Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1153. Approaching the Night / The Sister Too



「 Well then, good luck Yo-chan 」

「 We’ll stay here and watch 」

「 Take care 」

「 … 」

Nei, Momoko-neechan, Tsukiko, and Sebastianus(Yamada Umeko-san) sent us off.

Anna Erica, Ruriko, Michi, and I go to the room that Shou-neechan handed me the keycard for.

「 This is the room 」

Not caring about the Kouzuki SS bodyguards in the corridor, I inserted the key to the door and unlocked it.

「 Let’s get in 」

I told Erica…

「 Yes… 」

The girl is trembling from anticipation and fear of deflowering and she replied to me.


I opened the door and entered the room.

It’s a slightly spacious hotel guest room.

A ten tatami mat bedroom. There is a door to the bathroom at the back.

And then, a small writing table. There’s a laptop placed there.

Then, Takahata Marika-san’s sitting in the chair facing the desk.

「 I’ve been waiting 」

Checking that Michi closed the door…

Takahata-san stands up and greets us.

「 And this is? 」

Erica asks me worriedly.

The long-haired girl in front of the desk answers before I could.

「 I’m Takahata Marika 」

「 Takahata? 」

Erica trembled.

「 Yes, she’s Erica’s big sister 」

To be precise, half-sister.

Erica’s the daughter of the late head of the Anna house, and Takahata Youko, a former prostitute of the Black Forest, but…

Marika-san is Youko-san’s daughter before Erica.

「 No, someone with humble origins like me would be impudent to call myself your big sister 」

Marika-san said.

「 But, I wanted to see you at least once. Even just a glance. And that wish was granted. I no longer have regrets 」

Marika-san’s tears gather in her eyes.

「 Onee-sama. I wanted to see you too! 」

Erica ran and hugged Marika-san.

「 Erica-san 」

Marika-san embraced her little sister tightly.

I knew it, they’re similar.

Their eyes, that charming brow, that sharp nose, and their puffed lips.

These two are similarly beautiful.

They can’t hide their blood relationship.

◇ ◇ ◇

I wait for the sisters to calm down.

「 Michi, help me 」

Ruriko deploys the video equipment Shou-neechan prepared around the bed.

「 The light sources are there and here, so we should put the main camera here 」

She’s already familiar with setting up the tripod.

Michi’s also quick to follow Ruriko’s orders, she’s pulling the video cables.

「 Sorry, we lost control 」

Marika-san tells me while embracing Erica.

「 You were watching the situation unfold from here, right? 」

The laptop on the desk shows the screen where Shou-neechan’s talking to the Anna couple and the room where Nei and Momoko-neechan’s hanging out.

Just as Momoko-neechan can watch us through the cameras…

Takahata Marika-san was also listening to our conversation all this time.

「 Yes, I have been watching 」

Marika-san replies.

「 I was surprised with the one who had such strange power, but I thought that since it’s the Kuromori house, it’s natural for them to have people with such power 」

Marika-san knows that her mother was a prostitute of the Black Forest.

She knows the unlawful other side of the society.

「 Uhm, thank you very much. Thanks to you, my mother’s pension will remain the same as always 」

「 Yeah, it was until Marika-san graduates in college, right? 」

After speaking it out loud, I noticed.

Erica who’s in Marika’s embrace looks at me worriedly.

These two…

「 That pension…it wasn’t a compensation to Marika-san’s mother for being Erica’s surrogate mother, I mean, it’s not even a pension at all. 」

The sisters look so similar that I get it now.

These two aren’t half-sisters.

「 It’s child-rearing expenses for Marika-san 」

My inference is that Takahata Youko-san retired from prostitution when Shirasaka Sousuke was just grasping power.

I thought that she was like Nagisa, where Shirasaka Sousuke sent perverts to gang-rape her, and she got pregnant from an unknown father, and then chased out of the brothel.

I heard that Erica’s birth, was a method of Vitro fertilization of Erica’s Grandfather’s semen and Takahata Youko-san’s egg, then put into Youko-san’s womb.

I thought that Erica’s Grandfather and Takahata Youko-san had no deeper relationship than that.


Two years before Erica’s born…

Maybe Erica’s Grandfather got Youko-san pregnant when she was still a prostitute, and so she gave birth to Marika-san, an illegitimate child?

And, when he noticed that his son and daughter-in-law are reaching a stalemate in their infertility treatment…

He made Takahata Youko-san pregnant once again, to give the couple a child.

I think that Anna Kenichirou and his wife tried Vitro Fertilization.

Youko-san’s called in as a womb to accept the fertilized egg at that stage.

But, the Anna couple failed in their in vitro fertilization.

The artificial insemination of Erica’s grandfather’s sperm and Anna Kenichirou’s wife’s egg, which was a secret from the husband, was also a failure.

Therefore, Erica’s grandfather…

He made a child with Takahata Youko-san, so his son won’t despair.

「 I don’t know. Mother never told me 」

No, I’m sure of it.

Takahata Marika-san is Erica-san’s grandfather’s daughter.

Meaning, Erica isn’t her half-sister, but her real sister.

The lawyer sends money every month while keeping secrets from the Anna couple.

It’s justifiable for Marika-san to receive it because it’s her child-rearing expenses.

「 What does that mean, Onee-sama? 」

Erica asks her sister.

「 I believe that Erica-san’s Grandfather was unable to recognize her as his true daughter 」

Ruriko says while setting up the video cameras.

「 It’s a matter of public opinion, if the public were to discover that he had a child with a prostitute in his old age, it would affect his work at the auditing firm 」

I said.

「 Besides, it’s also a problem of inheritance 」

Ruriko said.

If he recognizes Marika-san as his daughter, the number of heirs will increase.

「 Therefore, he couldn’t tell anyone, not even the lawyer earlier 」

「 The lawyer only thinks that it’s hush money and compensation to Takahata Youko-san for being Erica-san’s surrogate mother 」

「 Right, I think so too. That lawyer hasn’t noticed that it’s actually child support for Marika-san 」


「 It’s better to remain unknown. It’s the will of a dead person 」

No, Marika-san’s mother is still alive.

We can use a DNA test to make sure.

We have methods to clear it up.


「 Right. If we think of the Anna house, then it’s not something we should do 」

Ruriko said.

「 But… 」

Erica speaks up.

「 If Onee-sama is Grandfather’s daughter, then Onee-sama should also receive Grandfather’s inheritance! 」

「 That’s why it’s okay to make it unclear. Forget it 」

Marika-san told her little sister with a sad tone.

「 Grandfather wrote about Onee-sama in the journal he left behind 」

Erica said.

「 I see 」

Marika smiles sadly.

「 It’s a secret that shouldn’t be left behind in any composition 」

Marika-san is an illegitimate child of Erica’s Grandfather.

「 But, the piano 」

Erica looked up at her sister and said.

「 Piano? 」

「 Yes. There was a piano in Grandfather’s detached building. It was a Steinway grand piano. It’s a good one. Grandfather wrote that he wants to gift it to Takahata Youko-san 」

Erica’s grandfather died ten years ago.

Erica was 4, and Marika-san was 6.

She’s already learning to play the piano.

「 I read it, and the piano is also part of my inheritance from Grandfather, and so I wanted to give it to Onee-sama someday I thought 」

「 Erica-san 」

「 That’s why I couldn’t let Father take away my inheritance 」

I see. So that’s why.

She was so rebellious about her father taking the inheritance from her that she ran away from home, and yet…

Erica shows no interest in the over 300M inheritance she has.

Erica’s concern was only the will her grandfather left behind, which is to send the piano to Marika-san.

「 I see. He, for my sake… 」

Marika-san starts to shed tears.

「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Erica cries.

The tears of the sisters slowly fill the lost time.

◇ ◇ ◇

Before long.

Takahata Marika-san;

「 Well then, Kuromori-sama 」

She wipes off her tears and looked at me.

「 What do I do from here on? 」


「 Kuromori-sama said in the room earlier… “Kuromori house is no charity” 」

「 Yeah, we don’t do that 」

I replied.

「 If that’s the case, I’ll continue to receive the pension thanks to Kuromori-sama. I’ll be able to live without problems until I graduate in college 」

Marika-san will not admit that it’s child-support.

「 Yes, that’s great 」

「 Yes, it’s great. And so, I also need to repay Kruomori-sama’s help 」


「 I know the kind of work my mother did at Kuromori-sama’s place 」

Kuromori house’s business is a brothel, selling prostitutes.

「 As of now, I have nothing but my body as a payment 」

「 Marika-oneesama!? 」

Erica’s surprised.

「 I saw it. I won’t let it be just you who experiences shame, so… 」

Marika-san is also ready for me to violate her?

「 It’s only reasonable for Onee-sama to receive such pension 」

Erica said.

「 Even so, Kuromori-sama worked for me and my mother, and so I need to repay his kindness 」

Marika-san said and looked at me.

「 I’m a virgin. I never kissed a man. So, I’m not confident whether I could please Kuromori-sama, but…


「 I mentioned earlier that we don’t do charity, but, if it’s for our family, then we’ll do anything 」

「 Yes, you did 」

Marika looked straight at me.

I gave her face, her body a good look.

「 Marika-san, you’re attending a music high school, aren’t you? Do you want to continue your studies at university, don’t you? 」

「 If possible, I want to 」

Marika-san replies without looking away from me.

「 What will you do once you graduate? Will you become a pianist? A performing musician? 」

I ask further with a smile.

「 I don’t have that talent. I don’t think I can become a professional performer. Thus, I want to become a music teacher instead 」

I see.

「 You see, I wanted someone who teaches music in our family 」

To be precise, I just thought of that.

「 Marisa-san, if you want, you can join our family? Do you want to enter the Kuromori house? 」

I proposed.

「 That’s a good idea, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko replies.

「 As far as her conversation with Onii-sama, I think that Marika-san is a good girl. She has a decent personality, elegance, and beauty. I think that she’s worthy of joining our family 」

「 U-Uhm? I-I!! 」

Marika-san intends to give her body to me and nothing else.

But, it’s becoming a bigger talk now.

「 If you join in the Kuromori family, then you can live together with Erica-san 」

Ruriko said.

「 With the current situation, it would be hard for you to meer with Erica-san, but, if you join the Kuromori house, you can meet her in our mansion anytime 」

The Anna couple couldn’t know the truth about Takahata Marika-san after all.

It’s going to be hard for Erica to contact Marika-san from her house or outside.

Erica’s not from the nobility, but she’s still a daughter of a rich man, so she probably has a courtesy car as her usual transportation.

Her parents will be observing her more because of her running away from home.

Therefore, it’s going to be hard for Erica and Marika-san to contact each other personally outside.

Erica’s supposed to live with us for more than half a week as someone learning manners from the Kouzuki house in paper.

In our mansion, Marika-san can meet her freely as much as they want.

「 The rules in our family were as mentioned with Erica-san’s oath earlier. To never have sex with anyone but Onii-sama. To serve Onii-sama whenever, and wherever he asks for it. To bear Onii-sama’s child. To get along with Onii-sama’s women. That’s all 」

Ruriko says with a smile.

「 Putting that aside, I think that it’s wrong to think that you can repay Master’s kindness with just one-time sex. I believe that the right way for women to repay their gratitude is to devote their whole life to it 」

Michi told Marika-san.

「 But, Kuromori-sama, won’t it cause trouble if I stay with you all the time? 」

Marika-san asks me.

「 Not really. I’d be happy if you’re there 」

I think that her bold and refreshing personality is quite wonderful.


If you ask me, I’d want these sisters.

Marika and Erica, these sisters were separated due to circumstances. I want to do them both. I want to make them my women.

「 Erica, what about you? Don’t you want Marika-san to join our family? 」

I asked.

「 Marika-san’s school has a dorm, and I heard that her mother isn’t feeling well, so I don’t think she can live together with us right now, but she can come and stay for a few times a week 」

But if she joins the family…

「 That’s…if possible, then I’d be happy, but… 」

Erica said.

「 But, that means becoming a sex slave. Marika-oneesama, are you okay with that? 」


「 If I join Kuromori-sama’s family, then I don’t have to think of repayment, and you’ll accept all of me, right? 」

「 Of course, we’ll also help out Marika-san’s mother 」

If she joins the family.

「 But I don’t have that much of worth 」

「 Really? I think that Marika-san has a lot of value to me 」

Marika-san stares into my eyes as I reply.

Before long…

「 I understand, I accept 」

Marika-san replies.

「 I’ll give my everything to Kuromori-sama 」