Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1138. Before Sunset / A closed room 1



That room is called SM playroom, but…

There’s hardly any tool that could be used to hurt women’s bodies in this mansion anymore.

All the tools that relate to the bad era are all disposed of together with Shirasaka Sousuke.

The items left are only tools that both parties can enjoy. Furthermore, the tools for such plays are available in almost all the rooms in this mansion, which is a former brothel.

And in this SM playroom, there are no special torture tools that are used for SM plays.

Despite that, it’s Mana’s fault that this room’s called SM playroom.

Mana and Ruriko help Katsuko-nee in cleaning the house.

They discovered this room while cleaning up the rooms that weren’t used so far one by one.

「 I thought of naming it as Marquis Bedroom since it has a magnificent Western room design, but… 」

Ruriko said.

「 But, Mana-san said that “This is just an SM playroom” 」

Yeah, Ruriko’s right.

The room has an incredibly gorgeous and classical look modeled after the rooms of Western Aristocrats.

The ceiling’s tall, and it has a chandelier.

It also has some magnificent thick wooden beams shining in black and decorated with beautiful red wallpaper.

The walls have large oil paintings hanging in the most prominent locations.

「 This is Leda and the Swan. An art of Zeus who transformed into a swan and raped Leda 」

Edie said.

The room is also filled with oil paintings, etchings, and sketches with the theme of sex.

「 Daphnis et Chloé, Danaë, Cupid and Psyche, these are all Greek Classic Erotica themes 」

Edie points at each one of them and said.

The room also has large bookcases made of thick wooden boards, a writing desk, a chair, and other luxurious furnishings.

All of them are Antiques imported from Europe.

The huge bed there is also antique, it’s also got a lacy canopy.

「 This room was the deluxe suite in the Kuromori tower back then. A special room for special customers

I talk about what Minaho-neesan taught me.

「 Indeed, it sure has a designated cultural importance

Kaan Momoko-neechan said.

「 But, this is impossible, Momoko-oneesama

Mariko looked up at the beam and said.

「 It’s so thoroughly made like a Lord’s room in a Western castle hall, and yet…

The walls and beams of the room clearly have iron cuffs that are used to bind women.

「 Having these decorate this place is a little…

Leather whips, feathers, collars, and all the other tools are decorating the wall.

「 You’re right, Mariko. This room has a strong smell of sex

Yes, Momoko-neechan’s right

This room looks magnificent, but the eroticism stands out.

「 It sure looks like an SM playroom

Mariko’s right. The mood of impurity stands out.

Therefore, it’s a room where it gives the strong impression of SM plays

「 That’s what it makes it feel like it’s a Brothel

Momoko-neechan said, but…

「 But, this room had been closed down for more than 15 years

Ruriko said.

「 Oh, why is it?

「 Hmm, it’s because there weren’t any customers who liked this room

I explained it.

The truth is, Shirasaka Sousuke, who was in control of the brothel, until last year, didn’t like the classic atmosphere.

Fortunately, the perverted man was a rich man and didn’t feel like selling off the interior and ornaments of this room to make a little money, so this room has been closed off as a “forbidden room” for a long time.

「 Haaaaa 」

Anna-san looks around the room restlessly.

「 Anna-san, you like this ambiance, don’t you? 」

I told Anna-san.

Anna-san read old Western porno graffiti and text in her Grandfather’s secret library.

That’s why she has great interests in sex, rape, and training.

And if that’s true…

「 E-Err, uhm 」

Anna-san looks confused.

「 Some books you mentioned are in that bookshelf over there 」

Edie opens the glass door of the bookshelves.

「 Marquis Justine and Juliette Sadistic Illustrations, and then followed by Sodom’s 120 Days. John Cleland’s Funny Hill. My Secret Life”, “The Closed Room”, “Sacrifices of Pleasure”, “Masque of Immorality”, “Jack and the Seven Lascivious Ladies”, “La Rose d’Amour”, “The Fascinating Turk”, “My Lovely Fairy Frank”, “Love Games”, “The Story of Miss O”, “True Love”, “The Girl Victoria”, “The Adventures of Young Don Juan” and “Eleven Thousand Whips” written by the famous poet Apollinaire… 」

Edie names the heavy Western books in order.

「 All the books you mentioned are here 」

She smiled at Anna-san.

「 By the way, I read all of it. Recently, I’ve been following a motto of reading everything that’s near me 」

Edie’s read all of the books in this mansion in just half a year.

From the old manga and novels that the successive generations of prostitutes left behind…

To the original porno graffiti that’s in this room.

「 For example, “La Rose d’Amour” is about an aristocratic young man who inherits his father’s estate and creates his own harem. At first, he started with his maids, and then, he kidnapped ladies of aristocracy, sail to Turkey to buy female slaves, and then finally sail to the Americas to kidnap the rich ladies of the colonies. This was a romance for men back then 」

I see. So that’s the story.

「 The Fascinating Turk, they call it Turk, but it’s actually a Viceroy in Algeria. That man created a harem with women from various countries. One of them is English, and then that girl wrote later to a friend of hers in her hometown. At first, she was confused as to why she’s forcibly raped and turned into a harem member, but she gradually became accustomed to the lifestyle. When she wrote that in her letter, the friend replied, “Dirty, you’ve been corrupted.” When the Master found out about this, he went out of the trouble to kidnap the girl’s friend from England and added her to his harem It was an elaborate trick that fooled her. It was a fun read 」

Edie said.

「 The “Closed Room,” is about a protagonist that raped a 25-year-old virgin girl who rejected him. He violated her ass first, then took her virginity. “Sacrifices of Pleasure,” is the sequel. The maid of the girl he raped, her friends, and the acquainted mother and daughter were all raped. The only one left virgin is the last girl. Then, in the sequel to that, “Mask of Immorality,” he rapes the sister of the first book’s daughter. Lastly, in “Jack and the Seven Lascivious Ladies,” the first girl. her maid, her friend, her sister, the mother, and daughter, and the girl’s cousin, and an orphan girl who happened to be serving as water dressed as a man were all raped, completing the harem of seven 」

Haa, it’s a four-volume work.

「 So, which is the best one for you? 」

Edie asked Anna-san.

I see. If she loved it, then she should be able to answer which one she likes.

「 I like “Frank” 」

Anna-san replies.

「 Oh, “My beloved fairy frank” 」

Edie smiled.

「 What’s the story in that one? 」

I asked.

「 The protagonist had an encounter with Frank. With this and that, the young man got punished, and his naked ass got whipper. However, when he took off his underwear, he discovered that Frank was a girl 」

Oh, I see.

「 Frank had a reason why he’s hiding the fact that she’s actually a girl. And then, the protagonist pretended not to notice, and then he spanked Francine’s naked butt. It’s that kind of story 」

Edie explained.

「 So, which is it, Anna-san? 」

I looked at her face.

「 What? 」

Anna-san’s face says that she doesn’t understand what I meant.

「 What I mean, I get that you like the story, but… 」

I pay attention so I don’t miss any change in Anna-san’s expressions.

「 To whom do you feel empathy, the protagonist who whips the naked butt? Or Frank? Who’s getting spanked? 」

Whether Anna-san’s a sadist or a masochist.

「 Err…I-I think it’s both 」

She replies.

「 I want to try out spanking, and getting spanked 」

What do you mean?

「 This girl thinks that the sinful has to be punished and that someone has to punish her 」

Edie said.

「 I think the cause is the secret her grandfather left her 」

I think so too.

「 It’s true that people use sexual arousal to mask their mental unease. But, this girl doesn’t know real sex, right? That’s why she wants Darling to do the approach and also why she says “I want to be trained” 」

「 She’s passive in her speech, but the true nature of this girl is actually aggressive! If you misread that Yo-chan, it’ll come back biting to you 」

Nei said laughingly.

「 I-I won’t bite! 」

Anna-san says in a panic, but…

「 That was a metaphor. Nobody thinks that you’ll actually bite Darling. I mean, if you try to do that, I’ll stop you. I won’t let you 」

Edie said smilingly.

「 So, what do you do Kou-chan? With this room, with this girl? 」

Momoko-neechan asks excitedly.

However, I don’t know how Anna-san will react unless I go gently.

If that’s the case.

「 Let’s not approach the person abruptly. I believe that we should attack from the surroundings in this case 」

Besides, we only have nearly an hour before dinner.

We can’t do anything much for now.


「 Ruriko, you’re the one who brought Anna-san here so she’s your responsibility 」

I said.

「 Yes, Onii-sama! 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 I will teach Erica-san what it means to be trained… 」