Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1154. Erica and Marika’s first time / Sister Strips


「 I was expecting to be ordered to become a prostitute tonight 」

Erica’s sister, Takahata Marika-san said.

「 Why? 」

I asked.

「 It’s because I heard about Kuromori from Mother 」

Marika-san’s mother was a prostitute of the Black Forest when Shirasaka Sousuke took control, it’s the worst period in the mansion.

「 Knowing that I’m a daughter of a prostitute, I thought that I might be destined to be called into the brothel and become a prostitute too 」

「 There’s no such fate 」

I said.

「 The Black Forest brothel is different now. There are no scary people forcing women to become prostitutes anymore 」

「 Is that so? But I always thought that way 」


「 That’s why I tried not to make too many friends at school so I could disappear anytime 」

She speaks sadly.

「 I never had a lover either. Even if they confess to me, I decline. After all, I always thought that there’d be a day where I’d be taken to the brothel like Mother 」

「 Onee-sama 」

Erica hugs her sister tightly.

「 But, I had a dream. A dream to become a piano teacher. But, I may have to give up on that dream halfway because of a sudden certain day, it might not be an unreachable dream, and so, I only do my best to where my dreams would allow me, and so I’m learning piano with all my best 」

Oh, I see.

This girl is just like Megu.

Megu also lived in fear that Shirasaka Sousuke will make her a prostitute.

That’s why she’s doing her best in the track and field and school every day.

「 Piano was everything to me. After all, I couldn’t find a place for me 」

Marika-san continued.

「 I can’t talk about my background to the people around me, and even if I did tell them that I’m a daughter of a prostitute, ordinary people won’t understand me. To those who have respectable parents… 」


「 And I don’t have a father. Nobody came forward to say that they’re my father 」

I’m sure that Marika-san’s father is the late head of the Anna house.

The same father as Erica.

But, the late head of Anna house left this world without naming himself as Marika-san’s father.

Growing up without a father, not being recognized by the predecessor of the Anna house, cast a dark shadow on Marika-san’s mind.

Therefore, she lived a life where she’s a daughter of a prostitute and an illegitimate child of a father who never came forward.

「 I’m sorry, Onee-sama 」

Erica said.

「 I have a father and a mother, and memories with Grandfather, I’m sorry. Marika-oneesama, I never knew that you went through such sadness 」

Erica lived in Anna house even though she’s her Grandfather and a mistress’ daughter.

Marika-san was alone with her mother, and only receiving “child support” under the name of “pension for being a surrogate mother”

They’re sisters, and yet, they lived a different life.

「 It’s okay. Don’t mind it Erica-san 」

Marika-san smiled to Erica gently.

「 But, Onee-sama 」

Erica feeling guilt towards her sister.

If that’s the case…

「 Right, you don’t have to mind it. Both of you are now my sex slaves anyway 」

If Marika-san has no place, then I’ll make one

「 Marika-san, you’ll become a prostitute who’ll entertain only me. You’ll serve nobody else but me for the rest of your life 」

「 Yes 」

Marika-san looked at me and replied.

I compared the two, then…

「 Hmm. Looking at the two of you, Marika-san and Erica sure are similar 」

「 Me? 」

Marika-san’s shocked.

「 Yes. Erica couldn’t find her place even when she’s with her parents in Anna house. That’s why she came to me 」

I looked at Erica.

「 People don’t want to stay free. They want a place that ties them up 」

Erica stares at me.

「 In the end, Erica wanted someone who can control her, someone who can bind her. Control also means protection. In Anna house, Erica’s mother and Father were too kind to Erica, and so they weren’t using much strength to control Erica 」

More than that, both her parents couldn’t hope to conceive and give birth in a normal way.

Thus, Erica’s born from a surrogate mother.

Feeling guilty about that fact, their connection with Erica never goes deep.

「 What Erica wants from me isn’t some stimulating sex, but a relationship of ruler-and-ruled. It’s the bond she wants 」

I faced Marika-san.

「 Aren’t you the same, Marika-san? Don’t you also seek someone with the power to dominate you, right? 」

Marika-san thinks for a moment, then…

「 It’s possible. I worry a lot about my Mother’s health, my future, and the fear that the Anna house might stop sending money to me 」

Yes, she had nobody to protect her.

「 You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Now that you girls are my slaves, all your problems will be solved by me and my women. Marika-san and Erica are new members of the family 」

I promised them.

「 Yes. Please do not worry. You can leave it to us 」

Ruriko smiled at Marika-san.

The young lady of the Kouzuki house guarantees her, so Marika-san can feel at ease too.

「 Thank you very much, I could continue as before with the money from the Anna house, and I’m also able to meet Erica-san 」

Marika-san pats Erica’s hair gently.

「 I trust Kuromori-sama too, So… 」

Marika-san looked at me.

「 Please call me Marika and no suffix 」

She’s now affirming her resolve to live as a slave.

「 Yeah, I should. Marika 」

I called her that way immediately.

「 Onii-sama, thank you for waiting, we’re ready to film now 」

Ruriko says while starting the camera on the tripod.

Michi’s also checking the other cameras in place.

「 Okay, why don’t we start? 」

I speak with a voice that echoes in the room.

「 Err, u-uhm, it’s sex, right? 」

Erica asks while trembling.

「 Are you going to have sex with Marika-oneesama and me? 」

「 Erica prefers ‘rape,’ right? 」

I smiled and asked Erica back.

「 U-Uhm…that’s… 」

Erica shows a startled expression.

「 If possible, uhm, less pain…no, of course, I know that deflowering is painful, but…Erica doesn’t mind the pain outside of sex, but please, not Marika-oneesama 」

「 Erica-san, I’m okay 」

Marika told her younger sister.

「 I want the same thing as Erica-san 」

She looks straight at me.

Yeah, this girl has an earnest personality.

She has her pride.

「 I also have no interest in hurting women’s bodies more than necessary. It’s just that I want you to be embarrassed a lot 」

I told the two.

「 O-Okay 」

「 P-Please order us anything! 」

Marika’s afraid, but Erica’s getting expectant.

Just as she showed off, she’s more of a masochist.

She wants some sexual domination.

If that’s the case.

「 Michi 」

I called Michi.

「 Yes, Master 」

「 Since you’re their senior as a sex slave, you’ll show them your example 」

「 Certainly 」

I won’t narrow the scope to having sex with just Erica and Marika.

We’re going to have other women join in from the beginning.

That way, the sisters can blend in with the family later smoothly.

Besides, Michi will be the foreign substance that ties the sisters together.

Erica and Marika have nothing to tie them up as sisters.

Even if they recognize each other as such, it’s only on the surface.

Their first time will begin their shared experience.

「 I’m the most loyal and most lewd of Master’s sex slaves, Kudou Michi 」

Michi’s Erica’s senior at school, so she’s greeting Marika-san who isn’t acquainted with her.

「 Hey, Michi, I’m the number one! 」

Ruriko says jokingly while adjusting the camera.

「 I’m the most loyal and most lewd 」

「 There’s no way of deciding who’s the most in that 」

I said.

「 Michi and Ruriko are both loyal, and they’re lewd only to me 」

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

「 Yes, Master 」

These two girls smile at me happily.

「 Okay, Michi, strip. Give us a splendid show 」

「 Ha! I may be lacking but Kudou Michi’s going to do a strip show! 」

Michi said, then she starts taking off her clothes.

「 Please watch Michi’s naked body, Master 」

Michi who has a nice body is quick to undress.

She flings her usual sailor uniform and she’s now in her underwear.

She’s wearing a clean white panty and bra with no decoration as assigned by the school.

「 It’s plain, but.. 」

She takes off her white bra.

Michi’s flat chest appears.

「 And then… 」

She also takes off her white panty.

「 Keeping the shoes and socks on is one fetish 」

Michi exposes her naked body to me.

She doesn’t hide in shame, she stands with dignity.

「 Kudou Michi, this is my body that belongs only to Master 」

She knocks on her chest.

It’s smooth, but her pink nipples shook.

「 I offer my purity only to Master, only accept Master, and receive Master’s semen and love every day 」

Michi has a nicely shaped face.

Her black hair, white skin, pink nipples, and that tight body of hers, and then that slice on her hairless crotch.

Her chest may be flat but, no, her chest is flat and that’s why…

Michi’s body is like a national treasure doll, a radiantly beautiful body.

「 Master. Please allow Michi to serve sexually tonight 」

She then bows her head to me.

Her trunk is amazing so Michi can shift her body axis in any situation.

Therefore, her manners are amazing.

「 Yeah. Let’s do it tonight too, Michi. You’re cute 」

「 Thank you very much 」

Erica and Marika stare at Michi’s naked body dumbfoundedly.

「 What are you doing girls? It’s your turn now 」

I said.

「 A-Are we taking it off ourselves? 」

Erica asks confused.

「 Yes 」

「 B-But, I-I thought it would be rape? 」

「 Even rape has varieties 」

I said.

「 We’ll do the type where I tear off your clothes when raping next time 」

That kind of play isn’t bad either.

「 But for tonight, Erica still has to greet off her parents and the lawyer on the way back so you need to have clothes, right? 」

「 Oh, y-you’re right 」

Erica nods.

No, the truth is Tsukiko can just misdirect them with her power, so…

Even when naked, she can make the Anna couple and the lawyer think that Erica’s wearing clothes.

So there’s no need to mind that, but…

But, for these two, the first step is…

To have them learn how to have sex voluntarily.

One-sided rape will make them passive in sex.

Especially those who had their first-time that way, their image of sex becomes distorted.

「 B-But, uhm 」


「 I…thought that it’s the men who take off the clothes… 」

She’s embarrassed to take it off herself.

But, I’m making her do it.

「 Yeah, next time 」

I told Erica.

「 But, for now, I want to watch you girls strip from a distance and then examine 」

「 Examine? 」

This time, Marika asks me.

「 Yeah. I want to see how similar Erica and Marika’s bodies are 」

I replied.

「 You two are sisters so I’m sure you girls have a lot of similarities, and so I want to take a look at it before I have sex with you two 」

Marika’s older. Erica’s younger.

They have a two-year age difference but since they have the same mother and father…

「 Marika-oneesama and I? 」

「 Erica-san and me? 」

The two looked at each other.

「 We’re similar? 」

「 I’m not as beautiful as Marika-oneesama 」

「 That’s not true. 」 Erica-san’s much more beautiful 」

The two tell each other.

「 I won’t know unless I take a look. So that’s why you two should get naked and look at each other

I ordered them.

The two just met earlier.

Of course, they know that they’re sisters in their minds.

They could sensibly understand that they’re blood-related.


That’s not enough.

They need to have an opportunity to become aware that they’re sisters with much more concrete evidence.

And so the act we’re about to do will be the ritual to make Erica and Marika real sisters.

「 Master gave his order, now take your clothes off 」

Marika told the two.

「 Let’s do as we’re told, Erica-san 」

Marika told her sister

「 Yes, Marika-oneesama 」

The two are probably embarrassed that I’m watching…

So, they take off their clothes while looking at each other.

「 Hurry up 」

Using Michi as their signal, the two started to take off their clothes quietly.

The room is so quiet that I can hear the rustling of their clothes.

「 Don’t hide it with your hands, let Master see it clearly! 」

Michi speaks like a demon sergeant while naked.

「 We’re also recording the two of you stripping 」

Ruriko faces the camera to them and speaks gently.

「 !!! 」

Marika took off her top first.

Her white bra wraps her abundant lump of meat.

Oh, Marika has a much bigger breast than I imagined. She’s the type that’s slender when clothed.

On the other hand, Erica’s having a weighty chest for her age.

Still, these two have some breasts and yet their bodies are thin.

It’s like their hips would break.

Maybe it’s hard for them to get fat.

「 T-This is embarrassing 」

Erica whispers now that she’s in her white underwear.

「 Me too. But we’re together 」

Marika’s embarrassed, but she cheers up her sister while also in underwear.

「 Yes, I’m with Onee-sama so I’ll do my best to the end 」

Erica smiled at her sister too.

「 Good, now take off each other’s bra 」

I ordered.

That way, they can deepen their bonds as sisters.

「 Now take off the bra of the other, hurry 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Michi urged them, Erica replied then her body stiffened.

She felt my gaze and trembled.

「 Erica-san, I’ll go first 」

Marika turned her back to Erica, showing consideration to her little sister.

「 I was expecting this to happen so I wore clean underwear, but I’m sorry if these are cheap 」

Marika’s noticed that her younger sister’s wearing much more expensive hardware.

「 That’s not true, Onee-sama 」

The difference in their underwear is a symbol that Erica’s got a much better life than her sister.

「 I’m sorry 」

Erica seems to be apologetic for that.

「 Erica and Marika, both of you can buy good underwear anytime you’d like. Don’t mind it. Besides, I prefer the body to the underwear. I mean, I want to see it already. Take it off! 」

「 Don’t keep Master waiting! Hurry up and take it off 」

Michi orders them.

「 Y-Yes, Onee-sama, excuse me 」

「 Yes, if you’d please 」

Erica hurriedly unhooked Marika’s bra from behind.

Marika’s breasts jumped out.

「 Erica-san too, take it off 」

「 Y-Yes 」

This time, Marika hurriedly took off Erica’s bra.

Yeah, the smaller the size the smaller the bounce.

The two unhooked their bra from behind but they’re hesitating to remove their bra.

「 Now, hurry up and take off your bra! 」

Michi shouts.

「 Y-yes 」

「 !! 」

The sisters drop the bra to the floor.

I see the breasts of the sisters shake.

Both of them have pink nipples.

「 Good, that’s good enough, now stand together and face this way. Don’t hide your chests 」

I’ll take off their panty later

Erica and Marika lined up bashfully.

「 Attention! 」

Michi’s orders made the sister stand up straight.

「 Fix it. At ease! Put your hands behind, puff your chest! Now! 」

Erica and Marika did as Michi tells them, they put their hands behind and puffed their chest.

「 I see. You girls sure are sisters 」

I looked at their bodies and said.

「 They say that sisters have the same eyes, nose, and lips, but that’s not all 」


「 Your skin is so alike, and your nipples have the same shape. Even the color 」

That beautiful pink-colored small nipple in the middle of their areola.

It’s like it’s a copy-paste.

If you line them up together, you can see that.

「 And your navel, it’s in the same altitude, but it has a different shape 」

「 Onii-sama, when it comes to belly buttons, the doctor in the hospital clinic cut the umbilical cord, so that changes the shape 」

Ruriko says while filming the two.

「 Yeah, if it’s cut wrong then its shape will change 」

「 Erica-san’s born in a hospital in America. And I heard that America and Japan have different ways of cutting the umbilical cord 」

So there’s that difference.

「 But, they’re so similar apart from the navel. Marika’s only 5cm taller I think. Marika has bigger breasts, but both have the same body line, yeah, I’m sure that Erica will grow as big as Marika 」

「 I don’t want to accept it but perhaps 」

Michi, who’s insecure with her flat chest, said.

「 Michi, I’ll tell you every day, I love your body. 」 You don’t have to worry about it 」

I need to tell her that.

「 Besides, Marika’s breasts are big, but not as much as Katsuko-nee or Nagisa…Erica would lose to Yomi, even though they’re of the same age 」

Yomi’s breasts are of a “Loli-Big-Tits” category.

「 I mean, people have their individuality, there’s no winning or losing here. You’re all my women, and each of your characteristics is charming to me. Besides, Michi, you have the most unique stuff among the family

「 Me? 」

「 Yeah. That black hair of yours and that great Japanese style beauty. Then, you’re also unboundedly strong in martial arts. And yet, that’s not enough, you’re also smart. You’re a lesbian who loves Misuzu, but you’re also my masochistic sex with me. You’re a royal flush in charms 」

「 Auuuu, if Master tells me that, I feel a little embarrassed 」

Michi’s old-fashioned speaking is also her charm. Yeah. I think.

「 Onii-sama, it’s about time 」

「 You’re right Ruriko 」

I walk to the sisters who are wearing nothing but panties and socks.

「 !!! 」

Erica and Marika turned stiff as I approach them.

「 Are you girls afraid? Of course 」

These two are virgins, and they’re not accustomed to men.

Furthermore, they’re naked.

「 Stand straight! Attention! 」

Michi’s voice made the sister stand up straight.

「 Okay, let’s begin with Michi for example 」

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi comes to me like a puppy in good mood.

「 Let’s kiss 」

「 Please 」

I embraced Michi and kissed her.

「 It makes my chest tight. I feel my heart floating 」

Michi says happily.

「 Did you see that? That was a kiss, a kiss with Master 」

She tells Erica and Marika triumphantly.

「 Now, now, you girls should do it with Master too 」

The sisters look at each other.