has more value 」

The father himself is handed stocks that didn’t go well.

「 If we look at that, we can see that the late Grandfather doesn’t trust Anna-sans’ father at all 」


「 Furthermore, Anna-san’s father should have the parental authority, and yet, he’s not entrusted with Anna-san’s assets. Seeing that they purposely gave guardianship to another person is lethal to auditors. The late father of his never trusts him, not one bit 」

I see.

One can only assume that the Grandfather thought if they let the father manage it, he’d spend Anna-san’s assets without permission.

「 Until now, this has only been in Anna’s home, and since her assets are effectively frozen until she comes of age, no one else has been exposed to this. 」

「 Oh, the media’s checked a lot of things 」

Mariko mutters.

「 Yes, if the media publicizes this, then the trust in Anna-san’s father’s auditing will drop. I’m sure that everyone will wonder if it’s safe to trust a person whose father doesn’t even trust him, a corporation headed by such a person with a job like auditing accounts of valuable companies, right? 」

That’s true.

「 In addition to that, Anna-san’s grandfather was an extremely superior and fair accountant. The old people remember him, and if that person doesn’t trust his own son… 」

「 Oh, I thought he’s just a perverted old man 」

「 He’s a lewd books collector, but he’s actually an honest man 」

Shou-neechan said. Eri and Rie put on their retorts.

「 So, is Anna-san’s father trying to take away all of the inheritance Anna-san received from her Grandfather? 」

Momoko-neechan asks.

「 That’s correct, and so as long as Anna-san’s father is her legal guardian, or in other words, the manager of her assets before the media could investigate the situation, then it would be impossible to admit that there was any conflict between him and the grandfather 」

Shou-neechan replies.

「 Oh, so that’s why the father intends to take over all of the inheritance from the grandfather 」

Mariko said.

「 But, can he do that? Anna-san’s guardian is the lawyer, isn’t it? I think that the father can’t just arbitrarily become her guardian 」

Momoko-neechan said, but…

「 That depends on Anna-san 」

Shou-neechan looked at Anna-san.

「 The lawyer of the late grandfather has a good relationship with Anna-san’s father, and so if Anna-san gives her permission, the lawyer can hand over the guardianship to the father. Although, Ann-san’s father was her custodian, and he lives in the same home as her, and so they have the same finances, which means there’s no conflict of interest between Anna-san and her father 」

They live in the same home, and so Anna-san’s father is paying for her living expenses.

Since he’s her parent, there’s no reason why he can’t be managing his daughter’s property.

「 That’s why Erica escaped from home!!! 」

Anna-san shouts.

「 If I don’t run away and live a separate life than Father, then he will take away Erica’s inheritance!!! 」

「 Oh, I see. It now connects 」

I said.

「 While you have that big problem with your father, you want to create an established fact that you can’t live together with him, right? 」

「 Yes!!! I had to do this to keep my inheritance safe!!! Mumumumumumu!!!! 」

This girl’s too eccentric that I didn’t understand what she’s doing, but…

The person in question has a clear intent and goal.

「 But, it’s also true that I’m interested in sex and training more than others!!! 」

I get that too, but…

I mean, it’s not just “more than others,” like, you’re the most interested among anyone.

「 Momoko-neechan, can I ask something? 」

I asked.

「 What do you want to know, Kou? 」

「 No, earlier, Momoko-neechan called Anna-san the star of middle school, right? 」

「 Yes, I did 」

「 In what sense is she a star? 」

I want to check that out.

「 AS you can see, this girl’s bright, fun, she has no two-sides, and very cute. 」 All the seniors love her 」

True. Anna-san’s behavior is very childish and cute.

「 Arisu, how do you see her as a junior in school? 」

Arisu’s in her first-year, and so she’s Anna-san’s junior.

They should’ve been in the same school from kindergarten to elementary.

「 To the juniors like us, she looks bright, cheerful, and she also gets along with her seniors. She does feel like the mature big-sister 」

「 Karen? 」

「 The girls in elementary also sees her as a cheerful and cool big-sister 」

Karen, who’s also in the same school, said.

Yes. Anna-san looks mature. Therefore, she also fits in even with the younger girls. It’s not weird.

「 I see. To the seniors, she’s a cute childish junior. And to the juniors, she’s a mature and cool-looking senior 」

The problem is…

Some girls present it that way purposefully, but…

This girl isn’t acting.

Hr speech and conduct are incredibly reflexive, and frank.

She doesn’t seem like she has a personality of a liar.

You can’t sense any evil from her expression and words.

In a sense, this girl has the image of pure and innocent.

「 Onii-sama, Anna-san is also ranked number one in scholarly ability in our school 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 And, she also has amazing reflexes 」

Smart, and sporty.

She’s a superwoman.


「 I see, I get it. Anna-san’s a girl who’s too good to be true 」

I concluded.

「 Too smart, too much reflexes, her thoughts, her actions, they all fly away due to the fast momentum 」

She makes the analysis inside, comprehends, and then goes to rush to action based on her conclusion.

Childish to the seniors, mature to the juniors. It’s all her reflex.

She’s too smart, that when she’s aware, she’s already done the optimal actions.

「 And the most optimal action to deal with the recent actions of her father is to run away from home. And, as soon as she realized that, she’s already carrying out that action. It’s not like she doesn’t think, but it’s just that her body is keeping up with her lightning-fast thoughts 」

This girl’s actions are not random.

Thus, she has no evil, and you can feel that she’s pure.

The simple-mindedness of a child.

And the adult nature of deciding and acting on her own co-exist inside her.

「 Yes, Erica’s like that, what about it? 」

Anna-san smiles at me.

「 Yeah. You see, I’m slower compared to ordinary people so I take my time to understand 」


「 I finally see what kind of girl Anna-san is 」

「 Erica is Erica! I’m what you see from the beginning! I hate people who keep secrets from others!! 」


「 Anna-san…you don’t understand what’s splendid about Onii-sama. You’re still a child 」

Ruriko said.

「 Eh? I already know! He’s a man who doesn’t decide from first impressions and he takes time to understand others! But still, now he knows Erica! 」

Anna-san said, but…

「 No, you don’t get it, Anna-san. Onii-sama thinks that he only sees only 10 percent of you 」

Ruriko said. Anna-san’s eyes opened wide.

「 What does that mean?! I’ve got nothing else! It’s just Erica, as you can see! 」

No, that’s not it.

「 There are still some of Anna-san that even you are not aware of 」

That couldn’t be the bottom of that.

Human minds are much deeper, much complex than that.